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Chronovalor is operated by a British organization headquartered in London. The broker claims that this service has been working for many years and traders use it all over the world. As for the domain, it was registered only in November 2023. Will you find a reliable and secure trading environment on this platform, as promised by the broker in the presentation of their service? We will answer this question after we have conducted research on this site.

Trading Conditions

Chronovalor offers its clients a proprietary web-based trading platform with a variety of functions and ensures that your transactions will be completed at high speed and without problems. The broker specifies the spread separately for each asset before starting trading.

You can open a basic account with a minimum deposit, the amount of which Chronovalor does not specify. In addition, there are 7 tariff plans on the site, which differ in the number of services and the amount of the minimum deposit, as well as an Islamic account. Choose the option that suits you from the following:

  1. BRONZE from €10,000.
  2. SILVER from €25,000.
  3. GOLD from €50,000.
  4. PLATINUM from €100,000.
  5. DIAMOND from €250,000.
  6. PREMIUM from €500,000.
  7. VIP from €1,000,000.

Chronovalor provides all clients with E-books on trading, Social trading, Market reviews, Access to webinars. You can make a deposit by bank transfer, credit/debit card.

Chronovalor does not charge you any fees for the first transaction when depositing funds and for the first withdrawal of money. However, then you will have to pay for all your payment transactions, and the broker does not specify the amount of fees.

Chronovalor offers its clients educational materials and comprehensive educational resources. Market updates are presented on the website in the form of a ticker on the TradingView platform.


Would investing in Chronovalor offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this company is fraught with loss of capital for you. When registering an account, you agree to change the trading conditions without prior notice, accordingly, the broker can block your deposit for any invented reason.

Does Chronovalor carry out withdrawals?

The broker does not specify information about commissions, the timing of crediting funds to the account, or the duration of a money withdrawal. According to the reviews of those traders who had experience working here, they were not always able to withdraw money. Please write your comment.

May I be scammed on

Yes, the probability of a scam is high. This site belongs to a dubious organization that does not have a license for its activities. We see the fact of deliberate misinformation in the fact that they talk about their long-term work and at the same time have a website that is just over one month old.

What's the best way to share my experience with Chronovalor?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 10800$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

22 reviews about Chronovalor

  1. Angela
    March 20
    Lost €2000 of real money. Don't be stupid like me.
    Through an interview with Pieter Omtzigt and Piete Jan Hagens on the internet, I jumped and called Chronovalor. At first, I spoke to Carrie Miller on a +31 number and deposited €250 the John Miller on a +44 number came in with the pressure expecting €10000. When I didn't do that he passed me on to Robert Green who pressured me to add €1800 to make it €2000. They promised me a return of €700 in my account within 3 -5 days.
    In the meantime we made a withdrawal of €25 as 'profit'.
    Then the pressure continued from John to upgrade to €10000. I said no, they are then said I should make it €5000 and they would match that same price and it would be an insured transaction where I would only lose €150 if things got bad.

    Too much pressure led me to opt out of the 'test drive' which I had been promised If I didn't like it, I could withdraw and leave.
    This is where the problem started. They told me to withdraw, I had to have €5000 on my atomic wallet so the coins would be mirrored /synchronised and I would get all this money back. I told them no to depositing any more money.
    The back and forth was so traumatising.
    I am usually sensible but wanting a shortcut brought me here. Never ever do this. I don't know if there is a chance to ever get my money back. The account is now on €6400. But it is in the air.
    Thieves the lot of them. Scammers!!! Don't be so it. Thankfully we can recover. But their day will come.
  2. Cecilia
    March 15
    Fraud and fake
    I invested money in this fake company. When I wanted to quit and get the money I started with back, the telephoneterror started. The dont listen to you, and to make a withdrawal is impossible. Now they call me everyday, (sometimes triceps) but only one signal, and then they hang up. I block every number they are calling from. How can I get some help to make them stop? I understand that getting my money back is impossible, but I really want them to be stopped from what the are doing.
  3. Anti Chronovalor
    March 9
    Report to the police
    Would it perhaps be an idea to file a joint report with the police and try to get the deposits back?
  4. disappointed
    March 7
    Problems to withdrawal money, but easy and fast to deposit money. The customer have no ownership of the account and the broker can stop the withdrawal despite none going trades. Poor feedback on mail or phone calls. The trader seems professional, but when you cant own the withdrawal routine as customer and it is stopped does not feel ok.
  5. disappointed
    March 7
    Warning!! Easy to deposit money the opposite with withdrawal. I have tried for a month with negative result. No feedback when you send mail. Customer focus don´t exist at all.
  6. Cees
    March 1
    You are risking your money
    Via een echt lijkend interview met Pieter Omtzigt en Piete Jan Hagens op het internet in het Algemeen Dagblad besloot ik dom genoeg € 250 over te maken na een kort telefoongesprek. Hierna veel telefoontjes gekregen van 44 nummer, deze allen geblokkeerd en gevraagd alleen via email contact op te nemen. Vervolgens besloten het account op te heffen en te vragen geld terug te storten, maar dit kon alleen telefonisch. Dus dat doe ik niet en zie het als een slechte investering die ik kwijt ben. Als iemand weet hoe geld terug te krijgen dan hoor ik het graag. Wat een tuig is er toch op het internet

    Through a real-looking interview with Pieter Omtzigt and Piete Jan Hagens on the internet in Algemeen Dagblad, I stupidly decided to transfer € 250 after a short telephone conversation. After this I received many calls from 44 number, they were all blocked and asked to contact us only by email. We then decided to close the account and ask for money to be refunded, but this was only possible by telephone. So I don't do that and see it as a bad investment that I have lost. If anyone knows how to get a refund please let me know. What scum there is on the internet
  7. Arnold
    February 27
    Money back
    Does someone know how to get your money back from this broker. My brother lost a lot of money.
  8. Dick van der Heide
    February 26
    close my account
    Weet iemand hoe ik mijn account bij chronovalor kan opzeggen, ik voel mij echt genaaid door hun, blijven praten als je zegt dat je niet door wil blijven gaan bij hun!
  9. ?
    February 7
    100% scam they scammed me im now in the process of recovering my money. Discusting doing this to people I hope you pay for what you are doing to innocent people.
  10. Anonymous
    February 7
    I have been fooled and scammed today by chronovalor I have reported this and will now take the required steps to get my money back and report this site and any affiliates.
  11. Claudine
    January 29
    Dit bedrijf heeft een bedenkelijke reputatie. Als je geen geld maakt met trading zetten ze zelf een bedrag op uw account die niet te traceren is. Dan vragen ze een hoop geld 1500 EUR voor hun tussenkomst. We weten je wonen als je niet betaald wordt er gezegd. Blijf weg van die gangsters
  12. Base
    January 23
    Ik heb 7euro verdiend, maar kan de winst niet op me rekening laten bijschrijven, denk om u geld 💰
    Ik ben er opgekomen door Banq een online bank, ineens heb ik met iets heel anders te maken, het is niet zo vreemd als je geld stort op je nieuwe online bank account, ik wilde beleggen leren, manager praat alleen. Engels terwijl ik uit Nederland kom 🇳🇱
  13. Beeblgo
    December 6
    Questionable staff
    A manager from this company called me after I registered on this site, by the way, a couple of days later the site changed the domain😂, I asked about the brokerage license, but the connection was interrupted. Another pseudo employee of Chronovalor called me back a couple of hours later and offered me a job on a trading platform and... install a WhatsApp so that we could communicate freely with him. These are obvious actions of scammers, since no official broker will ask you to install a Whatsapp, the broker does not need it, since an honest brokerage company operates according to a different algorithm. It does not immediately ask to top up its account on an unknown platform, and even from an electronic wallet 🙂 I asked where the money would be stored, and the answer was: in a segregated account; and in which bank is it located? In response, there was silence, the connection was cut off. In general, a dubious company!
  14. richi
    November 27
    I didn't like it
    The main problem is a freezing terminal, it's not critical, but sometimes it gets in the way a lot. I have been working with Chronovalor for 3 weeks and my profit during this time is $204, although the balance is $15,000. I am telling you this because I did not receive the promised profit, the manager told me that 10% of the deposit can be earned, this is the minimum, and specialists receive up to 30% per month. That is, I had to earn from 1,500 dollars a month, but I get 5 times less. Do not think that I am a bad trader and the broker is not to blame for my low earnings, this would be the case if this terminal did not constantly freeze.
  15. John Johnson
    November 26
    I do not recommend it
    Unfortunately, my friend got into this scam and lost more than 12 thousand euros, so I do not advise you to invest in this Fake project.
  16. spider
    November 26
    I guess that this brokerage scam
    Address in the UK is fake, because if you check it through the official register, you can see that there is no such organization there. At the same time on the website there are also no registration documents that could confirm the official legal entity of the broker.
  17. edw55
    November 21
    You are risking your money
    You should know and understand that this broker does not have the right to provide services in the financial markets simply because the company does not have a license. You decide for yourself whether you are ready to risk your money. The customer service here is also not the best, I have repeatedly asked questions and received vague answers from them. There is one more important point, I strongly advise you not to agree with the user agreement that they will provide you with, because by signing it, it will be difficult for you to prove anything, since there are such “pitfalls” in which Chronovalor can safely legally hold your money. This document greatly infringes on the rights of traders. This is my research experience, and of course the choice is yours.
  18. Berta
    November 18
    A bad broker
    I decided to try trading on after the manager offered me to open a basic account with a minimum deposit of 250€. As it turned out, it was a bad idea. This forex platform only serves to drain money from beginners, as everything is prepared for this here: there are webinars here, and the manager will help you, and the support is “responsive”. But in the end, we get only drained deposits, and in the case of profit, the permanent status of an unfulfilled request for payment of money.
  19. Marx
    November 15
    Everything suits me
    The platform has excellent leverage, a narrow spread that is almost zero in some positions, and there are many trading opportunities. I contact technical support for all questions, the operator answers immediately. If there is a delay in withdrawing money, then Chronovalor will write to you‌. Usually, the broker delays the withdrawal due to the large number of requests.
  20. systemfirewall
    November 15
    The site has just been registered
    I can say with regret that this broker is fake. Chronovalor is another scam for taking money from people. For sure, scammers have already deceived many people and will deceive them in the future, so I advise all novice traders not to even look towards such companies. Why do I say this so categorically? Everything is quite simple, anyone can use a special service to check the age of the domain of the brokerage company's website. And no matter what the scammers say about many years of experience, the facts show that the domain was registered in 2023. Therefore, all the words of the site owner are lies, and the company itself is a complete scam.
  21. Madmamoth
    November 14
    It is very easy to register and trade
    The first thing I noticed about working with this company was the ease of registration. Many brokers make this process as difficult as possible and require a ton of documents. However, here, on the contrary, everything has been made convenient for traders. Everyone can safely register on this site and start trading on the same day :) And I also like the convenience of trading in Chronovalor. A single account allows me to collect all profits from all markets. The trader's personal account is designed intuitively, and even beginners will be able to figure it out. The very process of trading personally does not cause me any complaints. At least, I have not encountered slippage or non-market quotes here. Trading takes place without any hassle, and most importantly, I already earn quite a decent amount on it.
  22. Verside
    November 13
    The level of the site is below average
    A very primitive terminal and broker has a bad reputation, which developed on the network after the appearance of many similar sites and the complete zeroing of the balance of some traders on them. Chronovalor may not be a scam, but the terminal has inconveniences in operation due to poorly optimized software, and there is no diversity in assets.

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