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Arbitrage Genius does not disclose any information about the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered only in May 2023 in Reykjavik with a registrar from Iceland. Besides, the project has neither a legal address, a license, data on the broker’s cooperation with supervisory organizations, nor a phone number for contacting clients.

Is this company worthy of your attention? How reliable is it to trade on the platform? We will understand the capabilities of the terminal and draw conclusions about the safety of depositing money.

Trading Conditions

The client of Arbitrage Genius needs to open a brokerage account to get access to the working platform. Deposits can be made via major credit/debit cards, Neteller and Skrill electronic systems, and bank transfers. You can deposit in euros, British pounds, or US dollars. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. The broker claims that the security of traders’ funds is ensured by keeping them in top-tier banks, separate from operational funds.

There are 5 types of accounts listed on the website:

  1. Beginner €5,000 – minimum trade size 0.01 lot, leverage 1:10.
  2. Trader €10,000 – minimum trade size 0.02 lot, leverage 1:20.
  3. Expert €25,000 – minimum trade size 0.05 lot, leverage 1:30.
  4. VIP €50,000 – minimum trade size 0.07 lot, leverage 1:40.
  5. Exclusive €100,000 – minimum trade size 0.010 lot, leverage 1:50.

Each account has some additional services, such as VPS, personal manager, and analytical tools. The affiliate program includes 3 types of rewards: per conversion – up to $1000; per lot – up to $20; RevShare – up to 50%. Sometimes Arbitrage Genius offers bonuses, which vary in size depending on the deposit on the trading account. Bonus money can be withdrawn if the client fulfills the required trading volume.

Trader’s request for a deposit refund will be processed by the company for up to 3 working days. If the request is approved, you will have to wait another 5 – 7 days for the withdrawal of funds.

You can easily access educational video tutorials, courses, and other training methods. In the Analytics section of the site, you will find cryptocurrency market overviews, economic calendar, stock ticker, market quotes, technical analysis, and trading hours. If necessary, you will be assisted by a support team that speaks 17 languages.


Would investing in Arbitrage Genius offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this platform will likely lead to the loss of your investment, not to profit. The broker offers unclear trading conditions, there is risky CFD trading and unknown platform.

Does Arbitrage Genius carry out withdrawals?

We analyzed the site and found out that the withdrawal of funds is not obvious for the client.  Before you entrust this broker with your finances, you should read the latest reviews about it. You can also share your comments about this firm.

May I be scammed on

The company does not disclose information about its activities, hides contacts, does not show legal documents, it has no license and a very cheap website. Therefore, the risk of fraud here is very high.

What's the best way to share my experience with Arbitrage Genius?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Arbitrage Genius is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 5500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

25 reviews about Arbitrage Genius

  1. Derek
    November 24
    BEWARE !! this site is a BIG SCAM !!!!!! I've lost 18000 Euros to them. They keep calling me until this day !
    If you ask your so called "earnings" back, they informed that I had to buy 1 bitcoin in order to get the money. As of then, I was sure that I had lost my money!
    If you ever contact with a certain Alex Morrison, hang up IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!
    They all talk English with a foreign accent !!!
  2. Dirk
    November 21
    BEWARE !! this site is a BIG SCAM !!!!!! I've lost 18000 Euros to them. They keep calling me until this day !
    If you ask your so called "earnings" back, they informed that I had to buy 1 bitcoin in order to get the money. As of then, I was sure that I had lost my money!
    If you ever contact with a certain Alex Morrison, hang up IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!
    They all talk English with a foreign accent !!!
  3. Albert Katoen
    November 7
    Criminals ! You not het your Money back !!!
    Ik ask Money back ,7560€ But this people not pay back !!! Do not invest in this criminals!!! Beware !!!!!
  4. Robert
    November 3
    Scam organisation
    Never you will see money back from them only if you go to the legal authorities.
    Andreas,Joana,Samaira and who knows how many others IT criminals.
    Stay away from this SCAMMERS!!!!
  5. Robert
    November 3
    Scam organisation
    Never ever you will see money back.
    Andreas, Joanna,Samaira,and who knows how many anothers are big liers and IT criminals.
    They will push you non stop to sent money them for a different reasons:
    invest,tax guy, insurance etc.
    Money can be recuperated only if you go to the local authorities what will cooperate with team support. We must do all what is possible to sent to the jail those criminals.
    Stay away from this SCAMMERS!!!!
  6. Jos Snoek
    September 29
    Dit zijn de oplichters!
    Michael W. Peterson en Luke Herber
  7. Jos Snoek
    September 29
    Doe het niet. Het zijn oplichters
    Ik ben ruim 40000 euro kwijtgeraakt aan deze oplichters. Mooie praatjes om je geld afhandig te maken. Er wordt nooit teruggestort.
  8. Ron Williams
    September 11
    Started with this platform back in August... They are thieves, take your money and then stop talking to you... BEWARE BEWARE.... Alex Morrison is a thief, Simon Curtis is a thief... BEWARE BEWARE
  9. Investor
    August 12
    Overall everything is safe
    The quality is good here... the broker is reliable... the platform is top, the conditions are top, costs are low, you don't have to pay for anything, even for VPS, just trade... the list of assets is cool, and the most needed assets are available from any tariff....
  10. xoroMD
    August 11
    I can not register
    How can I open an account here?:) I click on "Register" and I can't find the USA in the list of countries. No, I'm not an idiot investing‌ money in illegal Arbitrage Genius. I just got curious about what's "inside" there, what trading terminal, and I want to find out more trading conditions than described on the official website. This black broker terminal interests me with its innovations in the trading conditions it offers to traders. I'm just inquisitive:)
  11. Bear
    August 7
    It is impossible to make a profit
    The broker has no license on the market and it is immediately clear why - the site is made for fools who drain their money here. As soon as you show that you come out in the plus, then immediately problems start on this site - your stop loss does not work or the price turns against you when you open a position. To put it simply, everything is done in Arbitrage Genius in such a way that you drain your deposit and can not come out in the plus. Do not trust scammers!
  12. Lorance2
    August 6
    There is not much support here
    There are not enough channels for communication, and the specialists themselves are not in a hurry to work on the efficiency of consultations.
  13. maqa
    August 6
    Traders know this is a scam!
    I followed the advice of the manager-analyst. And he systematically drained my money deal by deal. To my question - what is this even happening?, he said that this is the strategy of trading, now we will sharply come out in the plus. I do not have much experience, but even I saw that losing $300 on each trade, we will not come out in profit. I asked to withdraw the rest of the money about 2 thousand, but the manager began to persuade me to trade more, and better still to replenish the deposit. I insisted on a withdrawal for a long time, but after that, my manager disappeared. ‌I have not been able to withdraw money from “arbitrage genius” for 2 weeks!
  14. Ho Ho
    August 4
    I don't like the customer support of the broker
    I can't get through to the phone number given to me by the personal manager - it is always busy. And the email response is too slow. Although everything is fine with trading on arbitragegenius platform, as well as with profit withdrawals, the service makes me nervous.
  15. hdhfhxu hdhgdhd
    August 2
    Do not invest here
    I lost $17800:( Never deposit at places like this broker.
  16. intensy
    July 31
    How many people have lost money here?
    I am not going to be one of them after I found out that this company works without a license and is registered unknown where...
  17. Evge
    July 30
    I am still trading in the red
    I am not making money, yesterday I closed a Forex trade and lost 320 dollars in only 1 trading day. This is extremely disappointing to me!
  18. Ataman
    July 29
    Platform hangs and huge slippages
    Hello everyone. I will try to be objective. From the good: 1. Strong training support, but a lot depends on the amount of deposit. That's all. The bad: 1. The broker does not display your quotes on the real liquidity market, i.e. clients do not go beyond certain limits while inside the platform. Hence - a conflict of interests between the broker and each client. That is, it is a deception. 2. Bad attitude even to clients with the sum of $50,000, as if you are a beggar who sleeps under a bridge. This is a disease of "big" companies. On any question you can't get any further than tech support, where rather uninformed girls answer questions. 3. In Arbitrage Genius they use trading platforms, which have installed programs that allow you to drain the client's account, simply to manage it in any direction. 4. As a result - insane slippages. In general, there is a lot of advertising and arrogance, and the quality is below average.
  19. aka
    July 24
    Here you can withdraw money to any bank
    I have been trading on this platform for the second month already and I consider it one of the best among all brokerage companies:) I have withdrawn profits totaling 3657 euros and even changed bank details.
  20. thisisfossy
    July 24
    I have no trust in this company whatsoever
    The broker thought of everything in detail to leave me without a single cent of my €6,000 investment. As soon as I realized that I was caught in a financial scam and tried to withdraw the balance, my account was blocked. After that, the scammers at arbitrage genius simply have not contacted me.
  21. hand
    July 23
    Do not trade with this company
    Friends, the broker cares only about its own welfare. As soon as you stop listening to the manager and replenish your deposit, you will immediately have your account blocked. Then it will be impossible for you to get through to the support, the guys there are indifferent, they don't care about your problems.
  22. echko
    July 23
    I do not recommend you risk your capital
    You should not get involved with this pseudo-broker. Although it tries to prove that Arbitrage Genius is an honest company, in fact, it thinks only about its own profit. As a result, you invest money, but the income is zero. Then they will debit your account with fake commissions, taxes, and insurance, and they won't let you withdraw your money. Trust my negative experience.
  23. BLava
    July 22
    I've made a lot of money here
    And lose on the site only those people who either do not know how to trade or came unprepared and thought that they will get a profit here just like that. But this is not the case, dear traders. To get a serious income, you just need to study various trading strategies, tools, markets, and so on.
  24. sky
    July 21
    Do you wish to have questionable services?
    Do you want to join an "exclusive" club where experts give advice that can vaporize your deposit instantly? Do you want more non-working trading signals? No problem, pay extra and Arbitrage Genius will provide you with even more dubious services!
  25. WiCE
    July 20
    They are brazen scam artists
    I have been trading forex for many years and am constantly looking for new profit testing sites. Literally, my very first check showed that Arbitrage Genius is almost with 100% probability a fraudulent organization. There is NO INFORMATION about the owner of!!! The only thing its creators need it for is to steal money from people, that's why there are so many adverts in the text of the site. Of course, trading with such a company will cost any trader the loss of his entire deposit. And their entry is from €5,000! Are there those who want to check out the scam? Go ahead!... you will be well "trained" in legal subtleties here.

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