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The site is operated by Anso FG, which is allegedly registered in Stockholm, Sweden, but this is not confirmed. In addition, the project has no license, and no start date is disclosed. As for the domain, it was only created in October 2023. Finally, the broker commits to keeping clients’ funds in segregated accounts, to ensure their safety and security. Can you entrust your capital to this company? We will analyze its legal documents and platform functionality, and conclude how reliable this service is.

Trading Conditions

Anso FG offers clients a proprietary Webtrader platform. You can log in without downloading directly from your web browser. The terminal allows you to track quotes in real-time. Online CFD trading is available for financial markets such as forex, indices, stocks, and commodities.

Anso FG offers traders 3 types of accounts, which differ in leverage and range of services. The broker does not specify the size and type of spreads, commissions, minimum deposits, swaps, or other important contract indicators. You can choose the type of tariff from the following options:

  • Silver – Extended charts, Leverage up to 1:200.
  • Gold – Personal Manager Assistance, Leverage up to 1:300, 25% swap discount.
  • Platinum – Access to exclusive webinars, Leverage up to 1:400, free VPS.

The company offers periodic bonuses to the client’s initial deposit. The required trading volume is 1/4 of the bonus amount.

Anso FG determines all price levels in the terminal at its own discretion. Traders’ references to prices of other resources are not taken into account. In addition, the broker can remove any profit of the client, obtained, in the opinion of the site administration, with the help of arbitrage.

Anso FG accepts payment via bank transfers, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards. The company helps traders gain knowledge through videos, tutorials, and texts. Tech support includes online chat.


Would investing in Anso FG offer the best returns?

Cooperating with an anonymous broker is unlikely to help you make money. Risky CFD trading is more likely to bring you losses. The fact is that leverage up to 1:400 demonstrates the company's non-compliance with European norms limiting leverage to 1:30. Increasing this size increases the risk of traders losing money many times over.

Does Anso FG carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the platform and clients' comments showed that the possibility of withdrawing funds from the account is not obvious. The company's Regulations and Rules contain many different options for denying a user to withdraw funds for far-fetched reasons. You can also share your experience or opinion in a review.

May I be scammed on

We cannot claim for sure that this site is run by scammers. However, the broker did not provide specific details about its registration, license. It is not clear to us what deposit one can make to start trading here and what commissions the client will have to pay. The fresh domain and cheap website indirectly indicate that this platform is unreliable.

What's the best way to share my experience with Anso FG?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

8 reviews about Anso FG

  1. sasha kozinetc
    July 9
    I can not withdraw money
    I can't withdraw money from this fake brokerage company for 3 weeks :( I'm very offended and sorry to lose such a sum of 1,500 euros, it's significant for me, I worked a very long time to earn such capital, and now they don't credited it to me :(.
  2. Matr
    June 11
    Constantly calling some scammers
    I recently encountered a strange series of calls to my cell phone. Young guys called and said that I had left my number and application for brokerage consulting. Moreover, they knew my name, but when asked where I had left such an application and when, they would not answer me. They transferred the conversation very quickly to the topic of earning money through trading. They asked me: would I like to try myself as a trader? They convinced me that it was not necessary to plunge headlong into the project, that I would only need to invest and work under the supervision of a manager. And they called very persistently, the first times I declined them, but then I decided to listen, I hoped that the guys would leave me alone. I was invited to the broker Anso FG, they dropped the address of the site during the dialog, and told me how their clients earn good money, starting with small deposits. But on my questions: "why then are you, the guy calling me, in such an underpaid field of telephone marketing, instead of making millions with these managers?", he was slow to answer. I was quite amused when he asked me something like, "do you know what my salary is?" I replied that it's probably not the tens of thousands of dollars you're promising me in the long run. If he has to make cold calls to people and suggest they start trading with a strange company, it's unlikely that the customer of his services is generous with his money. In the end, I had a lot of fun with them, it was clear to me from the beginning that these are some unserious guys calling, probably incompetent in forex earnings at all. They are financial scammers, but they won't see my money 😎
  3. Muad'Dib
    May 8
    The usual crooks ...
    I asked the representatives of the company to answer a few questions: what is their regulation? The national financial market authority in Sweden Finansinspektionen (FI)?! And where exactly is the license? And why there are no records of registration of the company in the state registry? And where are the certificates from other verified financial regulators, e.g. FCA? Anso FG is definitely not to be trusted! The website is sloppily designed, it's constantly down and the links are not open. I got the impression that the interface was designed in a couple of minutes by some rookie freelancer. I didn't even register with this company, because most likely my data will be passed to third parties and I will receive constant phone calls, in a word, this is a banal scam, not a broker.
  4. arthur
    April 28
    The broker withdraws money very quickly
    I have been trading here for several months and I can confirm that the platform is ideal for beginners. I started my work on without much experience, I didn't even know what terms spread, swap, leverage mean :) And now I am a trading shark. I safely drained my first two deposits of 300 dollars. However, I recovered all the losses after taking trading courses, after the help of consultants and then I made a good profit. Now I earn 900-1,200 dollars every month without any problems. I trade only 1-2 hours a day and it's enough for me to earn a full-fledged income. Withdrawal of money is easy, everything works without any problems.
  5. Crazy
    April 7
    I was scammed by this company
    I was deceived by the broker. It happened like this: I deposited $700 with Anso FG. The manager called me a day later and offered me to use the services of a personal consultant-expert, who has more than 20 years of experience in the market, he is a good teacher and has an ‌education as a psychologist. I was interested and agreed to his help, but in return, I needed to deposit up to $4,000, which I did. We started trading. In the first two weeks, trading went more or less well, I even made $220, and the expert advised me to withdraw this profit. Then I realized that he wanted me to feel the pleasure of easy money and let my guard down. After that, I lost 20% of my deposit, in the third week. The expert consultant told me not to worry, it's a standard situation. But my financial situation did not improve, it only got worse. I had a loss of -70% on open positions in the fourth week, I did not see any improvement, and I asked the expert: "can I close?", he said: "No, either replenish the deposit or wait for market changes". I decided to wait, and in the end, I got a margin call on the whole deposit. By the way, after that, the manager stopped trading with me, because I did not listen to him and did not deposit money into my account. That's how I was cheated in Anso FG, as a result, I lost 4,000 dollars...
  6. Mery Perry
    March 29
    This is a risky project
    The broker has been working recently. And those companies that do not work much on the financial market - such companies should not be trusted with your money... Most likely it is a regular one-day firm, be careful.
  7. FxJobber
    March 1
    You should not start trading here
    Technical support of this broker is quite unfriendly. The consultants do not answer my questions about trading conditions and force me to register an account. They promised to provide me with a personal manager after opening and depositing an account, but why should I do that if I don't know the conditions of Anso FG?! There is no information on the website on many aspects of the platform, and no description of the terminal functions. Liquidity providers are hidden, bonuses are not available to all clients, and commissions of payment systems are not specified. I had no desire to open an account with Anso FG after a careful study of the site.
  8. prank
    February 25
    I lost 300$
    I ask you, please don't laugh at me, I know that I did a stupid thing when I invested money in this scam, and I can't now withdraw even the remaining small funds. Yes, I realize that I am to blame and that I should not have taken such a risk and given my money to some blatant and anonymous scammers, and I should have at least consulted with experienced people who would have suggested that the firm is a huge danger. But I didn't... I just want to show by example how important it is to vet the brokers you plan to work with. It's good that I invested only 300 dollars, but I could have invested more, I even wanted to, but I decided to test for "petty money" first. You should know the truth about the scam. Anso FG administrators don't withdraw funds, and the operator doesn't even respond to messages.

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