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The site is owned and operated by AGX ZEN, registration number Cg.01-09-355040. Meanwhile, the broker indicates the addresses of 6 branches, including in Switzerland and the UK. In accordance with the information on the website, the platform provides access to the functions of artificial intelligence. It’s worth noting that the company positions itself as a global player in the financial market, which has many years of experience and provides services to traders around the world.

Is this platform, which features artificial intelligence, really as reliable as its owner claims? We will analyze the trading conditions and legal aspects and then make a conclusion about the safety of working on this site.

Trading Conditions

AGX ZEN’s proprietary trading platform is available to traders via a web application. Alternatively, you can log in to your profile and continue making your trades via Android and iOS mobile devices. You can trade with over 50 instruments such as currencies, stocks, spot metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and global indices.

Please note that due to AML regulations, AGX ZEN collects personal information about each client. This data may include your social security number and residential address.

The broker offers all clients variable spreads, negative balance protection, instant execution, and daily analysis. You can choose a tariff plan from 3 options, which differ only in the amount of the minimum deposit:

  • Mini from $2,500 to $5,000.
  • Green from $5,000 to $25,000.
  • Premium over $25,000.

Each of the tariffs includes the services of a personal manager. Deposit methods are bank transfer, credit card/debit card, or cryptocurrency. No commission is charged when you make a deposit or withdrawal. Analytics are provided on Forex Screener by TradingView, you can find this platform freely available online. You can get advice via live chat or WhatsApp.


Would investing in AGX ZEN offer the best returns?

The broker gives you the opportunity to make a profit with the help of many options of trading instruments. They provide you with flexibility in choosing a trading strategy. However, you make your own decision and you should be aware of the risks in CFD trading.

Does AGX ZEN carry out withdrawals?

The company provides a variety of options for withdrawing funds and, judging by feedback from traders, transactions occur within the time limits specified in the regulations. If you already have experience working on this platform, then leave your comments about the quality of the services you received.

May I be scammed on

We investigated the information on the website and found no obvious signs of fraud. The broker offers clients high-quality trading platforms, advanced analytical tools, and training for traders of all levels.

What's the best way to share my experience with AGX ZEN?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 240$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about AGX ZEN

  1. marvel
    March 21
    The team cares about clients
    I have been working with this firm for a long time, the conditions here are good, there are a lot of tools, and the platform works well. And for me, it is important that everything works stably and I withdraw profit every month on 5-6 thousand euros. I had a strange situation only once for all the time of cooperation - slippage... I wrote a complaint to the support service. The broker solved my issue positively and I quickly received compensation. I had one negative situation during my long period of work on agx zen and this experience showed very well that the company cares first of all about its clients.
  2. Vage
    February 17
    Why do I trade only here
    A good broker for several reasons: there are no commissions, and they do not charge for withdrawal of money, the administration never delays withdrawal and does not make any excuses not to withdraw money at all. The platform has a lot of fresh analytics and the most important plus for me is the live chat, I get not only answers to questions, but also a lot of useful recommendations, and more than once with its help has made good money. So far I give Agx zen the highest rating!
  3. Dumb
    February 15
    Withdrawal of funds within the promised time
    I have been trading on this platform for three months. During this time I have had several withdrawals, and on average the money arrived to my bank card in 2-3 working days. The process is not very fast, but not slow either - quite satisfactory. My income amounted to about 5,500$ for this period. Everything functions stably on Agx zen.
  4. LC985
    January 5
    The best company in the field of online trading
    Here are the best trading conditions, and the tightest spreads. I invested 30,000$ in agx zen, I made about 8,000$ profit in the first month, I withdrew 3,000$ to my card, and the money came in 3 days, but I drained the rest of the profit of 5,000$ very quickly on the news, then I deposited back the withdrawn 3,000$ and drained it again😀 The broker is not to blame for my losses - it was my greed that overcame my mind. Nevertheless, my impression is very good. I was shocked by the fact that the company provided me with a unique strategy and I stopped behaving stupidly🙂 and now I work exclusively with profit. In this regard, I thank all the staff of agx zen for this technology that helps me to trade profitably.
  5. Seasontrader
    December 18
    I tested the service
    I withdrew the first profit, I had a successful start, I earn about ‌30 dollars a day. I decided to withdraw this money after 10 days after I started trading. The first verification and withdrawal procedure was not very fast, it took a few days, but I have the money and for me that's the most important thing. This is an honest broker!
  6. vinny13
    December 7
    My successful start
    This is the first broker I am working with as a forex trader. Although I have ‌little experience trading on the commodity exchange. Yes, trading in the forex market is difficult and time consuming. But I have no complaints to the broker. The support answers very quickly and competently. There are positive swaps and no requotes. I was very pleased with the commission + spreads, I went to other platforms and have never seen such efficient access to the forex market. I get 10-12$ on average per EUR/USD lot, which is decent for a beginner. Fast execution on the main currency pairs, in general for 150 fast trades (0.05-0.1 lot) there were slippages in 4-5 trades, which is also a good result. The personal cabinet on is not finalized a little bit, for beginners it is difficult to understand without the help of the operator, but as I understood, the broker is gradually introducing new functions. In general, this is a promising developing company and I will trade only here for now.
  7. oly
    October 24
    The platform with AI is worthy of your attention
    I have no complaints about the trading process: stop losses are stable and do not fail, and the platform does not glitch, so I can call this broker reliable. By the way, the fact that there are innovations in the form of AI is a big plus. I also liked the consultations, my personal manager told me everything I needed for successful trading right after my registration.
  8. and
    October 16
    Promising service
    I can recommend it for you... I will mention the following points I like: spreads, i.e. price gap per order, are minimal, commission rate for executing a trade is also minimal. There are young but promising guys working here, at least in the next 5-10 years I believe in a multiple increase in the number of new users and, accordingly, in trading volumes. Their commissions are slightly below the average for all brokers I have seen. The site provides analytical information and fresh news. The conditions for trading are favorable, as I have already mentioned above, the leverage is adequate. Terminals work equally well on PC and on the phone, which I also liked the most. You can use any device, I did not notice much difference in speed, all transactions are executed instantly. By the way, technical support does their job clearly, without unnecessary words. In general, friends, I recommend AGX ZEN!
  9. Hrom
    October 9
    I will tell you about the advantages
    I have been working for a long time with this broker, but I am trying others at the same time. I have not yet decided which one is better, but the advantages are already clear to me. Firstly, there is a convenient terminal for work, and secondly, there is a competent personal manager. In addition, there are smart robots, one of which I am testing now and so far I am making a profit. Overall I am satisfied, but I would like more new digital assets and group training sessions on forex - it would really elevate AGX ZEN in my eyes. You can make a good profit with this broker and can withdraw it easily, and for me, that's a major plus.
  10. zorro140484
    September 29
    The terminal is one of the best
    First I want to mention that the tech support is excellent, the operator answers clearly and quickly, and this service will definitely appeal to beginner traders. You can make a first deposit of only 240 dollars, I won't say it's a lot, but I've seen smaller starting deposits. For this reason, I was skeptical about AGX ZEN, I thought that the terminal would also most likely have average functionality and that there is no way that the platform with artificial intelligence will be perfect, as this technology is still at the lowest stage of development. But all doubts were dispelled after my first week of trading here and my first withdrawal. The profit was on my minimum deposit already on the first day, and in the first week I earned more than $80, and the money was transferred to my bank account in an hour after the application was submitted. And now when I replenish the deposit and sometimes withdraw the profit, I already have more than $6,000 in my account. I have identified this site as one of the best trading platforms.

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