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AU Venture claims to own and operate the site, and the trademark is registered in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London. However, there is no documentary proof of these facts. In addition, there is no evidence that the platform is used by more than 100 thousand active traders worldwide, despite the lack of a multilingual interface. As for the domain, it was registered in 2018 in Reykjavik (Iceland) and renewed in September 2023. Finally, the project offers clients an agreement that is supposedly governed by UK law. Meanwhile, the broker does not have a license.

Is it safe to trade on this platform? How favorable are the conditions for traders at this company? We will find out whether you should trust the broker by analyzing the conditions for cooperation, legal aspects, and user reviews.

Trading Conditions

AU Venture provides access to global stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency markets. The broker offers risk management tools such as take-profit and stop-loss orders, as well as financial credit. Each client receives a personal manager offering trading strategies. Tariff plans are presented in the form of 5 packages, in which the set of services increases according to the amount of the minimum deposit. You can choose from the following options:

  • Silver from $10,000 – leverage up to 1:100 for Forex and 1:1 for other assets, weekly market review, and portfolio progress report.
  • Gold from $50,000 – leverage up to 1:200 for Forex and 1:2 for other assets, daily market review and portfolio progress report, credit with margin up to 25%, monthly session with an accountant, 24/7 account monitoring with a team of analysts.
  • Platinum, from $100,000 – leverage up to 1:200 for Forex and 1:2 for other assets, daily market review and portfolio progress report, credit up to 50% margin, access to special trading events, weekly one-on-one meetings with an analyst, and trading seminar.
  • Diamond, from $250,000 – leverage up to 1:300 for Forex and 1:4 for other assets, daily market overview, market signals, and portfolio progress report, credit up to 75% margin, in-depth research, customized training, invitations to VIP events.
  • Corporate from $1,000,000 – leverage up to 1:400 for Forex and 1:5 for other assets, daily market review and portfolio progress report, credit with margin up to 100%, in-depth market research, personalized training, invitations to VIP events, daily trading webinar with leading analysts.

A savings account is available for all account types and manager consultations. AU Venture regularly holds promotions, contests with valuable prizes, and updated bonus programs.

The company reserves the right to refuse a trader in service without explanation. The service is not available for citizens of the USA, Japan, and several other countries. 

The broker offers an individual training program for beginners in trading. Unregistered users can read daily news, read analytics, and watch Forex videos.


Would investing in AU Venture offer the best returns?

Be prepared to be left with nothing on an unstable platform. Not only will you not make a profit, but you will also lose your investment in risky CFD trading, which is prohibited in countries with strict control of brokers' financial activities.

Does AU Venture carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw your funds from the account of this broker. Numerous negative comments about cooperation with the site indicate a low probability of a successful procedure of personal data verification when withdrawing money. Please share your personal experience in the reviews.

May I be scammed on

There are many signs of fraud on the site. For example, the anonymity of the founders of the financial company, no license, leverage of 1:400, given that the broker claims to be regulated in the UK, where the maximum leverage is 1:30.

What's the best way to share my experience with AU Venture?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if AU Venture is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

20 reviews about AU Venture

  1. Mengistu
    March 19
    I put $250AUD and for a couple of months it was possible to see the up and downs which they were pretending to be nice ones, and they called me to add more so that I will profit more, but I insisted no. and this month when I tried to open the trading platform, I couldn't open it. and I found this platform to know all about them. Thank God I said no to their continuous request to add more more.
  2. Noel Price
    March 3
    I've invested over 15000 in this process and it was up to 20000+ USD and now I cant find my site or money where is it
  3. Farouk Hadid
    February 14
    I have asked for withdrawal of some of my invested money so many times but no response I think this is a scam I will report it to the federal police
  4. joshua
    February 13
    i put in 300aud and let it go for about 6weeks or so it made approx 90aud but now trying to withdrawl any money has is proving to be extremely difficult they give me the run around and never respond to messages and when they do want to talk they go on the attack telling me how good there profits are and the mega sales pitch especially in the first month
  5. joshua
    February 13
    i put in 300aud and let it go for about 6weeks or so it made approx 90aud but now trying to withdrawl any money has is proving to be extremely difficult they give me the run around and never respond to messages and when they do want to talk they go on the attack telling me how good there profits are and the mega sales pitch especially in the first month dont go with this mob
  6. Ken
    February 7
    They are asking for a 5 % merchants fee for withdrawals which seems odd ?
  7. Beware
    October 4
    Absolutely prey on vulnerable people. Ringing people trying to increase their investment with outrageous promises of profit. Expect that any money you have ‘invested’ is actually a donation to a scam.. You won’t see it again
  8. Donna
    September 29
    They rang me but the number came up wellington New Zealand when I asked they kinda shrugged it off. But I wanted to see how far they'd go. I am inexperienced and not fast computer. I think they was getting impatient with me 😁. When i said i had to go cause if my night job it was if they didn't want to listen. They almost had me fooled. They contacting me next week.
  9. 777
    September 19
    The broker provides traders with everything they need
    The terminal has everything you need to make a stable income from trading. There are plenty of assets to choose from, cryptocurrency pairs are so abundant! Trading takes place on the best author's platform, there are no problems with the speed of execution, and transactions are made easily on the phone:) I also want to note that the broker is not greedy - it does not take huge commissions and does not overestimate spreads, so the profitability of trading is good. In a month I get up to 20% over my investments, and sometimes even more. Withdrawal from the deposit in AU Venture is fast, as a rule, the money reaches me within a day.
  10. becol
    September 17
    Scammers will disappear as soon as you transfer money to them
    I accidentally went to this site and asked some questions to the support over the phone. Then managers from Venture called me for a long time and I decided to take a risk, the conditions seemed very attractive. In fact, more than 11,000 euros were stolen from me here, the robbers disappeared from my sight, and now I can't even go to their website:(
  11. trakser
    August 19
    This is a great brokerage company
    I have been on the platform for a few months now. All transactions on are executed instantly, I get direct access to the market, and there are no requotes and slippages on the terminal. Spreads are low, there is a choice of leverage depending on the deposit amount and asset selection, there are stop losses, and many other useful options. Support responds quickly, you can get advice from an analyst, and there are no complaints about the withdrawal of money. I can't say anything bad about the company, especially since the presence of the British regulator and cooperation with the London Stock Exchange also confirm the reliability and honesty of the broker. I can recommend this site, the firm fulfills all its obligations in full.
  12. natu
    August 6
    There are pros and cons
    I basically can not imagine how an experienced forex broker with a long period of activity can be defined as "bad". On the contrary, the company offers excellent trading conditions. There are dozens of currency pairs, the terminal works promptly, and there are orders of several types with different modes of execution. However, the starting deposits are huge for beginners, there are no cent accounts to polish your strategies, and there are no demo accounts either. And the leverage for crypto beginners is only 1:1, which is just a shame! What can you earn with such small leverages!!!? Only if 1 dollar for a cup of coffee. Managers persuade you to come to their trading platform, and even at once so that beginners start trading with large amounts. This is incomprehensible to me! In general, forex trading at this broker is designed only for rich clients.
  13. Nick7
    July 25
    Total deception thrives here! I invested a lot of money in my account, and now I can't withdraw more than $53,000. The support does not answer messages for a long time, and those operators who answer, constantly promise to solve the problem, but nothing happens for 2 weeks!!!! I recommend everyone to avoid this fraudulent broker!
  14. mini
    July 12
    When I tried to withdraw my money, AU Venture started demanding some additional documents and certificates from me. I sent them everything they asked for. But still can't get my money back. This is a real nightmare, avoid this scammer!!!
  15. ksgph
    June 21
    This is another dump
    Look at this site, it's a dump! AU Venture couldn't even provide traders with structured conditions, all the information is scattered around the site and it's not clear where the user can find what to look for. But everything is clear with tariff plans! Show me at least one investor who will invest in this fraudulent organization at least a hundred dollars, I'm not talking about a hundred thousand :) It is clear that this site was made for the purpose of collecting money from inexperienced traders and investors.
  16. Slep33
    June 1
    This is a blatant deception of clients by scammers
    I don't know how this broker continues to operate as it is a blatant scam! I had several successful investments in the beginning, but then I found my account had been zeroed out without any explanation or warning. I lost the entire £15,000, all my money, and now no one is answering my calls or messages. AU Venture employs indifferent managers who get rewarded for deceiving customers and I do not recommend anyone to get in touch with this fake project.
  17. vladfil
    May 18
    Trivial fraudulent project
    The broker has no licenses and has nothing to do with the Forex market. Scammers beautifully promise high profits, but as soon as it comes to withdrawal of money, they immediately drain investors. I read about it on independent forums. I established with the help of a web archive that the domain was on sale until 2023. It was bought out a month ago and only since then have Venture reviews started appearing on the web.
  18. inkas
    May 17
    I made a mistake in my choice
    The broker turned out to be fake, and I thought it was a reliable British company. Because of my inexperience, I invested more than 13,000$ in AU Venture and lost all this money! And all because thanks to the advice of the broker's analysts, I drained the entire deposit and was left without money! And managers, of course, are not responsible for anything and do not respond to messages! It turns out that you can not trust the company, even if the website says that it is regulated in the UK!!! As it turns out, it does not guarantee anything at all, and it is just written in order to cause the confidence of the trader!
  19. g0ddest
    April 8
    Fraudsters decided to block my account
    Probably, these thieves already have a well-established scheme. Guys, I promise you, as quickly as you blocked me, you will unblock, because my assistants will find you and beat you 3 times more money, do not even doubt! You will get your prize...
  20. sava
    April 1
    I was very naive when I decided to invest in this company
    At first everything was not bad, but then I realized that the broker does not provide any real information about its conditions and commissions. I lost a huge amount of money and I can't understand how it happened. Don't let yourself be fooled, they are scammers!

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