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Who owns the website, we cannot find out. The domain was registered privately. This shows that owners of Bitcoin Revolution did not want to reveal their identity. It is also unknown who runs the platform. There is no key information about the regulator or having a registration. The website’s promotional box indicates that treir app has won numerous awards. This includes recognition from the main US trade association. There is no confirmation of these facts.

Investment Conditions

Bitcoin Revolution offers users unique software. An advertisement on the website’s homepage reports that the software beats the market by 0.01 seconds. Thanks to this, the trading bot earns you at least $1,000 a day on cryptocurrency trades.

The developer also offers a mobile app. The website informs that information on accessing this app will only be provided after registration.

The customer needs to do the following steps to get started:

  • Create account.
  • Choose a broker connected to the platform from the list.
  • Make an initial deposit.
  • Select settings and activate automatic trading.

The Bitcoin Revolution website offers its customers to test the platform on a demo account. You will be given a virtual $1,500 to review the functions of the account.


Would investing in Bitcoin Revolution offer the best returns?

You will lose your investment. You will not be able to make money with an ordinary trading robot.

Does Bitcoin Revolution carry out withdrawals?

The programme is designed only to enrich its owner. Users lose the money invested, as you can read in the reviews.

May I be scammed on

There are promises of profits here that even the most profitable trading advisors do not make. There is no information about the company, and no license — all of this points to a very high risk of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with Bitcoin Revolution?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Bitcoin Revolution is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2020
Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems

16 reviews about Bitcoin Revolution

  1. Gladis981
    June 18
    Fake service
    Bitcoin Revolution organizers use fake positive celebrity opinions on Yahoo news. I wouldn't advise working with such fake programs at all...
  2. goldzol
    May 15
    The most effective product
    This is really the best trading software I've seen in my life. Do you want to make a small fortune fast? You can do it easily with Bitcoin Revolution! I encourage everyone to check it out before the banks block all such information.
  3. Dota
    May 14
    This is a big scam
    I sent several emails to customer service. I have demanded my deposit but have not received a reply. If you want your money back, you will never get it from Bitcoin Revolution!
  4. Evpati
    May 10
    Get Rich
    Everyone wants to be rich, but no one knows how to do it. Well, Bitcoin Revolution gives you that opportunity. The trading platform will allow you to live the life you truly desire. This loophole isn't open for long, so don't miss out.
  5. dice
    May 8
    Obtrusive phone calls
    I read about Bitcoin Revolution and thought I would deposit $300 into my account and that would be the end of it. I entered my details to register and was ONLY on their website for a couple of minutes. As soon as I entered my phone number, I got an instant call!!! Rude, pushy and quite insolent from the managers and so I told them to get lost. I didn't give them any money and it looks like my lucky escape from the scammers...
  6. Alluniv
    May 1
    Harassment and abuse
    I was recently researching ways to make money from crypto and came across Bitcoin Revolution. I decided to explore this site and start trading. In my inexperience, I was outspoken. In the registration form, I filled in the right details and a phone number. I then tried to go back to the homepage, but was denied access. This customer attitude made me suspicious. Having had this experience, I immediately deleted my profile. The next day a stranger calls me and tells me about my personal details that I wrote on the site. I told the caller that I knew nothing about financial markets. He informed me that I had filled in an online form and that he was responding to my request to register on the platform I SPECIALLY asked him to delete my PERSONAL DATA. He promised to do so. But after he did, I got hundreds more calls. I asked the callers to delete my PERSONAL DATA, but they didn't. At Bitcoin Revolution, this policy is a form of abuse and customer harassment. SO MY ADVICE IS: AVOID CONTACT WITH THIS COMPANY BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER GET RID OF THEIR SUBSEQUENT HARASSMENT AND ABUSE.
  7. 6006363
    April 29
    Don't become a victim! The counselors will seduce you with high profits so that you can become rich and not need anything in your life. In reality, they will take all your funds and disconnect you from communication! All the managers at Bitcoin Revolution are evil and heartless! Don't become a victim! I have sent a series of emails to support services and all to no avail! I am living in distress, all my savings are gone, I am a mother of three kids.
  8. programmer90
    April 21
    I have big doubts about the platform
    I see my money on their website but with a different company, not Bitcoin Revolution. The broker called me from London. I did a little investigation about their organization, I did not find any information, this is very alarming to me.
  9. vahan
    April 4
    I'm being hounded on the phone
    I think all the positive reviews about Bitcoin Revolution are fake. As soon as I registered on the site, leaving my phone number, I got an immediate phone call. I decided not to fill in the data further, but now I can't delete my account. I started getting calls all the time, supposedly from different companies. I do not advise anyone to contact these annoying scammers.
  10. Alex_san
    March 31
    From my experience
    There are too many bad signs. Judge for yourself:
    1. I registered a few days ago on Bitcoin Revolution. I wanted to start trading. But no, I was redirected to a broker's website for some reason. I won't divulge the name of the organisation, but according to the manager's terms I had to register there as well. My attempts to avoid it, caused the program to crash.
    2. The website says that you can start trading with a minimum deposit of 250 dollars, but the broker asks me to deposit 250 euros, not dollars. That's why I transferred another $200 to another account. After that I was asked to take pictures of my documents for verification. I tried to give as much information about myself as possible. But I was only allowed to display my name and address.
    3. After sending my documents to security, I tried to contact the site Bitcoin Revolution by e-mail. But I received an error message in response. Thus, it became impossible to make any contact with the technical support.
    4. I got a call from 'my personal broker' and this consultant asked me to share my account password. Are you serious? I told him I wouldn't do that and that we should move on to cryptocurrency trading. I wanted to trade by pressing an automatic button, as this process is displayed in the Bitcoin Revolution demo, but the consultant replied, "Everything happens automatically. Nothing actually happens. I am not making any profit.
  11. Andy
    March 20
    I am a victim
    I am extremely frustrated with myself. A few months ago I searched the internet for reviews of the Bitcoin Revolution website. All the information about it was enthusiastic. That's why my partner and I decided to invest $3,000 here. We didn't do any serious research. I even opened a new bank account, hoping to make money on cryptocurrency. But there are no transactions.
  12. Arakcheeff
    March 18
    Fantastic program
    Too good to be true, such profits can't be after all! I've been trading cryptocurrency for several years and I know this.
  13. Vict tery
    February 28
    100% fraud
    I invested $5,000 in asset trading. I decided to do it after seeing some positive feedback about the program. I now realize that they were fake. The problem started the moment I wanted to withdraw most of my money from my account. At first the managers tried to convince me not to withdraw my money from the account. They even tried to convince me to invest some more. They promised me that I could get more profit. I still insisted that I wanted to withdraw my money. After which my account was simply emptied. They blocked me from withdrawing and offered to execute bad trades. They also forced me to buy useless tokens. I took it that in any case Bitcoin Revolution didn't have my money to withdraw. I was unlucky, no effort will help me to get back everything I invested. I hope you will not invest to scammers after reading my review!
  14. flyder
    February 24
    Clearly a scam
    The company does not provide any proof of the real existence of the trading advisor and Bitcoin Revolution does not legally exist at all. It's not worth doing business with such a dubious project.
  15. -MAX_43-
    February 9
    After I registered my account with Bitcoin Revolution I got calls from managers about 5 times a day. I really regretted giving any details at all, including my phone number and email. When I asked the manager to remove my personal details from their database, all I got in response was a threatening "we'll see"...
  16. Iconic
    January 31
    I was scammed at Bitcoin Revolution by some obscure cryptocurrency investing scheme. This experience was a sad one for me.

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