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BigFxInvest claims to be registered in the UK and indicates an office address in London, but there is no documentary proof of this. According to the broker’s information on its website, thousands of traders around the world use its platform. However, the company does not disclose its launch date. As for the history of the project, it was allegedly started by an anonymous founder more than a decade ago. Then, “after four years of hard work,” the development team built the platform in raw form and refined it over “many months of testing.”

In fact, the domain name of this site was not registered until July 2023. In addition, the project has no license because the regulator is still reviewing the company’s documents and it is forced to work with clients while waiting for brokerage authorization. Meanwhile, the firm is allegedly certified by the self-regulatory organization “Crypto Conduct Authority”, which acts as an intermediary in pre-trial disputes between traders and brokers.

How reliable is this online trading service? Can you trust it with your money? We will examine the security of the terminal operation and draw our own conclusions about the legitimacy of the broker’s activity.

Trading Conditions

BigFxInvest provides CFD trading to its clients. You can trade contracts on assets, not the assets themselves after you register an account and make a minimum deposit. You don’t need to download the web-based trading platform to your device. You can log in and use the terminal on your PC or smartphone.

The description of trading accounts is very poorly done by the broker. It is only known that it offers different spreads and minimum commissions. The sizes of swaps, commissions, and leverage are not announced.

Each trader receives free trading signals, which BigFxInvest sends to users on a weekly or daily basis depending on the tariff plan they choose. In addition, the broker offers:

  • Cryptocurrency trading on the platform, more than 100 types of stocks on the stock market, and other popular assets
  • Manager services and account analyst assistance in developing a personalized trading strategy
  • Basic trading account in the amount of 250 dollars to start your work on the terminal
  • 7 types of trading accounts that differ in terms of services and deposit size, ranging from €10,000 (Bronze account) to €1,000,000 (VIP account)
  • Islamic account with regular spreads, access to social trading, webinars, trading e-books, and other services

You can only deposit in fiat currency via a bank account or card, or via e-wallet. Withdrawal of funds takes place within 24 hours after successful processing of your request (3 to 5 business days). BigFxInvest provides educational academy services. All registered traders have access to many visualizations, e-books, videos, and tutorials for self-study of trading. You can learn more about trading through private training and webinars.


Would investing in BigFxInvest offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that cooperation with an online broker will bring you profit. You are more likely to lose money in CFD trading on a platform with unknown trading conditions.

Does BigFxInvest carry out withdrawals?

It will be difficult for you to withdraw money from an unregulated company. According to reviews, clients have problems with deposit refunds. Please share your own experience in the comments if you have already traded on this platform.

May I be scammed on

The trading company does not have a license. The date of its establishment is unknown, and the claim of ten years of operation does not clash with the very recent domain. The official site looks more like a low-budget fake created by fraudsters than a solid brokerage organization.

What's the best way to share my experience with BigFxInvest?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about BigFxInvest

  1. Peter F
    January 17
    Still waiting for withdrawal after 11 weeks in coinhub but I am still confident it will happen
  2. Emma
    January 16
    Bixfxinvest or Jpc capital
    All bullshit. Got at least €2000 or more out of my old dad. They call you every day. It's all a scam. You will never get your money back!

    Robert. Karma will get to you
  3. Ejikeme Kanu
    November 2
    This company is a massive fraud. Since the opening of my account, an individual named Frank Williams has denied me access to my funds. He refused every attempt I made to withdraw my money, instead requesting additional investment and credit. The common population must be guided.
  4. Justin
    October 26
    These guys are a very believable scam but don’t be fooled
    These people sound very well spoken for what I would assume their background is, leading to think it’s a legitimate company. I first found the add on Instagram or Facebook and it was compelling. I punched in some details to a link and submitted, within 2 minutes I was on the phone. I first spoke to a man then a woman all happening very fast, the woman sent me a email linking me to a trade training program website, ok but it wasn’t what the add said. I went with it searching up the website in the background, what did you know the site was coming up as a possible scam but hadn’t been verified yet. This woman as I’m doing this has got to the bank details part. She knew to well the bank company’s is Aus to well for someone in GB, she was getting very frustrated as I was taking to long with the transfer,(on the phone for 40mins at this point) I then put the bank details in and my bank flagged the transaction as a high scam risk. I then hung up. Moments later receiving 4 phone calls on top of each other pinging from different locations in Aus after she said she was in Melbourne. I then received various calls for the next couple days. I then answered one by accident as it woke me up, this guy was on top of it, I said I wasn’t interested and he persisted. He said he has from a different company first red flag, then sends the link but to a different trade training website, I didn’t trust it. He then had pre made a trading account on (red flag), he then shows off bigfx and it all looks really good with Blinky lights and trade stuff. But then says that to get the money on the bigfx in need to deposit it on the other training website (red flag) I told him I don’t like the website and he tries doing a transfer another way. I proceed to looking up bigfx to see what it said this time, yet again possible scam but not verified, I then proceeded to look it up in the App Store with no luck. At this stage the guy was getting a bit hostile and his pretend accent was slipping. It went on for a bit longer until I had enough, I then wrapped it up with him at this point he was sounding like he was about to blow up. In the end this website is part of a scam probably created to do so, it’s all apart of that network. Just DO NOT FALL FOR THE Down payment to start the account you’ll never see the money again.
  5. Elizer
    October 23
    Decided to open an account with this broker and so far happy; they were able to double my initial investment.
    I was told at first it's auto trading that I don't have to do anything - doubted it. Then later I was told it's not, which makes sense.
    Haven't seen how withdrawal works yet.
    1. Withdrawl
      January 16
      You wont be able to withdrawl your money. Not happening. Talk to your bank. Block them!
  6. Mihra
    October 11
    I have not withdrawn my funds for more than a month
    The support service answers that the electronic payment system takes a long time to accept the transaction. In general, this broker looks like a scammer:( and I already realized that this fake company bigfxinvest decided to embezzle 1,300 euros that I had in my account!!!
  7. Love Huh
    October 3
    I've had problems since I started working
    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just me that was unlucky, but I don't believe in such coincidences. I used the service of a bad manager. I was not helped at, they immediately started cheating me, and I never managed to withdraw any profit from my account. There was simply no profit, and following the advice of the manager, I drained my 400 euros in two weeks:( I do not recommend this broker!
  8. oncolsem
    September 16
    One of the worst marketplaces
    I have never had to deal with such blatant scammers as Bigfxinvest. Not only is there no stability at the terminal at all, but they will most likely not let you withdraw your money back, as happened in my case, when they blocked my account while trying to withdraw funds. I wrote to tech support for three weeks, and the operator answered me once - with the standard wording that the account was blocked for violation of the rules, but for what exactly I was not written. This is a scam, your money will be stolen from you! Never go to this site!!!
  9. Luna
    September 15
    I decided to trade on this terminal and I am very happy with it
    I have been trading forex for a long time and I have always looked towards crypto assets. But I was intimidated by the complexity of getting into the digital market. One day I came across online. I realized that it is basically a CFD broker that allows you to trade many types of cryptocurrencies. The terminal is a very advanced resource. Conveniently, you don't have to download an app for your phone. The leverage of 1/100 allowed me to start trading with a minimum deposit. Spread is not as huge as in other forex brokers. But I do not recommend you to trade with maximum leverage, as crypto is very volatile. Due to the flexibility of the terminal, which has good analytics and indicators, I began to confidently earn profits of 30-50 dollars a day:). I think that for beginners this top site is ideal - I liked it. I started with a minimum, familiarized myself with it and tried it, gradually increasing my deposit. Now I work with this broker steadily, the conditions suit me, I like the attitude of the company's employees and good functionality. I have never had any problems with buying/selling cryptocurrency, and the withdrawal is always fast. I am very satisfied with the work of this company!
  10. Hanianera
    September 7
    You can not trade here
    You can start with registration, which is impossible to complete at once: the resource for some reason does not always respond to the "next" button. There are no questions about the assets, because there are many of them, and everyone will find their own. Another significant disadvantage is glitches during the trading itself: you only sometimes manage to catch a favorable price and have to stay with nothing. Withdrawal of money is carried out in a few days. I estimate the work of bigfxinvest exactly in 2 points.
  11. ubseo
    September 5
    The consultants work professionally
    I found good specialists in the team of analysts of the platform, to whom I can turn for professional advice. From the very beginning of my cooperation with BigfxInvest, the skill of the assistants in analyzing the crypto market became obvious to me. Almost all forecasts and recommendations of advisors turned out to be accurate, which allowed me to make the right decisions even in the most ambiguous situations. The approach to clients is what is especially valuable in the work of Bigfxinvest. The analyst is always in touch. He is ready to explain complicated issues to me and suggest optimal strategies for my portfolio. I am sincerely grateful to the broker for its professionalism, dedication to clients, and continuous striving for development. I feel confident in every investment decision I make, trading on this terminal. Yes, I realize that there are risks to being left without money. After all, CFD trading is a risky business. But the stability of the platform, good technical support and company's conditions level out my fear of risks. In any case, if something goes wrong as I planned, I can always ask for a personal consultant.
  12. Alex
    September 5
    Fair trading is out of the question here
    I am 100% sure that the company's employees draw all the charts themselves... it is unrealistic for me to be in a constant minus! At least once, but should be a profit ... My funds in the amount of 620 dollars on the account ran out quickly, almost a week, support did not answer me so I could not estimate the speed of withdrawal of funds ...
  13. Ruby
    August 30
    Service is very far from ideal
    After registration, I found on the site from the useful information only articles from the expert. And analysts' forecasts are very questionable, 50/50. The conditions for trading are not the best either, the mobile application requires installation of the latest versions of software. The best thing BigFxInvest has is a fast transfer to a card or wallet, but there is a disadvantage here too: there is no way to withdraw cryptocurrencies. By the way, I did not find any data about regulators or any other guarantees, only some vague promises of the broker in obtaining a license and assurances of the CCA certificate. However, there is no evidence of the broker's legal activity.
  14. MafiaFinance
    August 26
    Quite a weak broker
    Bigfxinvest offers few tools for trading and does not pay out funds. I was convinced by my own experience, having lost $296 here, so I do not advise you to even come in.
  15. windnord
    August 21
    I am sorry for the lost time
    Actually, I am not so sorry for the $250 that BigFxInvest stole from me, I am more sorry for the time I wasted with this broker. It drained me of my deposit for 3 weeks, and stole $250 bucks. I earned nothing during this time and only wasted a lot of my time. The whole trick is that the broker did not let me trade in peace, and then did not let me withdraw the remaining money - $30 (I never withdrew it). My resume - I will never turn to brokers with supposedly good conditions, and I will invest in trading only with proven companies, even if they do not have very attractive conditions.

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