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The broker’s official website lists the location of its headquarters on a map – St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Binomo’s administration claims that it is regulated by the Financial Commission. It is a private company that offers protection up to €20,000 if a broker fails to follow its decision. Binomo support can be contacted via online chat.

Trading Conditions

The company provides its own software on the Binomo web platform. Mobile trading is conducted through the app for Android and iOS.

To switch from demo mode to live mode, you need to verify your account.

The broker offers clients to participate in digital and binary options. Trading is possible on the following terms:

  • Trade amount from 1$
  • 4 types of accounts for trading
  • More than 100 assets to choose from
  • Withdrawal up to 4 hours
  • Profit 85-90% per trade
  • Leverage 1:100.

Deals can be short-term (1-5 minutes) and long-term (15-60 minutes). Contests with prizes are held on the website. On the “training” page, the broker describes 10 strategies for novice traders. Here they explain trade terms to you, for example, expiration time.


Would investing in Binomo offer the best returns?

The client will not be able to make any money. Cooperation will turn out to be a loss of money, the platform is designed for the broker's tasks.

Does Binomo carry out withdrawals?

We know from the reviews of traders that it is impossible to make a profit with this broker. While those on the Binomo platform are losing on the decline, the real chart shows a rise.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high because the broker is not licensed and does not have a legitimate legal regulator.

What's the best way to share my experience with Binomo?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Binomo is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2014
License: No license
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Assets: Forex, Commodities, Index, Shares, Crypto
Minimum deposit: 10$
Bonus: 50%
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems

18 reviews about Binomo

  1. Chanibron
    June 10
    It is a fraudulent site
    Binomo charts are different from MT4. I have checked many times and they diverge.
    The broker changes the price chart and manipulates it to steal your money. Your money is gone, be careful.
  2. Cinyoncle
    May 29
    Opinion of a trading expert
    I have trading knowledge as a certified analyst. And I have analysed the performance of the Binomo website. I would strongly advise everyone not to invest a penny in Binomo. ‌‌‌You will come across scammers here who will cheat you easily. They change the charts according to their income model.
  3. Uspaiesa
    May 7
    Bad broker
    Everything started out well. I am always looking for a free bonus and a free tournament. So I found Binomo where I managed to make money from the bonus and tournament. But I couldn't withdraw my profit. Because I have to deposit first to make a withdrawal from the same account from which I deposited ... OK, I wanted to deposit via cryptocurrency ... But when I click to make a deposit, the coin payment website page comes up. If I try to place an order, another page pops up and gives me the address and QR to scan. OK, I did the scan to pay. The money was not accepted. I did a manual payment transaction, but that didn't work either. I contacted by email for support ... In reply, I got an automated text about the payment method. I then open a chat with support and ask them if there is another address for crypto payments. Support says no, and it should work. They also advised me to make a deposit using a bank or other method. To which I ask them a clever simple question, "Can I send from bitcoin to bitcoin wallet? will that work?" The answer was YES, THIS WILL work... This is unprecedented incompetence. So, that explains a lot about how bad Binomo is! I have over $300 in my real account from the tournament and bonus. And I realise that I will never be able to withdraw. I'm sad about that, although, I haven't lost anything. It was just fun exploring a new, cheap platform. Is it a scam? Well, I have no idea, I don't care now, I will never come here again t I don't advise anyone to open an account with Binomo. All I know is that they are not professionals at all.
  4. Xigi
    April 15
    The app doesn't work consistently
    I downloaded their app for Android smartphones from Google Play and tried to figure it out, but I didn't venture beyond the demo account. I forgot about this broker, but now I found Binomo's page in my browser and decided to visit it. And what happened, there is no such website, everything has disappeared as if it never existed. Can't trust them, it seems to me.
  5. Wef
    April 1
    Trust the reviews
    It's a scam!!!!! After reading all the negative reviews about the broker, I still decided to invest in Binomo. How stupid of me.
    I just lost over $60... I finally realised that their chats are rigged, I'm not lying. Because when placing trades with other brokers and Binomo at the same time, the results were completely different. I was losing heavily on profits compared to trades at other sites in my accounts. Take my experience to heart. All these negative reviews don't lie. I decided to see for myself and take a look. I am now convinced of how I am being scammed here. I got a bad lesson because of the fact that I didn't trust all the people who left reviews about the broker. Anyway, some of you won't listen to me. Promise us that you will come here as I have now and give your honest feedback. Don't let scammers take your money, learn from all our investing mistakes. Okay? Pass on my message to those who want to open an account with scammers, and help others.
  6. Jalasha
    March 14
    You will be cheated here
    I have deposited my money but don't want to add any more to my account. ‌I am disappointed, this is a very dangerous app, don't trust Binomo.
  7. Fiacis
    March 11
    Binomo is a scammer
    I opened an uptrend trade. Although the price went up, the transaction failed and I lost my money. I reported this? but they did not refund my money. Binomo is a scam playing with the price.
  8. Kame
    March 9
    My experience
    Not a very useful platform with unclear terms and conditions. There is little functionality here. I didn't like the support team at all - very rude in answering questions about my spread trading risks.
  9. Orik
    March 9
    The broker is good
    I leave my positive review here because I think Binomo is a good company!
  10. Jego
    March 3
    This broker is a cheat
    Too bad there is no way to give this broker zero stars. I have to give Binomo one star... First, these scammers will give you some money. This is how they try to trap you. You will believe them and lose all your money on the deposit. Trading here is a big risk. All the positive reviews are most likely paid. So please do not lose money. Try to research every such type of app before installing it. They are trying to trick people.
  11. Eleanor
    March 1
    The platform is stealing money!
    Hi all friends, I want to warn you that this is a Scam called Binomo. I started with $500, opened strictly by 5$ analysis, and added 5$ with every loss. By this, I was increasing the amount to get back what I lost. But alas, the analysis did not help me. After 15 trades I started to check if the analysis was correct. I opened deals without analysis and without exceeding the risk, but it did not help me either. Analysis doesn't work here, it doesn't exist in Binomo at all. Believe my experience - you will just lose money here! I advise everyone to change this platform and the sooner the better. I hope you will realise this sooner than you will be out of money.
  12. Aktar
    February 22
    You will be scammed here
    Don't believe this fraudulent platform! People who leave their positive reviews here get paid a $5 no-deposit bonus which cannot be withdrawn! Binomo has become a BIG problem in many countries! Ask traders in Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. You will see - it's a scam! It's a SCAM!
  13. Xiror
    January 28
    Negative experience
    I had a very bad experience when I started working with the broker. The money that I deposited into my account is not displayed. Binomo won't let me change my password. It seems that I have fallen for a fraudulent company. But I am not going to swallow this insolence. I will file a complaint with the police if I don't get my stolen money refunded to my bank account within 24 hours. Don't trust these people - they will hack your password and delete your account.
  14. Zalua
    January 17
    This broker is definitely not for me
    The world of binary options is growing fast. I want to find the right broker that I can trust. But it's so hard to do. I can't say that Binomo is the honest company I want. I'm not quite sure that I won't get robbed by this broker. I can't say anything bad about the platforms yet though. I just don't have a positive opinion of this broker after studying its website.
  15. Kal
    January 14
    You should not use the app
    The broker is not regulated. The website will show you a certificate from the financial commission. This is a private agency, not a government agency! Normal countries warn the public to stay away from Binomo. The company is banned in more than 48 countries.
  16. Hararus
    January 13
    Don't give your money to scammers
    Beware of this fraudulent website. Don't lose your money. Be safe. BINOMO IS A SCAM SITE.
  17. Inntauen
    January 10
    That's it, we've come to the scammers
    I traded with them little by little, but the fatal gesture of their manifestation as typical swindlers was the fact that clearly profitable trades with a 99% probability of a rebound from the level, these swindlers just do not allow to make a bet. I get a message - your bet has been declined due to internal company risks. Don't be fooled, all the positive reviews are bought.
  18. Nackoyn
    January 10
    Rules are not followed
    You will be asked for a 10% commission every time you withdraw (win or lose). This is totally wrong and trading at Binomo is against the rules.

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