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ElcomercioIX does not provide information about its actual and legal address, history, and start date of the company. As for the domain, it was registered only in February 2023 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Besides, the project does not have a license and does not specify the jurisdiction in which it is regulated. It’s worth noting that the bilingual interface of the site supports English and Spanish. Finally, an account on the site cannot be opened for US residents or citizens of other countries that have any tax obligations in the United States.

Is it safe to trade here? Will you be able to earn profit with this broker? We examine the technical parameters of the platform and the company’s legal documents to make objective conclusions about its reliability.

Trading Conditions

The broker offers services optimized to meet the needs of traders with different levels of experience. Clients have access to web-based versions of the platform for PCs and mobile devices. You will find on ElcomercioIX such trading instruments as precious metals (silver, gold, diamonds), more than 65 pairs of cryptocurrencies, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/EUR, and others.

Cooperation between the client and the company is built on the parameters of one of the four types of tariff plans. With the increase of the amount on the account, the set of available services increases. You can open:

  1. SILVER ACCOUNT with a minimum deposit from €500 to €1,999. Services included are basic 1 to 1 training, basic education center.
  2. GOLDEN ACCOUNT with minimum deposit from €2,000 to €9,999. Includes all the services of the previous level plus full trading signals, and an account manager.
  3. BRILLIANT ACCOUNT with a minimum deposit from €10,000 to €49,999. additionally includes access to the academy, a bonus up to 50% of the account balance, trading sessions with analysts, no withdrawal fees, premium contract option.
  4. VIP Account with a minimum deposit from €50,000. There are services: full educational package, bonus up to 100% of account balance, VIP contract options, and MasterCard for fast withdrawal of funds from deposit without commission.

The broker guarantees for all account types 24/7 customer service on its trading terminal 365 days a year. ElcomercioIX requires a minimum trading volume to withdraw bonus funds, which is equal to 1/4 of the bonus amount. If the client fails to fulfill this condition within 60 days (44 market days) from the deposit date, the entire bonus amount will be withdrawn from the account.

Arbitrage is strictly prohibited on the site. Profit will be removed from the account of any trader who performs arbitrage on the assumption of the administration of the company and the user has no right to object.

The client’s request for a refund is processed up to 3 working days. After your request is approved, you will have to wait up to 7 more business days before the funds are credited to your bank account or card.

In case of disputes, you can contact ElcomercioIX via email. The broker promises to process your claim within 48 hours. The site provides analytical materials for the Forex market. Educational services are provided within your account.


Would investing in ElcomercioIX offer the best returns?

It will be tough for you to earn a profit on this terminal. Instead, you will lose all your investments trading with this broker. This risky CFD project is realized on an unknown platform with unclear trading conditions.

Does ElcomercioIX carry out withdrawals?

It is most likely that you will have big problems with withdrawals. As follows from traders' reviews, the broker practices very long withdrawals and often blocks traders' accounts at its own discretion. Share your experience in the comments.

May I be scammed on elcomercio-ix.com?

Yes, the risk of fraud on an anonymous site is high. The organizers of this financial organization work illegally, without a license. The broker does not even cover itself with the legend of compliance with any legislation. 

What's the best way to share my experience with ElcomercioIX?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if elcomercio-ix.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 525$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about ElcomercioIX

  1. hyip
    October 4
    I was attracted to gold trading
    I want to tell you about my cooperation with this company. I was satisfied with the minimum deposit in ElcomercioIX and deposited €500. What bought me is that it seemed to me at that moment that for gold, they have the lowest spreads that I have ever encountered. But it really only "seemed" to me. When you start trading, you realize that analytics on gold is not available to you at all, you can not count on consultants and help at all, it is good if they appear on the third day after the question you asked. As for the manager, he will help you only with trading currency pairs, but even there the conditions are abnormal: the spread from 0.7 pips rises to 1.4 pips. The story with ElcomercioIX ended with the fact that I said goodbye to them and withdrew my remaining deposit of €238.
  2. Yury
    September 30
    This is definitely a fraudulent organization
    I wanted to work with them and analyzed their activities. I was quickly discouraged. ElcomercioIX are not regulated by anyone and they have no authorization to trade at all. It means that the broker works illegally. That is why there is such a large minimum deposit. To immediately drain the client after receiving funds. Of course, no one should ‌get in touch with such a dubious service.
  3. wmmir
    September 16
    I don't see any progressive technology
    I found this resource today and spent some time looking into it. Overall, I didn't see anything good here. In fact, the functionality on the terminal is worse than average, absolutely everything is bad here. The platform itself is ancient. It is risky to start trading with this broker, and there is no sense in staying here. I do not recommend it.
  4. pc
    September 9
    I let myself be talked into it
    A friend of mine advised me to open an account with ElcomercioIX, although I don't really trust his opinion. Nevertheless, I registered and deposited 1,200 dollars, although initially, I didn't really want to trade on this platform. Unfortunately, my fears came true. The pseudo-broker did not let me earn or withdraw my deposit. As I understood, in this company only its owners make a profit.
  5. Teto
    September 8
    My expectations were not met
    I transferred 2,500 dollars to this platform and received terrible service. The terminal constantly hangs, and quotes do not correspond to reality. Constant price deviations lead to the execution of the transaction at the least favorable rate.
  6. viger
    August 27
    This site does not please me
    At one time I chose elcomercioix.com because of the fact that this platform offered a lot of instruments with cryptocurrency. The broker was doing well, it was comfortable for me to trade, and the spread was great, but over time the site gradually lost its position. I still haven't withdrawn some of my money and I trade a little bit here, I have less than 10% of my total balance left, which reached with a profit of $53,000. But if the situation doesn't get better, I will need to withdraw completely. The main trouble with the broker was that it did not want to improve, although it was necessary to do so. The crypto market is constantly being updated, and this service just stopped following the process and constantly improving. Stupidly...
  7. DM13
    August 27
    My testing
    I sometimes test companies that are new to me, I decided to test the performance of ElcomercioIX. I made an initial deposit of 500 euros, which is not much to satisfy my curiosity. With this broker you can easily register, however, it does not care about your data, and it will not pay you anyway. So I, for the sake of experiment, gave my deposit to these organizers of trading business. All my money was drained at once. There is no feedback, scammers are uncultured, and did not even thank me for my charitable contribution :)
  8. developed
    August 18
    Fraudulent business!!!
    At the terminal, they helped me quickly say goodbye to my 650 dollars. This handwriting of con artists I have seen before: when withdrawing money on the site, incomprehensible problems start in the form of errors, and then your account is simply blocked. But it was a long time ago and I lost my vigilance. A significant increase in earnings made me very happy here, and I did not even think that the software is made only for the purpose of future deception of clients...
  9. Constantin
    July 25
    They are 1000% scammers
    A ghost company that has no real incarnation on earth!!! ElcomercioIX is not registered anywhere, not regulated by anyone, and yet the broker works to average the margin. You need to withdraw your funds urgently before your Account is blocked!!!
  10. nepran
    June 29
    I successfully practice margin trading
    The terminal has the optimal size of leverage. I learned to use it, so the size of my income increased ten times. But there are high risks associated with leverage, you should not forget about it. I went into a big minus sometimes!
  11. Den Style
    May 29
    The terminal is useful for professionals
    Coolly made this web platform! Well done software developers :) I've been working on ElcomercioIX for a long time now, I'm happy with everything! I can recommend it, but I want to warn beginners that this program may be difficult for you. For experienced traders, the broker is quite suitable! Here is a quality service, no problems with the withdrawal of funds, and very rarely delay the transaction up to 10 days (I had such an experience 1 time in 3 months).
  12. k1007
    May 12
    The broker is good, personally, I am satisfied with it
    The platform has bonuses, training for beginners, and all the popular types of crypto! Many traders I talk to often don't understand: why this broker can easily withdraw 5,000 USDT in a day, while a fiat of 400 USD is withdrawn for a week. I don't know exactly how this company's payment system works, but I assume that your level of trading activity plays a role. I don't know exactly, this is just my opinion. However, the broker gives earnings and withdraws profits, though with delays. I steadily withdraw +/-1,500 dollars from ElcomercioIX once a month to my cryptocurrency wallet in USDT.
  13. pups
    April 20
    I do not recommend
    I have not yet seen such a bad service, although I have worked in the forex market for more than two years. Withdrawal of funds is carried out at least a week! Guys, it is unbelievable! The terminal loses connection every 10 minutes. Support service does not work, and if it works, the operator is not competent. As I understand it, there are few operators here. My history of cooperation ended quickly, and I am in the minus, lost 800 euros. Guys, you close your ElcomercioIX or change your name to MinusmercioIX. And you, dear traders, stay away from this forex company if you don't want to throw away your money.
  14. vrajdas
    April 11
    Such nervous trading does not really suit me!
    This terminal is simply the worst option for trading! The broker offers a very poor range of services with a minimum deposit of €500 dollars, and the support does not care about your problems. There will be a lot of technical problems! You go down and stop loss does not work, withdrawal of funds has to be requested 10 times! At the same time, high commissions and merciless spreads. I have been trading on ElcomercioIX for 1.5 months and I have had enough of the nervousness. I just want to work, not do nonsense.

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