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Delos Management started its activity in 2022. Clients are encouraged to trade currencies and CFDs. The contact details section states that the company has offices in South Africa, the UK, and Cyprus. However, from the user agreement, we learned that the place of registration of the company is Bulgaria.

The broker has not a trading license. This is alarming and makes one wonder if the company is a scam.

Trading Conditions

For trading users are offered more than 250 instruments:

  • Forex,
  • Cryptocurrencies,
  • Stocks,
  • Commodities,
  • Indices and some others.

Technical support works 24/7.

The brokerage platform offers five types of accounts that vary in deposit size. By paying a high fee, a trader can benefit from personal sessions and premium signals.

Delos Management has a personal trading platform. Users can trade through the web terminal or desktop application.


Would investing in Delos Management offer the best returns?

The broker has a short lifespan and doesn’t disclose legal information. So it's highly probable that you will experience financial losses.

Does Delos Management carry out withdrawals?

We are not sure. It is too similar to a scam. Share your opinion about it in reviews.

May I be scammed on

Yes. Fraud is indicated by the limited lifespan, as well as lack of registration and license.

What's the best way to share my experience with Delos Management?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if it is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 268$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

17 reviews about Delos Management

  1. johannes greyling
    August 4
    mr johannes greyling
    i have borrowed moy from my buisness i was told i need more money i sold my vechile the money was paid over everything then the agent told me everything would be sorted out on monday 1st of august then she started trading again without my permision today the 4th i have to pay in another amount of 300000 to close everything i told them i dont have the money to pay i have lost over 1000000 milj they even took another 20000 of my acount every time its not there fault its mine when i told it to her manager its the same you speak to a person that died
  2. Pelfox
    June 6
    It's my fault that I gave money to Delos Management
    I dreamt of making money in trading. I wanted to promote this business so that it would generate the main income. And what is the result? I trusted Delos Management, but the withdrawal did not work. And it is not clear how to behave.
    I turned to a familiar lawyer, and he advised me to forget about this money, since it could no longer be returned. It's my fault that I got into a forex scam instead of trading with a reliable broker.
  3. Ruby Bailey
    June 5
    Can't believe I got scammed
    It's disheartening to discover that I've been a victim of a scam service. I fell for the fraudulent tactics of Delos Management, thinking that I was trading with a legitimate company. However, it turned out to be a pseudo-broker, executing trades on their internal platform instead of the real market. To make matters worse, they looked just like any other broker, and I invested €250 and lost it all. The realization that I wasted so much time on this deception leaves me feeling frustrated and disappointed.
  4. Edna
    June 5
    Do they withdraw money?
    It is not known where the company is registered; it doesn't have a license at all. Nothing is said about lifespan, and the conditions of trading are hidden.
    I haven't traded with Delos Management, but this is suspicious. I ask experienced traders, is it worth counting on a withdrawal?
  5. Joyce_Smith231
    June 1
    I do not recommend Delos Management
    I'll just tell you that I was scammed by Delos Management for €2,000, so easily and naturally. They were lured to the platform, called 50 times a day, and promised huge incomes. In the end, I decided that it was time to invest, and they deceived me. I managed to trade for a week and even withdrew part of the invested money. It’s just bad that I couldn’t get all the finances out of here, so now I regret it.
    But I'm glad I realized in time who I'm dealing with.

    A characteristic sign of fraud is a huge number of negative reviews, the absence of a license, and the presence of CFD contracts. It's my opinion about Delos Management.
  6. Steve
    May 30
    Where's my money?!
    During my trading experience, I noticed that my deposit was decreasing rapidly. Upon talking to a knowledgeable friend, I found out that Delos Management does not execute trades on the real market, but rather on their internal platform. Frustrated by this revelation, I tried to withdraw the remaining funds but was unsuccessful. To make things worse, the support team is unresponsive to my inquiries! I am at a loss, what steps should I take to rectify this situation?!
  7. MarkSanchez90
    May 28
    Ordinary one-day company
    People, this scam has been working since 2022!!! Where is the guarantee that Delos Management will not stop their work tomorrow and disappear along with your money?!
  8. MissTrading
    May 25
    Delos Management is the usual deception
    The site was founded less than a year ago, there are no documents or financial statements on it. Do you really think this is worth believing?
  9. Pamela
    May 22
    Wanted to trade but changed my mind
    Where is this broker registered? Does anyone know the exact legal address? Previously considered opening an account here. But I realized that it is better not to take risks and not to invest money in an organization that cannot indicate its registration address. It is right that a lot of negative information is pouring out on the Internet about this broker. It's well deserved. And to all beginners who, for any reason, are interested in trading with Delos Management, I recommend you to close the site as soon as possible and not do obviously stupid things.
  10. John
    May 19
    Where is the company registered?
    With difficulty, I found information in the user agreement that Delos Management is registered in Bulgaria. Where is the exact address? Why is there no information about this on the site? I only saw the addresses of four offices, but I'm not sure that they are not fake. I have too many questions for the broker. I don't want to trade here.
  11. SamuelClark
    May 18
    I can’t get my money back
    Can anyone help me withdraw money from here? Does it make sense to contact the police or lawyers?
  12. Mary
    May 18
    Slow technical support!
    I don’t know how fast Delos Management withdraws money, but everything related to communication is of poor quality. When I went to the site, I was disappointed, there is no information here. But I did not pay attention to this, the conditions were offered hoo. I decided to register, and opened a silver account, but… Problems with registration, verification, and most importantly, it all took me two weeks! It would be faster if technical support worked a little more actively. I can wait three or four days for one answer, then I ask a question and wait several days again.
  13. Jeffrey11
    May 13
    I was deceived, my card details were stolen through AnyDesk!!!
    I was deceived by Delos Management scammers, who convinced me to download the AnyDesk program to demonstrate the functions of the system. Unfortunately, it was futile as I lost €500 from my bank account within 24 hours. The fraudsters utilized the program to obtain my credit card information and withdraw the funds. Beware and do not trust any fraudulent individuals.
  14. Susan9807
    May 12
    One more scam
    It is impossible to conduct any business with Delos Management as it is a fraudulent service. I regret not reading the reviews before investing my money, as I have been robbed through this scam. I cannot emphasize enough that it is best to stay away from this company. Despite multiple attempts to contact support, I have not received any help in withdrawing my funds. It has been two months, and I fear that I will never receive my money back. Broker has no visible contacts, ignores feedback forms, and has unresponsive mailing services.
  15. BigRichard
    May 10
    Give me back my money, scammers!
    Scammers, refund my money immediately if you are reading this!! €1,000 is not withdrawn for the third week, tech service does not respond!
  16. Jorge
    May 6
    Delos Management scammed my friend!
    Delos Management does not withdraw money. I'm smart, I won't fall for this, but my friend is gullible. He invested €1000 and lost everything within a week. And he almost again gave the money to them, wanting to fight back. Good thing I stopped him.
  17. Patsy988
    May 5
    Has anyone withdrawn money?
    Has anyone else had success with withdrawing funds from Delos Management? It has been a week, and my processing request has yet to go through. In addition, my submitted documents have not been acknowledged for over two weeks. Could this be the reason for the delay? And if so, why is KYC taking so long? Is anyone actively trading through this platform?
    1. no seems like a scam if lost everything even my vechile
      August 4
      mr johannes greyling
      no they are scams

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