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The broker is headquartered in Malta and has branches in Cyprus, Paraguay, and other jurisdictions. Deriv Investments (Europe) Limited displays on its website a Malta license dated 2020, renewed in 2021. The broker does not serve clients from the US, Canada, Israel, and many other countries. Company’s website has online chat and quick communication with support via WhatsApp.

Trading Conditions

The web broker provides investors with intermediary services in the binary options and forex markets. On its official website, Deriv presents clients with 2 platforms that it has developed independently. MT5 terminal is designed for CFD trading. The DTrader terminal offers multipliers for trading with leverage and binary options.

No trading conditions are stated on the website.

The company additionally offers:

  • Margin lending
  • Free trading robot
  • OTC quotes on weekends

The user agreement provides for blocking the client if the broker suspects that the trader is engaged in money laundering. Company has the right to change the user agreement at any time without informing its clients. At the same time, the broker may prohibit clients from withdrawing money from the deposit for violation of the terms of this very agreement.


Would investing in Deriv offer the best returns?

It is more likely that a service of automated algorithms for dealing with the futures market will easily embezzle your money.

Does Deriv carry out withdrawals?

It is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw your earnings from Deriv, rather you will lose what you have deposited. Read about customer experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud is high as Deriv is registered in Malta. You will therefore find it very difficult to deal with any problems that may arise with your deposit.

What's the best way to share my experience with Deriv?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Deriv is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 1999
License: other
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Assets: Forex, Commodities, Index, Crypto
Minimum deposit: 5$
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Wire/bank transfers, Cryptocurrencies, Payment systems

16 reviews about Deriv

  1. George
    June 2
    Can't put my anger into words
    I am locked out and cannot make transfers from my CR account in either DerivX or MT5. All I get is a pop-up saying "You cannot perform this action, your account is blocked". I have tried all sorts but to no avail. Live chat doesn't help, only makes things worse. Thinking of closing the account permanently, but I still have funds in my account. It's been over a week and my patience is running out.
  2. Dyckerv
    May 30
    It is not worth it to come here
    I will only have one negative thing to say about the Deriv site so far as I know exactly who I am dealing with. Lack of information about the management of the company, and blatantly false positive comments from obscure individuals who cannot be verified. You can't follow the photos to the social media pages and so on - that's it, plus some more components of the trading character, provide a more or less complete picture of what kind of site is in front of us. The Deriv resource is the most common hustling site and is not worth paying attention to. I've decided that's my choice
  3. Groof
    May 1
    About $6,000 is missing
    This is the kind of site I like! Deriv is exactly the kind of resource worth paying attention to if one has a huge desire to part with money. In principle, such a subconscious idea is not special, new, and so on. However, I will remind you that there are quite a lot of such sites on the Web. And this is the kind of site that only provides ideas for you to cheat. I had it on European stock options, mostly energy companies. All 4 orders are in the red! That's not how decent brokers work.
  4. Cait
    April 23
    You will be deceived
    The broker only knows how to make pretty promises. Lost $400 in a record time of 2 weeks with Deriv.
  5. Goron
    April 12
    One of the worst websites
    What would I do if they started stealing money from my balance, as some new acquaintances of mine have started doing? They are now actively sharing with me their incomprehensible stories about how they lost money by investing in Deriv. ‌Why are their stories incomprehensible? And because people have seen that they are investing in a resource that does not have a normal License or any other documents that would confirm the solvency of their company. It is the most common scammer who stole about $3,400 from one friend of mine. That's all on-day trading.
  6. Panare
    April 10
    The broker gives me a sense of mistrust
    Deriv has a demo version, but it's suspiciously simple. Tried to play there, and within a day I had traded for about 1000 virtual dollars. This is even ridiculous! I got to know about them from the mailing list. I had very little information about them, but there are negative reviews. Well, an affiliate, of course, is powerful. I suspect this is a scammer. Honestly, I didn't find anything about them when I checked, which is even more suspicious. Very few good reviews, no information on liquidity providers, and very reluctant to respond to inquiries. More precisely, there are no phone numbers, only a feedback form. I was called back by the technical support staff, but when they realised that I was finding out the history of Deriv, they immediately switched to an indifferent tone of the conversation. Incidentally, there is a unit in the UK, but I couldn't find anything at that address. The other addresses are France, Rwanda, Cyprus, and Malta and there is no phone number. Check their work permit in your country yourself.
  7. mmorpg
    April 10
    Good teaching
    I have learned about trading, I have had many downs and small ups but I am in the process of learning. I am learning in Deriv how to trade, I like it so far. I hope to get my account verified quickly so I can invest more.
  8. Elentar
    April 9
    They promise unrealistic profits
    They promised a return of 13-15% at Deriv. In reality, they barely made it to 4%. Work, time, money - all down the drain.
  9. Gerald
    March 19
    I have hope
    Just yesterday, there was an issue with the balance on my live Mt5 trading account, which has still not been resolved. But the broker support agents have treated me very well. This has given me hope that something constructive will happen at Deriv on this issue.
  10. Beatrice
    March 19
    Offer to help customers
    Newbies incur more losses here. It would be much better if you could find a way to help them. As they may also have some profit in the beginning. This will help Deriv to have more traders in the future. Many of them are leaving your site now because of too many losses.
  11. Brincldos
    March 16
    The broker is trusted only by beginners
    The minimum deposit is $5. Naturally attractive to newbies. My brother was like that. He was promised to get $50-60 a day without any effort. He thought that he could no longer go to work, but only to make money on the exchange. Apparently, my example did not give him peace. I make good money on investments, but I studied, invested in trainers, and worked at normal brokerage sites. He chose Deriv because the minimum deposit is ridiculous and no special verification is needed. They have also promised to provide all possible assistance, advice, advice, almost free signals. If it were that simple, everyone in our country would be a billionaire by now. The result: my brother lost all the money he had invested in Deriv. They took it all out of the account a little at a time. They advised my brother on a couple of profitable operations, and he believed them, and then in 30 moves, they wrote off everything in the account. The company has no history or registration in Malta, and the documents are murky. You have to learn how to trade for years. And you don't know that you will make $50 a day.
  12. Halon
    March 11
    No way to go with them!
    I don't trust the this website and I have more than good reasons for this, which I told other professionals about not too long ago. In particular, I talked about the problems faced by owners of blogs dedicated to making money online. But I will also share them with ordinary users so that they do not get involved with sites that cannot even provide insurance for their clients. The functionality of the Deriv trading service is terrible, there are always some bugs, High and Low buttons simply don't work. All these things annoy me so much that I am no longer able to trade on this site. I can't even pay anymore, they don't pay me anything for more than a month.
  13. Juron
    February 14
    A broker cannot negotiate with his employees
    Interesting topic! In a bad way, of course. Called Deriv 3 times, and got 3 different specialists. And each time they gave me new figures for interest, yields, and spreads. Nothing coincides at all. I even found it funny! I was even laughing. It is a scam broker with registration in Malta and it pretends to be an extra-class broker. If you are a broker, you should at least agree with your employees, on which trading conditions to voice to potential clients. The reviews are getting worse and worse by the day.
  14. Bulalil
    February 4
    The broker blocked my deposit
    They will block your account so there is nothing you can do. My account at Deriv is blocked. I try to open it but they tell me to wait for help, the broker has a big queue of customers with questions. All these problems start when you make a profit. Stay away from this broker. Customer service can't help with anything. ‌stay away from them!!! DANGER... DANGER.
  15. Ervita
    February 4
    It's a scammer! Lost $500
    I put the money on the withdrawal, it's gone. Still waiting for it to come to my card - been waiting for 3 weeks now. Sounds like Deriv has cheated me.
  16. Brennan
    February 3
    Caring support
    I was concerned about withdrawal limits from my account. It turns out that if I exceeded the $10,000 limit, I would need to confirm my account and it would be deleted.
    Thanks to the Deriv support team this problem has been resolved.

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