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Bestones claims that this platform is owned and operated by a global company with headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and offices in the UK, USA, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Australia, Poland, and Bulgaria. In addition, the broker reveals its story about many years of work, currently servicing more than 4 million traders, and the launch of the project in 2016. As for the domain, it was registered only in August 2023. Can you trust this broker with your money? We will check the legal documents as well as the functionality of the terminal and answer this question.

Trading Conditions

Bestones offers customers access to more than 6,000 markets. The list of instruments includes stocks and ETFs, commodities and currency pairs. You can trade with a minimum transaction volume of 0.01 lots. The choice of the leverage rate varies from 1:1 to 400:1, the broker does not indicate its specific size depending on the type of account. The company presents 5 types of tariff plans, which are ranked by the amount of the deposit. Each subsequent level includes the entire list of services of the previous one. You can choose a Bestones account from the following options:

  • Basic from $500 to $5,000 – Daily Market Analysis.
  • Silver from $5,000 to $15,000 – Money Management Strategy.
  • Gold from $15,000 to $25,000 – Round-the-clock support for a personal manager.
  • Platinum from $25,000 to $250,000 – Free withdrawal of funds.
  • Diamond from $250,000 – No Exchange Fees.

Bestones rewards customers with bonuses with certain withdrawal conditions. You must make a transaction with a minimum volume equal to 1/4 of the bonus amount in order to withdraw bonus funds within 60 days.

Bestones prohibits traders from arbitrage. The company can remove such profits from the client’s trading account at any time, and the user has no right to object.

Bestones supports customer training through demo accounts, current news feeds, financial content, and market analysis. Daily recommendations and round-the-clock support are available to you.


Would investing in Bestones offer the best returns?

Most likely, cooperation with this broker will result in a loss of funds for you, not earnings. This is risky CFD trading with huge leverage, which is limited in Europe to 1:30. The higher the leverage you use, the more money you risk losing.

Does Bestones carry out withdrawals?

According to our analysis of the broker's working rules and customer reviews, there is a high probability of money withdrawal failure without a reason. If you have any trading experience on this site, then please share the results with us.

May I be scammed on

Yes, we see signs of illegal activity on this site. Most likely, the company misleads customers with its launch date and the number of traders, since the site has a very fresh domain. In addition, the footer of the main page lists reputable partners, but there are no documents on registration, licensing, and regulation of the broker's financial activities.

What's the best way to share my experience with Bestones?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4, WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Bestones

  1. Player
    November 29
    The SCAM platform
    I have not come across any brokerage company that would provide a minimum deposit of $500 and would not be a scam in the end. All such garbage dumps stop working within 1 year. On the site, you won't find cent or micro accounts or Islamic. There are some CFD contracts here that are not a real forex market.
  2. Lee
    November 28
    This is a fake
    This broker is an obvious fake. On the website it is indicated that the company has an official license from the Netherlands, but according to open data it is impossible to prove this. Beginners may believe this, because the deception is serious, but in fact it is done simply to add solidity to the platform and make it easier to deceive as many inexperienced traders as possible.
  3. msk37
    November 27
    Exposing this Fake Broker
    If you have read the trading conditions, operating rules and other information, then answer my question: does this pseudo-project have at least something positive?!! Firstly, I did not find any information about brokerage licenses. The second thing I checked was an official permit to operate in the Netherlands, but there is nothing about this company in the official register, it turns out that it works absolutely illegally in our country! The regulatory authorities are listed on the official website, but they are listed as some partners, anyway I checked these organizations and I also found nothing. What kind of partnerships are these and why don't bestones have proof, at least license numbers??! I know that this is an absolutely negative factor that you need to pay attention to! Four million traders is clearly an overestimated figure, many, many times over. Judging by the traffic and lack of huge popularity on the Internet, this forex broker has at most 100 traders, and then only registered accounts, not active users, because I read reviews from different people, and reviews from existing traders are very difficult to find!!
  4. rantye
    November 12
    A cautionary tale
    I'll tell you why you shouldn't get involved with scammers. My friend persuaded me to open an account in this ill-fated financial trap where I lost money. I don't know why I believed him, but in the end, both he and I lost more than 20 thousand euros together, or rather, we did not lose, but gave it to these scammers. Bestones persuaded my friend to trade currency, and he persuaded me to do the same. Of course, I can't blame him, partly because he's not the only one to blame, he didn't know that this broker could be a scam, so he suggested that I start making money online trading on this platform. I invested 7 thousand euros, and he invested more. We both spent most of the funds on fake signals, which were claimed to be guaranteed earnings on the forex market. But only a loss was guaranteed here, which we didn't even think about at the time. In general, bestones drained most of our money, but they did not allow us to withdraw the remaining funds. They said that the reason was the small turnover of trades. The managers did not contact us after that. The deposits remained in the company, we have no money. This is a cautionary tale for me, for my friend, and for those traders who will read my review.
  5. kommers
    November 3
    This is a project of liars and crooks
    I don't see anything good in this brokerage scam. The conditions are hidden in most cases, and the domain was created too recently, in 2023. How can we talk about a long and serious work period when the site appeared only a few months ago? However, an online broker cannot work without a website 🤔 Yes, the domain for a company that has a completely online business is its asset. The older the domain, the more expensive it is, the more reputable it is. I see that bestones is a fresh company, a typical fly-by-night company.
  6. Egpo
    October 21
    I can’t get my money out, what can I do?
    I applied for a withdrawal of $3,000 two weeks ago, but nothing has happened since then. The money was debited from the balance in bestones, but nothing came to my e-wallet. I specified the same wallet from which the deposit was replenished for $ 5,000. Technical support does not get in touch, I write emails to the broker every day, and at the same time I leave a request for feedback through a special form, but all this is to no avail ...
  7. InvestDad
    September 26
    The terminal is good, there is profit
    I tried trading for the first time with this brokerage company on the “Basic” tariff. I'll be honest, I didn't like the fact that you can't try real trading for small amounts, for example, for $10, because the demo version doesn't reveal all the nuances. My colleagues told me about this broker as a very profitable and reliable service, so I had to invest 500 dollars. I traded for a week until I realized that everything was fine, that the company was great, and I switched to the second type of account (Silver), there are wider limits. Well, now I'm already trading on the Platinum tariff, and my deposit has exceeded the $30,000 mark. I highlight the positive aspects: really working signals, excellent auxiliary analytics and low costs. You can definitely trade on Bestones. I am able to make a profit here and withdraw it steadily.
  8. mig78
    September 20
    Excellent technical support service
    My trading experience is just over a month, and I took my first steps in this business on the trading platform of this broker. But most of all, I would like to mention the excellent work of the operators who work in the broker's support. I turned to them literally constantly in my first days working at Bestones and I am grateful for their help.
  9. parabellum
    September 18
    A neutral impression
    The conditions are fine with me, but the security is not clear to me. I have a very mixed opinion about this resource. The company provides customers with the necessary things so that we can make a profit from trading on the forex market. There is leverage that can be changed, there is a wide list of tools, there are additional services for professionals, support, a modern terminal. I am confused by an incomprehensible issue with the jurisdiction and license of Bestones. I could not verify if they have a license from the jurisdiction of the Netherlands, but this regulator is listed on this site. In terms of trading parameters, the company is excellent and I think it is one of the best. But from a security point of view, I have a lot of questions. So, if I were in the place of those who want to trade here, I would either find out from the managers all the details of security, especially licenses, or wait for clarification, or if I started trading, then for small amounts that it would not be a pity to lose if something suddenly happens.
  10. Koy
    September 12
    Brazen scammers
    These crooks could have lied at least a little more plausibly :) They write that they have already attracted more than 4 million users, although the platform itself has only been in existence for 3 months :) I'm laughing and I don't understand how anyone can even believe such nonsense?!! But since bestones is so active in presenting these disparate information, it means that there are people who believe in all this :) Therefore, I urge everyone to be more vigilant, check information and never fall for the bait of such scams.
  11. ibiza93
    September 8
    My money is gone
    Everything went technically smoothly for me when withdrawing money, at first glance. As much as I ordered, the broker withdrew the funds in the promised time, but after withdrawing the money, I was horrified to find that the exact same amount was debited from the trading account again! Of course, I contacted the support service and the balance was restored within a week, but at that moment I was in a drawdown on several large orders and there were not enough funds in the account so that bestones started closing my orders forcibly, and this was done from the moment I reached 50% of the deposit, as it turned out. Then, as you probably guessed, after reducing the deposit, a further chain reaction took place and my account was almost completely drained. After that, of course, prices moved away from profitable values and only disappointment remained. Another very unpleasant moment was the delay in closing orders: it was in September, when the oil market began to turn to growth. At night, the price of oil rose and I waited for 10 a.m. to close profitable deals, and here I am, I click on closing the order, but I get a signal that the market is closed... and so for 12 minutes!!! when the "market opened", the price flew down and the closure occurred already in the deep red.
  12. Sset
    July 23
    Here I learned how to make money on the foreign exchange market
    The company really fulfills all obligations assumed to the client. I came here with absolutely no experience in currency trading, but I was able to learn quickly enough thanks to the support of managers and a demo account. Then I opened an account and started trading cautiously.
    Another major advantage is the opportunity to consult with a personal analyst here. It was he who helped me figure out which strategy to use best, and after that I really started making money. I am very glad that I studied forex earnings at Bestones and was able to really put this knowledge into practice. I recommend a broker!
  13. Keyboard
    July 20
    I confirm that money withdrawal does not work here!
    I believed in the broker's regulation and left 600 USD on the site, this amount is small for me, but it was not very pleasant for me to lose it in such a stupid way, I did not want to give my funds to scammers ... and I do not recommend doing this to anyone ... even my enemies ... and bestones turned out to be without a license and without a registered legal entity, and without documents, and without insurance ... an ordinary fake brokerage company that has nothing to do with real financial markets ...

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