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The trading platform is managed by Cauvo Brokerage Mauritius LTD. The owners of the CauvoCapital website claim that the brokerage firm is registered in Mauritius and has a license from an offshore regulator, but there is no documentary evidence of this. In addition, the company does not disclose any information about the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered in Iceland in October 2022. Finally, access to the site is restricted in some jurisdictions, including the US territory.

Does the broker inspire trust? Do clients confirm its good reputation in their reviews? We will check the functionality of the platform, and the legal basis of the company’s activities and share our conclusions about the safety of cooperation with it.

Trading Conditions

The terminal is adapted for all types of mobile devices and PCs. Assets available to users for trading at CauvoCapital include securities, indices, currency pairs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The broker offers clients to use one of 8 pricing plans:

  1. Beginner $500 – basic market access, one-click trading, mobile apps, free education, web trading.
  2. Basic $5,000 – same services as Beginner.
  3. Trader $20,000 – plus market updates.
  4. Premium $50,000 – additional special support, exclusive market updates, personalized SMS alerts, and push notifications.
  5. Premium Pro $100,000 – full market access, one-click trading, account manager, no additional commissions, daily analysis, free installment plan.
  6. Investor $250,000 – full access to the market and all similar conditions as in the Premium tariff.
  7. Expert $1,000,000 – list of services is available upon the client’s request.
  8. VIP $1,000,000 – on request access to new features, better pricing, priority support, and exclusive events from the VIP manager.

The tariff plans include an Islamic account where there are no swaps. However, all Muslim clients at CauvoCapital pay margin and administration fees.

The MasterCard and Visa logos appear in the footer of the website. However, there is no information about which cryptocurrency wallets or payment systems a client needs to use to withdraw money. 

The organization provides traders with analytical materials. The website has a page with news and stock market analysis that is updated every day. Clients are also provided with daily charts, video reviews, free e-books, an econ calendar, and training programs. CauvoCapital supports 15 languages and you can use online chat for communication.


Would investing in CauvoCapital offer the best returns?

You can lose your money rather than earn a profit on risky CFD trading. The terminal is created by the company itself, most likely it saves its budget for maintenance from MetaTrader. You should not trade on an unknown platform.

Does CauvoCapital carry out withdrawals?

The withdrawal process is not even specified by the broker, it is unlikely that you will succeed. As follows from the reviews, clients do not trust the company and complain about unfulfilled deposit withdrawal requests.

May I be scammed on

The company has no license, its website has a fresh domain and is designed on the simplest template in an outdated design. This is typical of scammers.

What's the best way to share my experience with CauvoCapital?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if CauvoCapital is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: FSC Mauritius
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about CauvoCapital

  1. Adil
    October 12
    cauvo capital
    absolute scam, lost 25k$
  2. noflet
    August 16
    It's much worse than I expected
    The brokerage company did not make a good impression on me. I was hoping to see top-notch service, those favorable conditions that are repeatedly described on the official website. But here's what in the end? Nothing good. Stupid and inadequate managers, large spreads, poor work of the trading platform, and so on. Everything that I wanted to find here as advantages, actually turned out to be only disadvantages.
  3. Vaps
    August 10
    You will get profits along with a lot of emotional strain
    With Cauvocapital I have already earned more than 10k dollars:), so I am very satisfied and want to leave a review. Although there were a lot of nervous moments in trading, and several times I really wanted to quit everything. If it wasn't for the manager, I would never have gotten my trading to this level. That is why I still have strong emotions. Of course, in six months I have already made sure that they do not cheat, but the risks are very high. I will tell you that the company is normal, everything works as it should, but not everyone is morally ready to trade, as I have seen from my own experience. To earn money on Forex, I have to put a lot of effort, definitely not less than in any other job.
  4. Kody
    August 2
    This account can be used only by the rich
    You may be stunned by the amount that the broker calls minimum deposits in the tariff plans:(
  5. kosa
    July 27
    The trading terminal is invented by scammers
    The platform works like a toy on your phone, where you invest money to get game coins and bonuses, but in fact, you have no profit from this process and only lose your investment. The principle of operation of this terminal is exactly the same and differs only in the fact that they try to prove to you that you are trading on the real market. I was convinced of this, having lost more than 6 thousand dollars here.
  6. Vendy Tilki
    July 14
    Dangerous service
    I decided to trade cryptocurrency here, but my profit and initial deposit in my brokerage account disappeared before my eyes. As long as the money is not in your wallet/card, it's not your money. So don't assume that if you haven't been scammed by CauvoCapital broker yet, then it won't do so in the future.
  7. Max
    July 7
    The company is young and not clear yet
    I would like to express my own opinion that during my work I have only minor remarks to the broker. I have been trading with cauvocapital for about 4 months. I can provide my account number if you'd like to check. I have had some strange situations where the company has made me nervous. As early as 2 months ago I was required to re-verify. After that, they checked my documents for a few days and asked for additional proof twice. But then everything ended well and so far there are no problems. But I still feel anxious.
  8. Phil Moose
    July 1
    I would like to improve some details
    This broker has just a few shortcomings that I feel I need to mention: the platform is not suitable for robot trading, no cent account, no instant deposit withdrawal.
  9. Allen
    June 25
    I don't want to cooperate anymore
    I made a deposit withdrawal, and the process took 13 days!!! I wrote to support 3 times, and they answered me quickly but only asked me to wait. I read reviews about CauvoCapital with complaints that it takes longer than a week to withdraw, but until I encountered it myself, I thought, well, a week and so what, unpleasant of course, but nothing terrible happened, but now it's really frayed my nerves. I thought it would turn into a bigger problem, but the money still came. I would like them to fix this problem and this would not happen again, because I have no more claims to SavoCapital. But I will definitely not trade on this site ever again!!!
  10. Solidglass
    June 9
    I believed the fake comments
    I read a couple of positive reviews about the broker, and they turned out to be false. As a result, I invested 5500 dollars and my account was canceled almost immediately. Cauvocapital is a scam!!!!
  11. alex andre
    May 31
    Do not get involved with the broker under any circumstances
    I just foolishly decided to try and lost 840 dollars on crypto trading. You could just increase your capital by scalping on a decent crypto exchange rather than risking it with these scammers.
  12. neko
    April 30
    The managers are quacks
    They will draw you any charts the broker wants.... Brazenly drained my deposit... I decided to enter a large volume in the deal, and everything was going well, the price was growing in my direction... but suddenly my stop loss was suddenly knocked down.... and my deposit lost half of it..... I went to another terminal and made sure that the quotes were stable there.... so I was convinced that managers have everything in their hands on their own terminal, that's why they do such tricks.....
  13. Nokia
    April 24
    Service at a high level
    I trade quite large volumes, and to come to this I had to look for a good company through which it would be safe to work. Cauvocapital broker is suitable for large investments, I have been convinced of this more than once. Instant execution of orders, which is very important for my investments, because with every second you can lose your money. Support service cauvocapital causes me only positive emotions, you can see that they work with good specialists who are knowledgeable in any matter. All the problems I had were solved very quickly, and after that, I was asked several times whether my issue was resolved. Such moments are very pleasant for me, and for this, I appreciate the broker. I can see that it values its clients and does not just show us a beautiful picture on the Internet, but it really is so. For this broker, my rating is the highest!
  14. revolution9
    April 6
    Scammers can be seen by their monotonous style
    The fact that this is a typical scam should be clear to everyone: an offshore company that has no financial supervision in the US, they work on an obscure platform, it's unclear when they started a business, and it's clearly not an old broker. If it was a well-known company, everyone would know about it very well, but it is far from that. Are there really people who trust CauvoCapital, which is trying to portray itself as a reliable brokerage company? I thought people had already developed immunity against such blatant fraudulent schemes.....
  15. Mataxa
    April 2
    Why do you invest money in scams?
    I don't understand how people dare to invest money in such a guaranteed fraudulent trap!?!!!!
  16. Bear196
    February 23
    Another scam
    I registered to see the functionality. I didn't like it, it's primitive. But after that, the consultants from Cauvo Capital called me every day, and when I asked to show some documents, they immediately stopped bothering me. Swindlers are common.
  17. stathem
    February 15
    Unreliable guys
    I kind of want to believe them, but they don't give any guarantees on the site, and ‌the cost of a mistake is too high. I would not invest so much money in a dubious company.
  18. Sun
    February 10
    The broker is a crook
    With it you will definitely lose all your money, I was convinced of the dishonest business. The manager can lure money from you, so I have melted my deposit of $715 under his guidance:(

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