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Bankefex is a branch of Direct Prime Ltd., headquartered in Comoros. Besides, the brokerage activity is regulated by the Mwali Authority (MISA). It is worth noting that the company shows three “Best Broker” awards for 2021-2022. However, the project’s owner does not disclose its history or date of creation. As for the domain, it was registered in June 2023.

Is it safe to trade assets on this platform? We will study the company’s capabilities and conclude its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Bankefex offers a web platform that does not require downloading and installation. The broker provides access to the terminal functions from any device. You can simultaneously use up to 100 charts, 21 different timeframes, and more than 1,500 instruments.

IMPORTANT: Bankefex can close any trading operations in case your balance becomes below 100 USD. You are required to pay an additional fee if your account has been inactive for 90 days.

Bankefex has developed 7 types of trading plans, where each successive level contains all the services of the previous one. You can choose the appropriate plan from the following offers:

  1. REGISTRATION, from $250 – Secure Ordering, Educational Tools, Educational Session with a Mentor, Leverage 1:200.
  2. BEGINNERS from $2,500 – Full Training, Dedicated Mentor, Advanced Platform Tools.
  3. INTERMEDIATE from $20,000 – Commodities Special Training, Advanced Strategies, Islamic Accounts.
  4. ADVANCED from $50,000 – Market Highlights, Currencies Special Training.
  5. PROFESSIONAL from $100,000 – Private Strategy, Extra Market Events.
  6. PREMIUM from $500,000 – Indices Special Training, Premium Market Events.
  7. VIP Club from $1,000,000 – Exclusive Features.

The Islamic account includes certain restrictions, such as holding positions for over 5 business days. When you trade with Bankefex, you are responsible for your compliance requirements by Islamic law.

Withdrawal requests are processed within five business days. Bankefex offers customers Financial News, Economic Calendar, and Live Chat. Social media symbols FB, Twitter, and YouTube are available on the site but are inactive.


Would investing in Bankefex offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this broker can lead you to serious financial losses. Instead, if you engage in trading on a little-known platform with high leverage and risky CFD terms, you will not gain any profit but only a negative outcome.

Does Bankefex carry out withdrawals?

We analyzed the trading conditions and saw that this company can refuse to withdraw your funds without explaining the reason. Traders share their negative experiences online and describe such practices of the broker. Please share your comments.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is very high on this platform, as the broker provides inconsistent data about its tenure. The awards listed on the company's website for 2021 cannot be valid, as a new domain has been established for 2023. Furthermore, the lack of a financial license and demo account, combined with a subpar interface, creates a disadvantageous situation.

What's the best way to share my experience with Bankefex?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about Bankefex

  1. Mak
    January 3
    Bad service
    Managers communicate with you nicely only when you are actively trading and earning. But, if you put money aside for withdrawal and if you do not increase the amount of capital several times, then they will take your money. The employees of the company behave very rudely. I don't know how to sue them, but I lost more than £15 thousand on the platform. I think I'll only lose time if I demand something from this brokerage company. All my demands will be useless, because it is offshore.
  2. Akane-san
    December 28
    Scam and deception
    The broker seemed solid to me. It has a good website, and good conditions, and the manager dialogue with me very delicately. So it seemed to me a good platform for trading. Despite this, I hesitated to invest a significant sum of money and instead only deposited $250 to test the features of Bankefex. My plan was to evaluate everything before deciding to increase my investment. I told the manager about my intentions. But I was disappointed with this company very quickly because it literally steals funds from traders. Three completely incomprehensible orders were opened in my account, after which I requested information on these transactions from the technical support. I wanted to understand and return the money. However, the manager said that he could not help me, because only I can open transactions, so I am to blame. I tried to withdraw the remaining amount, and I am waiting for the money for the fourth week:( I see that these scammers took all 250 dollars from me. You just think about it, they are so flawed that they took 250 dollars from me!!! I'm laughing! Bankefex, if you are reading my review now, know that your company is a disgrace to the industry!
  3. SlyMustdie
    December 14
    There are different opinions
    I know someone who had trading experience with this broker. He told me that he had mostly positive emotions. As for me, I don't like Bankefex trading conditions!
  4. Jekanich
    December 13
    A lot of technical shortcomings
    The support is on a professional level. This is an objective fact. Competent employees work in the company, but otherwise, there are shortcomings, and I would even say that they are significant. I did not invent any innovative strategies. I just opened a standard account. But repeated failures of the technical plan caused and still cause me a nervous tic. I would like stable and still calm trading, which can not give
  5. lina
    December 13
    I was gullible
    I stumbled upon this platform unexpectedly and was immediately impressed by its benefits: the abundance of resources, variety of plans, and more. But everything turned out to be a "bubble" because here I was cheated for 7,000 dollars! One day I lost access to my account while processing a withdrawal request. I do not know what to do now, because there is no information about the Bankefex license, and the location of their office is offshore, where I will not be able to defend my rights.
  6. cay
    December 6
    I am satisfied with the terminal
    When I first came to trading, I did not make any ideal plans and dreams. I am a physicist by education. I just like the process of trading, watching the charts change. I came across Bankefex by chance. I think it was a contest advertisement. I did not participate, but I saw that trading conditions here seem to be not bad. Observations help me to make accurate and fast entries. I like that the broker has a fully functional platform. It works without lags, without failures. I have no complaints about the process of deposit/withdrawal of funds to the account.
  7. witosp
    December 2
    I recommend you to be careful
    I am trading my fourth month here and I have critically reevaluated my approach to entering trades, which helps me earn. I feel emotionally better. My opinion about so far is that you can trade on this platform safely. I earn little by little without any problems and sharp moments. It is too early for me to draw conclusions, of course, but still, if I trade with a cold mind, this broker is quite suitable for me, even taking into account the careful use of leverage 1:200. I don't recommend anyone to use it to the max, but sometimes you can practice with small amounts.
  8. xsd
    December 2
    My short experience
    I decided to open an account here with a deposit of $2,500 and trade small volumes, as I had almost no practical trading experience. The personal manager told me that I would not earn much with such volumes. He insisted that I open a bigger account and offered me a tempting bonus of 100% of the deposit amount, which I was happy about, and opened an account for $25,000. To work off this bonus, I need to trade 5,000 lots during a year (which is a lot for conservative trading, but I didn't realize it at the time) and not to withdraw funds during this period. As a result, the service that Bankefex offered at the beginning of our cooperation turned out to be a typical deception: no promised profit, no absence of risks (a maximum 15% of the deposit was promised to me by the broker), no bonus, no support from the company. And in return, I received inefficient trading systems, incompetent "recommendations" from managers. The company is a typical forex scheme b-book, without a license to carry out brokerage activities. We have a conflict of interest because the transactions are not on the stock exchange and are closed within the company. The company is not interested in making money from its clients, which is acting as a betting company. This is supported by the fact that managers spend time training and consulting. They learn what volumes a trader enters the market at (and this is confidential information that only the client and the real broker know). In a telephone conversation with the manager, this fact was confirmed. I can also provide correspondence with the so-called Bankefex consultant, who in the dialog demonstrates a completely indifferent attitude to the client. As of today, my overall loss is worth 23,000$......
  9. mrsound2005
    November 30
    I was put off by the intrusiveness of the employees
    I registered with Bankefex, but got a call from the manager. He wanted me to invest at least €50,000. In the end, I refused to cooperate with this broker.
  10. Edo-200
    November 22
    The trading platform functions at the highest level
    I found low spreads and fast order execution at Bankefex :) What really impressed me is their customer service - the staff is always ready to help and answer any questions:) Over the last few months my profitability has increased by 15%, which speaks for the reliability and efficiency of the broker.
  11. Aksen-tmn
    November 21
    This is not the most conscientious broker
    I do not advise you to trade on this platform, as the company creates a lot of problems when withdrawing earnings. Personally, I have never been able to get my money. When you call technical support, its representatives can not even specifically answer the question. In addition, often changes the domain name, which immediately alarms. It seems to me that they are scammers.
  12. harry859897
    November 14
    You will face problems when withdrawing money
    If you take into account only trading tools, Bankefex has it all well and there is a wide range of choices for the trader here. However, you will start to have troubles during the withdrawal of money: this platform starts to hang and give errors during the application process. I managed to get earnings only after a long dispute with technical support, which did not want to solve my problem.

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