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Equitiz claims to be registered in Switzerland and indicates the address of its headquarters in Zürich, but there is no confirmation of this. In addition, the web broker positions itself as a popular global project with more than 270 thousand clients. However, the firm does not disclose the names of its founders, history, or date of its establishment. According to the Terms and Conditions, where the last update on June 1, 2023, is specified, the company should have started even earlier than this date. As for the domain, it was registered on August 30, 2023. In addition, the “world’s leading” project has no license, although the broker assures clients that “the Platform is regulated by well-known financial institutions”. It’s worth noting that the multi-lingual site supports 4 languages – English (by default), French, Polish, and Spanish. Finally, the company does not accept citizens of those countries that are subject to international sanctions.

Does the broker provide a reliable trading platform? Does the company pay attention to security? We will conduct our own research and draw conclusions on the quality of service for traders and the legitimacy of this organization.

Trading Conditions

Equitiz offers clients to diversify their portfolio with different trading instruments. The platform allows you to utilize equities, cryptocurrencies, forex, and other asset classes. The broker provides access to its authoring terminal with trading features such as advanced charts and analytics, real-time market data, and customizable trading indicators.

Traders will find 5 types of accounts on the site, which differ in the minimum deposit size. You can choose a suitable tariff from the following options:

  • Basic, from €250 – Personal Introduction Session, Zero Withdrawal Fees 3 days Trial of Managed Account, 1:10 Leverage, 1 Broker Session, Initial Algo Trading, Trading Account Setup.
  • Silver, from €5,000 – Trading Account Setup, Meeting with Certified Investment Planner, Diversification in Commodity Market, Bonus up to 25%, 1 Monthly Withdrawal at zero cost, 1:25 Leverage, Semi-Advanced Algo Trading, 1 Protected Trade, 2 SMS Trading Signals.
  • Gold, from €15,000 – Technical Assistance 24/7, 2 Monthly Meetings with CIP, Diversification Commodity/Crypto, Bonus up to 50%, 1 Monthly Withdrawal at zero cost, 1:25 Leverage, Managed Account Leverage 1:5, 1 Analyst Session, Trading Account Setup, 3 Protected Trade, Daily News, Advanced Algo Trading, 4 SMS Trading Signals.
  • Platinum, from €100,000 – 1 Monthly withdrawal of funds with zero cost, Monthly meeting with CLIP, Commodity diversification/Cryptocurrencies/Shares, Bonus up to 75%, 3 Analytical sessions, Leverage 1:50, The leverage of the managed account is 1:10, Access to the platinum market for faster execution, Setting up a trading account, Setting up a trading account, Daily news, Premium Trading algorithm, 5 Secure trading, Trading SMS Signals, 50% Broker’s insurance
  • VIP, from €250,000 – Bonus up to 100%, Monthly Meeting with CLIP, 1 Monthly Withdrawal at zero cost, 1:50 Leverage, Monthly Full-Protection Trade, 5 Analyst Sessions Managed Account, 1:25 Leverage, Daily News, Trading Account Setup, Master Algo Trading, Platinum Market access for faster execution, 1 Monthly Market Research, SMS Trading Signals, 90% Broker Insurance, 7 Protected Trade.

The company showcases investment calculators that allow customers to quickly estimate potential returns for different plans. Equitiz has various payment methods, including credit cards, digital assets, and wire transfers.

Trading fees vary depending on the type of user account type and asset type. The company disclaims liability for any information it provides and for any losses the customer may incur if this information is inaccurate.

Educational resources can be found on Equity’s website if you click on the “Education” tab. Traders are educated through e-courses, webinars, and instructional videos. Live chat offers customer support 24/7, email and phone help is available 24/5.


Would investing in Equitiz offer the best returns?

An unregulated broker is not responsible for unreliable information, so cooperation with it is more likely to result in a loss of funds for you than in a profit. Besides, risky CFD trading with such ‌huge leverage is prohibited in European countries and in the USA as dangerous for the financial well-being of citizens.

Does Equitiz carry out withdrawals?

The company has a bad reputation, including in this area of its responsibility A lot of negative reviews indicate that you are at risk of having your withdrawals denied. We suggest you also share your experiences in the comments.

May I be scammed on equitiz.co?

The site raises reasonable suspicions of fraud because it advertises false services. This is evidenced by inconsistencies in the dates of the documents and the fresh domain. This is an unregulated company that does not have a license. The broker does not offer anything of value, such as compensation plans for clients' losses or protection of their interests in disputes.

What's the best way to share my experience with Equitiz?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if equitiz.co is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:50
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 264$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

13 reviews (+1 fake) about Equitiz

  1. Georgina Moises
    January 22
    They suit my trading style so well
    Extensive variety of currency pairs, continuous improvements of the trading app, all necessary features and functionalities provided. This platform simply provides for all my personal trading needs in the best possible way!
    Fake comment
  2. Christina Emery
    January 21
    It’s impressive how much the live chat has improved
    Definitely one of the best brokers for low spreads and trading conditions/execution. Over the last year, they've really upped their game on UX and customer service. Their live chat is now really on the ball 9/10 times.
  3. Sebastian Malachi
    January 18
    I hope they keep improving!
    I have been using equitiz broker since last year, their execution speed never dissapoint me. All my withdrawal requests were done, not fast but still processed under 24 hours. I hope they can make it faster in the future.
  4. olivier
    November 15
    Fraude ou pas fraude ?
    Pareil pour nous, nous avons envoyé 10.000 euros à la société en espérant avoir 35% en un mois (écrit dans le contrat) et au lieu de ça nous avons eu 49.000€ en 1 semaine (500%). Miracle, sauf que nous devons payer une flat taxe de 33% (13124€) à Londres pour pouvoir récupérer les 49.000€.
    C’est vraiment étrange, gagner énormément en si peu de temps et devoir ensuite payer pour récupérer notre montant.
  5. 100$
    November 9
    This service is unreliable
    I logged in to this platform and then the managers started calling me all the time and coaxing me, promising a big trading bonus and a rare opportunity to make money. I believed it and deposited 1,000 USDT. In fact, it turned out that the trading bonus is small and if you get it, you have to work hard, otherwise you will not even withdraw your own money. By the way, there is a commission on withdrawal. But the withdrawal is long, this is also a disadvantage. I did not notice any requotes, but many of my trades were closed in minus. The support does not help. In general, I can not recommend Equitiz, I will not call it reliable.
  6. DiBis
    November 9
    Financial vampires
    I was robbed of a large sum of money by these scammers!!! When I started trading on equitiz.co, I first invested small amounts. The first trades I closed in the plus, but then I started to constantly drain the deposit and I realized that the company has a manipulated terminal B-book. I tried to withdraw at least my money (I didn't dream about profit anymore), but the broker didn't let me do it. My account was blocked on the platform with a balance of $896...
  7. TISA
    October 29
    I took a risk and now I regret it
    I'm not a very experienced broker and I'm very afraid of large losses, so at equitiz I was bribed, first of all, by the promise of a clear profit on their electronic calculator. And at first trading seemed to go well, I even withdrew some small amounts. But as soon as I made a deposit of more than €5,000 - I noticed that the execution of orders began to be delayed, if before it was instant, now it can go 10 seconds or longer. I don't know what this is related to, but the support is not going to respond to my questions in any way.
  8. LorD Slo
    October 29
    Intrusive managers
    I wrote some questions to the broker and left my phone number for contact. Now they call and offer to invest several thousand euros in an investment account, they remind about this offer almost every day :( I realized that there are no real clients on equitiz.co and their advertisement on hundreds of thousands of traders is unconvincing. I'm tired of putting their phone numbers on my blacklist :(
  9. ily
    October 25
    Promises that are far from the truth
    You realize you've fallen for a typical scam only when it comes to real work and financial discipline. Except it's too late for you to do anything about it because equitiz doesn't honor their agreements. I found ‌out when I lost almost 2,600 dollars here. Scammers know how to cleverly siphon money out of your pockets
  10. Taurus
    October 15
    For work, the company is the most average
    I will note a few negative points on the work of the terminal. The broker can sometimes change the leverage, which is unexpected and inconvenient. But the operators at least sometimes notify about it. With the withdrawal of money in equitiz unpleasant moments happen absolutely unexpectedly :( As the most convenient option on the site, they indicated withdrawal via bank card. I tried to withdraw 100 dollars for a test - everything came in time and without commissions. But such luck is possible only once a month. I waited for the next month, and made a request for a bigger withdrawal - and then there was a commission, and quite serious - 7%. I wrote to the support - the consultants explained it to me by the fact that the intermediaries, who do not depend on them, take such a commission as they want. But this is not the case anywhere :(
  11. Iw
    October 14
    You can make money here, but a lot of minuses
    I have a lot to compare with and I realized that Equitiz broker has an average level. Every time I get acquainted with a new broker, I immediately request a withdrawal (a small amount), just to test this feature. In this case the entire amount came in 2-3 business days without any commissions, that's ok. I continued trading on this terminal further. Quotes and spreads here are not bad, better than many similar ones. There are delays in order execution, but not very long. The minimum deposit of 250 euros is quite acceptable for me. The customer support considers requests for a week, there is an online chat, but there requests are just frankly ignored. Verification of a personal account here is long, but you can really earn on the terminal.
  12. Demon
    October 3
    I did not like the site at all
    It seemed to me that serious trading is impossible on this site. The minimum deposit of €250 is definitely not suitable for beginners. The resource itself deserves no more than "three stars": I would call the analytics bad, and the interface is inconvenient. Technical support takes a long time to respond. I do not think that you can make good money on equitiz.
  13. du4e
    September 24
    Be careful, this is a SCAM!!!
    Dealing with a fake broker that has no authorization documents will instantly lead you to financial ruin. I have done my investigation and I will tell you that Equitiz has not obtained an FINMA license, without which you cannot provide brokerage services in Switzerland. This is one of the world's most famous regulators and it values its reputation, so it will never cooperate with fraudsters. That is why I did not find any information about Equitiz in the register of the supervisory body. However, I found a warning on the FCA website about equitiz.co scam. In addition, the old scam site equitiz.com is on the CNMV blacklists and there are other warnings for customers that were published on such reputable resources as A-TVP and CONSOB. You can find all these scammer exposures on your own if you take half an hour to check out a false broker before you transfer your funds to it.
  14. mam12
    September 16
    This is one of the best terminals
    Equitiz broker is the perfect solution for intraday traders, thanks to its fast order processing and low spreads. What stands out is the high leverage, which can reach up to 1:500. In addition, with a minimum deposit, you can quickly increase your account. Tech support is always ready to answer all questions. But there are some disadvantages, such as a high commission in the process of withdrawing money, the level of which reaches about 7 percent. However, you can pay for quality service and convenience.

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