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Cap Group Finance does not provide any information about its place of registration or actual address. Despite this, the broker claims the project was founded in 2005, and more than 1 million users worldwide have already become clients. As for the domain, it was registered only in October 2023. It is worth noting that the project has neither a legal address nor a license. Finally, the website has no rules and regulations regarding the company’s customer service.

Does such a legal entity exist? Is it safe for you to trade here? We will try to understand this service and draw conclusions about what kind of company it is and whether it can be trusted.

Trading Conditions

Cap Group Finance provides clients with a proprietary platform that works on desktop and mobile devices. The broker claims that this terminal is world-renowned, that it has received “Many awards in the Forex market”, and that the platform processes 18 thousand orders per day. However, there is no documentary confirmation of this information. You can trade here with CFDs, cryptocurrencies, futures, stocks, currency pairs, and commodities.

The broker provides users with trading signals from verified experts. You can choose and open an account from the following tariff plan options:

  • Bronze from $5,000 – Leverage 1:100, 5% discount on existing commissions (spread/SVOP).
  • Silver from $15,000 – Leverage 1:100, 10% discount on existing commissions (spread/SVOP), Advanced VOD level.
  • Gold from $50,000 – Leverage 1:200, 20% discount on existing commissions (spread/SVOP), Advanced VOD level, Personal Assistant, 1 Risk-free trade.
  • Platinum from $100,000 – 1:300 leverage, 30% discount on existing commissions (spread/SVOP), Advanced VOD, Personal Assistant, 3 Risk-free trading, Access to the trading room, Individual account.
  • Diamond from $250,000 – 1:300 leverage, 40% discount on existing commissions (spread/SVOP), Advanced VOD level, Personal Assistant, 3 Risk-free trading, Trading Room Access, Trading Specialist, Individual account.
  • Premium from $500,000 – 1:300 leverage, 60% discount on existing commissions (spread/SVOP), Advanced VOD level, Personal Assistant, 3 Risk-free trading, Access to trading room, Specialist Trader, Individual account.
  • VIP from $1,000,000 – Individual leverage, 90% discount on existing commissions (spread/SVOP), Advanced VOD level, Personal Assistant, 3 Risk-free trading, Access to trading room, Trading Specialist, Individual account.

All Cap Group Finance clients receive access to the webinar, CMTrading ebook, and social trading options. The broker does not publicly disclose the withdrawal procedure and deposit methods.

You won’t be able to see the user agreement before registering. First, you have to fill out a feedback form where you specify your contacts. It may serve to collect confidential information about visitors. 

Analytics is represented by a table of all markets linked to the TradingView platform. Cap Group Finance offers site visitors 4 articles on the “Blog” page and a beginner’s guide to Forex basics. Round-the-clock support for traders is provided through the feedback form.


Would investing in Cap Group Finance offer the best returns?

You should not trust the promises of an anonymous company about possible profits. It is more likely that there will indeed be income, but not for you, but for the creators of this dubious platform. You are more likely to lose your invested money on an unknown terminal with risky CFD trading.

Does Cap Group Finance carry out withdrawals?

Based on the analysis of the services, we assume that your money is only moving towards the pockets of the platform owner. Former clients are extremely negative towards this company, which denies traders withdrawals under various pretexts. Please share your opinion, and write in the comments about your trading experience on this platform.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the risk of fraud and loss of funds on this platform is very high. The broker does not provide information on the site about its location, licenses, and regulations. The main web resource of the company consists of only a few primitive pages and looks more like a business card of some small firm than the site of a serious financial organization with a million clients.

What's the best way to share my experience with Cap Group Finance?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:300
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Cap Group Finance

  1. Simon Burns
    February 26
    Coerced my terminally ill father into handing over serious sums of money. DO NOT trade with this company. I note at the time of typing this their website has gone down (26.02.24). DO NOT USE.
  2. Betsy Wambua
    January 28
    Hi ,

    I am so sorry to hear this
    I Was a victim of the same company but they masquerades as ISA banking.They are still defrauding people as the authorities watch.Its a very sad situation.
    I empathise with you and only hope that justice will prevail.These are very intelligent scammers who have declared immunity against the authorities.Thats why people are still suffering
  3. Betsy Wambua
    January 28
    This is a very sad situation.This broker was previously named Isa banking and recently changed to Cap finance group.I find it hard to believe that the relevant authorities , cyber security, police cannot arrest these fraudsters.I was asked to deposit money and convinced to use my revolut account where I deposited money and they somehow managed to steal all of it.How can gangsters like these have so much immunity? People continue to lose their money while authorities watch them thrive.I lost alot and my case is yet to be concluded on the investigation.Please refrain from dealing with them.After stealing your money they call you to mock you and ask you how trading is going.
  4. Angelika West
    January 18
    I recently tried to follow an add from the investments guru that was backed by Elon Musk, only to be directed to Cap Group Finance. I decided to invest £200 and being told that the money could give me a monthly income of around £300 to 500 and I then had a lady taking over, calling herself Monica Allen, who encouraged me to open a Revolut account to be able to transfer the Crypto into that account and get it changed into GBP. However, this transaction requires a crypto wallet which I don't have and after asking Monica for info as to acquiring a wallet. Since then there has been no further communication and I am afraid that I have been the victim of a scam. Outrageous as I was under the impression that the investment was on a genuine platform that is backed by Elon Musk. These people should be taken to court for fraud.
  5. Alex Smash
    December 5
    I do not recommend this broker
    I had an unpleasant situation with this broker when I closed a large lot in profit for 3 thousand euros, and after some time I saw that it is open and is already in the loss zone. I could not open it again under the same order number. I had to open the order again to save at least something on the account, and my appeal to support was of no use, who will confess to such interference in the client's trading?! I don't work with Cap Group Finance anymore and I don't advise you to do the same.
  6. MasaM
    November 15
    I am contemplating a change of resource
    This broker has ‌flawless work only for the deposit of funds into the account. All other functions this firm could improve. I ordered three withdrawals: the broker made the first withdrawal quickly, but the next two were processed for a very long time, more than two weeks. Also, several times the price flew past the stop loss, making me an even bigger loss.
  7. Beach
    November 9
    I can't withdraw funds
    I've been trying to withdraw $6,300 from for 1.5 months, but every time the operators ask me for new bank details. Their response is the standard, "your request is in development"...
  8. vazhe
    November 5
    My experience
    I have been cooperating with this company for several months and during all this time I have not had any complaints! The platform is developed competently, everything works clearly, consultants answer confidently - in a word, everyone here works professionally. I like the service in the company👍 I always get a prompt answer to any of my questions, any problem is solved very quickly. I was pleased with different tools and expert support - as a person who had been burned a couple of times in brokerage companies, it was important for me to try and understand all the mechanisms of work. So I was very satisfied after my first profit on the minimum deposit, even though it was not high enough. Now I am trading on the second level with a $15,000 deposit and I want to do further education on crypto scalping - good thing there is an opportunity for that, as Cap Group Finance provides a lot of information for clients. I believe that after a while I will be making much more profit! Together with the company I am growing and developing, and it is not only about the material side of the issue, but also about intellectual development.
  9. Profit
    November 1
    I was robbed
    The broker canceled my most profitable trades, and I ordered to withdraw almost 8 thousand euros, which I had left on the deposit. But the company doesn't want to pay out even my remaining money. They are scammers😥 They never want to part with their clients' money...
  10. olein
    October 29
    You should not trade on forex with small amounts of money
    I would like to thank the staff of the company for their attentive attitude to clients and excellent work. Thanks to the technical support department I always quickly solved any of my trading problems. And to all traders who criticize this platform for a large amount of initial deposit, I want to remind you that in New York "serious earnings" of a trader starts from several hundred thousand dollars if you want to trade on Forex with profit. But precisely because "investors" are mostly not as "serious", i.e. they are more likely to want to make a million from a couple of dollars - even relatively good brokerage companies have to set large limits on account opening. I have been working with Cap Group Finance for 1.5 months and I have never had any problems with either deposit or withdrawal. And I did not start trading with a minimum account. So, if you do not want to trade seriously, then leave your change for McDonald, and come to the USA with a suitcase of money. I wish good luck to all of you friends in trading! And read about who investors are and what kind of money you need for forex. I wish you financial prosperity and success!
  11. Paul Seven
    October 29
    I almost fell victim to scammers
    I registered on and I immediately started getting calls from representatives of the company and persuaded me to deposit more money. Yes, I was a bit confused by such a large amount of the initial deposit. I already wanted to transfer 10 thousand dollars, but my bank blocked the transaction as suspicious. I was sent a notice about this company which is blacklisted by the US regulator. Thanks to the bank that saved me from rash actions.
  12. quetyn
    October 25
    There are all the signs of a scam
    I saw this platform online and got interested in the social trading service. I wrote some questions to the broker. As I understood from the reply even after registration I will get minimum information about the company itself. Then I consulted with my financial expert and he told me that Cap Group Finance has all the signs of a scammer, they do not tell anything about themselves, why such anonymity?!! Financial services should always be transparent and regulated by official bodies. If the broker is transparent and safe, it should tell us at least a little about itself and send me a detailed answer to all my questions about the license, office address, certificate of registration, etc. Otherwise, it turns out that I have to send my data to an unknown person when registering, trust a lot of money, and in return I don't even learn anything about the broker! Some kind of strange conspiracy?! Of course, I did not open an account and deposit money, because I immediately suspected a scam, and I do not advise anyone to contact such a dubious company.
  13. dvg
    October 25
    I read the reviews
    I registered a month ago on this platform. Almost immediately I got a call from a representative of the company and asked me to spare 15 minutes at the computer. I said I couldn't at the moment. The manager called me every day for the past month. I did not answer, as I did not want to communicate with him, and there was no free amount of 5 thousand dollars. But I was embarrassed in front of this manager. He called me and wrote to my e-mail (then I noticed that he writes from Cap Group Finance). Although I had already chosen another broker, this man patiently waited for my answer when I had time. Why did he need me so much if the extra income was of interest to me??! Nevertheless, I decided that I would give him 15 minutes. But it occurred to me that I should read reviews about this broker. I was horrified at how many people they had cheated! I responded by email with something like this: "I read about your company, I will not work with you, do not call and do not write to me, please, so as not to waste your time or mine". That's how it was, short and clear. Two days passed. There were no calls or letters.

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