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AGlobalTrade is owned by the legal entity Gold Coast Advisors Ltd, and its head office is located in St. Lucia. However, the site is managed by VIRTUOSO CAPITAL LTD. which has a license from the regulator of the jurisdiction Comoros Union. It is worth noting that the company does not disclose its history or year of establishment. As for the domain, it was registered in May 2021. In addition, the interface supports 7 languages, including English and Turkish.

How reliable is this firm? We will investigate the terminal functionality and the company’s legal documents, after which we will conclude whether you can trust it with your capital.

Trading Conditions

AGlobalTrade has developed a terminal where you can trade stocks, commodities, indices, precious metals, digital and fiat currencies. The account is funded using payment cards, cryptocurrency, and bank transfers. AGlobalTrade offers 8 types of tariffs, which differ by the deposit amount requirement. Customer services do not differ much between different trading plans, so we have included only some features in the review. You can choose an account from the following options:

  • Beginner from $500 – Basic training.
  • Basic from $5,000 – No additional commissions.
  • Trader from $20,000 – One-click trading.
  • Premium from $50,000 Daily analysis, Personalized push notifications and SMS alerts.
  • Premium Pro from $100,000 – Free installment plan.
  • Investor from $250,000 – Exclusive market updates.
  • Expert from $500,000 – Special Support.
  • Vip from $1,000,000 – Access to new features, priority support, best prices and exclusive events.

If you are a citizen of the USA, Iraq, or North Korea, AGlobalTrade will refuse to cooperate with you. The reason is that in these countries CFD trading is prohibited by law.

AGlobalTrade warns traders that it is not responsible for unsatisfactory results that result from using the platform. This may be due to technical failure, unauthorized access to the account, errors in providing information, or other problems.

You can get trading and investing education on the platform. Materials will be presented to you on AGlobalTrade in the form of e-books, tutorials, trading guides, technical analysis, and market news. Tech support is available via online chat.


Would investing in AGlobalTrade offer the best returns?

You are more likely to face financial losses than to make a profit on an unstable platform. This is risky CFD trading with unknown conditions on spreads, commissions, and many other terminal parameters.

Does AGlobalTrade carry out withdrawals?

The company warns that it does not bear any responsibility for transactions conducted on its trading platform. Therefore, you may not be able to wait for withdrawals, and there are negative reviews about it on the network. You too can share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high, as the site does not have a copy of the license and certificates of registration of the legal entity. The broker does not provide any information about the owners and managers of the platform, so you cannot be sure of the transparency of financial transactions.

What's the best way to share my experience with AGlobalTrade?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: other
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about AGlobalTrade

  1. Paul Trader
    December 22
    You can safely open an account and earn
    AGlobalTrade company provides an excellent level of service to traders :) I have all the necessary documents for verification and administrators accepted them at the first time, and now there are no problems during trading. I did not notice any glitches, very convenient trading terminal, the interface is clear :) There is access to the site wherever you can connect to the Internet. I am a little confused by the lack of a license for Portuguese citizens, but the most important thing is that trading is going on and money can be withdrawn from the account at any time.
  2. cat
    December 15
    I'm not ready to risk
    500$ for a start in an unknown terminal without demo-version is too much. I was immediately confused by such a huge entry threshold for traders. 500$ is a serious sum, and I don't think that every person is ready to invest in it just to start trading. What if it doesn't work out? What if aglobaltrade is a scam? In general, I would not work with them, and I do not recommend to others - this broker is extremely dubious.
  3. irnaq7
    December 3
    You won't be allowed to withdraw profits
    Representatives of this company began to tell me at the consultation how quickly I can earn on Aglobaltrade. I made an initial deposit of $500 and my trading was profitable, but when I decided to withdraw my profit, problems started. As a result - my account was blocked and withdrawal of money is not available to me.
  4. Vas
    November 20
    You should not trust this company!
    The broker imposes on each client the service of an advisor, which according to the legend will give recommendations to minimize risks and get the maximum return from trading. But in fact, they are fraudsters, and robots - deliberately programmed to give advice that leads only to the drain of the client's deposit. I lost more than 2 thousand dollars here in a month!!!
  5. betpa
    November 15
    It's impossible to trade here
    The platform constantly slows down, and because of this problem, I almost instantly drained almost the entire account. It's good that I deposited the minimum amount of $500, otherwise I don't know how I would have survived the loss of several thousand dollars, because there are also big problems with withdrawal here. I applied for withdrawal of the balance of $72 for the third time already and constantly get rejected. No one explains the reason. tech support simply ignores my messages. Most likely, this is a scam.
  6. kruger11
    November 6
    Apparently, these are common scammers
    Managers deliberately set up failures of the trading platform, because of which I constantly lose large sums. I've already almost lost my entire deposit because of this. It is useless to contact technical support, the operators there immediately write that they are not responsible for my trading. They wrote to me that technical failures belong to force majeure, for which they are not responsible. Although I understand that failures in the work of the platform are their fault. Thieves!!! I lost $700 because of them. I don't advise you to get in touch!
  7. ale
    October 28
    I work with the broker without any problems
    I want to share my experience of working with this broker, I cooperate with it relatively recently and had time to familiarize only with the basic functionality of the Beginner tariff, it's a tariff with a minimum deposit of $500, but on trading conditions, it's no different from Trader with $20,000, I do not understand the company's policy in this sense, why make 8 tariffs, if they are identical?! The broker perfectly fulfills its main function of bringing trades to the market and their execution, and this is the main thing in trading. Orders are executed quickly, I did not notice any problems with the terminal. I funded my trading account with cryptocurrency and made withdrawals in the same way. The time it took to withdraw funds was about two hours, which pleased me, and other methods you can wait for money for several days if there are problems. In general, I'm satisfied with the work of Aglobaltrade, I continue to trade with this intermediary and can recommend the broker to beginners, as the platform has good training.
  8. yik123
    October 24
    There is no license and regulation here
    I quickly realized that this is another standard scam company after visiting the broker's website. The company does not provide any specific data on registration and regulation, and the address in St. Lucia is fake. Even though it is an offshore state, data on brokers that have its licenses is available in the public domain. And AGlobalTrade is not there. Accordingly, the company's activity is not regulated by any of the reputable regulators, which, by the way, also publish data about it in the public domain. The founders of Aglobaltrade do not report how many years the broker has been on the market. There are a few reviews and articles about it. The domain, based on which I decided to check the history of the brand, appeared in 2021. But the web archive saved the first snapshots only in the second half of 2023, when the site was relaunched. Before that, the domain was freely available and owned by no one. This means that this platform most likely has no access to markets and is a B-book scheme. The picture is quite banal - we are faced with another fraudsters, who do not have any authorization for brokerage activities, and are simply deceitfully misappropriating the money of naive people.
  9. dj-ro
    October 24
    Withdrawal of funds hangs! What can I do?
    I can't get a clear answer from the support specialists of aglobaltrade broker. I have a frozen cryptocurrency payout, 8 thousand USTD, which I initiated from my account 3 weeks ago. I was answered by consultants on the first few calls to tech support, but I already doubted that a person was talking to me, because the answers were one-worded and not quite "live", and now nobody answers me at all. Some of you have already withdrawn money from here successfully? share how you solved the problem.
  10. Alex Pro
    October 16
    There is a great training system
    I will mention that this company has a great training system for beginners! Not only books on trading are available here, but also real courses that every registered client can take. I just started by studying all the books and then taking the courses. And only after that, I started trading on AGlobalTrade. The company cares about newbies getting involved in trading and starting to work on its platform. I can say this with confidence because I have experienced everything myself. And when I started to earn, I began to recommend this brokerage company to my friends, because they can also learn and start earning, as it happened to me.
  11. argentum33
    October 7
    Aglobaltrade took advantage of my inexperience and left me without 15 thousand euros.
  12. Russel
    October 5
    My account was blocked after replenishing the amount
    I was allowed to make money at the start, as I thought the trades were profitable one after another, I trusted aglobaltrade very much and was sure that I would always make money that way, but when I deposited $50,000, my account was suddenly blocked and no one responds to my requests...
  13. moneyheight
    September 24
    I'm very sorry that I was too gullible
    Scammers drained my deposit of $4,000 and nobody plans to return anything to me :( I wrote to the support repeatedly that I lost money from my account because of problems with the terminal, which is constantly lagging. However, I'm still waiting for a reply from aglobaltrade to no avail :( although it has been several weeks already.

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