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The broker’s website lists an offshore registration address in the Marshall Islands. The street indicated is not on the map. The start date of the company is not indicated. The website only has information on the domain, which was registered in 2016 and renewed in 2023. The broker is not licensed or regulated. There is an online chat room for communicating with clients. Traders can work on Binarycent through an app on mobile devices.

Trading Conditions

Binarycent provides customers with an environment for trading binary options. Also, the broker offers its clients the opportunity to earn passive income. A deal copying service has been created for this purpose. The minimum amount of investment in a transaction is 10 cents.

A trader needs to verify his account to be able to make transactions.

The user can trade from the browser or from the app. There is information on trades and their profitability in myAlpari. In case of unsatisfactory results, the Binarycent client can change the list of traders to copy.


Would investing in Binarycent offer the best returns?

You are more likely to lose money than to gain it. The broker has unknown trading conditions and an unstable platform.

Does Binarycent carry out withdrawals?

According to feedback from traders, you cannot withdraw large amounts, your deposit will be blocked. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on

There is a high risk of fraudulent trading with a broker that does not have a license and has a very poor website.

What's the best way to share my experience with Binarycent?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Binarycent is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
License: No license
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Assets: Forex, Crypto
Minimum deposit: 250$
Bonus: 20%
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Cryptocurrencies

17 reviews about Binarycent

  1. Duke
    June 13
    Looks like a scam
    I deposited my money and it does not show up in my real account at Binarycent.
  2. Iron Mike
    June 8
    Not getting my investment back
    Profitability up to 95%... Are you serious?)) Ridiculous, guys. I closed two trades, each with a return below 60%. I'm in the middle of a correspondence with support to get the rest of my money back. So Binarycent is lying about checking the account and this deception has been going on for two weeks now. They are missing one document or the other... Will this scam ever end?
  3. nait542
    May 24
    All newcomers should understand that these are scammers! Binarycent, an offshore company registered in the Marshall Islands, has no guarantees and cannot promise anything to traders.
  4. farad
    May 19
    I recommend Binarycent to beginners
    Hello, I trade binary options not so long ago, so I decided to stay away from big companies where I have to trade hundreds of dollars at a time. Instead, I chose Binarycent, and I have never regretted it. The options sizes are really childish - and thanks to them I can trade there around the clock, without the fear of burning the deposit in a single transaction. I have learned the technique of mutual hedging and now I earn up to $40 a day on this method. Not much, but the money is withdrawn steadily - and this is already more than I earn at my job. All in all, I recommend Binarycent as a starting point for learning.
  5. skop88
    April 24
    It looks like they are scammers
    How should I deal with a company that does not provide a license? Binarycent has no regulation in the territory in which it is registered
  6. werm
    April 5
    The user is being cheated brazenly here
    The broker's terminal is working against the client, I can say that with absolute certainty. As soon as the price reaches the target level, there is a sharp reversal and the client loses money from the transaction. This has happened to me personally more than once. Many people do that, especially in the binary options market. But what's going on in Binarycent is chaos, of course!
  7. Omega
    April 4
    I don't advise trading here
    What's the joke with the trade copying service? All the trades are going for a loss of my deposit. Who are these traders in general? I do not advise, strongly advise not only this service, nor in principle to open an account with Binarycent!
  8. spl33n
    April 2
    Going to the police
    I was advised to work with an analyst at Binarycent rather than on my own. The analyst immediately started laying it out for me that he saw no point in investing less than $1,000. He explained that his strategy was simply incommensurate with smaller deposits. I had to realize by then that the broker considered me a fool, but I did not immediately realise anything and entrusted it with the money. Exactly one week and my account had $129. The remainder of the super mega trader from Binarycent. I'm writing an application to the police and you draw the conclusions. I don't write negative reviews just like that.
  9. Nurn28
    March 29
    Insecure platform
    Binarycent has security issues. The platform seems good for trading, but you can make or lose money. It is done exactly the same way as gambling, although the casino is better. Binarycent is not a fair game, if you have technical analysis you can win some money here. But the interface of the site is insecure and has security loopholes that you can simply use to withdraw money to a completely different unregistered account. I explain in this way the incident that happened to me, and it's true.
  10. aliens
    March 1
    Bad feedback from clients
    I had a long time to look for information about the withdrawal of money from here, and so far I can tell you for sure that I could not find any real positive comments about the site.
  11. djon11
    February 23
    It's a scam
    The extremely difficult situation with the withdrawal of money from Binarycent. Few ways to do so, and there is clearly some chaos going on in the financial department of the company. Lost my withdrawal application, and asked to re-verify... As if I had nothing else to do but follow their instructions.
  12. Alex
    February 17
    There is no way to win here
    I want to share my experience with binary options. I started trading against the advice of my friends on social networks. I chose the broker Binarycent, and I've already lost enough money to buy a nice car. And it happened ‌only 4 months after the start of my trading.
  13. wing
    February 10
    The broker is a scammer
    I had great difficulty in getting compensation from Binarycent for an unplayed trade. Although the broker promised that they would give me bonuses if I made a mistake. I should have called Binarycent in the past few days but I still have not got any bonus. This broker doesn't honor its commitment to its clients!
  14. MaxB
    February 9
    Not allowed to withdraw
    Opened a $250 account with x90 at the beginning of the year. The guy who kept calling me and inviting me to Binarycent said that this amount of deposit would be enough. So I believed him. After the deposit, the broker transferred me to another trader-analyst, who worked and advised me. We were earning for a while, and when the account grew to 680$, I withdrew 100$. I asked for it to buy my son a birthday present. After the withdrawal, my analyst told me that let's work with cryptocurrency in a big way, from $15,000. He insisted that everything is great now and that the person proved his professionalism in trading. Well, I transferred money to Binarycent from the bank that I was saving to repair my house. I was promised insurance for cryptocurrency trading that we would trade for 1 month without risk. I ended up getting $31,227 in my account for February. I asked for a withdrawal of $15,000 and I was told I had bonuses and needed to work them off. And I was promised incomprehensible winnings from working off the bonuses. I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!. As a result, since the beginning of March, I have demanded to remove the bonuses and withdraw my money. ‌The sameAnd in mid-April, I logged into my account and my balance was 0 in my account. Then I wrote and phoned webbroker support and the answer was silence. I contacted the bank to make a refund on the transfer - the bank refused. Then I got a call from a law firm. They charged me $250 and told me they would pay me back - in the end they did nothing. The lawyers charged me fees and did nothing. I was told they couldn't get anything back from Binarycent from the bank and they took the upfront fee. But in the end, I found a good lawyer and they made me a refund. I think these scammers need to be put in jail and punished.
  15. vtul
    January 21
    Good trading school
    Yes, in the beginning, I too, like many traders, suffered losses. But then I got training on the Binarycent website and started earning.
  16. Rich
    January 14
    There is no money to be made
    The trading is somehow incomprehensible. It seems like robots manage your deposit and the broker promises a decent yield. At the level of 300% of profit, no less. But when I dove into trading I realised that there were much more risks here! I have invested $200 and lost 50%, but I have earned let's say 30%. In short, confusion, but all the same, the barycenter itself always comes out as a winner.
  17. Drake
    January 8
    Not withdrawing from the deposit
    I withdrew my amount yesterday at Binarycent but still haven't received my money. It's almost the end of 24 hours and I still haven't received the amount.

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