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The exchange administration claims to be the holding company of various entities. The founders include AZBIT LIMITED, registered in Seychelles, as well as AZBIT LIMITED, registered in the Marshall Islands. However, there is no information about license and the legal details of the owners on the website. The domain of the site was registered in 1995 in Singapore by Whois Digital Pte Ltd. Founders list the founding date of the exchange as 2018. The platform began providing services to the first client in 2020.

Investment Conditions

Azbit positions itself as a spot exchange. The platform is designed to exchange digital assets for individuals and companies. Customers have access to margin trading services, besides, cryptocurrency loans are available.

There are three types of accounts for investors, differing in the type of digital coins and minimum deposit amount:

  1. HTF (Healthify) – from 1,000,000
  2. TELE (Telefy) – from 500
  3. TGR (Tegro) – from 1,000

Calculating income from storing digital currencies on Azbit investment plans is carried out at different interest rates. Investor’s profit is 11-35% per year.

The exchange offers its own AZ token for investments, which was developed on the Ethereum platform. However, the developers have not presented any authorization documents for its use.

The Azbit service offers clients assistance in setting up their own cryptocurrency exchanges and developing new digital coins. Through a referral program, participants can earn a passive income of up to 30% of their partners’ profits. Azbit has a mobile app. Communication is provided by 24/7 support via email.


Would investing in Azbit offer the best returns?

The company uses vague wording regarding the operation of its platform. Many functions are not active. How a client can make a profit here is not clear to us, and you can lose money easily.

Does Azbit carry out withdrawals?

Investing in this crypto exchange is dangerous. Users do not recommend it in their reviews. The platform's technical support is unresponsive to customer enquiries.

May I be scammed on

It is very likely that a fraudster is hiding behind a beautiful website. The exchange has no information about a license and is operating illegally.

What's the best way to share my experience with Azbit?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Azbit is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2018
Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: White Label
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems

23 reviews about Azbit

  1. Godzi
    July 20
    The exchange works
    On the plus side I can only say that the creators still haven't given up and are honestly continuing their business.
  2. rich
    June 22
  3. Rose Carter
    June 5
    I lost 1000$. I wanted to withdraw profit after trading. But my account was blocked because of some far-fetched reason.
  4. JoyFox
    May 31
    No registration or license for the exchange, they lie. Since there are no documents, they are lying.
  5. Zone
    May 26
    Good crypto exchange
    The terms and conditions here are quite acceptable. Commissions are low, transactions are fast, transactions are plentiful. Rarely something slows down and you can't close an order in time. I consider Azbit an optimal variant for newbies. The site interface is understandable, there is something to gain experience from.
  6. voma
    May 12
    This scam
    New crypto was given away here, I still have it in my wallet and these coins cannot be sold. The exchange is constantly postponing plans and has a questionable team.
    April 23
    I withdrew my profits
    Personally, I have a generally good attitude towards this crypto exchange. The thing is that I traded on this platform for two months, held very long positions, but my friend, who advised me Azbit, then advised me to withdraw my money quickly, because his account was either blocked or hacked, he lost access to his account and funds. Technical support never responded to his request. Of course, I withdrew all the money, including my earnings, but I have read more reviews about this company. Many people wrote that their accounts were blocked along with the money that was in their accounts. I don't know if I should believe the bad reviews, since I made a profit on Azbit
  8. Maxine Thomas
    April 21
    I don't recommend it
    My review may seem insolent, but I'm telling the truth. One can only watch azbit from the sidelines and laugh at the fools who choose to work there. Especially inexperienced traders. They lose money fast. And without warning azbit blocks the client's account. And the deposit is left to the swindlers. And let some people write that the exchange is honest or that they have got their money from a lawyer. THIS IS FALSE! NO ONE CONTROLS THE COMPANY!
  9. tramp
    April 19
    I am satisfied with the service
    I've been using this site for about a year and a half now, and so far so good, very comfortable, has all the necessary functionality, the support answers quickly and clearly, so everything is clear, and even has its own token from Azbit, very low commission, like 0.4% or even less, I don't remember exactly.
  10. Universal
    April 12
    Goodbye, I am disappointed
    I'm very glad that I ended my partnership with the crypto exchange. Azbit didn't live up to my expectations. Trading here is very difficult. The charts are not always up to date and the managers ignore all my problems. When I had to withdraw money they were written off my balance but the money did not come to my card. I waited a week for the manager's response, as they explained, the money was just hung up during conversion and it was a mistake of the banking system and not their fault. Then after 3 weeks the amount was credited, but not in full. Again Azbit managers explained that they charged an extra fee as they were refunding the money and then sending it back to me. I am disappointed. Why should I pay for their unstable work!
  11. Mary
    April 12
    There is no profit
    The service is strange. As an investment platform azbit is still tolerable, but as a crypto exchange - not successful at all. When I talk to support about license, registration, regulations - they say that everything is ok. But all these are just words. I haven't seen the documents, let alone read them. I won't lie about being blocked here. It's just that I've been in the same state for a month: no profits, but I'm not blocked either. There aren't many deals. I don't see the point in staying here any longer.
  12. bastet
    April 3
    I am also being blocked
    I made a profit and after that my account was blocked - on the exchange, and in Telegram chats.
  13. Janice Reid
    March 15
    SCAM Exchange
    They steal users funds. They sell their AZ token at any price, they have already cheated hundreds of people. There is no real management for a long time, some ghoul is in charge, a front man.
  14. Godmog
    March 14
    I had a bad experience
    I was assured that it was a serious office, with an American license, fully legal. I was persuaded to deposit money, promising really good profits. The result of my six months of trading was that I had lost everything I had invested in this project: $3,000. Maybe, it is not a very large amount, but for me, it was quite tangible, especially since I was simply cheated. By the way, when I checked azbit, I found out: apart from words about license, they have nothing. The company is not licensed anywhere, not certified by anyone, it's all just words. The lesson for me was that I should have checked the information before depositing money.
  15. wect
    March 11
    The project did not meet my expectations
    I withdrew my deposit before stock exchange completely collapsed. Azbit is not promising. I don't know whose fault it is, I don't know, let them sort it out. Trading volume has been falling for about half a year now. Their personal cryptocurrency is not mineable and hangs with me like ballast.
  16. Monica
    March 7
    I want to say "good job guys"
    Great platform in every way. Terms of trade are quite acceptable, i am satisfied with everything!
  17. Albert Thomas
    March 6
    I have known about this scam for a long time
    I remember a serious scandal around this project when it was revealed (apparently) about the connections that were the founders of Bitsane exchange, which committed scam and disappeared with deposits of almost 250000 users, and the current people who have the main control in Azbit. Some of these employees gave fake dates of birth on official documents. I'm not at all surprised that Behr took part in promoting this scam as well.
  18. lolita
    February 22
    The fraudulent team will block your funds on the exchange.
  19. Wendy
    January 29
    Known scammers online
    There is a lot of information about the exchange online, it is a platform that regularly conducts similar trades, but there is little use for them - the service trades in phantoms and has a lot of paid reviews.
  20. vl33
    January 27
    Bad reputation
    I've been working with this exchange for about a month, but even in such a short time, you can understand a lot about the company, especially if it's not your first year making money from crypto-assets. Azbit seems reliable, safe, and interesting in design. But I advise you to approach cooperation with it very delicately. I don't want to take into account the pros and cons of such a dubious exchange, just a couple of points, and then you think, about whether you should invest money here or not. I should point out that azbit doesn't have any data on the company's license, and if you delve deeper, you can see that they definitely don't have a license. Secondly, there are so many sad, negative reviews about the site and the company has no time to remove them, I recommend you check it out before using it!
  21. GETX
    January 22
    They are selling air
    The company also calls itself a global tokensale, What does that mean? It simply means that some guys set up a platform on the blockchain, have no documentation or approvals, trump up partners, and end up selling air, artificially inflating its value with beautiful advertising.
  22. Kathy W
    January 19
    Useless tokens
    The exchange offers to buy some kind of currency - tokens that are labelled AZ, but actually have no backing other than artificially inflated ratings. And then what to do with this goodness, have you thought? When the hype around Azbit subsides, and consequently the value of this virtual goodness will also fall.
  23. brilliant
    January 15
    A typical flawed project
    I think the creators worked very hard to create and improve this project. But, a lot of time has passed and AZBIT cryptocurrency of the same name of this project still cannot increase capitalization. According to me the capitalization rating of the cryptocurrency of the same name is around 1000. When you walk through the site, you understand that the creator of the site only wants visitors to buy cryptocurrency. The project was released on ether blockchain but since many projects are released on ethereum, I don't think it is any special.

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