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BridgeRock promises to teach clients how to trade like professionals on a cutting-edge platform. It is claimed to be a reliable financial partner and one of the leading global organizations. However, the first mentions of this project appeared only in early 2024. There is no information on where the project is registered, only that it operates in accordance with international law. The project also has no license. In your opinion, can this firm be called good and promising?

Trading Conditions

BridgeRock offers the opportunity to trade on its own platform. CFDs on digital currencies, indices, stocks, forex, and commodities are available here. At the beginning, you will need to invest from $250, although the account types section indicates that the user can invest at least $5,000. This broker allows you to open the following types of accounts:

  • Beginner.
  • Standard.
  • Trader.
  • Advanced.
  • Professional.
  • VIP.

The minimum spread is 0.05 points. When registering on BridgeRock, users can receive a welcome bonus of up to 10%. Analytics, training, and negative balance protection are available here, and on some accounts – trading signals, a personal assistant, and the ability to open a savings account. Traders can contact technical support 24/5 by filling out a feedback form.


Would investing in BridgeRock offer the best returns?

It is unlikely. By trading CFDs on an unknown platform, you risk losing all your money.

Does BridgeRock carry out withdrawals?

There are not many real reviews about working with the broker yet, so we can't say anything. If you have had experience working with them, please share it with us.

May I be scammed on

This is a brand-new project without a license or registration, so yes, you could be scammed here.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

12 reviews about BridgeRock

  1. marino verdi
    March 9
    Sono dei truffatori, ti invogliano ad investire e quando chiedi di prelevare ti chiedono ancora soldi e non ti lasciano prelevare. EVITATELI!
  2. Nick
    February 26
    Bought the $999 package, just wanted to lean about crypto trading, they have been very helpful once we got past the deposit $10,000 to leverage and by Bitcion. No i did not give them any more money.
    They still ring me and teach me things about trading. i have doubled my money. This is great but they help me take back some. Not sure if i will ever get it back, Pretty sure they are scammers. PS I now trade on 2 other Ligit platforms.
  3. esh19
    February 4
    The training and analytics are terrible
    All the materials BridgeRock offers to beginner traders are completely useless. I trade based on this data and I'm still in the red because of platform problems. I wrote to support about the problems, but they don't seem to be in a hurry to respond. I wish I hadn't believed them when they said their training and analytics were the best.
  4. Lolkraft
    February 4
    Of course, they're scammers. Is there any doubt?
    My mom got a call from some weirdos the other day, they said they were BridgeRock and told her to "create an account with us and get rich quick." She even came to me for advice and asked if she should, it seemed suspicious to her. Well, I quickly explained to her that they were scammers, and she understood. So, if anyone here still doesn't understand, let me explain to you, THEY'RE SCAMMERS. At the very least because they haven't even been around for a month, and they're already calling random people they don't even know with offers to get rich :)
  5. Iren
    January 26
    Everything works
    Here, I cooperate with professionals, use the advice of technical support, and generally learn to trade. I don't regret choosing this platform and I decided to realize myself through trading.
  6. Peter G
    January 26
    Refusing to withdraw funds
    Help! BridgeRock is refusing to withdraw my funds, arguing that I have not worked off the bonus multiple times!!! How am I supposed to work it off if all the trades on their crappy platform are unprofitable?! I didn't agree to any bonus, I don't need it for free, my own money would be enough for me to trade, but no. What should I do to make their website unavailable tomorrow and its founders go to jail? Yeah, they don't even deserve one star from me. I wish I could give them less.
  7. saddarak
    January 22
    It's all clear with them...
    Well, the bridgerock website speaks for itself 😀 First of all, the minimum deposit is listed as $250 on the main page, but in another section, it's as much as $5,000 as if some sucker would agree to give such huge sums to some nobodies. Second, the user agreement doesn't mention where the project is registered, but it does mention that it disclaims any liability to users. It also says, by the way, that the firm can change the rules just because it wants to, and that also makes the place unsafe for new users... In general, nothing good can be said about them, only bad.
  8. RomioS
    January 21
    New scam alert!!!
    BridgeRock is a new scam! Here's how they operate: they encourage you to create an account, then they contact you through messengers or phone calls and ask you to deposit money. They allow you to withdraw your first small deposit, then they manipulate you into depositing more money, often a larger amount. Be careful and don't fall for this!
  9. Rilaxi
    January 18
    What's with the anonymity?
    Where are the contact details of our reliable partner and leading global organization BridgeRock? Why do they say that you can only contact them through a feedback form? Where's the email, where's the phone number? Where's the address of this magnificent company? I'd like to visit them in person. Where are the registration data, and the license? Where are the names and photos of the people who founded this wonderful company?

    Right now, I get the impression that people on are just a bunch of thieves sitting in a basement and stealing people's money. Otherwise, they would at least introduce themselves and leave some identifying marks. Yes, I may be rude, but life has taught me to be very critical of these brokers.
  10. tim
    January 18
    I'm really enjoying working with them
    I've only been working at for a few weeks, but my profits are already good. I've never been so lucky with any other broker. I want to earn more and withdraw. It's very easy to learn everything and they explain everything clearly.
  11. Mumiy
    January 16
    I'm disappointed
    BridgeRock's trading platform is a nightmare. After using it, I don't even want to trade it anymore. Constant crashes, huge spreads, and it's impossible to trade on a phone. And that's not even the full list of problems. In general, it's better to make money in other ways.
  12. Zender
    January 13
    These scammers are quick to strike.
    Let me tell you, it's impossible to find the creation date of the BridgeRock website even on whois. But if you Google information about the project, all the results will be pretty recent and dated this year. 2024 hasn't even started yet and scammers are already opening new projects. And according to my information, they're already scamming people. Some people believe them, believe their description, that they're some kind of real existing company with a reputation. How is it that people have no critical thinking skills, that they don't notice obvious facts, that they don't see that they're investing in some unknown place?

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