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The Equaledge trading platform is created and operated by Fluxlogy LLC, which is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with its head office in Kingstown. However, the firm does not disclose any information about the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was not registered until August 2023. As per the security policy, all client funds are kept in a separate account. The company also claims that it cooperates with central banks HSBC, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank, but there is no proof of this. Finally, the services are not intended for residents of certain jurisdictions, such as Singapore, the USA, and Iran, where the use of the service is against local laws.

Should you trust your funds to this company? How reliable is the platform? We will examine the technical capabilities of the terminal and the legality of the broker’s activities, and then we will conclude whether trading here is safe for you.

Trading Conditions

Equaledge offers trading on its proprietary platform using PCs and mobile devices. You can work in the cloud-based web version or download the trading program to your smartphone. You will have access to instruments such as Forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Equaledge has developed 5 types of accounts for traders with different levels of training and budgets. The speed of transaction processing does not depend on the type of account you choose. You can trade with a certain minimum deposit amount according to the following plans:

  • BASIC, from $5,000 – Maximum number of lots 10, leverage 1:100.
  • STANDARD, from $10,000 – Maximum number of lots 20, leverage 1:100.
  • GOLD, from $25,000 – Maximum number of lots 40, leverage 1:200.
  • PRO, from – $100,000 – Maximum number of lots 50, leverage 1:500.
  • VIP, from $250,000 – Maximum number of lots 100, leverage 1:500.

The project offers fixed and variable spreads. You can have access to both types if you open an account of GOLD level or higher. Deposits are made with Visa and Mastercard credit cards or Bitcoins. Equaledge accepts customer funds in USD, EUR, and GBP. You can get additional rewards when you participate in the Affiliate Program.

When you register an account, you agree that the terminal may experience slippage and incorrect price quotes. The broker charges a fee of 85 euros per month for the inactivity of your account for 3 months.

You need to pass an identity verification within 15 days from the date of account opening, otherwise, your Equaledge account will be blocked. Withdrawals are possible after submitting a request, which will be processed within 15 business days. If there are any disputable issues, the client should first contact this brokerage company, which will investigate and give an answer within 60 days from the moment of receiving the complaint. Technical support works 24/5 with every trader and 24/7 with VIP clients.


Would investing in Equaledge offer the best returns?

You can make a profit in exchange for a greater risk of losing all your money in CFD trading. However, the probability of making money is negligible on an unstable and unknown platform.

Does Equaledge carry out withdrawals?

According to customer reviews about the company, you may encounter problems with withdrawals. As a rule, traders speak about this service with negative connotation. If you have experience with this broker, you can share it in the comments.

May I be scammed on equaledge.co?

The risk of fraud on this site is high. This is evidenced by such signs as a cheap interface, fresh domain, and complaints from former clients about difficulties in returning funds. It is unlikely that you will be able to protect your rights in the offshore zone where this broker is regulated.

What's the best way to share my experience with Equaledge?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if equaledge.co is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Offshore
License: SVGFSA
Leverage: 1:500
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

22 reviews about Equaledge

  1. DeeDee
    March 27
    Big scam> RUN RUN RUN
  2. Rob
    February 11
    SCAM!!! SCAM!!!
    Sty away from this Scammers platform. You will never get your money back once invested. Don't get fooled. I hope that this co called senior manager piece of shit Jackson Vega i believe not his real name will get his Karma one day and can pray that i will not meet him somewhere. Hope he will get what's deserved one day.
  3. Pamella
    January 24
    SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!! You will never get your money. I started out with minimum $250 Canadian and NATHAN PARKER talked me in to depositing an extra $2500.00. I was making profits for the first 60 days then suddenly all trades were in negative by up to $4000.00 each. I went to my account after being suddenly avoided by this so called manager, piece of shit person and everything was closed out by him. This might not seem like a lot of money to invest but it SURE IS, when you’re on a pension. I have been dialling his telegram account number constantly for 4 days straight… he even shows Online while I’m calling and he avoids all contact. His mobile number is out of order and I can’t get answers from Amy of the support people at ALL at Equaledge. DO NOTTTTTTTT give them your money, they play you long enough to gain your trust, then steal your money. I don’t know how they can sleep at night. KARMA bitches…..
  4. John Canada
    January 23
    Just a scam...

    Long terme scam...

    They we're pushing me to deposit extra 2000 or 3000$ ( I started as a test with 250$Usd )

    They we're telling me it's not enough to make profits.

    I had many good trades on my own that were 1$ - 8$ profitable for a day or two duration.

    To me it was not that bad , as a beginner in the world..

    I wanted to test the withdrawal before investing another 500$.

    As soon as I fill up the page for a withdrawal, received a call telling me it was not possible at the moment and I should wait 2-3days because they were trades already bought for tomorrow... I really thought is was sh!t but I waited , not like I had a choice here... They need to approve the withdrawal ?! WTF ?! Supposed to be MY money so I can withdraw anytime...

    The next day , a trade did open but it god - 335$ in lees than 12hrs and after my shift of work I checked and my account was at 0 because the trade was going lower than all the money in my account....

    The compagny invested in was : BNBUSD

    Hope you guyz dont get scam..
    1. Pam
      January 24
      Sorry you were scammed also fellow Canuck. These disgusting humans will get their day.
  5. Nicolas Nick
    January 12
    I see that most of the negative reviews here are by people using nicknames.
    I am happy with the service provided to me so far, the withdrawal procedure is 2 days I did already few withdrawals last few months.
    The only think that I can suggest to them is to add more deposit methods for the UK .
    1. Fake response
      January 24
      I believe this is a fake response from someone within the corruption. NO WAY!!!!!
    2. Pam
      January 24
      Bull crap…. You’re probably one of these criminals trying to lie about your disgusting corruption.
  6. John
    January 10
    Scam Alert!!!
    From the moment account was opened I was pressured to add significantly more funds. I was told this was the only way to make serious returns.
    As soon as I questioned why I couldn’t wire money out of my account I was told that there were pre-committed trades which I had to go ahead with. None of it made sense. Once they realised I was not going to wire any additional funds they ran my account to zero.
    From every trade being profitable to suddenly a turn of events. Coincidently right at the point they realised that I would not be adding funds.
    Total Scam!!!!
  7. Ian Borrow
    December 11
    The UX is genuinely super user-friendly, though there's an opportunity to simplify terminology for beginners. A bit more patience, especially with newbies, could enhance the overall experience (acknowledging that this does not apply to everyone in the company).

    While their customer support team has shown some impatience, and a few members are a bit difficult to understand, a recent conversation with one of their staff members pleasantly surprised me, thanks to their helpful and courteous attitude! This positive change has made me consider transferring back a substantial amount, even though I've shifted many of my accounts to other platforms, keeping only a small balance here.

    Unfortunately, I've experienced losses of several hundred pounds due to the impatience of some staff. It often felt like these tech-savvy individuals struggled with patience when dealing with less experienced users. So why am I providing this feedback now? Well, the recent interaction with their staff member left me with a genuinely positive impression.

    While I am not a professional, I have noticed that not all your employees have acted in a professional manner. Their primary role should be to support me as a client, helping me thrive using this platform. It is puzzling that employees who don't treat customers with respect can't understand why clients might choose to leave.

    There is much to appreciate about your platform, but I hope genuine changes have been implemented. I'll be closely monitoring this!!!

    P.S: I have given a preemptive 5-star rating for the quality of the platform and its easy-to-use interface. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope there's room for improvement in their service for beginners.
  8. Bob22
    November 8
    I don't know who would benefit from this service
    This forex broker opened this terminal for unknown people, but it is definitely not suitable for beginners. I think that few traders can afford an initial deposit of 5,000$, and even without a demo account. Equaledge LTD is more like some kind of fraudulent scheme, it takes a long time to connect financial analysts to you, and when they start working with you, it is of little use. I started trading here recently, I have already deposited twice and then all the funds were drained. By the way money is poorly withdrawn here, first you need to wait a long time for the approval of the application, and then you will have to deal with technical support on commissions, that is, to fight for your own honestly earned money. Moreover, the commission for withdrawing funds is just huge - as much as 5.5%!
  9. OiMan
    November 5
    Unfortunately, there are no withdrawals here
    The broker begins to refuse withdrawals for amounts over $1,000!!! I calmly and quickly withdrew amounts of 150-280$, but my request above $1,000 is simply blocked by the administration of the platform :( and if I often withdraw smaller amounts - they also begin to delay the process. It is possible that there is no money in Equaledge and the company simply has nothing to pay out funds to clients. Most likely, my deposit of more than $25,000 has already been misappropriated by the managers. I do not wish you harm, so I do not advise you to trade here. You can try if you don't feel sorry to lose $5,000, the minimum deposit amount, then you will be sure of my words.
  10. Diesel Diesel
    November 2
    I do not recommend this broker
    I decided to open an account with this broker because of the high leverage. Although the design of equaledge.co is as boring as possible (combined with scanty specific figures in the description of services related to the specifics of trading, this secrecy of the company is not attractive at all). The platform works with failures, there are often some slowdowns in the system. The choice of financial instruments is small and mostly limited to the characteristics of your account, which I think is not very fair. Even to deposit money here is excruciatingly long - it took me about four hours, and then everything got worse. Let me tell you about the most important thing - about the withdrawal of money from the account, it is quite incomprehensible and long. Even if you want to withdraw only 100 dollars, you need to go through the procedure of identity confirmation, and then still wait 20-25 days for the transfer. Thus, if you like the state of uncertainty, if you want to be nervous all the time and experience mental and physical pain, then this broker will definitely suit you.
  11. tindragon
    October 25
    Horrible site
    The program constantly hangs, and it's not about my Internet connection or computer, the problem is on the broker's side, and tech support does not care about the client.
  12. hiqqzun
    October 15
    Your money will be stolen
    Scammers will embezzle your capital on "legitimate grounds"! I do not advise you to open an account and transfer funds to Equaledge. This company has such an interesting way of stealing your money - the broker arbitrarily operates fees and commissions, such as taxes and penalties, which increase dramatically in case of your successful trading, and then it deducts a huge amount from your account. When I opened an account here and deposited my first £5,000, at first my earnings in the market left much to be desired and any increase in fees was out of the question. When I adjusted to the peculiarities of the terminal and made a profit of more than £2,000, I was not allowed to withdraw it, as well as the rest of my deposit. Equaledge uses a "legal" method to write off your money, of course, I can't get it back. I wrote complaints to the administration and appealed to the support that I was not even notified about this write-off and increase of fees, in fact the broker acted without my notice and consent to the write-off. I was told that I agreed to such rules when registering an account!!! I don't recommend this false broker to anyone, it is looking for loopholes on how to "legally" steal your money.
  13. 1matrix1
    October 13
    Good conditions for earning and trading in general
    Support is very loyal (on call almost around the clock). It's not very possible to choose crypto here, there are few digital assets, but there is a choice of CFD precious metals, stocks, and indices 😀 Withdrawal of funds is not delayed for me, and I linked the card from the first time. The terminal works properly, and orders are executed accurately. In the first month, I immediately invested more than the minimum deposit on my Equaledge account, and after three weeks I almost doubled my balance. I try to watch analytics and reviews, and this material is provided to me on the site. In general, the forex broker is worthy of praise, it is a reliable platform of medium level. I advise beginners to start with it.
  14. Sam Parker
    October 6
    I decided to leave, but I can not get the money
    The platform is far away from decent brokers. Equaledge seems to try to provide conditions for good trading, so that there are no slippages and other glitches, deception (or, as it is called, "delay") in quotes, and tries to be in trend with the rate of currency pairs, but the company does not do it well. I worked on this platform for two months, and it is even difficult to call this torment "trading", I just lost time, to be objective. I got an insignificant increase in profits and finally I decided to leave. I chose another broker, registered, and went through a difficult verification process, I now need to make a deposit. So I try to withdraw all the money in Equaledge - almost 12,000 euros, but I got an error in my profile. I asked a question to support, with the explanation that I want to withdraw the money and delete the account as I registered with a new broker and I need to deposit money urgently and asked to do everything as soon as possible. In response, I found my account blocked :(
  15. ananas
    October 4
    The big problem with withdrawal
    This is just horrible :( I have been withdrawing the remaining deposit of 458 euros for almost a month! And tech support doesn't even respond to questions...
  16. vAS
    October 3
    My first impression was deceptive
    I found the Equaledge WebTrader platform, which seems to be specially designed for my strategy. But I saw many disadvantages. Firstly, it was quite problematic to register and pass verification. Secondly, the personal cabinet is not quite convenient and well thought-out. Thirdly, the site itself periodically hangs, and it irritates me a lot. However, this site also has pluses. For example, there is a wide enough choice among different assets and you can open many orders at once. The minimum deposit is quite acceptable for a professional, and the leverage is good. The design of the site is unremarkable and cheap, but that is not the point. I am repulsed by the fact that the broker changes spreads and fee rates at any moment without warning, draining my money.
  17. white
    October 1
    SCAM!!! SCAM!!!
    I realized that here I was first shown work on a fake terminal, where there was a good profit of 230$ per day, I was given the opportunity to withdraw funds 2 times, but small 100-200$, then I was persuaded to deposit higher amounts, and after I added funds to the VIP account, the broker realized that I'm no longer going to deposit, I am now constantly driven into the minus and slowly drain my funds! Withdrawal has been postponed, my application is being processed for the third week! Do not dare to work with this Equaledge!!!
  18. lexlex
    September 28
    Unscrupulous company
    I was not paid the 1200$ I earned. I do not recommend you to contact equaledge.co :( The company positions itself as a very profitable option for traders, but in reality, things are not so good :( Regarding the trade itself - slippages, terminal disconnects, requotes. The broker will help you to drain your deposit, as it can set the terminal parameters at its discretion. Regarding money - my funds are not withdrawn, my application has been hanging with the status "under processing" for almost a month, no one responds to my appeals....
  19. vdeep
    September 19
    Unstable terminal
    My open orders suddenly stopped closing, the operators at equaledge.co explain that there was a quotation failure and all open orders froze, the failure occurred due to technical reasons. Then the broker simply disconnected my account and the technical support stopped answering me... After a few hours, my profile was connected again. I did not like all this very much. My experience is negative, so I do not recommend this broker to you.

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