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Dalsson Trust Group does not specify its legal address or the location of its offices. In addition, the company does not disclose any information about the project’s creation date. As for the domain, it was registered only in July 2023. Despite this, the broker reports that it is fully regulated, licensed, and adheres to industry standards. However, there is no documentary evidence of these facts on the website. Finally, the client account registration form lists countries such as the USA, Afghanistan, and many others whose citizens can apply to open a profile on this site.

Is it safe to trade here? Can you trust your capital to this company? We will investigate the technical characteristics of the terminal, legal aspects of the broker, and customer reviews, and then let you know whether its claims of reliability and favorable trading conditions are true.

Trading Conditions

Dalsson Trust Group offers its platform for trading, which functions on PCs and mobile devices. Traders have access to asset sets and charting tools. You will find on the site technical indicators to analyze the state of the markets. You will be able to trade on the Forex market in the 24/5 mode. Cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, and other trading instruments are presented on the terminal.

Clients approved by the RFT Compliance Service can participate in risk-free trading. The offer applies to deposits between $2,000 and $10,000. Account types differ in the amount of leverage and exchange discount. The broker does not disclose the minimum deposit amount in the plans it specifies. You can choose an account for yourself from the following options:

  • Silver – Leverage 200:1.
  • Gold – Leverage 300:1, Swap discount 25%, Personal account manager.
  • Platinum – Leverage 400:1, Swap discount 50%, Personal account manager, Free VPS, Fifth decimal, Customized investment news.

Dalsson Trust Group offers deposits by bank transfer, e-wallet, and credit/debit cards. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. The broker claims that it strives to process traders’ requests for withdrawals in 1-2 business days. Meanwhile, the Rules specify a withdrawal period of up to 10 days.

You agree that the brokerage company may deduct all fees and taxes from your account. Dalsson Trust Group sets a limit on withdrawal transactions – no more than 10 transactions per card with a maximum amount of $10,000.

The client can earn from bonuses and the Referral Program. You get a bonus trading credit for each referral if you participate in the “Invite a Friend” promotion. You must trade with a volume of 1/4 of the bonus amount in order to withdraw the bonus funds. This requirement must be met within 60 days from the date of deposit.

The site has analytical sections – Exchange Ticker, Technical Analysis, Market Quotes, Crypto Market, Economic Calendar, and Trading Hours. You can get help from tech support via email, phone, or live chat.


Would investing in Dalsson Trust Group offer the best returns?

For you, cooperation with a broker will be a loss of invested funds rather than their increase. This is risky CFD trading with an anonymous company on non-transparent trading conditions.

Does Dalsson Trust Group carry out withdrawals?

You will not be able to withdraw funds from your account, this is very likely. Many users claim that they have lost significant money due to the company's actions. Share your experience if you have traded on this platform.

May I be scammed on dalssontg.com?

The risk of scamming is high on an anonymous site. The company has no information about its location, regulators, or license. The fresh domain and cheap design also raise serious doubts about their legitimacy.

What's the best way to share my experience with Dalsson Trust Group?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if dalssontg.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about Dalsson Trust Group

  1. carl lefevre
    December 11
    they promised lots and scammed me for over $20000. Looks legit but always want you to loan $$$ so they can get rich. will use the guise that you have lots in your trading. must use your e-transfer and you'll get the $$ back, don't fall for it!!! Go with a legit broker
  2. Francine
    November 13
    Lured me in by using Prime Minister Trudeau as an advocate to invest in AI. I fell for it! Hook, line, and sinker! They got it all! All of my retirement money that I worked so hard for. They set you up with an Atomic wallet to withdraw your money. They use a fake token (verified by Atomic that it is in fact fake) Your money is already gone. It was never deposited from your Dalsson account to Atomic. They will tell you there are fees to pay in order to release your money. Don't fall for any of it! They ruined my life. I will never be able to retire. I got scammed believing in a government ad!
  3. Tim
    November 1
    Try and withdraw your funds, criminals!!!
    Would rate them at -5 starts if possible!
  4. Marty Roberts
    October 30
    Can't believe I fell for this SCAM please, please, for your own good stay away. They are crooks, luckily I only deposited $250.00 USD and on my first 2 trades made about $53.00 total then the phone calls begin asking to deposit more funds, they started out asking for $100,000.00 thankfully my spidey sense said something was wrong. I've been trying to withdraw my money (not the supposed profit) just my original $250.00 everyday for over a month without success. They call me almost everyday pressuring for more money (it's a different person everytime) I ask to withdraw my funds and I'm met with hang-ups, "do it yourself" (can't the withdraw key icon doesn't work) been told to f___off, f___myself, and more. I've told them you don't know me, I don't know you, so how about you give me $100,000.00 and I'll trade for you that usually ends the call BUT I STILL DONT HAVE AND CANT SEEM TO GET MY FUNDS RETURNED AND MY ACCOUNT CLOSED. So basically I'll consider it a $250.00 USD mistake and consider myself somewhat lucky. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY STUPIDNESS DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY THEY WILL FLEECE YOU! If ever the saying "A fool and his/her money are soon parted" its here and I'm the fool. Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll save someone their hard earned money, if it's just one person it was worth my time ans effort filling out this review.Thanks for reading
    1. L
      November 1
      Agree to STAY AWAY from DALSSON
      Thanks for your review. And you are smart for not moving forward with them. I am the stupid one that fell for this and lost way more than $250 USD. I lost over $20k and I will never get that money back.
  5. Quinn McKee
    October 15
    These guys are a scam. They will set you up with an atomic wallet when it’s time to cash out and will deposit a fake cryptocurrency. Stealing all your hard earned money and leaving you with nothing. Do not use Dalsson no matter how tempted you are and how good they try to make it sound. Biggest mistake of my life.
  6. elmaster
    October 8
    I do not recommend trading from a cell phone
    I could not make any money here, only lost almost the entire deposit. There is also my fault, I should have stopped in time. But I wanted to recover my losses and lost even more, and the broker helped me in this. I tried to trade on my cell phone and everything was going fine until I made a mistake: when opening from the mobile application, the spread on EUR/USD was 2, but in fact, it was more than 200 pips! When I contacted the chat they recommended me: write to e-mail. I wrote two claims and the broker replied that the spread changes for this pair. I managed to close the trades with a minus of more than 100 USD and started trying to get my deposit back. But I did not earn profit, (the reason was not only technical deficiency of the mobile version, I am also guilty, I should have left at once!), it turns out that the errors in the broker's program, and the loss of money - it is solely my gambling!
    1. trader
      October 27
      They are bunch of thieves. Once you invest they ask for more and more and more money and their excuse are they don’t make much commission unless you keep investing more and more. You can see the figures (your money/investment ) in their trading platform but cannot withdraw it or they won’t allow not even 5% of your profits to be withdrawn and this even takes weeks of negotiation and even fights over phone. They don’t have an office/address/phones and do only VOIP calls and we cannot reach them back (unless they call you/ need your money). They will vanish with your money once you invest what they need/max they could get from you. Stay away from Dalsson Trust Group scammers.
  7. lyken
    October 1
    My first results
    I started cooperating with the broker dalsson trust group a month ago and judging by my results, I was satisfied with trading on the platform. My earnings are 30-50 dollars a day. The site responds to requests without delays, so there were no problems because of this. Input and output works in the standard mode, without excesses. There were some minor difficulties, but the support quite quickly solved everything, answered all the questions, and there were no problems with it. I withdrew money twice normally, all quickly within a day, I was also pleased with the minimum amount of 50 USDT for withdrawal. On the downside: withdrawal to a card or bank account is more time-consuming and limited in amount, it is convenient to withdraw only through crypto. I hope that in the future the broker will provide good conditions for other methods of withdrawal and replenishment of funds. However, it does not name specific terms for the revision of payment programs, so we can only wait for improvement.
  8. diamond pmr
    September 21
    Be careful!
    Broker can simply steal your money from your account! I logged into my account today and didn't find 1,186 dollars there :( This money was withdrawn by someone to a cryptocurrency wallet address unknown to me. I demanded a refund from the company, but the consultant told me that the fault was entirely mine, as I gave my account details to someone. But I think the money was stolen by scammers from dalsson trust group!
  9. Zulikk
    September 11
    The company does not inspire confidence
    I will share my impressions about the brokerage company.
    It has all the necessary tools, you can start trading if you deposit only one hundred dollars, and there are attractive bonus programs. Now about the minuses - the platform without a license agreement, so there is no guarantee of the safety of client funds. I believe that a company that operates anonymously can not count on a long activity. Probably the organizers see their niche on the market in the segment of inexperienced traders, and prefer to stop at this very weak position. I did not use technical support - everything is clear to me as it is.
  10. Alex Kosh
    September 8
    Horrible technical support
    The worst thing about the broker is that no one needs your claims here. They simply do not respond to appeals at all. They don't fix anything or solve problems. That's why I left here, an unreliable company.
  11. ferd
    September 7
    Here they use technologies that will bring you losses
    When you open a deal, the terminal executes it against your benefit. Also, Dalsson Trust Group uses a full set of B-book program - requotes, slippages, spikes, etc. I would also note that they can delay withdrawal. And it is delayed so long that you practically give up the idea of withdrawing your deposit. In this case, managers do everything to persuade the trader not to withdraw money. Pay attention to this.
  12. Fakins
    August 25
    It is impossible to trade with a profit
    Even if you make a profit (although you can't make money on such a fake platform!), the company will still cancel your profit. The broker will find a reason to ruin you. So it happened to me, my deposit of 720 USDT it drained in three days:( So I do not advise you to deal with dalsson trust group, nothing good will come out.
  13. Kaba FF
    August 22
    The platform works just disgusting
    The broker is not engaged in fraud and withdraws money. However, I did not manage to trade profitably. For some reason the terminal is constantly disconnected from the servers, it was such that instead of a deal to sell, I got two deals to buy.
  14. alex
    August 20
    The terminal is unstable
    The main disadvantage, in my opinion, is the low quality of the platform. In particular, it becomes almost impossible to open and close orders at times of strong market movement. In addition, slippages can be very significant, more than 30 points per transaction. That is why I lost more than 300 dollars in a week when trading on Dalsson Trust Group. I want to emphasize that I do not recommend this company for trading.
  15. damis
    August 13
    Intrusive employees
    Managers constantly persuade me to increase the size of my deposit, I have already made a final warning that if they once again raise the issue of deposit, I will end cooperation with this broker.
    1. Marty Roberts
      October 30
      Try to withdraw your funds and see what happens.

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