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CryptoSTADT is a platform where you can open a brokerage or savings account. This project was founded in 2023. The office address and phone number are unknown to us, but we have found out that the company operates in accordance with the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company’s activities are not regulated by a license. Do you consider trading here to be sufficiently safe?

Trading Conditions

You can trade on CryptoSTADT from any device, the platform is proprietary. There are 7 accounts: basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and black. The minimum amount to replenish the balance is $250. Depending on the type of account, clients may have access to trading or educational sessions, VIP signals, and financial advisor services. There are CFDs for the following assets available:

  • Currencies (including decentralized ones).
  • Stocks.
  • Indices.
  • Commodities.

Also, consumers can open a savings account. It is possible to store funds in cryptocurrency, create a dedicated or diversified portfolio, and hedge fund savings. The storage period for funds is from 3 months. The company guarantees monthly profits ranging from 5 to 25 percent. Technical support is available 24/7.


Would investing in CryptoSTADT offer the best returns?

It is claimed that CFD trading is more likely to result in losses than profits. Therefore, the conditions cannot be described as the best.

Does CryptoSTADT carry out withdrawals?

The project has too little existence, so it is difficult for us to answer this question. Help us by leaving a review if you have traded with this broker.

May I be scammed on

Yes, you certainly can, as we are dealing with another offshore unlicensed broker.

What's the best way to share my experience with CryptoSTADT?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if CryptoSTADT is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about CryptoSTADT

  1. Alexander Ch
    September 17
    Promising broker
    I haven't been working here for long, but I have already concluded that it is comfortable to trade here. You can confidently join.
  2. Xum
    September 17
    I wouldn't trade here
    And where will you turn if CryptoStadt cheats you? Nobody will be able to help you. It's a fraudulent company registered in Grenadines. There are many loopholes in the legislation that allow them to carry out such deceptive activities, and they simply won't be able to help you. Especially considering that the documents clearly state that these scammers refuse any responsibility.

    There are no licenses here and there won't be. Firstly, the activities of brokers are not regulated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and secondly, no one will issue a document to a company offering fixed income. All regulators know it's a scam.

    By the way, take a look at the age of the domain, the organization hasn't even been around for two months. This means that it may soon be shut down. And that's it, you can say goodbye to your money after that.
  3. ruzey
    September 16
    Trading is inconvenient
    I'm glad I invested the minimum amount in cryptostadt because the trading platform here is horrible. I suspect them of market manipulation because there are huge slippages. I open a trade at one price and close it at another. I doubt such jumps are possible in reality. Maybe they are tweaking the quotes…
  4. arsoft
    September 14
    Terrible experience, wouldn't wish it on anyone
    These CryptoStadt people simply show high profits in your personal account, but you won't see that money and won't be able to withdraw it. I actually believed that I had earned so much money from trading and investing, but when I tried to withdraw them, my request was simply ignored. I contacted customer support, and initially, they responded quite harshly saying that the request was being processed, but then they stopped answering. I don't know who to call because they haven't provided a phone number.
  5. Evgen
    September 6
    A classic pyramid scheme
    Like a naive fooI, l hoped that CryptoSTADT would really give high profits on the savings account. A month has passed, but the amount hasn't grown. I asked what's happening, and they told me that the percentage depends on how many people I invite here to invest. I'm not going to embarrass myself in front of my loved ones and engage in such things.
  6. Jolly
    September 5
    Absolutely shameless deception
    I've been receiving calls from CryptoStadt several times a day, including at night. They offered me to trade on the exchange, but I told them I didn't have any money, so they suggested that I take a loan. Can you believe that an honest company would behave like this? Just think about it yourself.
  7. ECurEx
    September 4
    Too many scam signals
    LOL, does anyone still believe that trading CFDs like the ones offered by these CryptoSTADT can bring any profit? Having multiple accounts with conditions that improve based on the size of the deposit is a very typical thing for scammers. I won't even mention the promised 5–25% monthly profitability, as companies are not allowed to guarantee fixed returns. The office address and phone number are missing, and I perfectly understand why…these are offshore registered scammers.
  8. NuK
    August 28
    The money was withdrawn but with a commission
    Because of the high commission, I received back even less money than I initially invested in Cryptostadt, despite having earnings. Do you know how they explained it to me? Free withdrawal of funds is only available starting from a certain amount. Paying for money withdrawals is awful and unfair, I believe.
    August 28
    Can you tell me more about the conditions?
    I'm still not quite clear on the conditions of working with Cryptostadt... What are the terms of the referral program? Is there any leverage and how much? And most importantly, how is a fixed income on investments achieved if asset price growth cannot be predicted so accurately? It's definitely a drawback for the company that its employees don't share any details about the work. But I'm interested in trading and I would like to hear from users at least about the atmosphere here.
  10. worker2014
    August 23
    I'm sure they are scammers.
    Where is the guarantee that CryptoSTADT won't disappear with your money tomorrow? And there is none. They can come and go whenever they want. The company has only been around for two months. Why trade here when there are plenty of brokers that have been around for 5 years or more?

    The office address and registration are also unknown. It's clear that they are some offshore scammers, but it's not even known where to look for them if something goes wrong. In short, if you value your money, trade anywhere else, just not here.
  11. Root
    August 22
    They're just going to take your money and disappear, CryptoSTADT has no intention of withdrawing it. The information has been verified by me and my acquaintances.
  12. Heb
    August 18
    Another scam is looking for naive fools.
    Many of my acquaintances have already received calls from CryptoSTADT. But no one fell for it and didn't register an account here, everyone understands that a serious licensed broker will not randomly call people. I'm just warning you that scammers have become active and you should stay away from them.
  13. chnat
    August 18
    I don't see any problems here, to be honest
    In my opinion, everything is fine with this company. The customer support is really good and friendly. They explain everything in detail and clearly, especially for newcomers. I recommend registering here.
  14. imi
    August 17
    I was scared to start trading, but it turns out I was scared for no reason
    The experts at Cryptostadt clearly explained how to work here, and after a short amount of time, I realized that trading is easier than I expected. It's very easy to adapt to the platform, all the functions are clear, and there are additional ways to earn money. I am already planning to withdraw my first profit from here very soon, and it is not small.
  15. alteroramus
    August 15
    What should I do now?
    I tried to withdraw money, but they not only refused but also blocked it. What should I do? I didn't do anything wrong…
  16. uzeful777
    August 12
    I wish I hadn't registered here
    I am very disappointed with my experience working with Cryptostadt. Their commissions and fees were too high, and I lost a significant portion of my investments when withdrawing. The customer support did not comment on this at all, probably they are not interested in their clients at all. I would recommend staying away from this broker if you want to preserve your finances and avoid stress.

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