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There is no information about the creation date of the AI Global Group. The domain was registered in February 2023 by from the US. The website lists the address of an organization based in Sydney, Australia. In addition, in the Terms and conditions there is information about the British company Global Group Assets LTD. It is not clear what it has to do with the trading platform. The broker does not have a regulatory license. In the “About Us” section of the website, there is only promotional information about its millions of customers, which are located in different countries. However, the platform has no confirmation of these facts.

Investment Conditions

The trading platform is based on artificial intelligence technology. Smart bots are used for Forex and CFD trading. The broker offers access to trading stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The software is accessible from any desktop or mobile device. The website also provides trade customization tools such as indicators, charts, and watch lists.

Customers can choose from 6 account options:

  • Minimum deposit from $5,000 to $250,000.
  • Spreads from 0.15 to 0.05 pips.
  • Commission fee from 1% to 7%.
  • Leverage up to 1:15.

Conditions for VIP-members of AI Global Group are discussed individually. Such clients can only register if they are invited by a personal manager.

The more money an investor deposits, the higher will be their leverage for trading. Usually, the opposite happens, the broker allows higher leverage to those investors who have less money in their account due to high risks of loss of funds. 

Only definitions of basic blockchain terms are given in the “Training” section. AI Global Group customer support is available on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sydney time (GMT+10). There is an online chat room on the website for customer advice.


Would investing in AI Global Group offer the best returns?

Investing in CFD trading carries the risk of losing your deposit. In addition, the platform operates illegally. The client's conditions even mention the name of a trading company that is not on the register.

Does AI Global Group carry out withdrawals?

Your funds may be at risk because the project cannot be trusted. Its website is completed by a bad designer.

May I be scammed on

In fact, this brand does not officially exist in the legal field and is not authorized to provide brokerage services. The platform looks like a fraudulent one.

What's the best way to share my experience with AI Global Group?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if AI Global Group is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies

24 reviews about AI Global Group

  1. Me tooo
    February 8
    I want to let you know they are still operating. It’s now called AI global groups.
    I too had invested over 2k and now when I want to withdraw they are telling me bitcoin need me to pay fees. I have expressed my concerns about paying more when they could use some of the profits. But no!!!
    I will not be parting with any more of my money!
  2. Anonymous
    December 28
    AI-Globals Group are the biggest scammers ever. I dealt with them for over 6 months on a weekly basis with Daniel, investment was going up. When we decided to end it, due to us NOT investing more money, ended on their part, we had to pay commission seperate and then had to pay more money to bridge account, which they gained access to somehow, without us revealing passphrases etc through metamask and OKX. Yet Daneil still told us our money was in a void and would be redeemed when we added another $10000 AUD. Do Not trust these people, do not respond to them through advertising on facebook or any social media. Its actually disgusting that they pray on people working hard for what they have.
  3. anonymous
    November 30
    Do not invest with this company scammers!!. They keeping asking for more funds to to be added for them to release your funds. 1st they will take your the money for the fees after they will ask for more ETH to deposited for them to you release your funds. They have done for last 2 days. Scammers stay away from them.
  4. Anonymous
    November 21
    This guys are fake, they took your money then cancelled their emails
    They’re not legit, all fake names such as John Campbell, John marks, Rino Romeo, Daniel Moore. Never put your money with them.
  5. Hyrom Jones
    October 9
    RETIRED Investor
    Opened an Account Providing $250 AUD, thinking it was associated with Gina Handcock's Investment Opportunity Advertisement, whereas you can invest as little as $250.00 AUD. This I did. A short time later was contacted by a Broker who sid that I would need to deposit another amount of Money, being $5,000.00 AUD, to make my investment viable. Being on the Pension, this was not comfortably possible. I declined. After many further attempts, via Weekly Phone Calls and reseaching my current financial affairs,I agreed to invest another $2,000.00 AUD to increase my financial opportunities with the Ai Group. This amount was welcomed, but they continued to insist that more money deposited, would substancially increase my finacial worth, with them. Again I declined and the 'status quo' remains until this day. NOW, their Website is Down and has been Down since Friday,October 06, 2023. All Telephone calls go un-answered. I havew no avialable contact with them. THUS I now consider that Ai Global has taken my money and that I will never be able to recover my Funds. :(
  6. Peter Lodge
    October 4
    Scammers straight out , stay well clear of these people. Head office of 69 Clarence st Sydney is in the middle of an intersection , go and have a look for yourself!!! Quite willing to take your money but not give it back. Pure SCUM
    If I could I would rate them minus stars!!!
  7. Gavin
    October 2
    Won’t release my funds and close my Account
    This adventure started off quite good, however, a now after investing a considerable sum of money, and wishing to close the account and withdraw my remaining funds. I have been pushed around to three different brokers, the last of which is demanding that I pay more money to cover equity, put in by the company 4.5 K I have more than enough funds in my trading account to cover that plus what is owed to me and belonging to me.
    I’ve asked several times for their Australian financial services license with no reply.
    I do not know what my next steps, or how I can reclaim my funds.
    Beware, do not use this company.
  8. zv_80
    July 15
    No evidence of the broker's best intentions
    An unregulated shadow broker is willing to offer you incredibly favorable terms. If you're looking for a decent trading platform, a secure environment, or good trading conditions, you're better off looking elsewhere - is definitely not thinking about your profits.
  9. Maria Craig
    July 15
    This company is a scammer, I have no doubts whatsoever
    Last month the broker stopped withdrawing money from my account. At first, AI Global Group did not fulfil withdrawal requests, but now they have invented a new method of not paying and reducing the account balance at the same time. Withdrawal requests are simply deleted and the money is not returned to the account, i.e. it is actually stealing money. This month my account managers deleted 4 withdrawal requests totalling $103. Contacting support does not give anything. Operators in online chat ask to write to mail, I have written many letters, but I have not received any clear answer.
  10. EpisCoPE
    July 13
    Good broker
    I was nervous about choosing a broker. But AI Global Group was one of the best decisions, I am very happy to cooperate.
  11. diccaster
    July 9
    Excellent trading platform
    The broker turned out to be the perfect choice for me. I am not well versed in cryptocurrency, but the personal manager made things clear to me. I GlobalGroup is the best platform that has all the necessary features for beginners. The site is easy for any trader to work on. I could not find a better broker for trading on the internet than AI Trading Global Group. This platform helps me to earn every day by using the power of trading bots.
  12. moneyno
    July 9
    Do not work with them!
    They're real scammers! Do not believe a single word. You are lured to the site only by beautiful words about AI and praise reviews, which probably they write themselves. As soon as you start working and you get a profit to deposit more than 10 percent, you will lose all your money! I fell for the advertising ploy. As long as I deposited money, everything was ok, the manager communicated very kindly. As soon as I tried to withdraw the money (I filled out an application for withdrawal), the manager disappeared somewhere (he reads messages, but is silent). On my calls to the company, the administrator promises to sort it out (in fact, the broker is stalling for time, in my case for the second month!!!). Conclusion: as soon as you earn money, it will be impossible to withdraw it. In AI Global Group work is just crooks. Do not get in touch with them.
  13. NASDAQ
    July 7
    Be careful
    You will invest and you will be treated quite well. But at the point of withdrawal, the managers will go deaf and ignore every complaint you make. They either don't answer me at all or can't explain clearly why I can't withdraw cryptocurrency from my deposit.
  14. boom
    June 26
    This is a complete scam
    The broker suspends withdrawals on unclear pretexts. The manager asks me to reinvest the money. Although I can't get my old funds.
  15. John
    June 16
    Fraudulent broker
    Like many other scammers, this company has added tricky bonus clauses to its Terms and Conditions. You will not be able to take this bonus and also the profit it has brought you unless you have a huge turnover. You will be required to make a 30x deposit. Beware - fraudulent brokers like AI Global Group usually like to change their terms and conditions without warning their clients. By the time you find ‌out, you will already be prohibited from withdrawing your profits and your deposits. Such clauses will never be in the Terms and Conditions of a legitimate broker.
  16. deepak
    June 12
    I can see the face of a scammer
    The website is overly filled with unnecessary information which is copied from Wikipedia. They write elementary truths about cryptocurrencies and trading that every child who can read already knows. In addition, AI Global Group, uses a common trick by scammers, placing unnecessary advertising in the about the company and in the questions section, instead of actually telling about the rules of trading on the platform. These tricks immediately caught my eye because I am an experienced investor. Such methods are always used by scammers to distract clients from the fact that the company is not regulated anywhere.
  17. Mike B.
    June 7
    No deposit refund
    I have been using it for 3 weeks and so far I have not been refunded a cent of my profit. If anything changes I will update this review.
  18. Stream
    May 31
    Anonymous website
    The company claims to be headquartered in Australia. I decided to check this address before depositing a few thousand dollars. But it looks like AI Global Group is not regulated by the Australian body ASIC. So I started searching the regulator's database for this company name - as the name of the broker was not listed in the Client Agreement. Indeed, I found several similar companies, but none of them had a fully matching name. How can I trust my investments to such an impostor?
  19. Stacy Bush
    May 27
    The website is not working well. I've been depositing crypto for a month now, but I can't withdraw my profits. It's obviously a scam! My results are too good and my manager is checking the origin of my digital assets. Shitty excuses! AI Global Group is unprofessional. Take care of your money don't invest!!! It's a scam!
  20. Michael
    May 25
    Need patience
    Many investors have lost crypto on other platforms. Don't blame AI until you lose. The whole world is suffering from the crisis today. Look at the transparency of this company which has about 4 million investors. Of these, 1 million tell us it's a scam. All of us have problems. That said, the broker does not cheat us, it is usually the unstable market that is to blame.
  21. Benjamin McCoy
    May 22
    Fake broker
    Don't take the word that AI is profitable, it's a lie. Don't invest your money. Everything on the website is a scam. The broker is engaged in stealing money. I invested $400, but could not withdraw either the deposit or the money earned. Guys stay away from this thief.
  22. Brokko
    May 20
    This is a hackneyed way to scam customers
    This is the kind of broker that appears like mushrooms after a rain. The only trouble with such companies is that after heavy rains there is always a dry spell and at such times these companies start disappearing and taking their clients away. Maybe some get lucky and make money, but for the most part they are just scams. Don't be fooled by ai global group ads, don't believe such unreliable platforms. They are designed to cheat. If you are thinking of making money by trading, do not rush to open your account on a fraudulent site. Open the internet and look for brokers that are regulated in your country. Then you and your funds will be legally protected. Only then can you be guaranteed a refund in a difficult and unclear situation.
  23. lys777
    May 12
    A broker with questionable intentions
    An unregulated shady broker cannot provide you with profits. If you are looking for a safe environment, good trading conditions, or an honest trading platform, you will not find that at AI Trading Global Group. My good advice is to look elsewhere. These managers definitely don't think about your best earnings, they just want to steal more.
  24. Maurice
    May 10
    Professional team
    If you are looking for a safe trading environment, it's here. You need to look no further. The professional managers at AI Global Group Broker will answer all your requirements.

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