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Alpha Edge LTD claims that the company is authorized and regulated by the Australian Securities Authority and has its office in London, UK. However, the site’s “Terms of Use” states that Hamilton Group LLC, which is located in the jurisdiction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, enters into an agreement with the customer. Meanwhile, the arbitration of disputes between the user and the broker is held in Singapore. In addition, the project does not have a license, and there is no information on the website about the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was only registered in July 2023. Finally, the broker applies Regulations that are fully compliant with the EU Regulation, while it refuses to provide services to residents of countries such as Bulgaria, France, Israel, and the USA.

Is it worth trading here? How safe is it to open an account on this platform? We will find out what the company is and tell you about the services of this broker, as well as draw conclusions about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Alpha Edge LTD offers its clients the opportunity to trade hundreds of financial instruments with ultra-low spreads using its own platform. A mobile version of the terminal is also available to traders. You need to enter your personal data when registering an account and go through the KYC procedure when depositing.

You can choose your preferred account from 4 options. The set of services increases at each level of tariff plans, which are sorted according to the minimum deposit amount:

  • Silver from $10,000 – daily market review, margin credit up to 35%, personal portfolio manager, 24/7 account monitoring by leading analysts, monthly meeting with accountant.
  • Gold from $50,000 – margin credit up to 50%, weekly 1-on-1 meetings with market analyst and live trading webinar, a year-end summary with tax specialist.
  • Platinum from $100,000 – daily market signals, margin credit up to %75, daily 1-on-1 meetings with a leading analyst, invitations to VIP events, VIP consultant.
  • PRO from $250,000 – unlimited access to brokers, margin credit up to 100%, daily 1-on-1 trading webinar with top analyst, super tight spreads, higher payouts.

Alpha Edge LTD reports that all client funds are kept in leading banks in separate accounts, but this is not confirmed by documentation. For withdrawals, the company charges you a commission, the amount of which depends on the payment method used. The minimum profit withdrawal request is $500. When withdrawing funds, the company may require additional documents from the client.

You cannot open multiple profiles at a time, otherwise all your accounts will be blocked. In addition, the broker is not responsible in case of any loss of money by the client or inconveniences that may arise due to site operation problems.

Traders can participate in promotions and contests, or use bonuses on the Alpha Edge LTD website. Special offers have restrictions, for example, you will not be able to withdraw your funds unless you make a trading volume of 30 times the bonus amount. There are UK and Australian phone numbers for technical support on the website.


Would investing in Alpha Edge LTD offer the best returns?

You are more likely to lose money with this partner than to make a profit. CFDs are complex financial instruments. Therefore, using leverage and trading on an unstable platform is associated with high risk.

Does Alpha Edge LTD carry out withdrawals?

You may have unsolvable problems when withdrawing funds. Please note that many traders complain about account blocking in their comments. You can share your own experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high, as the broker's Terms and Conditions contain inconsistent data about the owner. The site has a fresh domain, very poor design, and the broker has no license. Here there is a high probability that you will quickly lose all your invested capital and will not be able to protect your rights.

What's the best way to share my experience with Alpha Edge LTD?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Alpha Edge LTD is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:5
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

20 reviews about Alpha Edge LTD

  1. Rob
    March 24
    No payouts
    I've been with alpha edge 6 months. Had about 15 account manager in this time. All they do is harass you for more money all the time. If you try withdraw its always declined and possibly going to cost you more to get it.
    Unrepeatable and ordinary service. Even live chat doesn't answer. Stay away from them
  2. kt
    November 27
    I am still waiting to withdraw my money into my wallet. they have asked me to go into a site where they can explain what they are doing and show me the money when is withdrawn. I refused and my son stepped in giving them a wallet number but still waiting on the transfer. when asked a series of questions on bitcoin transfers they could not answer but put me on hold to to talk to their financer . Still waiting on the call back as we got disconnected. I Have a large amount of money sitting thier so i think I can liss this goodbye
  3. p
    November 21
    how can i get my money out of my account without outlaying more money first. does not make sence
  4. kim taylor
    November 21
    I have a alot of money on this platform but have been advise to pay them their profit margins etc before i can withdraw any money. I thought and was told in the beginning that I can withdraw my money whenever and they will deduct their money from from this. Today I asked to withdraw my money and the rude person on the other end has blocked my account till i pay for their withdrawal fees first. I cant see how that works ither than me being ripped off.
    1. Mpilo
      March 28
      Hello, this same thing happened to late last year some how I was abel to recover my funds back.
  5. Aileen
    October 20
    Totally messed around by three consultants who could not keep to arranged appointment times. Phone calls came from all over the world, not local numbers & were of poor quality. Totally unable to contact them back. Phones numbers don't connect & or are permanently busy, email addresses bounce. Condensing staff. Trading platform non functional. Unable to log in despite being registered. Reset password option not working. Absolute horrible customer service experience.
    I have reported this company and my initial deposit transaction to my financial institution as a scam. Avoid Alpha Edge and it's rude staff like the plague.
  6. AK47
    October 20
    get your money out now
    I was only testing the waters with a small sum of money. Yes the hard sell happened with phone calls to invest more money.
    I withdrew all my money but now can't log into the platform anymore even though they say there is still some profit there.
    I don't care. I received a phone call last night and when I told Tom I wasn't the slighest bit interested he became very abusive talking over the top of me. I said excuse me, I'm the customer and he said and quote
    "shut the fuck up
    shut the fuck up
    shut the fuck up" unquote.
    I said a few things before I hung up the phone in his ear.
    Immediately I get another call on another number and have blocked that too.
    these are the two numbers;
    (02 8766 4978 and 02 8766 4979)
    I did forward and email to a Daniel Goldman if that is his real name and told him what had happened and that his company was to cease all contact with me and erase all data they have about me.
    If it was possible to give a negative rating....minus 10

    1. Theres
      November 23
      How did you withdraw your money. They don’t let me until I pay fees upfront. According to my lawyer serch, they are scammers. Please share us how to take our money back?
  7. sino
    September 26
    Unpromising company
    I have been working on alpha edge ltd terminal for two months, I have withdrawn profit only once, only 700 dollars. It is very difficult to make money here, although I am not a beginner. To be honest, I don't see any pluses in the company, so I am unlikely to stay here for a long time.
  8. Dimitrii S
    September 6
    It is impossible to contact
    I have not been able to get a quick call to tech support, the operators answer with a big delay, and I sent 2 emails about my withdrawal problems, it was a week ago, however, I have not received a response from alpha edge ltd until now.
  9. Dezmond
    August 29
    In the beginning, the terminal worked perfectly, all operations were performed lightning fast, I was earning 200-300 euros on average, and sometimes I went into a minus, very rarely. But in the last month, some kind of revolution happened here. Operations are either rejected without explanation or are delayed so much that I can already grow old at the end of it. Before alpha edge ltd technical support always answered quickly, but now consultants can not explain why there was such a failure in the program and why they can not fix it.
  10. anvier
    August 25
    I find this broker quite adequate
    I chose Alpha Edge LTD where personalized trading and tax advice is provided. Conveniently, the company provides an analyst who helps to execute the plan-maximum and achieve the target. The company is not in any comparison with scammers who aim solely at deceiving naive users. Yes, there are risks here, of course. Every trader is always afraid of losing capital, but there is a difference between losing $100 or 100 thousand dollars. It is worth understanding that profitable trading at the initial stage is an exception rather than a rule. That is why the first deposit should be allocated to small deals, and losses should be perceived as a contribution to your financial education, not as initial capital for real trading. And in order to understand how the market works, what functions the terminal has and what the price of certain assets depends on, analysts will teach you on the first deals. I passed the initial stage and now I boldly enter profitable trades, earning up to 700 dollars per trading session here. I advise those who plan to cooperate with this company to take into account some nuances, but I have not noticed anything critically difficult in trading here.
  11. 1man
    August 23
    The terminal is completely non-functional!
    Three days ago the broker closed all my positions with a loss, without my knowledge and consent. After I tried to call the broker on their hotline (and it took me about two days!!!), and finally everything was opened to me, I saw that all the profits on the trades were not counted (for a period of two days!!!), because they were closed. What is ‌ Who will reimburse me for the loss of 2 thousand dollars? And the most interesting thing is that the personal manager also could not explain to me why he was not on the phone and on what basis the trades were closed, and who will reimburse me now?!!!
  12. AVE
    August 13
    The trading platform works just disgusting!
    Everything began to work very very slowly, the terminal slowed down! It is impossible to trade with such problems - I have already lost more than 3 thousand dollars for the last three days on :( I'm leaving, of course, I do not need such trading! I do not recommend it.
  13. Marck Lotfullin
    August 10
    Service is terrible
    I have been trading here for more than a month and I am annoyed by the constant delays in withdrawing funds. I had to wait even a whole week. If this situation does not change, I will have to say goodbye to this broker ...
  14. Head
    August 10
    A friend withdraws profits
    At first I had doubts that with such a meager leverage and with other obscure terms of transactions a user could earn anything at all in alpha edge ltd, but I was wrong. It turned out that my friend here started earning more than a thousand euros a week. I am very happy for him, the broker all requests for withdrawal are processed within a day, and the money is credited to his card instantly. Plus the fact that the deposit amount is high, there will be less on the terminal of newbies who confuse with their negative reviews.
    1. Theres
      November 23
      How did you withdraw your money? I’m not able to withdraw without paying upfront it’s ridiculous.
  15. jesus christ
    August 9
    Do not believe their analysts!
    I believed the advice of an analyst and lost my entire deposit. I decided to trade cryptocurrency and listened to bad advice, saying the rate will go uphill before it's too late to deposit money. Two days later, there was a glitch and the rate fell :( Voila, almost all of my $60,000 went into the minus!!! So think before you follow such advice...
  16. Din
    August 3
    Scam-like slippages started to occur
    Since September 2023 slippages began on the terminal when all pending buy stop and sell stop orders were opened. The opening occurs with slippage of 200-400 points and more. In this case, the broker does not hurry to close the pending orders at the set stop loss (taking into account that it is completely passed by the spread) and the achieved price values can roll back, bringing a loss to the trader. On economic news the spread has become simply gigantic - it increases 2-3 times!!! Due to slippage and huge spread my knowingly profitable pending orders can be closed at a loss!!! In technical support, where I applied, consultants brazenly tell me that everything is normal, it should be so. That slippage is the physics of the market. And that in the client agreement, which I can review at any time, the possibility of slippage is also reflected. And that the agreement does not specify the exact amount of slippage. At the same time, when measuring slippage points, in the case of opening a pending order, the broker does not count one sign and instead of a slippage, for example, actually 260 points, the slippage according to the broker's data amounted to only 26 points. Until the middle of September 2023, I did not notice such slippages at Alpha Edge LTD when opening pending orders. I believe that what is happening has all the signs of fraud on the part of the company.
  17. Stephan Gulesh
    August 2
    Strange night tricks with spreads
    I haven't worked on Forex for a long time, more than 5 years, I decided to try what had changed and deposited 10,000 dollars. In the beginning it was great, orders are executed instantly, so I didn't have any problems with the site and support until I left the position overnight. As I saw from the report, at midnight my plus on my account due to spread widening turned into a huge minus. But I still had a chance that I would survive the loss of 800 dollars and the next day I would be in the plus. But my plans were not destined to come true, the spread only widened, although there was a small pullback, where I moved the stop loss to $600, where it closed! In the morning at 8 o'clock I entered the terminal, the spread narrowed a bit, but was the same big. The support explained to me that in general they have market spreads, not fixed and can change depending on the market situation (depends on demand/supply). And from 23:50 to 10:00 the spread values on USD/EUR pairs are usually significantly higher than the basic ones (because at night the exchange does not work and liquidity decreases). As a result, I came to the conclusion that as long as you do not open a position, the spread will not widen so much, but if you leave it at night, Alpha Edge LTD will leave you without hope for a pullback and will force you to close at their prices, or you will lose even more!

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