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Crypto Vortex positions itself as a brokerage company registered in the UK with its main office in Salford, but there is no confirmation of this. In addition, there is no information about the license and the age of the project on the website. However, the owner indicates the last update of the Terms of Use document – July 27, 2023. As for the domain, it was registered only in September 2023.

How reliable is this service? We will do a review of the platform to evaluate the transparency and security of the broker and find out how profitable you can trade here.

Trading Conditions

Crypto Vortex offers clients a platform to access decentralized financial instruments (DeFi) in various digital currencies. The broker promises traders reliable, low-cost, and fast, leveraged transactions with high liquidity.

Users can trade crypto assets and receive other services, here are some of them:

  • Conversion – zero fees, high speed, no slippage.
  • Derivatives, margin and basis trading – contract and margin products.
  • Copy trading – high profits thanks to the experience of the best traders.
  • Trading Bots – effective strategies for easy profits in trading.

Crypto Vortex allows traders to test their strategies in manual trading when buying/selling bitcoins online. The algorithmic system executes market orders automatically. However, the company indicates inactive links to documents with fees and personal data security in the “Terms of Use”.

Crypto Vortex states that it does not guarantee customers successful completion of transactions. In addition, by opening an account, you agree that the broker may discontinue any feature of this service at any time.

The company commits to providing customers with access to its interactive online chat service, market analytics on cryptocurrency prices, and new cryptocurrency data. The website has an online form for quick contact with tech support.

Would investing in Crypto Vortex offer the best returns?

We have serious doubts about whether you can profit from an anonymous broker. You are more likely to lose your own money in risky CFD trading with unknown trading conditions.

Does Crypto Vortex carry out withdrawals?

Withdrawals are not obvious here. Many traders report in their reviews about withdrawal problems and unreasonably high commissions charged by the broker. We have seen that the company indicates in clause 18 of the "Terms of Use" its right to change the size of the commission without warning the clients.

May I be scammed on

We have suspicions about the unreliability of this resource. The brokerage company lacks the regulatory licenses and permits to carry out financial activities. The website is a one-page template with little specific information, which does not look like the platform of a solid firm.

What's the best way to share my experience with

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if this is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews about Crypto Vortex

  1. Drunk Guy
    March 2
    Crypto trading brings me ‌maximum profits
    In my opinion, this forex broker is one of the best companies to trade cryptocurrency. Despite my years of experience as a trader, I only started making huge money from my hobby when I became interested in cryptocurrency trading. Registration at is very simple, so I started trying my hand within minutes of going to this site, using a small deposit of 50 dollars in my account. Depositing money is very easy, I can see all the analytics on transactions in my cabinet, and I can just exchange digital coins or earn on transactions. Withdrawal of money pleased me with high speed, I liked almost everything about the terminal.
  2. KingFury
    February 26
    Do not trust the consultants of this company ever!
    This is a scam project. The employees of the company are liars and scumbags, they persuaded me to transfer a deposit of 1,500$ for profitable work with the broker. Their consultant gave me advice on losing trades, and I lost the entire deposit, and the connection with the consultant disappeared. They lied to me in support that he was fired, so now the next consultant calls me and persuades me to continue working at They are completely idiots and scammers. They have one goal - to get you to deposit all your money! They will not give you anything back! No training will ‌give you, the consultant will tell you where to put the money and specifically to lose!
  3. buhga
    February 26
    There are more advantages than disadvantages
    I work on with digital currency, although at first I was doubtful for a very long time: the broker seems to be "sweet", but something alarmed me. I was wrong. The conditions here are excellent for trading, I receive withdrawals without delays. I almost like everything, everything satisfies me, although, of course, there are nuances that I would like to improve: 1. The broker is from the UK but does not have a UK license, the manager tells me that the process of registration is underway; 2. You can't contact by phone with the support team, it's not real, and the operators take a long time to respond by email, but the manager promises me to provide individual online chat if I deposit up to $10,000; 3. There is no demo account, although the company also promises to provide it. However, I have a lot of profitable trades on Crypto Vortex, the leverage is quite acceptable here, the terminal does not slow down. I have the opportunity to withdraw funds to different e-wallets, the commission here is average about 10%. I will not look for another broker, many crypto services are fraudulent and do not pay out anything. I plan to increase the deposit amount and start working more intensively. I recommend.
  4. lex
    February 25
    There are risks in cooperation
    I decided to try this terminal as one trader on a social network described its advantages very colorfully. I can give you some advice - if you want to start cooperating with crypto vortex, first study the whole site in detail and familiarize yourself with the documents. This company does not have a license, and this, as I know from my experience, poses certain risks. Beginners can learn how to work with cryptocurrency here, there are some interesting features on this platform. On the other hand, if you have a good understanding of CFD trading and know how to operate a cryptocurrency, you probably won't find anything new for you, there are all the programs like all other brokers. However, I had to be nervous when it came to withdrawing my funds, that's where the "fun" part of the program started. I want to warn you that you should not expect promptness from this broker, that within three days the money will come to you. I waited for the withdrawal of funds for more than a week, and the support service was not very friendly to me, the operators did not want to communicate with me and explain what's wrong. One plus, the money came, probably because the amount was not very large, 235 USDT. In general, I wouldn't say I liked the attitude to the client and the trivial trading conditions.
  5. Valery
    February 18
    Define your goal
    If you want to feel like a patron of the arts, then open an account with this broker. You will gift money to the owners of Crypto vortex and your wallet will be empty. And if you want to try to earn or build a trading strategy, you will hardly succeed, because this company is constantly changing the trading conditions, they expand or narrow spreads, they reduce the commission to 1%, or increase it to 45%, and make a positive swap in pairs with bitcoin, if your positions are in the purchase of BTC, or cancel all transactions. All this is, to put it mildly, not solid. Attention! The company gets profit at any price...Managers change the terms of trade at any time, they do what they want, causing only negative emotions in clients and ensuring a low rating ❌ I recommend you - look for an honest platform with a license or give money to someone who really needs it, not these scammers. I initially couldn't believe that these are swindlers! I only invested €12,000 here but I drained almost half of it in 3 weeks. I then submitted a withdrawal request for the rest of the money, but I haven't received anything yet, and now I've been fighting these scammers for 10 days! I was caught on a good hook...
  6. spam
    February 17
    I was cheated
    I lost more than 1,200$ on the exchange of crypto, the operator said that the transaction was successful, but my wallet did not receive the money :( If I can not return the money, I urge you all to repost this page, let other crypto traders will be aware that this is a scam and do not fall for their deception!
  7. Mery
    February 15
    Cheap site gives out deception
    This broker is most likely a scam. I can see it already by the quality of execution of the site, the project is very similar to the cheesy one-pages, which scam artists open in large quantities literally every day. They are cheap templates and stock images. The swindlers paid no more than $10 to create the site, although there is a possibility that they opened the platform for free. Crypto vortex is brazenly demanding money from their customers only. The lack of regulation and licenses means that the company is not subject to any regulations and can disappear with customers' money at any time. Of course, you need to stay away from this scam broker.
  8. see
    February 11
    SCAM under the guise of a financial platform!
    I got ripped off for £15,000... Unlike other victims, my managers did not steal my money, but made me a good profit. They allowed me to withdraw some of my money, £3,500, and the next thing I knew my account was blocked. I have not been able to withdraw my funds for a month now! The technical support just says that all transactions were successful, my money is credited to my wallet, but in the end there is still no money, and the operators tell me that I have to wait for more, hoping for the best! Don't trust your money to crypto vortex or you will be cheated like me! Everything that managers promise you is a lie, it's a lie to trick you out of your money.
  9. Andrew
    February 9
    My experience is positive
    I earn here not so long ago, but I have already withdrawn money several times. By the way, this procedure takes no more than an hour. There were no obstacles during the transfers. Otherwise, the platform is also ahead: interesting training, a lot of different trading tools. You can always contact technical support, the manager answers even on weekends. I have labeled Crypto Vortex for myself as the most honest and so far the best trading resource.
  10. akhtyam
    February 6
    It's a scam 100%!
    I first had money disappear from my account, then my bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet number disappeared, and then the broker closed my access to the site and now it was clear to me that my connection was not protected from scammers. I think it was so set up originally to scam customers.
  11. DEMO
    February 1
    The terminal is run by scammers
    Fraudsters are interested in inexperienced traders, an experienced user won't contact them. Managers don't give any commitment on their part, repeat one thing: trading is a risk. There's no trading of stocks, commodities, and securities on this terminal, crypto vortex provides training that's of no use. Its whole point is to instill one truth in you: if you decide to invest your funds here, don't complain about losses later. When you register an account, the company wants to show you first the professionalism of its analysts, and you always have one profitable trades at the beginning, but as soon as you transfer more money to this platform, so all bets as enchanted go against the position! I'm convinced that this is a SCAM!!! I came to this conclusion when I compared the position on EUR/BTC with the chart on metatrader, and the candles were different! In reality, the rate is growing, but with this broker, it's falling!!! This is just an imitation of trading! Fake!
  12. Paul
    January 31
    This is the worst broker
    I think this is a scam, as the staff talked me into depositing $2,500 and helped me drain it safely in a month. There is a high probability that this platform is programmed to lose.
  13. MaxPain
    January 19
    You will not be allowed to make money
    I was cheated for 600$, my individual consultant made a wrong forecast and I lost money :( and now the manager offers me to deposit another 2,000$ to get a bonus and further profitable trading. Do not believe in such promises, it is impossible to make money here.

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