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The project is owned and operated by Aegis Corporate Financial Services LTD. The firm lists its address and phone number in Canada. However, the company does not disclose its history and date of foundation. As for the domain, it was registered only in October 2023. In addition, the broker does not have a license for financial activities. It is worth noting that citizens of some African and Asian countries will not be able to open an account on this platform, for example, Pakistan, Somalia, and Iraq.

How reliable is the brokerage service? Can it be trusted? We will check the company’s legal documents and the convenience of working on this terminal, and then draw conclusions about the possibility of safe trading.

Trading Conditions

A registered client gets access to more than 250 financial instruments to work on the terminal. Aegis Corporate Financial Services provides currency pairs, commodities, and indices for trading. The platform works on smartphones and via browsers.

The broker offers users trading with variable spreads. You can open an account by choosing one of 3 tariff plans at your discretion. The trading conditions differ by the deposit amount:

  1. Basic, deposit from $500 to $5,000 – Lot Size 1,000 Units, Maximum Leverage 1:888
  2. Standard, deposit from $5,000 to $10,000 – Lot Size 100,000 Units, Maximum Leverage 1:200
  3. Premium, Deposit from $10,000 – Lot Size 00,000 Units, Maximum Leverage 1:200, Personal Manager.

All account types include instant execution and daily analysis features. If you open a Premium account, the company will issue its Aegis author card. You can use the account currency for trading in US dollars, euros, pounds sterling. Deposit replenishment is possible by bank transfer, credit card, or Skrill wallet.

The company collects the personal data of traders, which includes water and electricity bills, bank statements, and company registration information. You should be prepared to provide bank statements, payment orders, copies of bank cards, and other payment documents for verification.

Aegis Corporate Financial Services promises clients an immersive and continuous learning experience. The company provides updates on market trends, potential risks, and growth prospects. Live trader support is available 24/5.


Would investing in Aegis Corporate Financial Services offer the best returns?

You should not risk making money on CFD trading, which is dangerous for your capital and banned in the USA. The broker offers an unknown platform on which you will have more chances to lose your funds rather than earn profits.

Does Aegis Corporate Financial Services carry out withdrawals?

It is possible that the broker will ignore your withdrawal request. Clients talk about it in their reviews, they are often very dissatisfied with the work of the platform. If you have any information about this company, please share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the platform looks like a scam. A primitive and cheap official website absolutely does not correspond to the image of a solid brokerage organization. This is a fresh project, its domain appeared recently. The reliability of the company is not confirmed by documents, it has no license, and it lacks important information about the owners.

What's the best way to share my experience with Aegis Corporate Financial Services?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:800
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about Aegis Corporate Financial Services LTD

  1. JB
    June 10
    As most others are saying, don't give these crooks any of your hard earned money. I was skeptical when they asked for permission to take control of my desktop . Then the only way to deposit money was through a crypro account!?!? Fortunately I only deposited $100 USD and used a major credit card. Later they came back and said I needed to deposit $1000 USD more at which point I declined and asked for my deposit back. After 3 months of trying I filed a dispute with my credit card company and they got my money back. I hope others get a chance to see these reviews before falling victim to these parasites. I was fortunate to get my money back. Others haven't been so lucky.
  2. Star
    April 27
    Worst decision of my life
    When time came to withdraw my 215K USD, I apparently got audited by a 3rd party provider, and guess what? They ask that I transfer 4% of the 215K to prove that I'm not using the money for money laundering, complete non-sense. I've lost big and will sue, don't ever trust them. It's always when it's time to withdraw that you get scammed. If I could give a -0 rate I would.
  3. William Muhwezi
    March 18
    I don’t know if I am being scammed or not. I deposite US $100. Apparently I have made a profit of over $1,000 dollars in about eight weeks. I wanted to withdraw the money but I am being asked to pay 22% in taxes. I told them to take the money from my profit but they say they can’t do that because the law does not allow them- I have to pay the taxes which includes commission separately. I don’t trust this arrangement all. Am I being scammed?
    1. Cesar
      March 22
      continuous scam
      They asked me for 20%, originally they said those were taxes, but later, they changed it for commissions. 100% a Scam.
  4. Nat
    March 16
    The intention of this review is to warn others from being ripped off their hard earned money by these scammers.
    Never give them a chance to defraud all your money. If you let them to defraud they will do it over and over.
    They might insist you to download anydesk app to get full access of your computer or mobile phone data don’t download.
    They might request you to pay tax by showing you bogus invoices in order to release fund. This is how they defraud more money without refunding any money. Most of the time they ask investors to send them money through BTC because it’s hard to trace and track.

    In conclusion stay the decision is up to you but my recommendation is to stay away from these money , time and emotion destroyers. They called themselves financial advisors, floor managers and financial analysts and might pressure you to invest with the promise of returns that seem too good to be true.
  5. shef197340
    October 26
    Blocked my account
    At first, everything was going well, I talked to the manager of Aegis Corporate, and the conversation seemed productive. Then I explored the website, and all the features of the platform, and everything seemed attractive. I passed the verification very quickly, there were no problems. I decided to start trading with €700, I deposited the amount into my account and started to check if the money came in or not. I updated my account right after depositing and saw that I was blocked. I didn't even make a single order, why should I be blocked?! I deposited it wrong?! This is ridiculous. I wrote to the support, and the operator replied that I was laundering dirty money and that's why the broker's security service blocked me, after that, the company's employees didn't talk to me anymore. Probably, this is one of the most inadequate brokers on the market, and it turned out that the company has no license. I don't even know where to complain about such illegal actions:(
  6. investor
    October 25
    Scammers have come up with another scam
    I, as an experienced trader, have fun reading this nonsense on the website of a false broker. I ask you a question: "Do you think anyone will believe this scam at all?". Friends, only fools can trade here!
  7. gameboxmp
    October 22
    Very bad terminal
    The site provides awful trading conditions, it is non a client-oriented broker. There are very smart scammers working here. I can’t recommend it!
  8. Smolalit
    October 22
    Absolutely negative opinion
    I assure you, traders, that Aegis is a fake brokerage company. This firm does not exist, there is no such legal entity, I checked everything thoroughly after I lost more than 13 thousand euros here. Anonymous scammers created this site on the Internet, through which they robbed people. That is why the names of the owners who founded this company are not listed here. Not only does the company not exist, but in addition, the thieves will not show their face and name. Well, if I go into details, I will say the following: license, insurance, a long period of work, some partnerships, intermediary business model, real liquidity providers, and so on, all this is absent in this broker. All the things that scammers specify and mention on the site are lies, invented, and fake facts. These bad people have stated facts about the company, which they found somewhere in the depths of their fraudulent consciousness. I can't find a single piece of evidence that withdrawals work honestly on this site. There are no guarantees that you won't lose your deposit here either. This company works to scam customers with CFD trading, just like 95% of all similar forex brokers. You should know what this scam is all about. You should not even think about registering with Aegis Corporate Financial Services. It should not be done even for the sake of seeing what is inside. If you want to register here very badly, I advise you to use a disposable phone number and provide the wrong personal information, because these scammers are probably collecting user data to sell it to other scammers.
  9. Antito
    October 20
    My sister fell for this scam
    The manager persuaded my sister to deposit 2,300 euros. This large sum she drained within a week. Now she regrets that her money went to the scammers.
  10. dyakWM
    October 18
    I can not recommend it for work
    I opened an account here and tested the service on the minimum deposit. Yes, you can use this platform sometimes, but if trading is a job for you, then trading here all the time is silly. There are much better services, they are licensed, with guarantees, and safe, but Aegis Corporate can close at any time and no one will guarantee you the return of funds. You need to draw your own conclusions, do not believe information that is not supported by facts. I wish you traders all the best.
  11. Zeil
    October 18
    I am disappointed from the very beginning of the cooperation
    I don't know if Aegis Corporate Financial Services are scammers or not, but I can't get a refund on my card from my deposit of £760, although it's been 5 days since I made a withdrawal request. Technical support of the broker writes to me that the application has passed, there is identification on the account, a problem with the bank, but soon the funds will be on my card. I looked on the Internet for information about the company and found nothing bad about it. I now wanted to check the work on the withdrawal of funds. In general, I am satisfied with the cooperation. If the transaction was fast, I would have invested much more money here, as the trading conditions of the company are very good. But I have already decided that for now, I will not rush... In general, I will wait for now, and I will not do anything else.
  12. dpro
    October 16
    Bad technical support
    The broker needs to sort out its employees. At work amateurs who do not think anything in trading. I applied several times for consultation and they didn't advise me anything. Once I asked the operator about the delay in withdrawing money and the answer "wait" did not satisfy me. Such an attitude scares away traders, especially beginners.
  13. Evrom
    October 16
    These scammers are not a broker
    This is just a company to embezzle other people's money. I deposited my account twice and then, after closing a successful deal, the broker drained my money into a big minus:( Now managers call me every day and persuade me to put funds on my deposit so that I will try to work on this terminal once again. I know that the outcome will be the same, I have had enough of the 4,350 dollars I lost here. I will have to change my phone number :(
  14. Warlon
    October 12
    The broker is large-scale and reliable
    I have been trading on this platform for only 10 days and I am satisfied with the service. I have no bad words for Aegis Corporate Financial Services. For me, it is a bit strange that the broker has no license, but I think that the firm is still young and will eliminate this drawback :) I think that the company's managers have been working in the financial market for a long time, so they know their audience. They understand what terminal functions traders need, and what quality of service they need to provide. There are many opportunities for additional training on the platform. I trade at the terminal during the day. I cannot call my earnings stable, because there are both pros and cons of forex trading. But due to my competent capital management and good terminal software, I usually stay in the plus. I usually earn about 800$ per week, and I have already withdrawn part of the profit once. The money was transferred to my card very quickly.

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