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The official platform is bilingual, with Spanish set by default, which can be switched to English. The company’s website does not provide for customer feedback. On the home page, there is a link to the Spanish-language BULLX2 Telegram channel, which also does not allow contacting the technical support of the investment fund. The Telegram Channel indicates the owner of the site is BULLX2 LTD, which is registered in London. There is no confirmation of the owner’s registration in the UK on the project’s website.

Investment Conditions

The customer needs to register on the website and make a deposit in cryptocurrency. In the account, you can make deposits and withdrawals via a cryptocurrency wallet. You can withdraw your income at any time with a 4% withdrawal fee.

The website page with tutorial information is not available. There is no technical support for client investors on the website.

BULLX2 promises to pay out a daily income of 1% until your investment is doubled. Once this goal is reached, your contract will expire.


Would investing in BULLX2 offer the best returns?

Cooperation will turn out to be a loss of money because it is a risky HYIP. There's not even any contact with technical support.

Does BULLX2 carry out withdrawals?

In the reviews, customers write about not being able to withdraw their money. You can only make deposits in your account. Describe your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on bullx2.com?

The risk of fraud is high. This is evident both in the cheap design of the official website and in the company's unclear income conditions.

What's the best way to share my experience with BULLX2?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if BULLX2 is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Minimum deposit: 50$
Affiliate program: Referral
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies
Yield: 1%
Legend: cryptocurrency
Investment term: long
Payment period: daily
Automatic reinvestment: No

25 reviews about BULLX2

  1. Evil
    March 21
    Doesn't exist any more
    the site's not avaliable now. seems like a total scam, happines was not lasting for a long time, it was predictable. Do not trust such "investment companies" with daily 1% income - they're liers!
  2. ealchin
    June 30
    Honest Fund
    Already doubled my deposit on this platform. I can see that there will be good results from cooperation with it. BullX2 honestly executes agreements and gives earnings. It definitely deserves a solid 5.
  3. Hikkk
    June 19
    Scammers will cheat you
    I don't advise anyone to invest here, there will be no profit for sure. The crooks scammed my mother, taking advantage of her gullibility and desire to start earning money on crypto. First, she withdrew the interest and then she transferred a large amount to her BullX2 account. The fund set up a technical glitch and the account went to zero. That was all her savings for a couple of decades.
  4. anry
    June 19
    The company is on my blacklist
    This is a fraudulent investment project which for some reason calls itself British. In fact, it's just the usual crooks from Spain who have been fooling people for years. They create new HYIPs every time. After investing in this company they do not let you withdraw the money. The fund allows you to withdraw money almost a year after the money was invested in BullX2, but the company itself is just over three months old! Investors are promised returns of 30% per month, which is simply unbelievable and a sensible person adequately understands that there is no such investment. Look carefully at this company on known forums, you will see that no one makes any real money here.
  5. Irbis
    June 14
    I'm in a panic
    The website hasn't been open to me for two days now. Does everyone have access?
  6. Angelic
    June 7
    Lost a deposit
    The project interested me. I made a deposit of $100. I did not get any profit. BullX2 does not withdraw my deposit.
  7. galax
    June 3
    Not suitable for beginners
    The performance of this HYIP is pleasing, but it is hardly suitable for beginners. Because the interest in BullX2 is medium, you have to invest 1500 euros and more to earn a good profit. Not everyone will be able to pull out such an amount from the start. We will have to test on another platform first, to raise capital, and then to invest.
  8. David
    May 31
    Nothing new, just scammers
    BullX2 is a classic financial scam wrapped in a cryptocurrency shell. If you are not already participating and have not entered the project at an early stage, you have missed your chance. Now you will definitely earn nothing there, but you will be just fodder and meat for those who came before you. Because it's all a trivial Ponzi scheme and the fun music won't play for long. You can safely forget about this company, the train has left, and if you want to catch up with it, you will only fall into a puddle. These are all metaphors, but to put it bluntly, you will be giving your money and getting nothing in return. Again, just think about it, is it possible to make that much money from cryptocurrency? Who is the funding source for the people who get the money for the project? It's that simple and obvious. The customers at BullX2 are being scammed, and of that, I'm sure for sure. Why feed money to those who create such scams? Which don't look like scams, but at their core they are scams. You will definitely regret spending your time and money on it.
  9. Buks
    May 30
    Judging by the calculator, it is a piggy bank at all
    I read on BULLX2 that the yield is 100% for 200 days or 0.5% per day. Well, in fact, it is an average yield still.
  10. Murdoc
    May 27
    This Ponzi scheme scam is illegal.
  11. geor
    May 17
    Financial Scam
    Attempts to contact BullX2 have come to nothing. However, this is now that I have encountered withdrawal problems. Before that, the company was trying to appear to be legit. As far as I understand, this is done so on purpose so that a client does not realize for a long time that they got into a financial scam and continued to invest in crypto assets. I lost almost 2,000 dollars in total.
  12. Oooxi
    May 17
    I like it
    Nothing better, moreover 30% a month is very profitable. I understood it quickly once I had examined a number of other offers available on the Internet. In particular, I studied various HYIPs with high interest. I do not play with such, but I entrusted $2,700 to BullX2. Now I have more than $1,500 in profit and I get money for referrals. After such a successful start in online investing, I can clearly say that it is possible to make money online. Including making excellent passive profits on cryptocurrency. But you have to work at it all, and constantly, not to relax.
  13. Diamond
    May 14
    I didn't know about the launch of the HYIP
    I guess before the project was distributed only among Spanish-speaking audiences since no one knew about it. It turns out that during the first month of BULLX2 in this HYIP investors have invested more than $283 thousand. at the end of the first month the fund processed withdrawal transactions amounting to more than 10134.93 dollars. The company reports this in its telegram channel.
  14. iiii84
    May 13
    The big risk for the investor
    Life is full of risks, many people think: why shouldn't I and BullX2 take a risk? But still, you better think at least a little bit about your investments.
  15. dragon
    May 13
    Risk warning
    I do not advise you to open a deposit with Bullx2, I am sharing information on where not to invest your money. Remember that all decisions are up to you! Think about what you are doing.
  16. Forumer
    May 10
    It's a scam
    I won't believe any more empty promises, it's costing my budget too much. BullX2 has robbed me of all my savings. I believed the offer and lost money as a result. This is a complete scam.
  17. Vinchester
    May 7
    DO NOT INVEST! you will be scammed in bullx2.com!
  18. AllMy
    April 30
    Where is technical support?
    My site BULLX2 opens via VPN-ip France, but it is impossible to get into the office because ip changed and asked to enter a pin code, sent to the email, but it does not come to the email, and support does not respond.
  19. DNick
    April 23
    Investor profit
    If I understand correctly, on BULLX2 the deposit is included in the accruals and is not refundable, i.e. the return is 100% for 200 days, correct? Not much for a HYIP.
  20. rfc-88
    April 12
    The scam
    I had to go to professional lawyers to help me with a chargeback from BullX2. They are the only ones I have hope for because, in a good way, these scammers certainly don't understand. They just don't answer my messages. Already wrote them a couple dozen letters.
  21. Chance
    March 30
    A trivial hoax
    You could have come up with a more interesting site. As it is, I see an extremely unsuccessful Ponzi scheme with a 30 percent return per month in front of me. The fund advertises itself perfectly, providing an opportunity to invest money in a rather poor site. But you and I can find nothing but emptiness in BullX2, hence you can't get any money out of it either. And mostly on the Internet, I see comments that many investors have lost their savings here. There are a lot of advertisements. In general, I would recommend not to pay attention to these kind of things, to avoid them. You will save your nerves this way and your investment will also be saved.
  22. Milah
    March 27
    Scammers deceived me
    If someone had told me a couple of years ago that I would invest in HYIPs I would not have believed it. But now I understand that I was cheated at BullX2. I think you can make good money here.
  23. Crash
    March 26
    Can't make a return on investment
    I had a good opinion of Bullx2 but only until I decided to withdraw funds from this platform. The scammers were unresponsive at first and then completely blocked me from logging in to my personal account. So much for the turnaround. I was relying on the fund and trusted it with a large sum of money and it turned out to be a scammer. What am I supposed to do now?
  24. meomjt
    March 26
    Can't withdraw the deposit
    Hi! Can you tell me where to find the pin code for withdrawal to BULLX2?
  25. Ponor
    March 21
    The fund does not pay
    Attention Bull X2 - turned out to be a fraudulent scheme! The project has stopped paying and is liable to investors. The fund now has a current value of only $500 and the VIP fund can only be accessed with an investment of at least $500. If you are a victim, demand reports on the company's financial activity. Be vigilant and do not invest any more money in this scheme.

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