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Exopip is a firm that offers trading contracts for difference on its own platform. The company is relatively new, having started its operations in 2023. In several places, it is mentioned that the broker has official registration, but this information is unknown to us. We only know the office address in London. The organization does not have any licenses, and its creators openly admit to this. Do you think this company can be considered reliable, or is it another scam?

Trading Conditions

To trade on Exopip, you will need to deposit at least $250, even though the account types page states a minimum deposit of €10,000. The broker’s proprietary platform offers CFDs on currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. The leverage is set at 1:200. The available account types are:

  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Premium.
  • VIP.

Exopip offers a referral program, market reviews, personal manager support, training, and social trading. There is no demo account available, but starting from the Gold account, one risk-free trade is offered. It is also possible to open an Islamic account without swaps. The balance can be topped up using payment systems, bank transfers, or credit cards.


Would investing in Exopip offer the best returns?

CFD trading is quite risky, so we cannot guarantee that trading here will be safe.

Does Exopip carry out withdrawals?

There are many reviews about withdrawal issues, so we cannot be sure. Please tell us about your experience with interacting with this broker.

May I be scammed on exopip.com?

The risk of fraud is high as this is a fairly new company with no regulation in any state.

What's the best way to share my experience with Exopip?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if exopip.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:200
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Referral
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

18 reviews about Exopip

  1. Harry
    December 16
    1 big SCAM! Don 't trust huis firm, easy to put money in, impossible to get it out.
  2. Gary Lowe
    November 20
    Delayed withdrawal
    I invested in exopip, I never new the platform was a scam until my profit withdrawal was not paid to paid to me. I recently contacted a lady margaret, through her email margaretsmithbeth at gmail com , and she guided me and filed my report and I got approval to make my withdrawal, after a few days I got my money back to my local bank, please avoid and discontinue anything with exopip
    1. Grega
      December 9
      Bolgarska 13
      Vlozil sem ..ko sem ugotovil da nekaj ni ok sem zahtevu da zakljucimo..isti momen to mi hoteli 497 evrou iz kartice pa ni ratalo ker imam blokeran vse internetne nakupe..cezen nekaj casa so me klicali in hoteli da jim se placam davek 3000 evrou.. nikakor mi nocejo izplacati mojih 500 evrou.. tako da zanimivo da policija in ostali organi nic ne naredijo.. vsem svetujem da jih blokirajo....in da ne nasedajo..naslova ni stevilke ki klicejo nimajo nobenega naslova... groza
  3. FaTaLitY
    October 3
    I was tricked, but I didn't fall for it
    I received a call from Exopip employees who told me about their "great offer". They wanted to collaborate with me and asked me to deposit money for trading. I asked about their licenses, and they told me they didn't have any, so I hung up. Then I checked their website and found out that they hadn't been around for very long, just a little over six months. Overall, it's not a pleasant place for trading, so I cannot recommend it.
  4. Alvg
    September 26
    I'm completely disappointed…
    I was invited to trade with exopip through their referral program. They told me that the conditions here are excellent and the support is great. However, it's not that simple. At the beginning of my collaboration with this broker, everything was indeed good and I received help in everything. But it only lasted for a week.

    After some time, they stopped answering my questions. They said that I had educational materials and I should learn on my own, but as a beginner, I didn't understand much. My earnings didn't increase... And then they told me that I should also invite people to trade here. How can I recommend a company to others that doesn't satisfy me?
  5. Greenoren
    September 1
    I love everything here
    At Exopip they have a great selection of assets, quality education, and friendly customer support. Yes, they may be new and haven't obtained all the necessary documents yet, but that shouldn't stop you. They claim that thousands of traders have already tested them and vouch for their reliability. And I can tell you that I'm one of them. I love everything about it here.
  6. Platon H
    August 24
    I'm trying to reach out to customer support, but there is no response
    I'm not satisfied with the performance of the Exopip platform and I've been trying to ask questions to their customer support. But they are completely silent. I've tried emailing them and calling their phone number, but still no response. Did they provide valid contact information or just make it up? If anyone has been able to get in touch with them, how did you do it?
  7. Opium
    August 10
    They contradict themselves
    On the Exopip website, it says everywhere: we are registered, we work legally. So we believed you at your word. Where is the registration number? I only see the address of some office, which may not even belong to you. Furthermore, on your homepage, it states that $250 is enough for trading, but then they say that you need 10,000 euros. What fool would give such a sum to a nobody about whom nothing is known? Only maybe some gullible old man, I have no other assumptions. Well, at least you honestly mentioned the lack of a license, which is commendable. Anyone knowledgeable about trading will read this and think a hundred times before engaging in business with you.
  8. Samin
    July 30
    So what guarantees do they have anyway?
    Well, I have a really serious question. What do people who invest their money in exopip rely on? Just on an honest word? There are simply no other guarantees here. Not a word about registration - they only say it exists, but there's not a single proof. The office address is unclear, whether it's real or not. Employee names? Forget it, only anonymous scammers work here who will never give you their name. A long-term operation? Ha-ha-ha, this is a fly-by-night operation that could close tomorrow. And if that happens, you won't be able to do anything with your money.
  9. Oxality
    June 17
    Basically, everything is clear with them
    This Exopip offers a social trading feature. If you don't know, let me explain — this means that you will be able to copy trades from active traders. However, this feature was designed to attract people here, as no professional would share their trading strategies for free.
  10. Vady Mays
    June 16
    I really don't understand anything at all
    Can you tell me, if is it possible to register on exopip without a referral code? Or is it only by invitation? And another question, will $250 be enough for trading, or do I really need 10,000 euros? There is different information about this on their website.
  11. kiwin
    June 2
    You definitely can't trust them
    I signed up for exopip hoping that a small amount of money would be enough to make some earnings. Their staff told me that I could start with just $250. I deposited that amount and made some trades, but after some time they started calling me regularly, asking me to deposit more money. I ignored them, and in response, they blocked my account. Thankfully, I didn't lose a large sum of money.
  12. barkan
    April 15
    The most audacious scam
    They tricked me into depositing money and uploading documents for verification, and then they blocked my account claiming some violations! They just wanted my money and nothing else!!!
  13. DAF
    April 5
    These conditions are just unfair
    I believe that Exopip should provide a demo account. Even if professional traders come to them, their proprietary platform is confusing for beginners. And they just decided to get away with one single safe transaction, supposedly it should be enough to test the functionality. Even if you invest a million euros (and I hope there are no such fools — many complained that they cannot withdraw funds), there is only one safe deal.
  14. Lost
    April 2
    Stupid fraudsters
    These dumb scammers from Exopip need to learn the law, even though it's clear that crooks like them aren't bound by it. If you didn't get a license from the regulatory body, then you don't have the right to provide brokerage services. You shouldn't have started operating until you have obtained all the necessary documents. Otherwise, it means that your clients are simply not protected. They have no guarantees whatsoever.
  15. Elena
    March 27
    The platform is awful and slow…
    All my transactions are getting stuck on the terminal! Both on my phone and on my computer! I'm losing money because of this... Is anyone else facing the same issue?
  16. angelys
    March 20
    Great platform, responsive customer support
    I'm glad I traded with Exopip. The creators of this platform accommodated me by registering an Islamic account. So far, I am completely satisfied with the trading results, the profit is good. The manager is also excellent, always ready to answer any questions. So I can highly recommend this broker for you.
  17. Kacman
    March 13
    I'm trying to withdraw money from here but without success
    I can't withdraw money from Exopip!!! They first rejected my request and tried to convince me to deposit more money! And when I told them that I didn't have any more funds, they tried to persuade me to take a loan! But that's not all, I finally convinced them that I had no money, and they said the withdrawal would be processed and asked me to resubmit the request. But nothing has happened for several weeks now! They don't answer my calls!

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