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The operator of the site is Coinstore Pte., Ltd, a company registered in Singapore. It positions its platform as convenient and reliable for customers when conducting transactions with digital assets. ‌Meanwhile, using their service by persons located in Japan and the United States is prohibited. In addition, the exchange does not have a license for financial activities. As for the domain, it was registered by an unidentified person in 2002. However, the site was updated in 2022.

Investment Conditions

The online platform provides transaction services for trading digital assets. The exchange website supports 102 cryptocurrency pairs for spot trading and 34 futures pairs. Users can use different cryptocurrency wallets at their discretion.

The exchange offers clients:

  • Guaranteed passive income of 12% p.a. when investing USDT. Coinstore has a total of 6 financial plans with maturities ranging from 7 to 720 days.
  • Sale of new tokens, which will bring the trader a return of 61% to 2031% p.a. For example, a new P2E gaming platform called “PomeBox” with the original IP.
  • OTC services from NFT. Participation in trading contest programs.
  • Rewards for participating in listing projects. Participants receive tokens free of charge for voting when new tokens are selected.

All functions are available on the desktop and the smartphone mobile application.

The customer agreement states that you must pay Coinstore a minimum of $2 million in compensation for any breach.

The exchange website is not involved in digital asset transactions as a buyer or seller. Coinstore service does not provide services related to legal currency transactions of any country.


Would investing in Coinstore offer the best returns?

It is more likely that doing business with the company will cost you money. You will have to deal with Coinstore under Singapore law. This is extremely expensive and complicated.

Does Coinstore carry out withdrawals?

Pay attention to company reviews, and read them on other websites. Many customers leave negative reviews of Coinstore on honest and independent resources.

May I be scammed on

The brokerage company is registered offshore and does not have a financial license. Coinstore's website looks like a fraudulent one, as there are no legal documents proving the exchange's legal activities.

What's the best way to share my experience with Coinstore?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Coinstore is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2021
Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Affiliate program: Referral
Leverage: 1:100
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies

25 reviews about Coinstore

  1. Mihaela
    December 25
    They partnered with the scam company QUOPI AI and caused losses of millions of dollars to thousands of investors. Stay away from COINSTORE as they deceitfully showcased their partnership with QUOPI AI to lure people into investing. Then QUOPI AI ran away with investors’ funds. Report COINSTORE to help the current investigation so that all those responsible are held accountable!
  2. Karl
    November 15
    The trades are fake!
    Fake! (Money from these scams cannot be withdrawn, maybe a small amount of your request a couple of times will withdraw but return a large sum - do not count.) Do not be drawn in by those who show you this site!
  3. Erwin
    November 12
    Coinstore announces delisting of trading pair BSV/USDT on October 11, 2023, at 5:00 PM (UTC+8). After the closure of the trading pair, they will repurchase your BSV tokens at a rate of 15 USDT for 1 BSV token within 15 business days. This is pure theft… value of BSV is currently $50 and stable in the last 30 days… coinstore does not offer the option to withdraw your BSV… this makes coinstore a criminal organisation stealing money from their clients
  4. AJ Blingo
    October 4
    Mr is a fake scam copy of
    They lure investors in and then lock accounts preventing withdrawals.
  5. Flower
    July 20
    I have recently become acquainted with the exchange
    As an artist, I didn't really like the user interface of this site. And the security of coinstore should be worked harder on.
  6. Mr Fox
    July 17
    It's a fake exchange
    When you try to withdraw money, an error pops up in your account. Tech support tells you that you have to go through a mandatory verification process. Then you are asked to confirm the e-wallet address where the funds will be received. You also have to make a verification payment in one of three BTC/ETH/LTC coins to protect your account. These facts tell at once that the Coinstore crypto exchange is fake because real exchanges don't ask to top up the balance when withdrawing funds.
  7. SDVooD
    July 13
    Run by a group and they have more than one site. Coinstor is a scam company with horrible tech support. They are advertised by different analysts, most likely it is a scam and scammers are hiding behind these recommendations.
  8. Agnes
    July 11
    I wouldn't advise you to risk your money
    If you don't want to stay broke don't even invest a dime. You will not get any money back. Finally some honest feedback about this project.
  9. Alma Graham
    July 9
    Convenient platform
    Good application for trading on a smartphone, I advise everyone.
  10. Can74
    June 28
    Normal exchange
    There are a lot of tokens, including NFT, and a good course of video tutorials. There is everything you need for good trading... CoinStore works honestly and at a very high level. Some commissions are overpriced, you can charge a little less. I don't have enough fiat there. I can only say that they are good for crypto in general.
  11. stive007
    June 28
    The trades are fake
    All clients who deposit there will simply have their crypto deducted little by little from their deposit. Coinstore is a fake exchange, they create an imitation of activity there on purpose. The organizers are only waiting for some client to transfer them a big amount of money and thinking that they will manage them and earn money. Money from these scams can not be withdrawn, maybe a small amount of your request a couple of times will withdraw, but return a large sum - do not count.
  12. Christopher Jordan
    June 26
    There are disadvantages
    In my opinion, this is the best place to sell NFT on the secondary market. But Coinstore's policy on stolen NFT makes using the exchange somewhat problematic for me.
  13. Norman
    June 26
    Be careful
    This platform is now being actively promoted. Fraudsters are promoting it on various resources. They offer promo codes which supposedly immediately increase the balance by several hundred dollars. I believed and made sure that it was all nonsense. Coinstore does not allow you to withdraw money. This I have already checked, unfortunately, in my experience.
  14. MasTer
    June 26
    Exchanges are not intended for storing crypto
    In general, I advise nobody to store cryptocurrency on exchanges, especially on unknown, not popular ones. They can promise you a lot, but clients often write that they are cheated by one exchange or another. And large exchanges are often blocked by the police in different jurisdictions, and then people's money disappears.
  15. Bouras
    June 24
    Complete nonsense
    This project is a scam, it is just cheaters who take advantage of people's trust.
  16. Henry
    June 23
    100% cloned fake and ‌scam
    I've heard that scammers purposely create a huge number of brands to scam as many people as possible. For the negative reviews appear too quickly and people stop going to any particular such "exchange" at all. Coinstore is an exact copy of several other exchangers, the content of these sites is simply copied word for word.
  17. drofeus
    June 22
    My money was not returned and my account was blocked.
  18. intrade
    June 21
    It's very much like a scam
    I don't know how to trade crypto, I'm still learning. But after a few days of trading on coinstore I got the impression that this company is a scam. I couldn't check their reserves, although I made a lot of enquiries. I found out that this exchange is actually unregulated in Singapore. Be careful.
  19. webgold
    June 17
    Not a scam
    Not a bad platform. I have a few issues with Coin Store, but it's OK to trade. I always withdraw profit from my account without any problems.
  20. lamborghini
    June 3
    Scammers demand crypto
    I deposited a small amount of money (just over $100) in bitcoin, traded for a couple of days and didn't like it at all. I lost almost half of my deposit for non-trading reasons, mostly due to platform crashes. I decided to withdraw the rest of my deposit, but they refused the withdrawal and sent me this message: You need verification. To proceed with the withdrawal of crypto assets from Coinstore, you must verify your wallet address. In accordance with AML/KYC policy and our terms of service, provide the name of the platform where you plan to withdraw your funds. This action will protect your deposit from unauthorized withdrawals of cryptocurrency by other users. You must make an additional verification payment to Coinstore. Transfer (BTC / ETH / LTC)./ So, in order to withdraw the rest of the money, I still have to top up my account! Can't wait, cheating bastards!!!
  21. Lee
    May 31
    Be careful!!!!
    You may mistakenly visit a fake site that is being cloned by scammers. Coinstore is a project that is used as a screen by scammers. They make a similar design and address of the site. Thieves own many domains of absolutely identical crypto exchanges. They change only the name and color scheme of the site, everything else is repeated word for word! Last month I lost over 1000 dollars on a clone called counstore. And since then, when I see the distorted name of the site, I immediately realize that in front of me the same scammers .... I will not make such a mistake for the second time.
  22. WCA2012
    May 30
    The exchange pays nothing
    These freaks manipulate the mind of the client as best they can. They call themselves a trading platform, and they promise a stable profit every day, but in reality, they are a 100% scam created by no-names. Coinstore does not pay out anything. There is no such profitable trading for cryptocurrencies as this fake platform promises. It is designed for naive users who don't understand the intricacies of making money on cryptocurrency. That's why they're scamming newbies in full swing.
  23. Alfredo
    May 29
    An mediocre exchange
    Coinstore has few coins, overpriced commissions, sometimes withdrawal is delayed. But other than that, okay. Coinstore is good if you trade in combination with other exchanges. What you lack here, you can find on another service. Then it is very good.
  24. private
    May 27
    Being cheated in training
    I never thought that when I wanted to learn arbitrage I would encounter an attempt to cheat. Our curator asked everyone to register on exchanges like and their clones (there were several exchanges to choose from). And they required us to make deposits to raise a margin, in general - it is the most primitive level of cheating. .. These arbitrage courses should be thrown to the garbage.
  25. Strong
    May 24
    They have a lot of sites
    Do not invest your money under any circumstances, you just never get it back - 100%. no robots , no traders in this company, there are only scammers is the new website of these scammers !!!!!

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