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Capitalix is managed by 4Square SY Ltd, registered in Seychelles. Besides, 4Square (CY) Ltd acts as a payment agent, it is registered in Cyprus. It should be noted that the brokerage company is regulated by FSA rules. However, the creators of the project did not disclose its history or start date. As for the domain, it was registered in 2010 and updated in September 2023.

How does this broker deal with safe trading? Should you invest your funds here? Our review will help you objectively assess the reliability of the project.

Trading Conditions

Trading and quote analysis are performed on the Capitalix author’s web platform embedded in the client’s cabinet. The platform supports web versions on PC browsers and mobile devices. The company offers more than 350 tradable assets, including forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Capitalix claims that clients’ money is kept in isolated accounts at large Tier 1 banks.

Clients can use:

  • A demo account with a virtual deposit.
  • One of three account types, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • Bonus on the first deposit – from 20 to 100%.

Capitalix does not disclose the minimum deposit requirements for different types of trading plans. Spreads depend on the selected instrument and start from 0.3 pips.

Capitalix does not provide services to residents of certain jurisdictions, including the USA and Canada. The language panel supports 10 languages.

A form to request a callback and a Telegram chat link are available on the website for communicating with Capitalix’s support team. In addition, clients have access to educational materials, an economic calendar, daily market analysis, and a news feed with real-time updates.


Would investing in Capitalix offer the best returns?

It is unlikely that you will make a profit with an offshore broker, rather you will lose your deposit here. By the restrictions of European regulators, exchange intermediaries are not allowed to offer their clients CFD trading with leverage of more than 1:30 and bonuses, as they increase the risk of losing the investment.

Does Capitalix carry out withdrawals?

We have analyzed the Terms and Conditions of the company and learned that it can unilaterally close the client's access to the platform. Therefore, you have no guarantee of withdrawals, which is confirmed by the reviews about this broker. If you have already traded on this platform, we ask you to leave a comment.

May I be scammed on

Self-promotion of the broker makes up most of the information on the site. Clients in their reviews deny the low commissions and the merits of the platform. The FSA license was issued to the company only in May 2023, besides, the offshore regulator does not impose any requirements on the trading platform, liquidity providers, and other important aspects of trading. Therefore, you should not entrust your funds to such a dubious intermediary.

What's the best way to share my experience with

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How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: FSA
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Capitalix

  1. P. Studer
    March 11
    SCAM Group!
    An meiner sichte ist reiner scam !
    Eine FSA license ist so gut wie nicht geregelt "Offshore" (für den verkauf von Badeshuhen OK) . Viele nahmhafet Broker haben teilewiese auch eine FSA Licens aber aber aucheine vielzahl streng regulirte Lizensen! ACHTUNG: Bei könnte eine gössere ScamGrupe dahinter stecken ...

    Spread und Bonus ist überteruert und schlecht. Die Tools die sie anbiten weiss eine schlechte Qalitaät aus.. 2FA wird nicht angeboten somit interesiert Capitalix die sichreheit nicht. Daher wird auf dieser Plafform vermutlich auch nicht an der Börse gehandelt und ist ales nur simuliert.

    Capitalix hat auch eine gülitgen Kontaktaden Plaziert ! Die Telefonnummern wurden ist irgewo in Call Center aber hat nicht mit Capitalix zu thun !!!

    Das Geld ist hier nicht sicher. Das geld wird man verlieren und kann man es auch verbrenenn nur mit den unterschied das man wäre erzeugt und etwas hat!
  2. Sk3cher
    February 4
    You can earn
    The terminal is convenient at this broker. Every beginner can quickly understand it, as there is nothing complicated in the program. I spent only one day getting completely accustomed to the trading terminal and starting confidently making transactions. I need to make a competent chart analysis + place limit orders clearly according to risk management. The platform meets all my requirements.
  3. Wald
    January 29
    It's impossible to trade here
    I registered here and looked at the internal interface of my personal cabinet and trading platform. It took me 20 minutes to realize - it's a complete horror, and I was left with the impression that the broker made the site for 1 dollar and bought the domain for 10. Design, functionality - it is all template and cheap, the platform is backward, you won't connect advisors, you won't be able to do scalping. The only thing that makes me happy is that Capitalix representatives don't bore me with calls.
  4. sunshine
    January 26
    I got unnatural losses
    I can show you screenshots to prove how the charts on the platform of this scam broker differ from the charts of other sources - the differences are huge, because of which I lost money and got loss after loss, I lost €5K in a week!
  5. Homeless
    January 22
    I made a mistake in my choice - it's a SCAM!!!
    I thought I had found a reliable additional source of income, but in the end, I spent all my money on scammers. I lost $20,000, the broker refuses to pay me back and capitalix administration does not contact me. So these are the usual scammers, crooks, and other evil things, which there are so many of on the Internet. I realize that there is no way to get my money back. I can't do anything about it...
  6. TTLuck2017
    January 17
    The broker always fulfills its obligations
    The main quality that a broker should have is its solvency. Clients need the company to guarantee the withdrawal of money, allow traders to earn independently in the market, and they can withdraw these profits to their bank accounts. This is the kind of broker that's considered worthy of consideration to start trading. You know that it is risky to open an account with an unknown company. I was also a bit apprehensive when I opened an account with Capitalix. But I tried trading with small amounts, I withdrew small profits always without any problems. Thus, my confidence in the platform increased with each transaction. Now I make requests for withdrawal amounts from $500-1000 at a time. The money is withdrawn just as well as before when I ordered $100-150 at a time. I have never had to wait for a long time.
  7. ole
    January 8
    A lot of negative signs
    The company has an offshore license, 1:200 leverage, and deposit bonuses - you can immediately see a whole set of fraudulent techniques and signs on Dear traders, you do not need to come here, it is a 100% scam, and you will not only lose money, but also your time...
  8. artiiman
    January 2
    I check the withdrawal of funds
    I've been waiting for more than a week for my withdrawal request to be processed, the amount is only $200, and my deposit is about $720. This $200 I earned on currency pairs trading. I decided to test the profit withdrawal and wanted to be happy with my earnings. However, unfortunately, the money is not withdrawn from capitalix. This is strange because I have successfully verified my identity and provided all the required documents to the security service. I find it even more strange and suspicious that no one answers my calls to technical support. Phones are silent, e-mail letters don't come. The broker's behavior reminds me of a blatant scam, I feel like I have lost my money.
  9. InvestMage
    December 18
    I can't get my money back
    I looked at all the documents of this project, and it seems to be working since 2010, there are two offices, one in Cyprus, there is a licence, segregated accounts, the money is supposedly kept in isolated accounts, that is not in one bank account of the company, and the banks where the money is kept are some of the best. I had no idea what the risks could be here?! However, it turned out that everything here is not so smooth. At first, my trading was not very stable on - there were lags, constant programme crashes, and orders were executed with a constant delay, because of which I often got a loss even more than I planned to make a profit. I also noticed that the quotes on capitalix did not fully correspond to what I was looking at in other sources. Half of my deposit of $2,000 was drained in three days, I put the other half of $986 to withdraw, and I've been waiting two weeks for this withdrawal. Is this situation standard? No, these are bad signs, they indicate that I most likely fell into a scam in the form of capitalix.
  10. lanita
    December 4
    Professional technical support
    I can say that Capitalx has one big and undeniable plus compared to its competitors. At the very least, it's the presence of professional tech support. And these are not just operators who usually redirect calls to each other. No. Real professionals work at Capitalix! I can tell from the answers of the consultants that they have experience in trading and can tell any client how to act in this or that situation. And the main thing is that there is no ignoring. Operators communicate exceptionally politely 👍 I contacted technical support many times when I started working on this terminal, and all the employees of the broker helped me very quickly and competently. I think that they are very useful for beginner traders, who do not know how to work on the forex market 😊
  11. katri
    December 4
    Many minuses here
    High commissions, uncomfortable platform, lack of Islamic account - you will find all that on this site. But the most important disadvantage is that the company is located in an offshore zone. Regulation by the local FSA does not play a special role for us Europeans to choose a reliable resource for trading.
  12. rifga
    December 1
    Another scam
    I lost about 3.5K euros on this site for various reasons: slippages, unexpectedly increased spreads. In addition, there are extra fees regularly - insurance, taxes and so on. Although I didn't need a manager, Capitalix imposed this service, and a personal analyst helped me ‌drain my deposit faster. However, I'm not sure I would have made money on my own - this terminal is run by crooks who set up technical glitches and other tricks to take clients' money for themselves.
  13. scooter
    November 27
    My positive experience
    Hi friends, I have an exceptionally positive opinion about this brokerage company. Firstly, I will tell you about the withdrawal of funds. I make it to a bank card (I am in Portugal, so you understand who I am), and the withdrawal to Visa card is done without problems. I withdraw money usually once a month, sometimes more often if the profit is very big or I need the money very urgently. Withdrawal of funds does not take long, the transaction does not take much time, usually not more than 24 hours, sometimes the broker sends money within 1-2 hours. If you make withdrawals via bank transfer, it is understandable that the transaction will take up to 3 working days, but this is the bank’s problem, not the broker. I hope that we have sorted out the withdrawal and everything is clear to you, this process is the most important 😀 Now I want to share with you my opinion about conditions and technical performance. I have never had a terminal freeze, it's true 😎 Execution is lightning fast, at the highest level, you can quickly enter and quickly exit the trade. I don't know how scalping deals will be, I don't do it and can't judge. Spreads and commissions: you don't have to pay anything extra, there is only the spread. The exact size of the spread is specified in the table in the price list on the website. You can compare the prices with the prices of other brokers and you will conclude the savings. Spreads here were more favourable than at my previous broker, so I was happy to trade on this resource. The number of assets is diverse, I have something to trade with, and all the necessary tools are available at the broker. Capitalize has a modern platform, the company operates officially, and according to the law, it has the necessary licenses.
  14. AlexGi
    November 9
    Manipulated platform
    I did not like the conditions for trading: this terminal freezes, charts move chaotically, not in real time. Tech support responds slowly, operators answer questions evasively :( when I ask about withdrawal, they can't define a specific timeframe for processing my request :( I regret that I got in touch with this company :( there is terrible manipulation and irresponsible administration on capitalix.
  15. player
    November 5
    There is zero information about this company on the internet
    Each of us now can make a website where we can advertise ourselves. But is that how we will succeed?! I can say about the founders of capitalix that they did - they wrote a huge pile of positive things about themselves, promises of great conditions, and other good things. The content on the site encourages you to believe in easy earnings, every page of is overflowing with calls for clients to register and all texts tell us that this is the place where any beginner can earn money. But what do we see in reality? If you search for information about this company on Google, you will find almost nothing! And if a brokerage company tries to position itself as one of the world leaders in the trading sphere, it should be known about it in the network. And here - nothing. The Telegram channel is a bot that will answer your questions, and you can't communicate with your colleagues there... I draw a simple conclusion from all the facts: capitalix is a one-day company, and its aggressive advertising is aimed at siphoning money from clients. And there are no other goals! There are countless such resources appearing and disappearing on the Internet every day.
  16. Annadee
    November 1
    The analyst helps me to drain my deposit
    I had a conversation with a specialist who gave me settings to work with after my registration and deposit. He was a personal analyst with a lot of experience in trading. I did everything as he said and in the first three days I lost $850, then another $375. I complained to the administration and they replied to my indignation that I was unlucky these days, that the market was so volatile, and that it was my own fault because when opening an account I read the rules of using the platform and I ticked the box that I take full responsibility for losses.
  17. Bender
    November 1
    Capitalix has already cheated a lot of traders, and I am among them!!! My account with 12 thousand dollars this broker blocked without explaining to me the reason.

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