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There is no office address, financial license, or legal details on the website in the About section. All the space on the home page is devoted to listing the benefits of Atriblock. There is no key information about the place of registration and operation of the company.

Investment Conditions

Customers are encouraged to buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies and other popular virtual assets. The user workflow is as follows:

  • Registering an account on the website
  • Top up your personal account
  • Buying virtual currency
  • Withdrawing funds to your third-party cryptocurrency wallet

Essentially, the Atriblock platform only allows you to trade normal cryptocurrency CFDs.

The site does not specify trading commissions, deposit and withdrawal fees. As well as many other things, such as the size of the spreads.

The crypto platform’s functionality provides private sellers with access to the global cryptocurrency market. This is how Atriblock explains its mission. Customers are not provided with information about the terms on which assets are traded and how profits are earned on the exchange.


Would investing in Atriblock offer the best returns?

You cannot make money with an unstable platform. Unfortunately, there is only risky CFD trading.

Does Atriblock carry out withdrawals?

There are no regulator guarantees on the website. You need to read the reviews to understand the risks of losing your deposit.

May I be scammed on

There is a high risk of fraud on the website of an unregulated broker who operates without a license.

What's the best way to share my experience with Atriblock?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Atriblock is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2022
Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 1$
Leverage: 1:200
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies

22 reviews about Atriblock

  1. Mike
    December 21
    Over a period of months I invested a lot of money and it seemed I was making a good profit. When I made a withdrawal request the money disappeared overnight. It's a scam
  2. venskt1
    June 30
    Expensive services
    I don't trust this exchange yet, but I exchanged crypto here a couple of times out of necessity, the money reached its destination and wasn't lost. But I was disappointed with the commissions atriblock: I don't want to lose my money on transfers anymore.
  3. top
    June 29
    More like scammers, I think
    Can't withdraw money from my Atriblock account. The tech support doesn't answer. Even though I made the transfer, my balance still shows 0, a bit strange. I have tried to contact them several times but no response. I now think they are scammers.
  4. JKMUF12345
    June 25
    It's a scam!!!
    Do not waste your precious time on this scam!!! There is no way to make any money at all(!) No matter how hard you try!!! The commission is enormous(!) As you get a decent amount in your wallet, wait for the closure of Atriblock!!! For the development of the site they, spent, but I'm sure that the amount of investment the owners have already withdrawn from their customers!!!
  5. Promo
    June 22
    Very slow!
    Manual withdrawal! Very slow! Where is it seen that there is a manual withdrawal of coins in a few days? There are suspicions of fraud.
  6. danje
    June 19
    Total scam
    This is a total scam. Atriblock staff will send you their cryptocurrency wallet address and ask you to transfer digital coins to that address. Ask for confirmation that you need to send money to their wallet. Their website is not secure, if you are a newbie you may fall into a trap.
  7. Genush
    June 18
    Don't do it!!!
    Scam, scam, scam! When the time comes for a customer to withdraw their deposit, Atriblock won't give it to them and comes up with all sorts of excuses. They ask you to pay 20% and then say you have to pay again because the first time doesn't count. Then they say: 'We are not forcing you to do anything', but the company has my initial money, which I invested. And I'm told by the managers that I won't even get my deposit back if I don't give them more. Doesn't make any sense. No help from customer service. You will literally be given the same answer every time just in different words. Contacted my lawyer hoping something could be done
  8. nod2
    June 18
    Taking the money from my purse
    Strange behavior exchange - my wallet is automatically opened and then closed, each time withdrawn $1. What is most offensive - I was not even near my computer (( I think it is dangerous to work with Atriblock.
  9. Aya
    June 16
    Don't believe the positive reviews
    The crappy thing about AtriBlock is that it hides its real reputation. The reviews from traders are mostly good. So I trusted them and deposited $1,500 into my account. However, I couldn't withdraw anything because these reviews were shamelessly paid! In fact, what we have in front of us is a scam making money off naive traders!
  10. killopys
    June 15
    I am losing money
    While I stopped trading through this exchange - big losses...
  11. OlKu
    June 11
    This is a place for rubbish
    Viruses will take over your computer and then scammers will just take money from your account. Atriblock tech support will tell you that this is the only way to get your money back!!! This place is rubbish and SCAMMERS. Do NOT invest in this shitty place, the site is full of crap !!! Lots of customers WARNING YOU about the dangers!!!!!!!
  12. Andy Coil
    June 7
    Blocking all customers! And no possibility to appeal!
    At first, I seemed to like the exchange, I paid 1500$ to Atriblock and immediately after that, I was immediately banned from any withdrawals and sales of coins through trading. I spent a month writing to support, but no one rushed to me for help. One day I got a message from Atriblock saying that I'd done my investigation and found fraud on your account and politely blocked your withdrawal without a possibility of complaint!!!!! WHAT KIND OF VIOLATION? THEY DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING, THEY JUST SEEMED TO WANT TO!!!! This is the kind of super crypto swindle site!!!!!
  13. kiluminati
    June 6
    Great broker
    I was interested in this company and signed up. Atriblock is a regular broker. Good trading conditions. Obvious advantages: deposits and withdrawals are fast, and client space is easy to navigate.
  14. Alexander
    June 2
    Unstable platform
    From the looks of it, this exchange system is poorly set up. Frankly, I have some doubts about its reliability. Time will tell though. Maybe Atriblock will get rid of its bugs in the software.
  15. SomeGuy
    May 30
    Blocking for no reason!
    Hi all, I created an account, and read the information. From my old wallet, I withdrew bitcoins to the wallet of this site (with the purpose that I'll do all this business there!). I'm waiting, no money. Well, I think I'll write to support. And I was answered, "Your account is blocked"!!! What???? Wrote to Atriblock support and got a reply that I have another account and this is not allowed!I of course admit that the managers made a mistake and wrote: but what if I have no other account? I've written to support several times! There's no point, the robot replies with the same words!!!!?
    Went to the reviews - I see I'm not the only one with this problem!!!!! The question arises, how can I trust my funds to this service - if it blocks my account for nothing!!!? ‌While writing the review - my money has been credited to my bitcoin account. But the account, I take it, is still blocked. What to do!?! And anyway, why is everything like this!!!
  16. GM
    May 27
    I suspect it is a scam
    I used it for a month. The next time I exchanged another cryptocurrency the money did not come back to the exchange account, i.e. it was stolen. All the same, they are scammers and their business model is based on trust attraction and gradual petty deception - from alleged technical problems to high commissions for transactions. On top of that, there have been problems with enrolment. The support team doesn't respond to emails.
  17. Bella
    May 26
    My negative experience
    I transferred $50 via bank to account details offered by the website and the answer was... silence...) And then (couple of days later) it turned out that they "turned off the exchange destination" and I had to wait for "technical maintenance" after which I should contact support. Think and decide for yourself whether to contact such a "service" or not.
  18. Shush
    May 26
    My money is gone
    Hello! I changed my mail address to a new one a week ago, still can't access my account, support is not answering, my money is gone, no access to my account. If you don't mind losing money you can transfer it to a wallet in Atriblock and I'll look for something more reliable.
  19. hamscoth
    May 20
    My verdict
    This is an ordinary website that hasn't even matured to the status of a company. However, it ambitiously offers customers to trade here, but not with real assets and without taking trades to the interbank. Unfortunately, there's nothing reliable about Atriblock, so you're better off finding a more transparent company.
  20. plscom
    May 16
    I like everything
    I may be a bit biased as I have been using Atriblock since the beginning, but I do believe they are one of the best traders. Never had a problem with them.
  21. 1978
    May 14
    SUPPORT Atriblock, listen to me and stop lying all the time. I know who you are, I know your true face. You are crooks and you can't prove me wrong because it's just TRUE. You guys manipulate all customers on your website and I have proof of that.
    YOU changed my wallet address without my permission and I have proof of that. So shut up with all your excuses and admit you are SCAMMER.....
  22. RimAlmaty
    May 10
    Account gets blocked
    I've tried this service twice under different accounts and the result is the same. After 2-3 hours the account is blocked and the exchange service becomes unavailable.

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