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ArbiTrustCapital offers working with CFDs on assets and education in trading. It is mentioned that the project was founded in 2020 by a team of individuals who have worked together for 10 years. The broker operates in accordance with the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s worth noting that several layers of security are provided on this website to protect the client’s account and funds. By the way, the company does not provide services to citizens of countries that are banned due to worldwide sanctions, such as Iran or North Korea. In your opinion, does this broker deserve trust?

Trading Conditions

The company offers to work with its proprietary trading platform, which includes CFDs on cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities. The minimum amount to start trading with ArbiTrustCapital is $250, and the leverage can be up to 1:400. Additional services include education (eBooks and webinars), market reviews and analysis, a client relationship manager, and bonuses. There are four available trading accounts:

  1. Explorer.
  2. Empower.
  3. Wealth Architect.
  4. Exclusive Membership (by invitation only).

Additionally, with ArbiTrustCapital, you can earn through the referral program, with a profit of 10% for the inviter and 5% for the referral on each deposit. You can contact customer support via the feedback form or phone.


Would investing in ArbiTrustCapital offer the best returns?

This company provides you with all the necessary tools for successful trading. However, you should not risk significant amounts of money if you do not have sufficient experience in CFDs.

Does ArbiTrustCapital carry out withdrawals?

This broker has implemented fast withdrawals on the platform. You should receive your money in no time, regardless of the type of account you have chosen. You can be guided by the reviews of other clients about this company. If you have anything to say about this, please leave a comment.

May I be scammed on

This site has guarantees for clients in the fast execution of trades and provides analytics with market quotes and legal documents about the broker's relationship with the platform users. We have not found any signs of fraud in this company.

What's the best way to share my experience with ArbiTrustCapital?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about ArbiTrustCapital

  1. white owl
    November 23
    My experience is positive
    I learned about the company a long time ago, but after the beginning of cooperation I was personally convinced that ArbiTrustCapital - this is one of the few brokers that can be unequivocally recommended on all parameters. For myself, I found the author's WebTrader platform, which seems to be specially designed for my strategy. The site has several options for affiliate programs, soon I think to try this way of passive income. If you are still draining your deposits on scam sites, then quit these resources and boldly go to ArbiTrustCapital and you will realize what an honest broker is.
  2. BANK
    November 22
    I found a good service
    I was attracted to the trading terminal by the possibilities of CFDs, this type of trading has been my long-time interest. I already had experience of trying CFD trading with other brokers, but unfortunately, I often encountered problems with order execution. Trading platforms on other sites often "hung" or were slow, hindering efficient trading. I decided to make another attempt, but already with the broker ArbiTrustCapital. I believed the many positive reviews about this company from my colleagues, and this choice turned out to be the right decision. The ArbiTrustCapital terminal proved the best - everything was fast and without any technical problems. However, despite successful trading, I encountered once a slight delay in processing my withdrawal request. This was the only disadvantage in my experience of cooperation with this broker. But considering that by that time I had already earned a profit, which was 2 times higher than my initial deposit of $450, this small problem did not cause me much inconvenience. In general, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of services provided by this broker, and I consider my trading experience successful on this platform.
  3. willy1976
    November 20
    I am happy with the experienced team
    The broker is excellent, and technical support is always on call on weekdays, but on weekends the operators take a long time to respond. I was mainly captivated by the fact that the broker has a lot of experience, this is important for me. Also, very convenient personal cabinet and fast verification. The terminal wins in terms of the number of orders - with it, you can open more than 100 trades at the same time (I don't know who needs so many), but this is a plus compared to other forex brokers. There are slippages, but they are minimal. The only thing I would like to see is smaller spreads. Withdrawal of funds here is fast and commission-free, replenishment of the account is instant.
  4. bacon
    November 9
    Quite a decent website
    The terms and conditions of this service are optimal, in principle, like most of its competitors, but personally, I like their customer support and clarity of withdrawal. When I contacted support, competent consultants always answered me and they never once ignored my questions.
  5. knife of destiny
    October 25
    Money withdrawal is fast
    The broker is good because of its stability - I’ve been several years on the market, and I have something to compare with. Quotes do not hang on ArbiTrustCapital, requotes are extremely rare. Money is withdrawn promptly. I can say that it is one of the top brokers today. In general, you can safely work on this terminal and earn a decent income
  6. Din
    October 25
    Everything is good
    I like that with ArbitrustCapital, you can earn not only from trading on the exchange but also from the referral program. I have invited a few friends to trade with me, and so far, they are happy. They are earning extra money, and it's convenient for me. The overall training is straightforward, even a beginner can handle it, so I can invite anyone.
  7. Aysa Distel
    October 17
    I haven't had any difficulties so far
    I trade here, and everything is going well. Customer service and personal manager respond quickly to messages, and my trades have been successful so far. I can recommend this broker.
  8. Jake
    October 15
    I recommend you this terminal
    I want to recommend this not bad forex broker, I will not say that this company is the best - it is not far from it, but for its level it is good, in my opinion, there are several potential points of growth, the management of the service contributes to this. The terms and conditions are pretty good, but the commissions are sometimes higher than the competition, technical support, and website without Spanish translation, but in plain English, you can talk. I did not find interesting features and something special, for new traders, there are training programs and there are bonuses. I earn on the minimum deposit amount of 30-50€, I think that for the Spanish market the profit is excellent, there are a lot of digital assets on ArbiTrustCapital, in general, I believe in the development of this company.
  9. alex
    October 13
    There are no frauds here
    This is a reliable broker with an experienced management team. I believe that ArbiTrustCapital is one of the best services in the market. Managers do not prevent you from working even with relatively small volumes, they do not persuade you to replenish your deposit and I feel comfortable trading here with just 1,000 euros. Slippages are almost non-existent on the terminal, and only occasionally they can occur during news. The process of profit withdrawal is also done clearly and in accordance with the established rules.
  10. Tigerrr
    October 10
    This is a great company
    I liked trading on the ArbiTrustCapital platform. The speed of order execution is at a high level, and there are no requotes, lags are not observed. I am pleased to note that the broker has a huge choice of methods for deposit and withdrawal. Personally, I prefer to use bank transfers, as it is, in my opinion, the fastest way. Every week I withdraw earnings on average of $300. I want to emphasize the work of high-quality and unobtrusive support service, which is ready to help you at any time of the day.
  11. RozarioA
    October 7
    A young and growing broker
    I really like this company. They have truly chosen the best assets for their clients and brought them together on one platform. The only thing I want to complain about right now is the lack of a demo account. It would be helpful for newcomers as the platform is quite unfamiliar.
  12. 4man
    October 4
    I quickly learned forex trading
    I came to this project through an affiliate, as my trading friends invited me. Although I have worked with stocks, I had to meet forex for the first time. In principle, the broker is not much different from the classic stock exchanges, so I quickly got used to currency trading. It is cool that the broker gives the opportunity to buy Bitcoin. A huge advantage of ArbiTrustCapital is the absence of commissions for the withdrawal and deposit of money from a bank card. I withdraw profits infrequently when I accumulate 500-700£. Since I use only bank cards, I get to save quite a lot of money on commissions taken by other payment systems.
  13. Impro85
    October 2
    I have a good income from affiliates
    Initially, my acquaintance with brokers began on the Forex exchange, and I traded there for quite a long time, and last year I traded exclusively in ArbiTrustCapital. I can say that the technical support works well, I needed to contact them so many times, and everything always went smoothly. As for the withdrawal of money, so it is not so easy, there are all sorts of nuances, while I understood everything for the first time, so my withdrawal of money took about a week, there is still a commission on my digital wallet, but this is not the broker's fault. The personal cabinet on ArbiTrustCapital is convenient, I can't say anything bad. As for the spread - everything is fine here too, I am a member of the affiliate program and the company generously shares with me from each transaction made by my referrals, this is my profit for their open transaction, the more they trade, the more money on my affiliate account. I don't know about you, but I am happy and satisfied with the amount of my additional income.
  14. Vini
    October 1
    I like it very much
    Great broker! I made a deposit of 12 thousand dollars and I can live on the income from trading on ArbiTrustCapital 😀
  15. ticly
    September 28
    Stable trading
    I really like because of the fact that there are never any freezes or glitches on this platform: I am always sure that my trading will be completed without any problems. The site has training for beginners, which helped me to understand the system.

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