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The website is owned by Crypto Arby Trade Limited. However, Astroxbit does not inform customers about the jurisdiction of the website owner, nor about the history of its creation. Nevertheless, the “About the Company” section says that the firm “has come a long way from an exchange platform to a fine-tuned mechanism”, and the User Agreement is allegedly updated on May 19, 2022. As for the domain, it was only registered in August 2023 in the United States. In addition, the exchange does not have a license. Although it is currently unregulated, the administration claims to have implemented a system that complies with European Union standards, but this is not documented. In addition, the Privacy Policy refers customers, on the issue of protecting their rights, to US law. Finally, the site prohibits transactions with citizens and companies of sanctions-listed countries.

Can this crypto exchange be trusted? How reliable is this service? We will find out how safe it is to trade digital assets here based on the legal and technical information of this company.

Investment Conditions

Astroxbit provides services for trading cryptocurrencies. The website features portfolio monitoring, a table of online market movements, and personal analytics of transaction histories. The platform does not provide a mobile app, but users can access the online site account from their phones or other devices to complete transactions.

You will receive additional bonuses, coupons, and rewards in case of active participation in the work of the exchange. For certain actions, your account will be credited:

  • $3 – passing KYC upon registration.
  • $10 – if you reach a spot trading volume of $1,000.
  • $50 – if you reach $50,000 in trading volume.
  • $500 – if you upgrade your account to an institutional account.

Maker and Taker commissions on Astroxbit are the same at 0.20% for regular users. VIP users pay a lower fee of 0.14% of the amount. At Astroxbit, customers can participate in a referral program. This system includes 3 categories of operators. The rewards for program participants are differentiated depending on the status of the referred referral: 2.5%, 10%, and 50% commission. In addition, you will receive 0.01% (in BTC) of all deposits of your friend.

The Company has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services at its discretion, including changing the terms of trade unilaterally. The user is obliged to provide any requested personal information.

Some pages of the Astroxbit website are blocked or under development at the time of our review of its operation. There is no phone number for contact, and inactive online chat, which the administration refers to in its Rules. Icons of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are not active. The link to the exchange’s Twitter account will take you to a blank page with the exchange’s logo.


Would investing in Astroxbit offer the best returns?

Crypto trading is risky because prices can fluctuate on a daily basis. You can also unexpectedly lose the value of your assets due to the bankruptcy of an exchange or the termination of its activities due to blocking by government agencies. Therefore, you should choose more reliable services rather than such anonymous exchanges.

Does Astroxbit carry out withdrawals?

You may not receive your funds if you become a victim of fraud or incompetence of the exchange administration. According to clients' feedback, their accounts are often blocked without explanation. Share your trading experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on

There is no transparency on this site, no legal documents, no license, and no working communication channels. The interface design is very cheap, and the functionality is largely non-working. This indicates a high probability of fraudulent activities by the company.

What's the best way to share my experience with Astroxbit?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Astroxbit is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies

14 reviews about Astroxbit

  1. Beksing
    September 14
    Thanks to this exchange Astroxbit I lost 320 DASH coins, which for me is very good money! Do not even start working here.
  2. noso
    September 14
    I am disappointed at first sight
    The site is not the kind of exchange that you can blindly trust your crypto and trade. I realize that the site seems to have been running for a long time, but it looks like it's three days old.
  3. sparrow
    September 13
    The platform is stable and this is important to me
    Technical glitches on Astroxbit are quite rare. Now you can trade not only through your browser, but also through your phone :) The exchange gives the opportunity to customize the terminal for yourself, it is very convenient. In general, for all the time of trading I can say that I am satisfied with the exchange, I am not going to change the service.
  4. amplitude
    September 12
    This is not an exchange, but a dump
    In support here are schoolboy trolls, they do not answer legal questions at all, it is unclear where the exchange is registered. And whether there is registration at all? Where is the license? Where are all the documents? The listing is all garbage. I am sorry even 1 euro to transfer here for testing.
  5. Golo
    September 8
    Everything works very badly
    Guys, it is not safe here, this exchange will not credit or withdraw your money until it knows everything about you. When I was verified in 2 days I was asked to be verified again, but for this I had to provide a bank statement, checks with electricity bills so that the managers could see my residential address. This is all this dragged on for a week!!! When I received money from another exchange, Astroxbit required me to show the video login to that exchange. All this has been dragging on for several days 😣 And all this time my money does not work, and I lose on the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies! And the exchange uses my money and tells me what cool security measures it has ;(
  6. Sergius
    September 6
    Problems with fast withdrawal of money
    I have an ambiguous impression of Astroxbit: on the one hand, the crediting of funds to the account of this crypto exchange is instantaneous. And to withdraw money in my case took three calendar days. Probably, in the near future, this moment will be fine-tuned by the technical service and the big difference in time between crediting the client's money to the exchange and vice versa will be reduced.
  7. Black Tra
    September 3
    Why I didn't start trading here
    Now, when almost every similar platform has support for fiat currencies, I'm surprised that there is only crypto here. I traded a bit on Astroxbit, lost about 130 dollars and left this platform because I can't trust it, and the platform itself leaves much to be desired. Very laggy interface, a lot of bugs, you can't always enter your personal account. Well, during the rise or fall of bitcoin you can immediately give up the idea to buy or sell something, because the crazy lags will not let you do anything normal here. I do not see the point in this platform at the moment, and it is unlikely to appear at all.
  8. Flee
    September 3
    Unreliable site
    Hello everyone. Prepare for the fact that your data can easily get hold of scammers, the security system is very weak and in case of theft of money, operators will throw you to each other, just not to solve the problem. Support is polite, but useless, as if they put teenagers to only pretend to work and apologize. I say this as I checked it all on myself after my data from was stolen. I started to ask the operators to do something, they responded by making different suggestions to me, for example, "show me your ID with a piece of paper with handwritten English phrases on it", later it became clear that I was just doing it because the operators can't solve anything. Their task is only to explain how to get money to them on the platform, but they turn a blind eye to your problems. I was not lazy to write this long review and spend my time. Because I want you not to make the same mistake I did. Avoid this service. So that you do not say that I just made up this story, I can provide screens of correspondence. Good luck to everyone.
  9. vbmed
    August 31
    The exchange is doing well
    I'm watching Astroxbit and I see its progress as the company, which only recently was a small service, has grown into an exchange. It has a large selection of coins, a simple website, adequate security, and reasonable commissions. But I still, I dream of an exchange with a "debit crypto card" so that you can make transactions like with a regular card. I hope to be offered such a service here soon.
  10. Amator
    August 30
    The platform has no regulation
    Although there has been regulation in the cryptosphere for a long time, both the USA and Europe - everything is under control. From the pluses I see only one - it is a good referral program, and that without any guarantee. Many exchanges were hacked, closed, and did not pay participants the promised rewards. So this plus can also be safely disregarded. From popular crypto traders no one trades here, according to my data. so it is better not to risk, do not store and do not trade crypto here, well, if you risk, then on very small volumes.
  11. mc
    August 30
    Who knows how up to date the exchange information is?
    I deposited $200 in USDT tokens 2.5 hours ago to trade LTC/USDT and still nothing has come through :( Support has responded to me 1 time to wait for the deposit....
  12. Akim
    August 27
    I see only minuses
    On Astroxbit support service is simply not there, incompetent employees, I realized that the exchange is not interested in customers:(
  13. Ben Iv
    August 25
    Incredibly brazen cheaters
    I had 1080$, transferred them to the account and withdrew with a commission, should have come 0.0406 Bitcoin. In the end came to the wallet 878$ (0,033 Bitcoin ) Missing 200$!!! The support operator attributes this decrease in amount to the fact that the exchange rate dropped when converting the funds.
  14. tam
    August 22
    Normal platform, no worse than others
    The exchange has a standard interface, which is understandable to anyone, even a total beginner in cryptocurrency. There are quite a lot of trading pairs, several dozens, so there is always something to trade. Analytics is always fresh.

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