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The platform is owned by MoneyFlow OÜ and operated from Estonia. The company is headquartered in Tallinn. The Estonian crypto-exchange is licensed by the local financial regulator (FVT000047), according to the website administration. The helpdesk is available via online chat from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 2:00, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2:00). Bitnomics is presenting itself as an Estonian financial market brand.

Investment Conditions

The platform is designed for exchanging cryptocurrencies and fiat currency between individuals or companies. Bitnomics requires as much verification as possible, including KYC on every purchase and customer passing KYT procedures. The service performs transactions at the market exchange rate, which is determined by the cryptocurrency exchange.

The rate of commission charged by the website for each transaction is determined after Bitnomics receives the money and processes the order for exchanging the cryptocurrency.

The company calls its website a crypto-exchange, which only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum. The customer cannot conduct any trading on their own. Bitnomics executes digital money exchange requests within 5 days. The set time is counted from the date you have completed a full KYC check after sending the transaction order

Tech support promises to provide personalized help for people without experience exchanging cryptocurrencies. Bitnomics offers educational articles on its blog.


Would investing in Bitnomics offer the best returns?

The service warns that it is not responsible for any financial loss of the client. Its trading conditions are not clear. Therefore, you will have a high risk of losing money.

Does Bitnomics carry out withdrawals?

Based on analysis of the site and reviews, when buying and selling cryptocurrencies, we understand that it is possible that a client may be denied withdrawals. Share your experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on

Yes, you may be scammed on the site. If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, choose a more reliable company.

What's the best way to share my experience with Bitnomics?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Bitnomics is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2019
Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: other
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 215$
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies

16 reviews about Bitnomics

  1. ElMarioChe
    June 24
    You may have your account blocked
    I've been using the crypto exchange site Bitnomics for about half a year now. And then one day an unexpected thing happened. The exchange deleted my transaction without explanation. I contacted support, then contacted for a few more days. I did not get any help from them. For two days they were writing to me: "We see no problem, we will send your request to the appropriate team. When I contacted them on the third day, I was told that they were solving the problem. As the days went by, I was told that everything would be restored, but I was not allowed to trade on the site. I could not sell cryptocurrency to Bitnomics myself, as there is no direct withdrawal on the exchange. So, after a week and a dozen appeals, I was told that my account was unblocked. To my question, "For what reason was it blocked?", they sent me to read the rules and find the reason myself. Maybe I had violated some terms and conditions. They decided to block my account, but would not give a reason.
    I got my account blocked on the crypto exchange Binance once, but they clearly told me the reason why they did it. And after a long argument, the account was unblocked. It turned out that they had mistranslated my identity confirmation there and blocked it by mistake.
  2. Jorgen Kosman
    June 21
    I made 3 exchanges of dollars for bitcoin, the first two of $100 went fine, apparently to get confidence and you deposited more money. At the 3rd exchange of 500 dollars, my money are hanging on the transfer, at first the technical support team at Bitnomics said that the transaction can go 24 hours and after 24 hours they started writing that you have to verify and to do this you have to send photos of documents and half of the amount of previously made deposits. I.e. it turns out that in order to withdraw your money you have to add more, as they have increased the commission. As you have understood, you will not see any money.
  3. ApIVIaH
    May 13
    If they call you from Bitnomics or if you see their ads, you better block them. They will take your money and make a profit for themselves. Keep your money in the bank and be happy with your low-interest rate. You will be better off in the long run. Or invest with a reliable exchange where you won't get robbed. I think Bitnomics is sharing your information because several people will call you and offer to exchange more money. I believed them and sent them bitcoins three days ago and I'm still waiting. They told me they didn't keep the funds, so where did they go? They went straight into their pockets.
  4. Angel
    May 11
    Exchange service to collect your money.
    Used this exchanger on the recommendation of one blogger. As a result, after making a transaction in the exchanger, did not get back exchanged funds. I wrote to support, they said that you need to send the same amount again, to pass the so-called AML and get both the first and second transaction. In the end, I got neither. Support is silent. This is a scam fundraising project!
  5. Jona
    May 9
    A lot of validation
    The difference between this exchange and others is simple - there are unnecessary options that other cryptocurrency exchange services don't have, and vice versa, there is nothing that other regular crypto exchanges have. Let's start with the latter, there is no choice of digital coins, no in-house token development, no crypto wallet to store money, no trading at all, no charts, no analytics, and no in-house transactions with market participants. Bitnomics is an exchange? That makes me laugh. What is there? Identity checks on every transaction!!! Any commissions that you will be charged after your money transfer! Blocking your account when making a transaction, inoperative tech support. Yes, this is the most inconvenient service I've ever seen. It's clear from the start that all these features are of no use to customers. The main menu is incomprehensible. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to find the most necessary thing. Bitnomics' super-security is very annoying. You have to constantly change your password, confirm sms, and authenticate. If you don't have a login for 3 days, you should enter a new login. But it's possible to work if you have strong nerves - that's the main thing.
  6. Zeus
    April 27
    Exchange terms are incredibly unprofitable
    I wanted to buy Ethereum and started researching the trading conditions on Bitnomics. I found it strange that no transaction fee was specified. It was not as transparent as the well-known crypto exchanges. I got very tired of the multi-step verification of my personal details. After that, I was unpleasantly surprised by the absolutely huge fees of Bitnomics. They charge 11% of the transaction amount from a credit card or 8% in the case of a bank transfer for buying cryptocurrency. While other crypto exchanges charge no more than 1%. Selling assets here comes with a fee of 4.7% per transaction. This is some kind of robbery! Anyway, I just left this site and used another exchange service.
  7. ArtAndy
    April 22
    Advice from a customer
    I think Bitnomics just needs some more customer support advisors. It's hard to get in touch and hear explanations of how the exchange works. Need to improve the help of new traders. Otherwise so far so good.
  8. Viva
    April 7
    The domain is being used by scammers
    If anyone visits the site, you know it's being used by scammers. The domain is likely to stop working quickly, your money will be stolen at that moment.
  9. darklady
    April 1
    I used the Bitnomics service for the first time
    I was worried because $215 is a significant amount for me. But all was well. The online support is excellent. They put me at ease, explained everything, and promised to refund my account if there were any problems.
  10. Strelby
    March 21
    I was trained to work
    The transition from CFD trading to a crypto exchange turned out to be more difficult than I expected. I believe Bitnomics helped me ‌make this transition. They did a great job. That being said, I appreciate the customer service. ‌I like the blog and the training is top-notch! Great job, you guys, well done!
  11. woofer00
    March 2
    I lost $2,000. When a lot of positive reviews appear, I think they were written by scammers themselves. Damn it.
  12. Carl
    February 24
    There are risks
    Be careful, Bitnomics may block you without considering it necessary to explain their actions.
  13. Stroryteller
    February 17
    Stay away from the exchange!!!
    Your excessive activity in Bitnomics ends with the regret of losing money.
  14. Cannabiss
    February 15
    Stay away
    I can only recommend this to you, that way you will preserve your capital.
  15. Peace
    February 14
    You don't have to believe the scammers
    I believed their adverts about Bitnomics trading with 100% executed orders. But when I deposited $300, I got blocked. The tech support team thinks they don't have to give a reason. They have this condition written in their rules
  16. cash
    January 13
    Beware! Scam!!!
    They don't withdraw crypto, support firstly asks a lot of nonsense, and then they don't answer at all. They demanded some unthinkable confirmations for withdrawal of 300 dollars (::

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