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CGWise does not disclose its legal address of the office location, except that the listed tech support number belongs to a British operator. As for the history of the project, its founders, and the license for financial activity, the company does not even mention them. It is worth noting that the only date we found on the site is 13.02.2020, specified in the company’s internal documents. However, the domain was registered in March 2022 and only renewed at the end of January 2024.

Should you invest in this platform? Our review of the broker’s services and legal documents will answer this question in detail.

Trading Conditions

CGWise provides clients with an author’s platform and “powerful tools,” including Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrency. The broker has developed a bonus program to reward active traders. The company sets a minimum margin as a percentage of the total value of CFDs, which ranges from 0.25% to 100%, corresponding to a maximum leverage of 1:100. CGWise can change the margin amount at any time depending on market conditions.

You can open an account by choosing a suitable account from 4 options. The tariffs differ in the size of the minimum deposit and functionality. CGWise offers the following sets of services for traders of different professional levels:

  • Bronze from $250 – easy access to basic tools to understand markets and strategies.
  • Silver from $25,000 – a set of advanced tools and a comprehensive platform with analytics designed for experienced traders.
  • Gold from $100,000 – priority access to market updates, personalized support, and premium features.
  • Diamond from $500,000 – concierge-level support, premium privileges, and access to exclusive events.

Customers can deposit funds into their accounts via wire transfer, cryptocurrency wallets, and credit cards. Withdrawals can take up to 7 business days; the minimum is $30.

CGWise disclaimers of liability in any jurisdiction for any damages to customers, who must agree to this provision before opening an account. Users, for their part, must answer to the company for each of its claims. 

Of the additional services, CGWise offers customers the long-term benefit of performing banking transactions on the blockchain. You can get a personal wallet for crypto deposits and use digital money for cryptocurrency trading. Finally, there is a News Feed section on the website, but it does not contain any content.


Would investing in CGWise offer the best returns?

You can hardly trust your investments to this anonymous company with a very high risk of capital loss. There is dangerous CFD trading here with opaque trading conditions on a platform operated by someone unknown.

Does CGWise carry out withdrawals?

Studying the legal documentation of the project, we learned that the broker is not responsible to clients for the safety of their funds and does not guarantee a refund. Users' complaints confirm that they often cannot get their money back. Write your comments about your own experience.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the probability of deceiving clients is high, as the website lacks any official documents confirming the legality of the platform. In addition, the company has no license, which means that it cannot work with exchanges, liquidity providers. Finally, the broker disclaims responsibility to users in any jurisdiction in advance.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:100
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

11 reviews about CGWise

  1. alligator
    March 10
    Even beginners won't believe this obvious fraud
    I think that even the most inexperienced traders won't use such a platform. Who will transfer cryptocurrency to an account with a company that was too lazy to write on its website some offshore address and post a retouched scan of the registration?! Who will have hope that this anonymous scammer will withdraw your money back to you with a profit? Cgwise is an outright scam and there's nothing else to it! I sent a link to this site to my friend who has only known crypto for a couple weeks, but even he would not risk trading here, because the service looks very shabby :( The owner of the site does not tell you anything: what are the terms of trading and exchange?! What are the rates of fees?! The scammers offer some other 15% bonus. Nobody knows who they are, is the company registered? And where are the broker's accounts on social networks?! They don't exist! The company is absent on aggregators everywhere, Cgwise brand has no fame, no reputation, and there's also incomprehensible nonsense in reviews. I noticed that some reviews are taken and copied from another similar service, I mean the positive ones. Apparently, the creators-fraudsters are the same, and to save money they take the same reviews and post on all their fraudulent sites. I want to believe that there are no such stupid people who believed in such an obvious scam.
  2. dorrst
    March 10
    I threw 250 dollars into the void
    I feel sorry for my lost money, despite the small amount of money I sent to to earn very little. I wanted to try it to see if it is possible to earn money on this project? However, I still did not succeed in trading, because I quickly lost all 250 dollars, but not through my own fault - the broker canceled several of my orders in a row, I was trading bitcoin in pairs with the euro and the American dollar. And then the operators in support told me that it was not a failure, but a forced closing of trading pairs due to critical liquidity. I think that the managers did it not only with my account, but also with other people's accounts, and now the company's employees are brazenly lying to all of us.
  3. olein
    February 27
    I resent the behavior of the consultants
    The company treats its clients badly, and that's why I don't have a very good opinion of CGWise either. The conditions are not bad for crypto trading, but after the undisguised irritation and rudeness of the employees who answered me on the support phone, I lost the desire to cooperate with them.
  4. Dee Lock
    February 24
    Access to ‌markets is fake
    I am trying to analyze: was my decision to start earning money by sending funds to the account of this website correct? Of course, it wasn't. Otherwise, I wouldn't have lost so much money, I still can't calculate all my financial losses as I made several deposits. In general, I invested here more than €15 thousand, and that's for sure, but there were a lot of small trades on my part, which were related to the transfer of funds. I don't understand - where did my finances go?!!! I lost money as a result of trading various assets, because orders were canceled by representatives of the resource administration after the end of trading, if I briefly tell my story. It turns out that CGWISE brokerage company has the right to do so in accordance with the rules invented by it. Read the user agreement carefully!
  5. jakon
    February 17
    I could not work here
    The broker is absolutely not suitable for profitable trading. The conditions are quite acceptable on CGWise, but their platform is just awful! Slippages and long freezes are a common practice here!!! The terminal can just pause for 5-10 minutes!!! I did not have the patience to work on such an unstable resource!
  6. Sparrow
    February 14
    Unpleasant "surprises"
    I was using 1:100 leverage to increase my profit potential, and suddenly I found out that the broker without prior notice reduced the leverage from 1:100 to 1:10 during a period of high market volatility, which resulted in an instant marginal liquidation of my positions for 4,320 dollars. All my attempts to appeal this decision proved futile, the company rejected all my arguments without explanation.
  7. Super-Andy
    February 14
    If a person values the digital assets he has, and if he does not want to lose them, and if he wants to keep them, to multiply them later or just earn, then he should not pay attention to the offers of cgwise, the said brand does not allow you to trade with profit. The reason for losses is regular fake quotes of trading pairs with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Lightcoin and other popular crypto assets. Even though I bought BTC at $53,000 and then planned to sell at $60,000, ‌my position went into the red, although I didn't expect this scenario as the crypto market was steadily rising in February. What was that?! A common manipulation by scam artists from
  8. Axel
    February 9
    I strongly advise against opening an account here for large sums of money
    I was able to withdraw only 2,500 out of 13,000$. The broker will let you withdraw a maximum of 20% of the deposit amount, and then you will also have problems!!! I've been sending emails to tech support for a month now demanding a full refund of my deposit, but I don't get a reply :(
  9. Hyippie
    February 5
    I realized late that it was a swindle
    I had already lost over £6,500 investing in crypto trading through this platform and that's when I decided to check the broker's license. As it turned out, this company is operating illegally! This was confirmed by my inquiries to the UK regulatory authorities. How could I trust a company that operates outside the law!!!?
  10. Matrin
    February 3
    The company is not responsible for anything!!!
    I started trading with this company last month. I deposited 18,000 dollars and lost almost 6000 dollars in a few minutes! My profitable trade became a losing trade because cgwise widened the spread by 7 times!!! I just couldn't close my profitable position and I had no choice but to close with a loss and I don't know how I can get the balance back now. The broker is not responding to my inquiries. Later, after I read the User Agreement more carefully, I saw that cgwise is not responsible to clients for losses, then I immediately had a question: What are you responsible for? If the server is "down" - it's not your fault, if the terminal is lagging - it's not your fault, if an order doesn't work for a long time - it's not your fault either. Excellent position... Bravo!!! I also read the reviews on the net, and found that many traders complain about the fraud of this broker with quotes! Why didn't I do all this at the right time, before registering an account? - you may ask. Because I saw only positive customer reviews at that time.
  11. joybook
    February 2
    Good earnings on crypto
    I had some problems with my financial plan, but I didn't look for additional income and I didn't waste my precious time on such ways to fill my wallet with money. I decided to make money by investing in a promising cryptocurrency platform. I opened an account for $12,000 with CGWise, and then I traded, although not for a long time yet, but the level of earnings was great! I barely had time to close orders on crypto, mostly on Ripple, and then I added top digital coins, including Ether and Bitcoin. My monthly earnings from trading XRP/USD amounted to about $1,950 on, not bad, right?!

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