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Detoro does not disclose any information about the owner of the site or the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered by an unknown person only in May 2023 in the United States. In addition, the project has neither a legal address nor a license. Finally, the website lacks a phone number and online chat for customer support.

Is it safe to start cooperation with this broker? Will we find the protection of the regulator, in case of problems? Our task is to understand the functionality of the platform, the legal documentation provided on the website and understand how profitable it is to trade on this website.

Trading Conditions

You can use the trading platform on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. Detoro offers such instruments as Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices. The company tests your level of financial knowledge and experience before you make your first deposit.

Clients have access to 6 types of trading profiles, which are sorted by minimum deposit amount. The accounts have the following characteristics:

  1. Beginner $250 – 3 training sessions with a market professional, 1 training session, standard leverage, maximum trade size 0.1 lots.
  2. Standard $5,000 – weekly training and trading sessions, 3 training sessions, standard leverage, maximum trade size 0.5 lots.
  3. Premium $10,000 – 1:5 leverage on cryptocurrency, maximum trade size 1 lot, standard bonus up to 20%, no SWAP commissions or penalties, and hidden interests.
  4. Investor $50,000 – 1:10 leverage on cryptocurrency, unlimited maximum trade size, standard bonus up to 50%, 2 monthly online trading sessions, copy-trading.
  5. Detoro VIP $200,000 – maximum trade size unlimited, flexible leverage in any market area, weekly online trading sessions, standard bonus up to 100%, copy-trading, eligible for protection fund up to 100%.
  6. Detoro VIP Platinum – an opportunity to become a shareholder of the company upon your request.

You can top up your deposit in Detoro with money transfers to the broker’s bank account, as well as from debit/credit cards, Bitcoin, and WebMoney, QIWI e-wallets.

You must provide the broker with a scan/photo of your debit/credit card (front and back). The site owner explains such requirements as a defense against cyber fraud. 

In the Detoro glossary, you can see the basic terms that will be useful for trading. The broker’s collections of trading training videos and trading signals will be available to you only after you have registered a trading account.


Would investing in Detoro offer the best returns?

Information about the terminal is opaque and inaccessible. You run the risk of losing your funds here rather than earning a profit on an unknown platform.

Does Detoro carry out withdrawals?

The secretive forex broker is unlikely to transfer your funds to you. It is not ready to tell traders either about its history, or about its location. Also, customer reviews point to problems with deposit withdrawal.

May I be scammed on

The site does not have any legal documentation and regulator information, there is a fresh domain here. There is a high probability that this is a fake broker aimed only at deceiving clients. 

What's the best way to share my experience with Detoro?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Detoro is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

29 reviews about Detoro

    February 6
    detoro is as crooked as the days are long just removed all i had invested my life's 40.000 saving and Eric Larson disappeared with it gone every cent he was supposed to help 1 other thing why trust spreads the detoro is fine i guess they are probly in cahoots with them ANYWAY DONT WALK AWAY FROM THEM RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN THEY ARE ALL CROOKS
  2. Trent
    December 2
    Total Scam don’t even talk to them the web site looks legitimate but it’s not they took me for 20000 won’t return calls or emails don’t trust them
  3. Gary Obrien
    November 2

    OR CALL 905 317-****
  4. rambo
    October 18
    do not touch these guys with a 10 foot pole, total scams got me for 12,000 do not answer there calls and now have me blocked
  5. demon
    August 14
    Has anyone had any luck contacting support?
    I had my account blocked altogether with all the money in it. DeТoro support doesn't respond to emails.
    1. Phoenix98
      September 4
      No the email provided bounced back stating address does not exist...
      Any of the phone calls recieved have come up " Potential Fraud " and any of the people who called asked for more than the $250 their platform recieved... [email protected] does not exist...
  6. Maestro
    August 14
    I like almost everything about it
    The transactions are well executed and my advisor is always on call. Also at Detoro withdrawals are smooth but with a commission, unfortunately. I am happy with this online platform with nothing extra. I have even managed to wean myself off MT already, although I used to trade a lot only at brokers with MT. I can even say that here the platform has great advantages, as I earn 300-700 dollars a week, and I like it. And it's also convenient to trade forex from my cell phone.
    1. Question
      September 4
      How did the platform send Money to you? I.E. direct bank deposit/ Crypto, where you direct money out of that system?
    2. john graham
      November 16
      withdraw funds
      how can i withdraw my funds havent heard from my advisor
  7. mflash
    August 10
    They are scammers, it is better not to deal with them
    I was scammed for 56 thousand dollars and I can not withdraw the balance of the trading account.
  8. Cold Lala
    August 4
    This is definitely the best broker! Withdrawal almost instantly:) Bravo!!!
    1. How did they pay YOu
      September 4
      How exactly did thay pay you?
    2. Phoenix98
      September 26
      Where did the platform send the funds, i.e. credit card, or crypto?
    3. Nelson Mills
      November 1
      I cannot get .05 cents back ,As he has got me black balled in every crypto company out there so I cannot have a wallet
  9. lucky
    July 31
    I am puzzled by the long verification of my address
    I can not pass verification, I am sending a rental agreement in Spanish, as I live in Spain. The broker does not accept these documents, and now for several days the account hangs "in verification mode". I can't withdraw money, I can't trade crypto assets either. Very strange...
  10. GOSH
    July 31
    Trading has become unprofitable
    In three months I made a profit of more than 2,000$, although now things are not going well. I've had problems a few times, and last night I had 12 minus trades and one plus trade 48$. So I log in again 2 minutes later and what do I see - the negative ones are all there and the positive one is gone as if it never happened. Well, are no cheaters in Detoro?
  11. Susan
    July 28
    Good broker, but the verification system is not developed
    Constantly I confirm the scan of my bank card and my home address, although I do not have to do this for every withdrawal. Correspondence with the support service and my argument that 2 days ago I confirmed my address and card, do not give results!
  12. 603
    July 24
    Terrible broker, I regretted trading with it
    I don't understand where the quotes come from on this site, the spreads are huge at night, and many other disadvantages. They did not close two take-profit trades for me, even though it was obvious that the price fell from my predetermined level by more than 2.5 times. I wrote to tech support on email and they told me that I should learn how to trade. If I was a beginner this would be fair, but I have been trading forex for over 6 years now....
  13. Ice_Scream
    July 22
    My husband has fallen into this cult!
    This broker is like a cult and my husband fell into it. The managers detoro constantly call him, they chat for hours a day. I didn't pay attention to it at first, but bad times came when my husband started losing 500 dollars a day there. At first, I was overcome with curiosity as to what it was all about. We started fighting, I asked him why he was putting money on that site in the first place. He told me that this is his business now, and that soon we will have millions. Yeah, but I don't believe in that idea, it's just that the detoro scammers are cheating him out of his money. All he does is pay money to these thieves. I don't see any business and I don't see any profit. I took the number of this manager and called him with a request to leave my husband alone because detoro company has already taken a lot of money from his budget, but the manager did not listen to me, and just disconnected. What should I do now?!!!
  14. Anatoly
    July 21
    The software here is fake
    Two days in a row all my trades went negative up to 93.7% with bitcoin rising(!) - the losses are too huge. It's just a roulette, which acts according to a set algorithm - gives you a win and next time writes off your funds, and the actions of players do not make any difference - everything goes according to the developers' plan!!!
  15. artes
    July 16
    The broker acts in my interests
    I have been using the platform for more than 2 months. I have not been cheated once yet, unlike others. The broker is reliable, it will not cheat, most likely. DETORO checks clients thoroughly and does not cooperate with crooks :) I also find it convenient that the site has an online platform, not MT.
  16. Finiriarh
    July 15
    I don't recommend it to anyone at all
    These crooks closed my trades with a loss of $6,780 and then told me that I closed it myself. And then it turned out that supposedly they had some change in the servers. In short, it's a dump.
  17. Essential
    July 14
    I regretted my registration on the site
    I accidentally came to this site, out of curiosity I registered and after that my life became unbearable. For the last month I have been getting calls every hour from Detoro consultants. I block Robert's number, he is replaced by Michael, then Jacob and some other assholes. I answer them very rudely and just disconnect, but they keep calling me back and trying to clarify why I do not need additional income:( I am tired of answering them that I do not need useless expenses. I'm going to have to change my number because of this phone onslaught!!!
  18. Dan Bollan
    July 10
    Strongly not recommended
    Constant technical problems, account disconnection, and delayed response to my actions.
  19. Ivy
    July 6
    There is a surprise waiting for you
    There is one very tricky feature at, they first accept money (when you deposit), and do not require ANYTHING, and only then, when you want to withdraw profits, they start to require all sorts of verification, etc.
  20. dino
    June 26
    It's a pity that I spent all my savings here
    I was constantly called by experts from this forex broker and offered to earn money on the market, I fell for it like a fool, I gave them all my data and got carried away with trading and endlessly transferred money to the deposit... at the end I was left with nothing, all transactions were closed with a big minus....
  21. Sky
    June 14
    I am frustrated by substitutions of consultants
    I don't know how other traders communicate with the broker, but after registering on the site my manager called me and left his phone number. He was constantly in touch with me. And I do not like the fact that in a short time (a little more than a month) I have already changed my consultant twice in Detoro. We have been working with the last manager for 2 weeks and I am completely satisfied with him. But when I start to get used to working with a person, and then they change him again, my impression of the company becomes negative. I hope that I will work with the last consultant without any changes, because I wrote an angry letter to the broker by e-mail. But I have not received a reply to my letter yet.
    1. Colin.
      December 28
      Have you been able to get any money back from them???
  22. Blitzen
    June 10
    I have been waiting for a deposit for 16 days
    I sent 5,300$ by bank transfer to the company's account, which the consultant sent me by e-mail. The money has not arrived. The technical support writes that they have transferred my appeal to the financial department, then for the last week they do not answer my letters at all. Have you had similar situations? Can you comment?

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