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CryptoLogicIQ does not disclose any information about the owner of the website, and its creation date is 2023. As for the domain, it was registered only on July 12, 2023, in the United States. In addition, the project has neither a legal address nor a license. Finally, according to the list of countries specified in the customer registration form, you can open an account on the site from almost any country. Despite the fact that CFD trading is prohibited in some jurisdictions, they are also on the list, for example, the USA.

Can this brokerage organization be trusted? How safe is it to trade here? We will try to answer all these questions after reviewing the site’s offerings, where we will learn about the terms of cooperation between the administration and clients.

Trading Conditions

CryptoLogicIQ gives you access to trading cryptocurrency assets. In addition, you can use stocks, currency pairs, and indices. The creators of the project receive your mobile number and email after sending a special form for client registration. Transactions are made through the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

There are 5 sections on the broker’s website:

  • Trading Room, where you can see the state of the markets without registration.
  • Trading platforms, the page contains photos of staff members and explains elementary concepts of the cryptosphere.
  • Cryptoassets, this section indicates the number of traded digital coins, at the time of our research there were 35 of them.
  • History, where the broker claims to be a leading global firm that provides clients with customized plans for successful trading on PCs and mobile devices.
  • Help Center, the page lists the company’s email address and a form for online customer messages.

The CryptoLogicIQ website declares the possibility for traders to work with leverage, but it is not specified with what kind of leverage. The broker does not inform about the amount of the minimum deposit and types of accounts.

You will not be able to find out the text of the user agreement with the broker and the provisions on the protection of your personal data. Probably, all the information will be provided to you upon an individual request to the technical support.

The broker does not disclose information about how the deposit and withdrawal of funds in the account are carried out. The site does not provide training or analytical materials.


Would investing in CryptoLogicIQ offer the best returns?

You are unlikely to make a profit in risky CFD trading. Cooperation with a mysterious cryptocurrency broker, about which nothing is known, will most likely turn out to be a loss of money for you.

Does CryptoLogicIQ carry out withdrawals?

Judging by customer reviews, the withdrawal of funds here is difficult. And if your deposit is blocked illegally, you will not be able to appeal to the regulatory body, as the broker's jurisdiction is not specified anywhere.

May I be scammed on

It is possible that this is a fake site. The company does not disclose the main information about itself - the presence of a license and the names of the founders are hidden from the user. Also, there is no transparency policy here, which a broker should adhere to. 

What's the best way to share my experience with CryptoLogicIQ?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if CryptoLogicIQ is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Assets: Forex, CFD

15 reviews about CryptoLogicIQ

  1. Wayne chisnell
    February 28
    They told me they had made 247,900 in profits I had to exchange 11.8 etherium coins to get my money this equates to 43000 dollars this money is all lost and they even asked for more stay well away
  2. hgh
    February 28
    Ce site est une ARNAQUE, n'investissez pas aucun centime. Lors de l'inscription le courtier prénommé Laura CHAUVET est gentille est m'a contacté presque chaque jour et elle insiste pour déposer plus d'argent. Lorsque j'ai demandé de faire un retrait de 1000€. blackout, elle ne répond plus à mes mails ni à mes messages ni au téléphone. le service de support aussi inexistant ne répond à aucun message. SVP fuyez ce site d'Escort.
  3. ta matthijssen
    December 19
    BIG SCAM!!!!

    these guys are one big scam
    it's not possible to take out your money.
    and constanly ask you for more more to invest.
    when you stand your ground and whant to do a test withdraw.
    al phones gone dead, where they calling you with.

    and lough in your face if you want your money out.

    big scam

  4. ta matthijssen
    December 19
    these guys are one big scam
    it's not possible to take out your money.
    and constanly ask you for more more to invest.
    when you stand your ground and whant to do a test withdraw.
    al phones gone dead, where they calling you with.

    and lough in your face if you want your money out.

    big scam

  5. bas
    December 17
    Wat een stel oplichters zijn dat. Op het moment dat je inschrijf bellen ze gelijk op. helpen ze je overal mee. van geld storten tot hoe de site werkt. Tot het moment dat je je geld wilt opnemen dan kan dat allemaal niet. let goed op de koersen. bv eth eur. staat 10 euro lager als bij bv bitvavo. er zit ook 5 euro verschil tussen aan- en verkoop prijs. jammer dat je een ster moet aan vinken. voor mij is het een nep bedrijf
  6. Finn
    August 29
    Do not invest
    If you invested here, try to withdraw your money, but I don't think you will succeed. This is a fake, not a real broker, and it is engaged in the most common fraud. I do not advise you to invest here, because you will face the problem of withdrawal, like those people who have already invested here. If they at least had a license, then you could look at the conditions and think about opening an account. But I immediately see that this is a scam, as I have been trading forex for more than 4 years.
  7. Demon
    August 25
    Totally illegal brokerage faux pas
    I see lies, lies and more lies on this site. Almost always scammers in the forex industry, not just here, lie. Lying to appear to be a trustworthy partner.
  8. Venom
    August 24
    There is a sneaky deception of clients here
    The broker did not make me a payment of 345 euros in the terms set by them. I submitted my application on 2 weeks ago, since that time there has been no response to my letters to support....
  9. AY
    August 23
    The company is inadequate
    I can not say anything good about the trading conditions in this terminal . The company is fake and offers traders the most inadequate conditions. Let me start with the fact that these conditions are almost unmarked. From the known data only the M4 platform, its functionality is specified, which in fact does not correspond to reality, there are deposit/withdrawal methods, minimum deposit, account currency, asset classes and available additional services. And such parameters as commissions, leverage, spreads - all this you can learn only during trading. Moreover, you must use real money, as CryptoLogicIQ does not have a demo account and you will not be allowed to test this terminal. The owners of the company are scammers. They say: trade, our generous friend, for real money right away. I looked at the terminal - it is a fiction. It is even difficult for me to describe the functionality in words. This is not a platform, but an abomination. I am surprised that such terminals are still available, why MetaTrader4 is indicated in the description on the site, but in fact some non-standard cheap software is connected? Apparently, scammers are not ready to spend money on their fake terminals, they save money so that they don't have to buy an MT license. It's all designed on inexperienced clients.
  10. Black Roze
    August 16
    Should you be in this scam?!
    Hello! If you were looking for any information about the brokerage company CryptoLogicIQ, as there is practically nothing about it on the Internet, nobody knows about this company, it is rarely advertised - then my review is especially for you. Immediately give a spoiler - under no circumstances should you open an account in this fake company and especially not to invest money on a deposit for trading, or in anything else that you will be offered by scam artists who created this brokerage sucker. That scum, which is based on the domain, was registered only in July 2023, which is literally recently, and it has no history. That's why its homepage is filled with some nonsense. It is a one-day firm that pretends to be another organization. It is a scam that is trying to start up and accept deposits from clients at the expense of someone else's name. You should know this. So if you decide to check what this company is, it is important for you to know that yes, there is a CryptoLogic broker on the internet, but it has nothing to do with Scammers have added 2 letters and hope to cheat due to the similarity with the real broker. This technique is not original. It is not the first time I have seen that they take a real company and make a clone broker for it. Earlier only financial pyramids used to do this, but now the broker liars have started to do the same. And besides this obvious fact about stealing, I can remind everyone that any broker must be regulated. A license for activity from the state regulator is a guarantee that the company is: 1) real, 2) legal, 3) checked in all directions, 4) meets all requirements of regulators, i.e. it shows reports, has authorized capital, all documents, a real office and so on. This company has not received any license, you can check it yourself if you don't believe me.
  11. troy
    August 12
    The broker's terminal has an incomprehensible interface
    On the platform is specially made so that without the help of a professional beginners could not understand cryptocurrency!!! And for this help the broker demands payment! Also in tech support sit incompetent consultants who do not want to explain anything! I would like a more friendly approach to clients without hidden commissions and paid services that should be free!!!!
  12. Naigel
    August 7
    I do not get a response to requests to tech support
    Hi traders! Can you tell me if the service of getting support is available only for registered users? There is too little information on the broker's website. I want to know about the permissions, as it is important to me that the company is licensed. Do any of you know for sure if CryptoLogicIQ has licenses? Have you been provided with copies of them? And how did you like cooperation with the company in general? Is it worth spending time on registration? Thanks in advance!!!
  13. lezno
    August 7
    I am satisfied with the technical work
    Registration on the site is quite simple.I use the platform for trading very often and all operations are carried out without failures and errors. I trade ltc and tether. If you're careful, you'll hit a favorable rate and make a profit, provided you get it right. I withdrew 2,360 dollars in the last week:) ‌I wish you the same.
  14. bru
    August 5
    I liked working with this broker
    The terminal is convenient, and all the basic functions are available, that is, the programmers have not reduced anything. You can transfer crypto to the account freely - literally in a minute, without wasting time at all. You can also easily withdraw profits.
    I recommend you to be as active as possible and study all CryptoLogicIQ offers yourself. For example, last week I got a prize of 125 USDT for participating in the promotion:). I also liked the lending system, you can borrow one type of cryptocurrency to trade with the collateral secured with your other digital coin. The commission percentages here are at an average level, if you have a need to exchange - it is quite possible to use the broker's service directly in your crypto wallet on the account. But if you use a certain new cryptocurrency on the site, you can sometimes get a commission discount of up to 100%! There is also VIP status, which gives big discounts, but I personally don't have such trading volumes. Still, I feel comfortable, even with a low deposit amount and with rare terminal crashes.
  15. AMT
    August 2
    My friend and I lost money
    It seems to me that I fell into the hands of scammers. My money, 140 dollars, is not withdrawn, and for what reason, I do not even know. Moreover, we went to Cryptologiciq with a friend, who for some reason decided that we could easily make money here. He does not get the withdrawal of funds, either. We submitted applications, and then we did not know what to do. Most likely it is a scam. We realised this fact when we tried to contact them by mail on the site. No one answered us. We think we are on a fake site. So what do we do? We consulted a lawyer, he looked at our situation and said that the money was lost, there is no chance to get it back.

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