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Coin Rush Trade claims that its office is located in Singapore, but there is no confirmation of the company’s registration in this jurisdiction. Judging by the phone numbers used for contacting the broker, its employees only advise clients from the UK, Australia, and the US. Besides, the site’s owner talks about more than 30 awards received by the project but does not disclose information about the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered only in August 2023 in the Netherlands. In addition, the broker declares that its activity is regulated and licensed. However, it does not provide any legal documents to prove this fact.

How impeccable is the reputation of this company? Can you trust it with your capital? We will investigate the reliability of the platform and share our objective conclusions with you.

Trading Conditions

Coin Rush Trade positions itself as a boutique online trading facility. The broker provides users with the following instruments: Forex, ETFs, CFDs on cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, and commodities. Traders of different levels of professionalism can trade on the author’s platform from a desktop or mobile device. You will find on the terminal instant market execution, technical indicators, and hundreds of assets for trading.

Three types of accounts are available to you, which differ in the amount of minimum deposit and technical parameters. Consider the following options:

  • Mini, $500-$5,000 deposit – Lot size 1,000 Units, leverage 1:888.
  • Green, deposit $5,000-$10,000 – Lot size 10,000 Units, leverage 1:200.
  • Premium, deposit over $10,000 – Lot size 100,000 Units, leverage 1:100.

Each account has variable spreads, daily analysis, and negative balance protection. You will find more than 50 currency pairs at your disposal.

Before you register an account, you must agree that you can accept the risk of losses that exceed your deposit. Coin Rush Trade does not guarantee you the stable operation of the online trading platform.

The site features a Forex screener from TradingView that demonstrates market analysis. Each client can take advantage of training in the trading academy, and direct 24/5 Live Support. The working hours of telephone operators are 09:00-17:00 (GMT). The project provides the services of a personal manager for convenient trading of clients on this platform.


Would investing in Coin Rush Trade offer the best returns?

Cooperating with this company can lead you to lose significant amounts of money rather than gain income. In reality, your risky CFD trading on an unstable platform can have serious financial consequences.

Does Coin Rush Trade carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to get your money back, as the broker will most likely fail to fulfill its obligations. This is evidenced by numerous critical reviews - traders accuse the site’s organizers of fraud. Please share your own experience below in the comments.

May I be scammed on

There are many signs of fraud on the site. The main ones are a fresh domain, a very cheap site, lack of legal information about regulatory bodies and licenses.

What's the best way to share my experience with Coin Rush Trade?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Coin Rush Trade is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:800
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 500$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Coin Rush Trade

  1. Dan Fr
    October 6
    Another thief
    I do not recommend anyone to trade with Coin Rush Trade. I made sure that these charlatans put up the quotes they want, which do not correspond to the real ones. They manipulated the terminal, I deposited 600 euros and lost everything. Here in the advertising the broker talks about safe trading and risk-free orders, but in fact they do not give any guarantees even for withdrawal. Plus - a lot of commissions, sometimes you do not even understand what the money was withdrawn for. It seems like a small thing - up to 10 euros, but if you add up all the fees you will get a decent amount.
  2. SD
    October 3
    I don't know if I should trust a broker
    I am in a state of reflection for now. Today I talked to the managers again, I think these guys are adequate. But I need to keep an eye on and monitor the reviews. I once already entrusted my money too quickly to a nice looking broker and lost my entire deposit of $12,000 :( Now I don't make decisions so quickly.
  3. Degen
    September 30
    Why do you even open an account here?
    The broker writes on the site: "We have a license" - but what exactly is it? It should publish its number, a scan. "Fast execution of orders" - what exactly is the speed and due to what it is so instantaneous?, "We guarantee safety and reliability" - how? Why are all the company's statements unsubstantiated!?!??
  4. Alex Woo
    September 26
    You can easily lose everything
    I wrote a request for licenses and permits. I got a call from the support immediately and they tried to find out my financial situation. The consultants did not tell me immediately who they were, but only then introduced themselves and offered innovative trading. And to my question about regulation, they started to answer very vaguely. I realized that I should block them and not waste my time with such scam artists.
  5. tttvvv
    September 24
    Objectively speaking, the company is fake
    Our cooperation started when the manager contacted me by phone, after my registration request, he started promising me good conditions for trading. He told beautiful stories about his successful clients and good profits to convince me of his reliability. However, all this was just a part of his tricks and lies. After I made a registration on this platform, the manager first showed me fake trades, deliberately creating the illusion of active and profitable trading. As I now realize, manipulations with charts and prices were used to convince me of success. At the beginning of our cooperation, I was getting very powerful profitability (1000% in two months). I deposited more and more and reached the Premium level, my profit deposit was over $16,000 at the peak. After that, all sorts of false trades started happening. The most illustrative example - I didn't close an order for a $2,000 profit, after which a stop loss was triggered. I wrote a complaint to the broker and demanded a link to the quotes archive. I checked the data on Coin Rush Trade and I was right. The broker admitted that I was right. But the money was not returned to me, as I had to file a complaint in writing within 24 hours. Then I ordered the withdrawal of all funds. But now I am denied withdrawal and do not respond to my requests.
  6. vld
    September 23
    Great company
    I have no problems with trading, depositing, and withdrawing money. My bank account is opened in Australia. Spreads at the broker may be overpriced, but for me, it is not critical 😃 I like it very much, I mainly trade stocks and gold. For trading on the currency market, I recommend Coin Rush Trade.
  7. Maxcim
    September 21
    It was clearly a bad idea to start trading here
    I lived peacefully, and then I created a problem with my own hands... I deposited 16 thousand dollars to my account in Coin Rush Trade, my broker drained half of it in 3 weeks, and I can not withdraw the remaining money....
  8. zuz
    September 17
    I haven't been scammed like this in a long time...
    I, a fool, believed these scam artists from Coin Rush Trade who told me about the amazing opportunity to trade both currency pairs, gold, and other assets. I was amazed when in the pair with euro and dollar I had the first slippage down by 14%, and then two more times, a little less percent, but they were quite impressive :( and after all this market is more or less established!!!!! So I lost more than 400 euros in one trading session! Dear traders, please tell me how to fight such fraud? Maybe someone has already faced ‌this broker? And I want justice and punishment for the organizers of the fake brokerage service
  9. fxmen
    September 16
    The service is designed to deceive
    I traded intensively on this terminal. It should be noted that everything was without remarks. When I decided to withdraw $7,500 from Coin Rush Trade, I was rejected because I specified the details of a European bank. The broker required me to have a bank exclusively in my country of residence, Tunisia. I sent the administrator excerpts from the European legislation confirming that there are no such restrictions, to which I received a laconic answer - it is our company's policy. Then I gave the details of my bank in the country of residence, and got problems, the money was transferred for a month, but in the end it was credited. Then I realized that sooner or later this broker could cheat me. I opened an account with another brokerage company, checked this new service for a small amount withdrawal and I was satisfied. I decided to transfer the whole deposit amount from Coin Rush Trade to the new company. I gave a request for withdrawal of funds under zero (about $18,000). The request has been processed for two (!) weeks (!!!). My emails to support are ignored. I managed to get in touch with the administration by phone. The broker promised to solve the problem in 3-5 days. I believe this very little. So, there are many brokerage companies in the world, including those with a license, which open personal accounts for forex traders, withdraw money in one day and do not disappoint their clients.
  10. komer
    September 12
    Tech support is always on the phone to help with replenishment and withdrawal!
    I entered this terminal with the amount of 3,000$ two months ago. All transactions I made on the advice of my consultant. We work with currencies, metals, and a little bit with oil. Oil, by the way, brought me the main part of the profit. It should be waited patiently, but the result pleased me +7,800$ for a month. For all the time of my trading on currency and metals, the total amount of profit amounted to 1,320. Withdrawal I ordered two times on 600$ and they passed successfully in
  11. Deasam
    September 10
    Fraudsters of global scale!
    I already have a lot of familiar traders on social networks from different countries, who have transferred to the accounts of these scammers large sums, from 500 dollars to several thousand! Broker's e-mail and phones do not answer such clients!
  12. sima
    September 2
    Why I left the broker
    I withdrew my money and closed my account at I was prompted to do so by the same constant reason for losses: the broker closed a trade in minus, while on the chart they had it in plus.
  13. Mustang
    August 31
    I have a problem
    Recently my terminal began to hang, today, for example, I put a pending order at 1.30121 terminal hangs for 2.5 minutes, meanwhile at another broker the price goes down, and everything opens normally, but at Coin Rush Trade transaction is opened when the terminal comes to life, but at a price of 1.30053. Such slowdowns have become very frequent, and charts accordingly draw incorrect signals and incorrect candles! The support answers that it is my problem, but today I called a friend, he also trades with this broker, he had a hang-up at the same time as me, although his provider is different. Either scammers are running the platform or this broker doesn't want to admit the problem, I think I should close my account.

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