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The broker states that the website operates under the EXANTE brand in the American Economic Zone. The footer also shows the company’s registered office, the date of its creation (2023), and the owner, Martha Simmons. As for the domain, it was registered in July 2023 in Reykjavik, Iceland. In addition, the homepage of the website has information that the company “holds licenses from reputable financial authorities,” but there is no evidence of this fact. In addition, the website interface supports 5 languages, but the Terms and Conditions can only be read in English.

Can we safely trade on this platform? Should we trust our money to this broker? We will conduct a detailed research of this site, and familiarize you with the financial activities of the company in the Forex markets.

Trading Conditions

Clients get the opportunity to work on the author’s Exante Web Trader platform. The broker reports a high rating of 4.8 out of 5, over 500 thousand active traders worldwide, and access to over 50 markets. After registering an account, you will have access to charts and a one-click trading feature. The registration form for specifying personal details and user contacts also contains a box for a promo code.

The site shows the terms and conditions of 3 accounts, sorted by minimum deposit amount. You can choose from the following options:

  1. Bronze from $250 – leverage up to 1:100, negative balance protection
  2. Gold from $1,000 – leverage up to 1:500, manager support
  3. VIP from $20,000 – leverage 1:1000, exclusive webinars.

The terminal allows clients to trade 5 types of assets, including stocks, futures, and cryptocurrency. You will need to undergo verification to withdraw funds. You must verify your legal documents: identity card, and home address. You must also take a front and back photo of your bank card.

The broker declares that it works according to the rules of the European Union. Nevertheless, the terminal user must agree to transfer their personal data to jurisdictions outside the EU. Otherwise, the trader will not be admitted to the platform.

Adaptive screen design allows traders to make trades from any device. The broker provides you with access to its platform anywhere there is the internet. Trade training is available for registered clients.


Would investing in Exante offer the best returns?

You can lose all your money in forex and CFD trading which is very risky. You are unlikely to make a profit on an unknown platform that the owner can easily set up to execute unprofitable trades of clients.   

Does Exante carry out withdrawals?

It will be difficult for you to withdraw money from your account, as evidenced by customer reviews about this broker on the Internet. You should be critical of traders' comments on the website that they have been successfully trading on this platform for several years. Here is a fresh domain, the company has no license, and there are no scans of legal documents on the website.

May I be scammed on exnfxsolution.com?

This site is full of unnecessary and irrelevant information. In addition, the address of the office in the USA is indicated, although CFD trading is prohibited in this country. Experienced traders immediately see this as a sign of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with Exante?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if Exante is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: 1:1000
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

16 reviews about Exante

  1. Actual
    August 25
    I have a contradictory impression of this broker
    In general, the company itself and its conditions on instruments left a good impression on me. The minimum initial deposit amount of $250 serves as a filter from all kinds of scandalous clients who deposit $10, then lose their deposit by their own stupidity and start writing negative reviews on the Internet. But on the other hand, the Exante platform is complete nonsense, it has only the minimum of options, which are suitable only for trading orders, and there is no serious analytics on the terminal. Therefore, it is almost impossible to move from the Exante Web platform to another place. You will not be able to transfer all analytics, monitoring, and trading support systems anywhere.
    Accordingly, the absence of a paired server is a real major disadvantage of this broker. That is why I did not trade here and replenish my deposit. And I withdrew my initial deposit of $300 without any problems, if not to count the disturbing 3 days of waiting for a money transfer to my bank card.
  2. romu4
    August 21
    Scammers stole everything!!!
    All my deposit was drained to zero. I thought at first that I found a trustworthy site to earn money, that the broker is honest, and that it can be trusted. But after I started trading on the platform, I immediately found out that they do not even execute orders normally. There are constantly some hang-ups, connection interruptions, and other instability. I decided to ask the administration about it, and I was told by a consultant that everything is fine on the site, it's my internet problems! But this is a complete lie! As a result, I have drained almost 12 thousand dollars in AUD/CAD, USD/AUD, and EUR/USD pairs, with only a few cents left on the account, and so everything went into the minus. What to do now? How can I get my money back? Who regulates the activities of Exante?
  3. GreyMan
    August 20
    The tech support platform is simply not here
    I have a request for withdrawal of 458 dollars is not executed. When I try to communicate with someone - I am practically ignored.
  4. zimmerman
    August 16
    I got spam today with a referral link to register with exante. It said that it is a "forex broker" with mt4 and registration in USA and Cyprus:)
    Since I didn't publish my email address where the spam came from, I decided to report the spammer to the tech support of these guys - after all, any adequate referral program prohibits blatant spamming of clients.
  5. Maxi
    August 13
    I became a customer of this company and will tell you about my experience
    I have over 20 years of trading experience. I deposited $270 into my account with Exante and this is what I found out: first of all, it is a completely raw and unfinished trading platform. It's so obvious from the first steps that it's even dangerous to trade through it. So I'm taking my $12 earnings and my deposit and I'm out of here.
  6. xenotex
    August 12
    If you are a professional trader, you should go to Exante
    This is not my advertisement, this is the actual state of affairs. Depositing/withdrawing funds here is always on time and in full. The online platform is stable, all world markets are available, attentive consultants in tech support, and I can list the advantages of the broker for a long time, but it's better for you to try it yourself:)
  7. Paгl Miсk
    August 10
    General thoughts to analyze the performance
    The Exante Web Trader platform is ok, but the mobile version is absolutely unstable, more often I lose money when trading from my phone:(
  8. zunder
    August 10
    Money does not come
    I don't understand how this company has positive reviews on its website. They are obviously bought or Exante employees wrote them. Why would I think that? Because I do not get the money, I have been waiting for a week, I earned 1750$ and made a request for withdrawal of profit. The money does not come to the bank, I contacted the manager, and he says - "wait it will be soon, after lunch... tomorrow morning... after the weekend...", although before that he persuaded me to deposit more money to start trading here with a good profit, and he told me that profit payments will be fast. I have a terrible impression about this company and I think that I will not get the money anymore, you can not expect anything good from this broker.
  9. Dragon
    August 6
    A lot of small and large errors
    Important parameters are not highlighted on the screen when entering an application. For example, the BUY button is green, the SELL button is red. All trading terminals have it!!! But Exante does not have it. I can put up with it, but there is the following disadvantage, which obliges me to leave the broker. Here my trades go into minus despite the stop-loss I have set.
  10. Chaos
    August 5
    The platform slows down and freezes, with constant terminal slippages
    Tech support does not help in any way, when I started to notice that the quotes do not match, and tried to solve the problem. Apparently, there is a slow drain of customer accounts!
  11. anutavs
    July 30
    Decent company with reliable licenses
    I chose Exante because I learned that clients' money and the broker itself is kept in segregated accounts. This was told to me in technical support. The company also has European licenses and Hong Kong licenses, they sent me copies of them to my e-mail upon my request. I understood that the organization aims to work with professional traders, so I deposited 15k euros. Apart from minor remarks, everything works well here
  12. mkcontext
    July 23
    I've been wanting to start trading forex for a long time
    I was attracted to cryptocurrency, but I was afraid I didn't have much experience and therefore it wouldn't work out. I tried a minimum account with Exante. Now I have deposited 3.5 thousand dollars, as everything works great. The commission is a bit high. But overall I am satisfied.
  13. Evon
    July 22
    I think these scammers have no conscience
    I registered and in 5 minutes I was contacted by Exante consultants who offered to earn a good profit without any risks. They persuaded me to invest 10000 dollars, but it was too much, so I decided to deposit 1 thousand. And thank God that not a cent more! Because after a week I tried to withdraw the first profit, and I was not approved any application!
  14. Fredric
    July 22
    SCAM!!! That's for sure!!!
    I deposited 2000 dollars, and hoped that I would quickly earn so much more and everything in my life would be fine. Only I failed to make any profit, Exante commissions and hidden debits did their damnedest. Congratulate me, because of these bastards I am now bankrupt!
  15. Nataly
    July 22
    There are problems with access to the platform
    I contacted the manager, he says that they are troubleshooting and that it will probably take 15-20 minutes more. But I've been waiting for 3 hours already!
  16. mrfed
    July 21
    I like the fact that the terminal works without any glitches
    I am always sure that if I need to make a quick trade, I will be able to do it. Plus the broker has a CY and UK license, I was sent scans upon request to the technical support, which works at a high level. I haven't withdrawn any profit yet, but I think everything will be on track with my trading.

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