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The site is operated by a company that is registered in the Seychelles. The administration claims to have US and Canadian regulatory licenses, but this is not documented. There is a feedback form to contact BTCEX technical support, while a phone number is not indicated. The list of documents includes the user agreement, KYC policy, and risk disclosure statement.

Investment Conditions

The BTCEX platform is designed to buy and sell digital assets. The founders offer clients to make money on spot trading, with only USDT available for transactions. The site’s dashboard consists of six sections for client work:

  • Perpetual contracts
  • Buying cryptocurrency
  • Token trading
  • Copy trades
  • Airdrops for users
  • Promotions and contests

In two tabs you will find market analytics and charts. Information on crypto-trading tools that are hardly used by the platform is indicated.

The founders inform customers that they can change the fees without prior notice. 

The exchange declares no protection for its clients’ accounts. BTCEX disclaims any responsibility in the event that your money suddenly disappears from your account.


Would investing in BTCEX offer the best returns?

Accounts may be blocked on the site for unjustified reasons. Instead of real trading, all you get here is a financial loss.

Does BTCEX carry out withdrawals?

The administration is in no way responsible for stealing money from your account. You agree to this condition and risk losing all your funds.

May I be scammed on

The exchange has no official status. It is therefore not allowed to operate legally and there is a high risk of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with BTCEX?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if BTCEX is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2021
Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 100$
Leverage: Not indicated
Deposit method: Сredit cards

20 reviews about BTCEX

  1. snikeee
    June 26
    I would not recommend trading here
    BTCEX is a company better not to do business with. I made a deposit, however, the trades closed not in my favour. The owners of the site may have had a hand in this. I regret my decision to trade on this site as I am not a millionaire. I don't have extra capital to throw money around.
  2. Satoshi1
    June 10
    Be careful
    I would like to give BTCEX a negative rating, I feel sorry to give the site even 1 star. The exchange charged me triple the price when I bought digital coins. There was some kind of price spike on the platform at the time of the transaction, which was only displayed on their website. I watched analytics from other crypto exchanges, there was no increase in USDT. Everyone knows that it is the most stable token on the digital market and its value is pegged to the dollar. So for some reason, when I tried to withdraw the cryptocurrency from my account, it suddenly went down in half!!! Because of this I lost more than 50% of my investment.
  3. Budar
    May 31
    Contests are fake
    At one time I often participated in contests and promotions on various brokerage platforms. At times the prize bonuses went up to 30-50 thousand dollars. You understand for yourself that this is a lot of money. I saw an advertisement for BTCEX on the net, in particular, the advertisement talked about their campaign. I decided to take part. I honestly fulfilled all the conditions, I did not violate anything. Before that, I studied the rules and was fully prepared to take part in the promotion. But I didn't get any prize; I only lost my $100. I wrote to support, they sorted it out, found out the details, and then told me that I was blocked. I asked them to send me an explanation and was told that it was the administration's decision. There was no reason, they just blocked me... You can draw your own conclusions now. The conclusion is now up to you.
  4. Jjsf
    May 19
    My impression is not good
    I immediately blew my whole first trade with the unstable work of the site. I failed to work with BTCEX because the support team was too abrupt to defend the company's interests. I thought their first priority was to help solve the problem, find the problem, and solve it. And they're just protecting their interests. Well, yes, biting the hand that feeds you is not really an option, is it? I can't recommend this platform.
  5. Arturbs777
    May 18
    I lost all my money
    I wouldn't recommend the crypto exchange BTCEX to anyone. Got charged right down to 0 after depositing my deposit account. I lost all my money. Customer service is not available. All the desire to trade was taken away from me.
  6. Mila
    May 17
    Almost all reviews are negative
    There are very few positive reviews of BTCEX online. But I wouldn't trust them at all! In the large number of negative comments, even 2-3 positive 5-star reviews seem bogus to me. The same style in which they are written tells us that!
  7. Cyberoptics
    May 16
    Worst cryptocurrency exchange
    The trading pairs work according to an incomprehensible algorithm. BTCEX is run by a fake system or some kind of bot. They change the price as soon as you start making a trade, this is the situation with all trading pairs.
  8. nik
    May 12
    I recommend!
    I've been working with the exchange for two months. And even with my minimum deposit, I managed to earn $380. For me, this is huge money, because I am unemployed. So I am satisfied with BTCEX.
  9. Dovagn
    May 8
    Looks like a scam
    My withdrawal was blocked for some unknown reason. I have been stressed for a few days now... support is not responding.
  10. W0LF
    April 30
    Comfortable but not active exchange
    This platform has a user-friendly interface with customisable trading functions. I recommend you to trade from your phone, it's much easier. I started out liking the exchange, but then I noticed on Telegram that BTCEX had not been active for a long time. I read up on exchange platforms and it became clear to me, this firm is slowly leaving the market.
  11. Axel
    April 27
    Huge commissions
    The BTCEX exchange charges 35% of your total funds (deposits or earnings) for withdrawals over $10,000. If you deposit anything, your money will be blocked until you pay the 'personal income tax'. The fee is deducted from all funds, including your own money. If you do not pay the fee within 7 days, your account will be charged a fine of 5,000 each additional day. Your payment is withheld until your money is gone. If you decide to start trading here, make sure you have thousands of extra dollars to pay the fees. Otherwise, you will lose all your money.
  12. Armour
    April 5
    Absolutely terrible exchange
    Totally incomprehensible site. I managed to make some money on cryptocurrency arbitrage and decided to exchange my profits here for fiat. Suddenly I got blocked for "abnormal activity". BTCEX will "help" you lose your money as soon as you start doing something, they will block your funds forever. Don't even take the risk. The support team responded to my request that I was in breach of the customer agreement.
  13. Zyka
    March 30
    I cannot say that everything is perfect
    I have been trading on BTCEX for more than a year. I can't say that everything on this exchange is perfect. There are some small flaws in terms of delayed withdrawals and high commissions. I am making a profit - that is the main thing. I would not say that they are perfect, however, there are some minor drawbacks.
  14. XXX
    March 29
    Stealing crypto from your account
    There is a huge problem with withdrawals on the site. An error keeps popping up. It is clear that BTCEX is some kind of scam.
  15. emfy
    March 26
    Blocked my account
    I deposited money to trade. A month later I was in the black and decided to withdraw my profit. I was refused, citing a small amount to transfer. I added more, but even with another amount, a larger amount, BTCEX would not refund me. I demanded but managers blocked the account without explanation.
  16. Metro
    March 23
    The usual scam
    The site will help you invest in cryptocurrency. It is possible that you will maximise your profits. But all good things will end the moment you want to withdraw all your funds from your BTCEX account. In the same hour you will be blocked and you will never see your money again. They are thieves!
  17. first
    February 27
    I was disappointed
    I have occasionally traded on this exchange, but have become more and more frustrated with the service each time. The instability and sluggishness of the site discouraged me. Because of it several deals just fell apart with the interval of just ten seconds. It's frustrating, damn it!!! It's not my fault. Several withdrawals for a small amount are not being processed in BTCEX for the third day now. Even though the wallet has the status that the request is approved. There's a bot on the phone. You guys have gone bad! You used to be better.
  18. infoorm
    February 26
    No withdrawal
    I made a deposit and after a month I got in the black and decided to withdraw part of it. But I failed. They would not let me withdraw the money. The manager says that the amount is small. I traded and saved some more. I applied for the service one month later (balance increased by 2,5 times, this is for sure). 3 days later my application was considered and then was refused for unknown reasons. Tried to get an answer to see what to fix - in response the account was suspended. I am very angry!!! It's not just for the money but for the time wasted!!! BTCEX, have some conscience at the end of the day!
  19. NewApproach
    February 18
    Suitable for beginners!!!
    I have no complaints about the work of the site. It is convenient that all the tools are in a prominent place. If you don't understand crypto trading, then figuring it out on BTCEX is no problem.
  20. Alex775577
    January 27
    A complete scam!
    I started to trade with $500. Such a low start gave me a profit of $51. But my joy was short. I started to lose, it was strange that the process did not depend on which way the market was moving. Doubts overcame me and I tried to withdraw all my funds from my account in BTCEX. It turned out that I hadn't completed something, that's what tech support explained to me. So my account was blocked. My password now doesn't work and they won't help me change it. That's the kind of "customer care", don't go to these scammers.

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