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AutoTradeGuru claims to be registered in Ireland, but there is no confirmation. As for the owners and history of the company, this information is not disclosed on its official website. In addition, the project does not have a license. However, there is information from the broker about the monthly trading volume of 1.3 billion dollars and the number of 2.6 million clients. Meanwhile, the domain was created only in January 2024.

Does the brokerage firm provide its many clients with safe and secure trading? We will deal with all aspects of the service in order during our unbiased review.

Trading Conditions

AutoTradeGuru offers potential clients trading on proven affiliate platforms, enabling users to analyze the market and make real-time decisions. Traders gain access to auto-trading technology that powers their strategies with over 150 instruments.

Meanwhile, AutoTradeGuru does not disclose tariff plans, the minimum deposit amount, leverage size, or any other trading parameters on this resource. The broker promises to provide:

  • Low spreads.
  • Trading charts.
  • Regulated market.
  • Reliable partners.
  • AutoTrade, Signals, and Analytics.

AutoTradeGuru encourages users to start trading on the platform after fully accepting the detailed terms and conditions. However, when checking the trading conditions of this company, we did not find an account registration function.

AutoTradeGuru states in the User Agreement that it may terminate your account at any time at its sole discretion, without notice. Blocking is provided for any suspicion by the broker of illegal client activity or violation of the Terms.

AutoTradeGuru offers a multilingual interface that supports English, Romanian, Russian, and Polish. The company promises to provide clients with “World Class Professionals, Technical and Fundamental Analysis”. Tech support is available 24/5 via online chat and there is a feedback form on the website.


Would investing in AutoTradeGuru offer the best returns?

The company does not disclose the characteristics of trading conditions and account types. Rather, your cooperation with this anonymous broker will result in a loss of funds. You will expose your capital to a huge risk when CFD trading on an unknown terminal.

Does AutoTradeGuru carry out withdrawals?

Based on the site's analysis, we concluded that your profile can be blocked at any time. Broker's clients often point out in their reviews that it is impossible to withdraw money from the account. You can also share your experience with this company in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, we have many reasons for such suspicions. Copies of licenses and certificates of incorporation of the company are missing or not published on the website. There is no evidence behind the statistics provided, a fresh domain contradicts the figure of 2.6 million customers. At the same time, the unknown owner of the platform requires users to leave their personal information.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

11 reviews about AutoTradeGuru

  1. Real
    March 20
    I feel cheated!
    I invested only 300 usd in this platform, but even that money was important to me. This company promised beginners support and training, but in the end, I was left with nothing :( The analysts didn't even bother to answer my questions when I started having problems.
  2. vip
    March 19
    I have a very negative impression of this broker
    The attitude towards clients on this resource is not the best. For example, the support staff does not know about FX at all, which already seemed very suspicious to me. I did not always receive adequate and clear explanations to my questions, especially about fees and commissions. Withdrawals take much longer at Autotradeguru than the average of its competitors, while deposits are credited almost instantly. Almost every withdrawal takes about one week, which is too long for me....
  3. Stasy
    March 15
    There are significant disadvantages
    I researched this service and decided to try to make money on forex. Managers here do not seem to cheat, I opened the first trade on the discount rate - and it was launched with a delay of one and a half or two seconds, it was the only time when the execution went longer than usual, and so usually everything happens much faster. Execution on the news is also fast and without requotes, the rest of the time everything works stably, and there are no additional commissions, slippage, and other nonsense. In general, I am satisfied, and the MOST important thing is that the withdrawal of funds on AUTOTRADEGURU is also fast! However, there are huge disadvantages: the broker is not regulated by anyone, and it works illegally. Spreads of less than 2 pips may indicate active internal trading without actually placing trades on the market. It's clear to me that this is the case because this company doesn't have a license.
  4. Arti
    March 14
    I like this platform
    I chose autotradeguru because of the good trading conditions, and I am satisfied with the staff's professionalism and the broker's honest trading. I haven't had any problems with withdrawals and deposits during the month and a half that I've been trading here. The functionality works as a clear, well-coordinated mechanism - quickly and easily, it is a very good platform for beginners and I feel comfortable working on the terminal with any assets. I maintain a deposit of 12,000 euros and withdraw profits every week. I have seen requotes only a couple of times and only on powerful news movements (requote, for those who don't understand, is when I requested a price and the price changed sharply. Then the broker gives a requote, i.e. a new price). If you don't like requotes, you should switch to an automatic account, there are no requotes there. Otherwise, I am satisfied with everything. I trade every day for 6-7 hours, I earn 500 euros a week on average, sometimes more or less. All withdrawal requests are fulfilled by the administration very quickly. In a word, all trading conditions suit me, there is excellent execution of orders, and fast and fair trading. I would also note that the 24-hour technical support works well, consultants quickly and essentially answer my questions. Trading is especially profitable on the euro/bitcoin pair. My two friends also trade on and we are all happy with the service.
  5. Sam
    March 14
    I tell about my own experience
    I was fascinated by the offers of automated trading and invested $3,000. The broker provided me with a robot, I don't remember what type, but the program looks like MRG. This robot traded small orders for a long time and eventually drained my deposit to $723. I tried to withdraw at least these balances - but without success :( because this service was not available for several days. Then, while I was sorting out my account passwords and other nuances, managers drained my deposit to $271 more. The broker's representative called me 3-4 days later and told me that I needed to replenish my deposit to continue working on this terminal. I replied that I have another $271 in my account and I'm not going to replenish funds yet, then he started talking to me rudely and irritably, and in the end, he told me not to call or write to tech support anymore. Their icon is still on my screen but it doesn't respond to clicks, I assume these crooks have already closed my account. That's the kind of experience I have and it's all true. So you should not believe these scammers.
  6. sarc
    February 22
    The site is owned by scammers
    I invested a large amount of money, I deposited 5,000 euros in installments, my manager told tales every day about how the price of oil, gold, bitcoin, etc. is growing. In the end, I did not realize how I invested 5 times more than I planned, and I transferred my funds to the card of physical persons, which my manager indicated to me... He also asked me to write that I am not against the p2p scheme and have no claims to the broker... In a month I had a picture of almost 10,000$ on my account, I was happy with such a fast growth of balance and thought that my manager is a very good analyst, since he helped me to double the amount in such a short period... As it turned out, he is not a good analyst, but an ordinary scammer... I wanted to withdraw money, and he started to invent new percentages of commissions, then taxes, insurance premiums, etc., called all the new amounts that I have to make, and I realized that no one is not going to give me the money because I have no contract... This company AutoTradeGuru also actually does not exist in nature, our money goes to the accounts of fraudsters, and the withdrawal of funds is not done... I advise you to keep money in the bank, even if you have a small interest on the deposit, they will be safe, and not like me: like there is an account in my name, and I earn a profit on trading, but in fact, this money is not there and was not there, it is crooks painted pictures...
  7. Uppm
    February 17
    I don't believe in the reliability of this resource
    I tried to open a trading account on, but the operators started to ask for information about my bank cards, especially PIN-code and CVV-code, and this is a clear sign of a scam, so I gave up my plans for this site. The scammers called me for some more time and even threatened to block me on all forex platforms.
  8. bro
    February 9
    It's all good if you only make a deposit
    I opened an account out of curiosity immediately deposited 1,500$ and started working, everything was cool... as long as I deposited money. As a result, my deposit increased to 15,000$ and in one month I made about 2,500$ thanks to the analyst's clear work, however after my categorical refusal to deposit again, the analyst gave me clear instructions to open 4 positions for a profitable sale after which I lost all my money in one day !!!...
  9. Phil
    February 8
    Mid-level service
    I have been trading here for a while. I was confused by the fact that the broker is not regulated by any financial commissions. Pluses of the platform - spreads are not widened, at least on currency pairs, I don't know how it's with other instruments. I have not received any requotes yet, even on the news. Support is at an average level, apparently, they know how to use Google translate, because the wording of sentences in Polish is sometimes strange. There are no commissions, except for swaps, but I'm talking about currency pairs. I have never had problems with withdrawal. Minuses of the site - ugly personal cabinet, although functional, but inconvenient. Metatrader is missing, I can not say that it is critical for me, but sometimes this platform would be useful to me. Autotradeguru does not annoy me with trading signals, the administrators do not try to impose consultant services on me. For someone, maybe, this is a minus, but on the contrary, it is more convenient for me to work this way. In general, the broker is ordinary, and the site is suitable for my purposes, although not an ideal service.
  10. SeeD
    February 7
    The company works honestly
    Hi everyone! I have been trading here for a short time. I want to leave a review to help beginners or those who constantly change brokers, as I did before. I stopped now on Autotradeguru for the following reasons: 1. Small entry threshold for beginners, for me it's convenient to trade on the basic account, there are no requotes. But I trade with currency market control, so I see that here the price is always the real existing price. 2. Spreads are adequate, managers do not increase them, I had no questions, I have a fixed spread. Swaps here are also average. 3 The attitude of consultants is friendly, they always warn me with messages, write about changes in the rules or new options. 4. Support specialists know their business well and help me at any time of the day or night. 5. The most important thing is that my withdrawal has never taken me more than 3 days, and on average - 1 day. I can't say that I am a professional trader, during my time trading forex I have both earned profits and lost my investments. However, the fact that I constantly withdraw money on without much difficulty gives me confidence and hope that when I do find a way to earn a large capital, my money won't be stolen in this company. I will move on to the disadvantages of the platform: 1. It's inconvenient that the support is not working on Saturday, when I registered an account here I wanted to ask something but I couldn't. 2. Few payment systems. 3. The speed of order processing is not super fast. But this may be because my trades are placed on a hedge, which cannot be done in a fraction of a second. Those who trade with Expert Advisors should think about it. In general, I have a positive impression. because the pluses are much more than the minuses and I am satisfied so far, and I will keep you informed of any changes.
  11. Cyrus
    February 3
    I am scammed and angry!
    I lost about 7,000 USD by trusting these scammers from They lured me with a guaranteed profit of at least 20% every month, and it was true, but when it was time to withdraw my funds, their site suddenly "updated" and my account disappeared. The support service first responded to me with some formulaic phrases and then stopped communication altogether. This is a common theft from a gullible beginner in trading.

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