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Corpteck provides four interactive maps on its website with coordinates in the UK, Estonia, Cyprus, and Poland. However, this information tells us nothing about the company’s legal address and offices. In addition, in the Terms of User Agreement, the broker states that its financial activities are carried out “by the applicable laws of Sweden”.

Can you trust this company? We will familiarize ourselves with the legal documents and the functionality of the site, after which conclude its reliability.

Trading Conditions

Corpteck provides clients with a platform that was developed by its programmers. Users have access to trading CFD contracts with various assets, including cryptocurrencies. The broker allows traders to use leverage and risk management tools to stop losses and make profits.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Regarding the history of the project, the brand does not disclose any facts about itself, does not report the founding date, but only briefly mentions the update of the Terms and Conditions in 2018. Meanwhile, its domain was registered only in December 2023. 

You can choose a rate from the following main account types:

  • Solo €250 – One consultation with an expert, access to cryptocurrency, forex, and commodities trading.
  • Trial Premium €750 – Three consultations with an expert, priority processing of requests, and access to all available markets on the terminal.
  • Premium €3,000 – Continuous support from experts, priority processing of requests for 3 sessions, and access to stock market trading.
  • Black – Exclusive privileges, transaction insurance, and the possibility to participate in group trading operations. You should check with your manager about the amount of the initial deposit.

Corpteck does not disclose the essential parameters of trading plans, such as the size of leverage, spreads, and fees. The site owner claims that clients’ money is kept separate from the company’s money.

It is worth noting that the broker takes commissions for processing withdrawal requests and transaction fees, setting and changing their size at any time at its discretion. Corpteck deducts 10% monthly from the account, which is inactive for 3 months.

Corpteck offers personalized training and coaching to all users. In the News Section, there is an Economic Calendar with an analytical table of exchange rates from the TradingView platform. The interface supports English, Polish, and Russian‌, and there is an online chat on the site.


Would investing in Corpteck offer the best returns?

You can lose rather than gain capital by investing in an unknown project of anonymous organizers. Investors should carefully assess the risks of CFD trading and consider unpredictable trading conditions, which this broker can change at any time.

Does Corpteck carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the platform and customer reviews about the broker indicate the possibility of withdrawal problems. You can tell in the comments about your experience of cooperation with this company if you have any.

May I be scammed on

The legitimacy of the broker is highly questionable due to the lack of proper information about trading services, regulation, and financial activity licenses. You should be cautious as the website owner is trying to mislead customers about the tenure of the company which has a very fresh domain.

What's the best way to share my experience with

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How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 270$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

10 reviews about Corpteck

  1. Intars Dambis
    June 5
    Total scam people please don’t trust these people I lost 3,500 € its is same story i try get withdraw and den start problems they so smart they try to get send my money to sam Ukrainian girl his name Mariia Cheliadyn it is a fake account please people don’t trust them
  2. Alessandra
    March 29
    I started 2 months ago and I don't have access to my Web trader.
  3. Kim
    February 27
    Tried to pressure me to provide all bank credentials and wanted me to deposit when I clearly stated I want to make sure the company is legit. Then I got even more pressured and she almost became furious. I hanged up. She tried to re-call me several times with several new numbers coming from Sweden (almost 10 recalls). She did not even talk swedish (Im from Sweden).
  4. 30king
    February 6
    The broker refused to withdraw funds from my account
    A complete nightmare is happening on this platform! I invested 10,000 USD in trading the offered assets and I faced constant withdrawal delays. I tried to withdraw 1,200 USD for the first time but met endless bureaucratic hurdles. The administrators refused to process the request and put forward new requirements every time, new fees, I lost eventually 20% of my funds without any explanation. The manager threatened me with legal consequences if I filed a complaint. This is disrespectful to the ‌customers! I decided to withdraw all the funds from the deposit and was denied again. This is fraud and total irresponsibility! I asked the manager: why am I being refused to withdraw my money? He said that this is classified information. Thieves! I am an experienced investor who has worked with different brokers, but corpteck is the worst of them. When I opened an account, the employees of this company behaved politely, and even told me in detail about attractive trading conditions, fast and error-free execution of orders, advanced and innovative technologies. But in reality, it is just a scam!!!
  5. Aridel
    February 5
    Advantages and disadvantages
    The terminal has a set of standard indicators, plus there are also indicators that are used specifically on Corpteck. So, you can conduct technical analysis very qualitatively. The choice of instruments for trading is less than some other brokers, and spreads can be high on some pairs. The support service works satisfactorily.
  6. SmartyF
    February 3
    Bad service
    This is the worst platform I have encountered. The broker does not allow me to open orders when the market moves strongly, there are incorrect quotes, and the online support operators disappointed me with their illiteracy :( They spend 10-30 minutes searching for an answer to each question!!! I was fully verified a month ago and corpteck has my ID scan, but when I started to withdraw money, the security canceled this verification of mine. Why did they cancel it? In order not to get my money back!! To my question: "why did you cancel my verification?", - the administrators did not answer me 😡 and I can not take my money, but I can trade on and drain my deposit with the help of this company's employees. Decent brokers do not take money from clients until they check the documents, but here managers took my money and now they do not give it back. I do NOT recommend you to invest in this platform!
  7. Mranun
    February 1
    I will tell you about the work of the platform
    I expected more accuracy in analytical tools from this broker. I encountered minor errors in historical data several times. For example, the closing price on the GBP/USD chart differed by a few pips from the real market price. This is not critical for long-term trading, but it can mislead a trader in short-term analysis. In terms of the organization of the trading process, the Corpteck broker has prospects for improvement. For example, updating the mobile app sometimes does not go smoothly and I have experienced spontaneous disconnection of the app. This is not critical, as I use the desktop version of the terminal as well, but I expected a more stable operation. The amount of my deposit of 4,000 usd that I ordered for withdrawal today was processed correctly, albeit with a slight delay of a couple of hours, I can tell you as a trader with experience, this happens often in forex.
    January 26
    100% fraudsters!
    I was unable to withdraw my money just over $300 when I decided to walk away from these scammers. Corpteck tech support operators immediately stopped communicating with me and blocked my access to the platform and the company's website.
    January 21
    I do not understand the company's customer service policy
    The company, positioning itself as a reliable financial intermediary, offers users a new way of looking at trading. However, corpteck does not use popular social networks, or messengers to communicate with clients, and the functionality of the platform does not provide a cryptocurrency wallet. I applied for a withdrawal of my profit and immediately problems started, some strange requests for additional documents for verification, and in the end the broker does not withdraw funds for more than 10 days.
  10. nowel
    January 17
    I was looking for an opportunity to increase my capital earned through entrepreneurial activities, and corpteck seemed like the perfect choice. But the experience became the saddest in my life. After the initial success, which I now realize was just a ruse, my funds of €15,000 started to slowly dwindle out of my account. I tried to withdraw the money but the broker refused to process my request. The administrators required me to deposit more money, each time they invented new fees. As a result, the company blocked my account, and now I realize that it was a well-planned scam. I lost not only my money on but also my trust in any financial institution.

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