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Cryptos Group consumers can work with cryptocurrency. Customer funds can be invested in real estate or high-tech equipment for business. It is stated that the company has gained over 431,000 clients and has a total turnover of over 67 billion dollars. However, the project website was founded in late July of 2023. The company’s office is located in the UK, and nothing is known about any licenses. What do you think are the chances of earning here?

Investment Conditions

Clients of Cryptos Group can invest in cryptocurrencies and exchange them, engage in mining and trading. The company also offers the option to purchase its own plastic debit card. In total, the firm works with over 1500 tokens. Users are promised analytics, education, and round-the-clock support.

The minimum deposit is $50, and instant withdrawal is guaranteed. The daily returns will range from 1.5 to 20 percent. The following types of investment packages are available:

  • Starter.
  • Standard.
  • Premium.
  • Special.
  • VIP.

Additionally, you can earn through the affiliate program. Each user can earn up to 7% for referring a client, depending on the level. To earn even more, one can become an official representative of Cryptos Group, but this entails additional responsibilities.


Would investing in Cryptos Group offer the best returns?

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, so we cannot guarantee earnings here.

Does Cryptos Group carry out withdrawals?

There are almost no reviews about this company. Please, tell me about your experience working with them.

May I be scammed on

This domain is very new, so there is a high likelihood of being deceived by Cryptos Group.

What's the best way to share my experience with Cryptos Group?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Cryptos Group is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2023
Minimum deposit: 50$
Affiliate program: Introducing Broker
Deposit method: Cryptocurrencies
Yield: 20$
Legend: Digital Exchange, Mining, Estate investment, Agriculture
Investment term: short
Payment period: daily
Automatic reinvestment: No

15 reviews (+2 fake) about Cryptos Group

  1. Maude Vanessa
    September 23
    They are helpful.
    I don't see any reason to hate them, as my investment was profiting, I have started investing with them for 2 months before I came across this page, but I doubted the bad reviews I saw here because I knew I've been with them for months and no issues or complain to be made.
  2. Carson Watt
    September 18
    I don't think this company is bad.
    I must say am impressed, I started my investment with them, after few weeks I came across this page and saw many bad reviews about them, I became scared that I might lose my capital, but my investment was successful then I keep investing with them and getting my returns, in my opinion my experience with them was awesome.
  3. Michael Josh
    September 9
    The helped me alot
    I'm satisfied with what am getting from this awesome platform, as I got my 6th investment withdrawal, much appreciation.
    Fake comment
  4. Gabriel
    September 9
    I got massive returns
    I don't know that this company is got enough for investment, I started with minimum investment with earned me little, then I moved directly to to third plan which earned me a massive returns.
    Fake comment
  5. Mika
    August 30
    This is just hilarious hyip
    Have you ever seen the cryptos group website? Half of the links don't work at all, and the other half just leads to the homepage. The social media icons at the bottom of the page are just for show, they lead to the main pages of those social networks. The reviews are clearly all made up, and fake, I can do that too.

    And the audacity they have! Cryptos group claims to have a turnover of 60 billion dollars! But if you look at the age of the domain, it was only established a month ago. Wow... Scammers don't even bother to create a somewhat decent product anymore... their scam is too obvious, but there will still be idiots who fall for it…
    1. Zephyr
      September 9
      This is hateful words
      Don't abuse company that you know nothing about, cryptosgroup limited has been established a longtime but recently changed domain because of high rate of complain coming from customers, which said we should change domain name, scammer are using our company name to scam people, so we switched to another domain name and emailed all our investors both old and those who has an ongoing investment with us, we told them about the current changes. Please make sure of something before giving a report
  6. DADO-1990
    August 29
    I had an argument with a friend because of these scammers
    Recently, I found myself in an unpleasant situation caused by my friend's invitation to Cryptos Group, which turned out to be nothing more than a financial pyramid scheme. At first, I was intrigued and happy about the opportunity to make money through cryptocurrency investment. However, during the investment process, I realized that it was a pyramid scheme and that inviting referrals was the only way to earn. I got angry at my friend and explained to him that he was involved in a fraudulent scheme. But our conversation only led to a conflict. I hope no one else suffers because of this naive person…
  7. kalom
    August 20
    A very promising project
    Cryptos Group understands the potential of investing in cryptocurrency and they are right on the money. Agriculture, real estate — these are all very promising sectors. So, making good money here is definitely possible. Trading tokens and exchanging them is also convenient. All in all, I give them a well-deserved 5-star rating.
  8. Raven
    August 20
    Not bad company, I think
    The entry threshold for trading with Cryptos Group is quite low, and there are opportunities to earn a lot. I can't give it the highest rating yet because I haven't withdrawn my money. But if I do, I will even bring my friends here, it'll be beneficial for them and for me (I can earn referral bonuses).
  9. mageric
    August 19
    It’s a fraud
    Don't trust Cryptos Group, don't be foolish and naive. As soon as I saw that they offered fixed daily returns, I knew they were not paying out. It's impossible to guarantee a specific amount, especially when dealing with cryptocurrency. So tell me, where will these scammers get the money for stable payouts if the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum suddenly drops? Obviously nowhere. Obviously, in such a case, they will simply look for reasons not to pay anything to their clients, and ignore their withdrawal requests, emails, and calls.
  10. kors
    August 17
    I'm warning you about the scam!
    I'm just sharing with you the information that their "instant" withdrawal hasn't reached my wallet for over a week now. And the customer support of Cryptos Group is silent. They don't respond to emails or chats. In short, don't invest here. I was prepared to lose money, of course, when dealing with cryptocurrency you should always be prepared for that, but not in such a dumb way
  11. zohan
    August 17
    Does anyone know where the investors' money is being spent?
    Overall, I like the conditions in Cryptos Group. But here's a question…What specific assets are being invested in? Can you provide any information about at least one specific real estate project, for example? Maybe registered users are shown some kind of presentation? Is there a Telegram chat where all this is being discussed? Please tell me, I want to know everything.
  12. kkshar
    August 12
    They simply fabricate high profitability
    When working with Cryptos Group, the balance in my account was indeed growing rapidly. However, when I tried to withdraw it, I ended up with nothing. What conclusions can we draw from this? Correct: the money we send to them, they simply take for themselves and then fabricate some sum in your personal account to make you believe that you are making a profit. But when it comes to withdrawal, they will ignore you and may even be rude.
  13. Teddy
    August 10
    Tech support is silent
    I'm having issues with my personal account, and the tech support is not responding at all! I don't even know how to get in touch with them, they don't even have a phone number! Did they deceive me? It's impossible to do anything with such a website!
  14. Deimon
    August 9
    Just attracting inexperienced beginners, that's all
    Well, tell me, a person who is really knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, will they invest in Cryptos or choose a more reliable group? For some reason, I lean towards the second option. It seems to me that an experienced person will be wary of many things and will close the website as soon as they see that the company offers fixed returns. It is obvious to them that such promises can only be made by financial pyramids. Well, overall, the website is not impressive, the company operates anonymously, without a license. The company already has a pretty bad reputation, and it is unclear how much longer it will last…
  15. zick
    August 7
    Financial pyramid schemes
    Today, there are so many financial pyramid schemes like cryptos group, and many of them disguise themselves as something related to cryptocurrencies. Well, why not? It's impossible to trace customer transactions, and even if someone wants to sue them, they won't be able to. And by the way... does the scheme of earning a few percentage points from the profits of each customer remind you of anything? Experience shows that such pyramids often collapse, and there is nothing you can do about it.
  16. Will
    August 6
    I doubt that this company is safe.
    I saw the legal information about cryptos group, they provide credentials. But I highly doubt that they didn't steal someone else's information. They could have easily taken the details of a British company and claimed them as their own. And most likely, that's exactly what they did: their scam website appeared just over a month ago, with no reviews about them, so the possibility of them simply changing domains is also ruled out. Overall, it seems to me that they will disappear as quickly as they appeared.
  17. volvo
    August 5
    They've just been activated, and there are already victims
    A group of scammers from these Cryptos called me about 30 times, trying to convince me to invest in their "innovative project". I'm experienced and I know that such persistence is usually a sign of deception and hyip, but some of my acquaintances were not aware and fell for it. It's really unfortunate that they literally handed over their money to the scammers.

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