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The AME CAPITALS platform and website are owned by AME CAPITALS LLC, a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and headquartered in Kingstown. The broker also claims to have offices in Asia (Singapore) and the UK (London), but there has yet to be a confirmation. Meanwhile, the company does not work with clients from the US, Japan, Brazil, and some other countries as the project needs a license. In addition, the company does not disclose any information about its history, and the date of its creation is only indirectly indicated by references to the approval of the Regulations and Rules, dated February 2017. As for the domain, it was registered in December 2022 in Reykjavik, Iceland, and renewed in July 2023. Finally, the bilingual site supports English and Russian.

Is it possible to make money on the platform? Is it easy to withdraw capital from the deposit? We will analyze the information about the broker and tell you how favorable the client conditions are, and how safe trading on this terminal is.

Trading Conditions

AME Capitals provides users with more than 500 major trading instruments. Among them are currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies, and other assets. The broker supports automated trading with the help of robots or advisors.

Your starting capital can be anything starting from $10. However, to start trading, you will need a deposit of $100, at which leverage of 1:100 is available.

The higher your deposit amount, the more additional services you will get. The broker will give you access to the following markets and instruments if you increase your balance to a certain amount:

  1. Forex – deposit from $500, leverage 1:500.
  2. Commodities – deposit from $5,000, leverage 1:400.
  3. Metals – deposit from $15,000, leverage 1:300.
  4. Stocks – deposit from $25,000, leverage 1:200.
  5. Indices – deposit from $100,000, leverage 1:100.
  6. Portfolio – deposit from $500,000, leverage 1:50.

All account types have 0.1 spread, USD currency, and zero commission. AME Capital clients can use the service of a personal financial advisor with an account from 500 USD.

21 timeframes are available for each instrument from one minute to one month. You can open up to 100 charts of financial instruments simultaneously.

The user can access a database of technical indicators on the mobile platform. You can read financial news and exchange instant messages with members of the AME Capitals trading community.


Would investing in AME Capitals offer the best returns?

There is a high probability that your cooperation with the broker will turn out to be a loss of funds rather than their acquisition. There are no favorable conditions for the client on the platform, risky CFD trading, and constant technical failures.

Does AME Capitals carry out withdrawals?

Most likely, you will not get your money. There are a lot of negative reviews published on the net about broker's refusal to withdraw clients' funds. Please share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

There is a high risk of fraud on the site, as there is no license, very bad site, where all the Terms and Regulations are printed in a gray font barely visible to the eye, but advertising blocks are brightly highlighted. Too high leverage for withdrawing transactions to the interbank market also indicates a questionable terminal model.

What's the best way to share my experience with AME Capitals?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if AME Capitals is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about AME CAPITALS

  1. MidNight
    September 9
    Everything here is based on deception!!!
    I started trading with an offshore broker and now I curse the day I decided to do something so stupid. The project organisers brazenly embezzled my $15,000 and refused to return my money. Withdrawal requests are rejected under the pretext of not being verified. At the same time, “ame capitals” employees themselves do not let me do it. I sent them documents, but I get the same answer: verification is not passed. Never cooperate with this fake company! The bandits hide in a black offshore zone and rob people, knowing that it is almost impossible to punish them!!!!
  2. deniza blaze
    September 7
    I am not very excited about the terminal
    I have been trading here for a while, on the advice of one of the most experienced traders. He said that the company has been operating for several years, and has a lot of clients, so the reliability has been checked and proven. But I am not very enthusiastic about it. There is instability and other problems.
  3. Pop111
    August 31
    They are scammers who started working 3 months ago
    I wasn't lazy and searched for AME Capitals in the lists of registered companies in St Vincent and the Grenadines. It's true: I found a firm with that name in the database. It was registered on 30.05.2023. This once again confirms that scammers have been trading for no more than three months. Besides, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an offshore zone. Local regulatory authorities easily neglect their duties to check the financial activity of brokerage organisations. They can issue documents to any scammer who paid $250. Of course, I did not find any offices of AME Capitals in Singapore or the UK. The broker does not have a license and will not be able to get one in St Vincent and the Grenadines, they simply do not issue licenses to brokers there. So you will not get back a cent invested in this scam. Believe me, I have been trading for many years and I always check out new brands in forex and other markets. So with a little effort, I saved my capital :) You can check this information for yourself.
  4. olen
    August 25
    It is safe here and trading happens without any problems
    I will deal with a few points. The first is the safety of the company. I am almost guaranteed that AME Capitals works without scams. I have already withdrawn money from here several times, I have not noticed any hints of fraud. It is also important to note the flawless trading platform and the technical aspect. In terms of tools and stability, everything is perfect here. I mean that the terminal does not hang, charts are displayed correctly, orders are executed quickly, both on the market and by limits, there is always access to the platform and to the personal cabinet, and the site is available round the clock. I have not noticed any technical failures at all for three months.
  5. shamila
    August 25
    No matter how much money you have on your account, you will never withdraw it
    You can profit here even a million dollars from a deposit of $100. But none of that matters. These are just drawn pixels that will never turn into real money in your bank or cryptocurrency account again. Ame capitals is a black and scammy parody of a broker. They are anonymous scammers who steal money from people. They stole $852 from me! That's it.
  6. Lady1978
    August 18
    The business model here is most likely B-Book
    The broker does not say anything on the site about withdrawal to providers or interbank. This is such a negative point I found with this company. And this I did in a couple of minutes. I am afraid to imagine what will happen if you check the terminal more carefully. In general, do not trade here, please, and then you will definitely save your money.
  7. Olu
    August 12
    The tenure of the company is actually small
    This organization was only registered in 2023, on the website the broker itself provides the registration number, by which you can find when the company was registered in the Grenadines. I have in general a rule that I do not co-operate with brokers that have been in business for less than 10 years. And I advise you to do the same!!!
  8. Terry T.
    August 5
    I'll tell you about my experience
    So, here's the story. I was looking for a broker where I could trade crypto with robots. I quickly registered an account at AME Capitals. The personal account is primitive, but it didn't bother me. I deposited cryptocurrency and transferred $2000, that's for starters. Then I started trading and decided to try Forex. Everything was terrible: the terminal was lagging, spreads were huge, everything hangs, works badly, and all programmes were unconfigured. Trading did not work for me at all. I decided not to deposit any more, and to withdraw the remaining $1820, as I had already found a more profitable broker. I lost $180 on trades, this is for your information, the fact about profit. And now it's been about two weeks and I still haven't received my money back. I'm trying to contact the managers of the company but to no avail.
  9. mcBLASE
    August 3
    Try copy trading
    On “ame capitals” there is a cool opportunity to make money passively. But monitoring is still advisable and you can put limits. You won't get 100% passive income, but you will free up your time. You can also create an automatic trading option. This is also a normal function, it allows you not to spend all your time sitting at the monitor. There are plenty of options for trading and earning.
  10. millioner
    July 26
    I didn't notice anything special
    Obviously, I am indifferent to the firm... and I will not strongly recommend it to every trader to open an account.....
  11. sko73
    July 25
    I explain the essence to inexperienced traders
    If you see leverage above 1:30, then know that on this terminal charlatans just show you imitation trading.
  12. who
    July 21
    It's a sin not to praise the broker
    If you are looking for a safe and comfortable broker to trade CFD contracts, I think AMECapitals is one of the best options. The broker has a long term ‌operation, insurance and additional guarantees, low minimum deposit, cool author platform, abundance and variety of additional services, and so on. Commission is zero, spreads are adequate, leverage is flexible, and execution is fast. I have been trading here for a short time, so maybe there are some minuses of the service. Who does not have them? I earn modestly, 20-30 dollars a day:)
  13. Basty
    July 11
    I am not getting my money withdrawn
    I realised that this is a scam and demanded from the broker to return all that I was illegally deducted from my account, after which I was immediately blacklisted here and now they do not answer either calls or emails:( I "gave" $320 to the scammers for a week.

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