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The company Endurings Markets offers clients the opportunity to open a brokerage or investment account. The broker claims to have developed programs for people with different starting conditions. The first mentions of the company appeared in 2022, however, the main website it currently uses was registered in 2023. We have no information about the organization’s registration, but it is claimed that they have two offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore. We also could not find any information about the license. Do you think it is safe to invest money here?

Trading Conditions

The broker provides a personal assistant for client work, educational materials, secure transactions, bonuses, analytics, trading signals, and an investment plan. The range of services depends on the type of account, which is influenced by the deposited amount. The minimum deposit will be $250. The company offers the following account types:

  • Standard.
  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Pro.
  • VIP (with special conditions).

It is also possible to open an investment account. The available plans are Training, Secondary Income, Family, Retirement, Vacation, and VIP. The terms of investment offered by the company depend on the chosen plan. Balances can be topped up with a card or bank transfer.


Would investing in Endurings Markets offer the best returns?

According to the broker itself, the chances of making a profit are no more than 1 in 3.

Does Endurings Markets carry out withdrawals?

In the reviews, we read that many people had trouble with this. Write to us if you had a similar experience.

May I be scammed on enduringsmarkets.com?

Yes, the chance is high. Endurings Markets is a company without a license or registration.

What's the best way to share my experience with Endurings Markets?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Endurings Markets is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:1000
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about Endurings Markets

  1. Tara
    August 30
    Well, it's obvious that trading here is not safe.
    Guys, think twice! Just look at it, Endurings markets doesn't have any registration. No licenses either, I checked several registries and found nothing. They don't even specify which trading platform the broker offers, but I'm sure it's some sketchy WebTrader. The reviews are terrible. The company has been around for just over a year. And by the way, I read that they have changed several domains in this time. In short, my advice to you is to keep your capital away from here if you don't want to lose it…
  2. Nikolya
    August 24
    Awesome customer service
    I had some issues, but endurings markets employees helped me solve them. The customer support team called me several times and I'm satisfied with the service. They were patient and understanding, willing to help and solve my problems. Although it took a few calls to resolve my issue, they remained professionals and made sure everything was working fine in the end. I appreciate that.
  3. Sanny
    August 16
    Obvious scam
    These scammers from Endurings Markets call people and deceive them. They create a sense of urgency by pressuring clients to make quick decisions without fully understanding the potential risks. This company intentionally targets vulnerable individuals who may not have a deep understanding of financial markets. They abuse their trust and manipulate them for their own benefit. I strongly caution anyone receiving calls from this brokerage company to be extremely cautious.

    Furthermore, I've been told that the company controls clients' investments, often making trades without prior consent. So trading here is not safe at all, and this is confirmed information.
  4. Simon
    August 15
    I was deceived here
    Another scam that will soon close down!!! Don't trust Endurings Markets, I lost several thousand dollars here... They know how to manipulate and deceive people…
  5. ValeryR
    August 14
    the broker's customer support is weak
    whenever I had an issue or needed assistance, enduring markets technical support team was not very helpful. the response time was slow, and when I did manage to get in touch with them, their solutions were often ineffective. it was frustrating to deal with a weak support system, as it hindered my trading experience. :(
  6. alex
    August 12
    The investment account service is just useless
    I created an investment account on Endurings Markets, and the balance on it isn't growing at all. I contacted their support, and they said it's a normal temporary occurrence. What a normal occurrence! When I registered, they told me that there would be huge profits here... such a deception.
  7. Skai3
    July 20
    Don't invest here.
    Read the reviews about Endurings Markets carefully. They have deceived a lot of investors and traders here, and I hope you won't be among them.
  8. kobo
    July 18
    No problems at all
    Endurings Markets offers a wide range of options and ways to earn money if you have the desire. The registration and verification process is quick, and they have a decent selection of assets and investment plans. Overall, it's a good broker, especially for beginners.
  9. ves017
    July 16
    Everything is good, it's just a pity that there is no demo account
    Overall, everything is great here, both the bonuses and the training are good. It's just a shame that the platform is unknown, and I can't try trading with it without investing money. In principle, this is compensated by secure transactions, but I would like to familiarize myself with the functionality BEFORE I invest any money.
  10. musicCC
    July 4
    Wow, they haven't closed down yet?
    As far as I know, the website enduringsmarkets.com is not the first or even the second for these scammers. I'm just curious why they can't just give up and stop their operations. They are constantly being blocked. They definitely can't rely on a license from a regulator, as they have classic fraudulent schemes.
  11. Alfred Anderson
    June 24
    Having trouble with registration
    I sent an application to create an account on Endurings Markets and have been waiting for any response for over a day now. I don't really want to register here anymore. What if they also ignore my verification or withdrawal request for such a long time? No, thank you.
  12. Peter T.
    June 22
    The bonus policy is just terrible
    Because of the "wonderful" bonus policy, I can't withdraw money from endurings markets. It turns out I have to work off this bonus several more times before I can see my money. And I couldn't even refuse this bonus. It's inconvenient because earning such a sum is very difficult, even with the best analysis and manager support.
  13. vit33
    June 20
    Tell me more about the conditions
    I don't know anything about Endurings Markets, so I'm not sure if I should trade here. Do they offer an Islamic account? What trading platform do they use? Is the minimum deposit sufficient to make some profit? I want to know everything…
  14. petrelli
    June 19
    I need my money!
    Are you shameless, scammers? You promised me that I would start making good income in endurings markets in 3 months! Not only do I earn significantly less than you promised, but I also wasted so much time on this! And the worst part is, you won't let me withdraw my earnings! I hope your business collapses quickly and you end up in jail where you belong.
  15. Hits
    June 18
    Another bunch of anonymous Internet users
    Does anyone actually know who runs this company? Or do they not only fail to disclose anything about themselves on their website but also refuse to introduce themselves to their clients? I suppose their behavior is completely understandable if their project is designed to deceive people…it's simply not in their best interest to reveal who they are.
  16. Jury Hrust
    June 14
    An experienced investor advises against getting involved
    My friend helped me to study the documents of Enduring markets and strongly urged me not to get involved with them. They have a disclaimer and a terrible bonus policy. On top of that, we don't even know where this company is registered. And we were unable to find any information about their licenses either…
  17. fx
    June 11
    The conditions are absolutely terrible
    Every time I try to make a trade on the Endurings markets platform, I end up losing money, even though I have a personal manager. Everything just works so slowly here that it's difficult to do anything. I'm starting to think that attempting to withdraw funds is pointless, judging by the reviews... but I'll still give it a try.
  18. malazera
    June 8
    This is a scam. Unfortunately, I learned it from my own experience
    I deposited money in endurings markets and traded, but unfortunately, I found out that withdrawal of funds only works in one direction. I have been waiting for the money for several weeks now and can't wait any longer. And I have already lost hope.

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