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Exorays does not disclose any information about the company’s registration and its location. Meanwhile, the broker positions its platform as successful and recognized worldwide. However, the firm does not have a license to carry out brokerage activities. In addition, the owner of the site does not say anything about the history and date of creation of the project. As for the domain, it was registered only in June 2023. In addition, the bilingual interface supports English and French.

Can this broker be trusted? We will investigate the capabilities of the platform and make a conclusion about the reliability of this company.

Trading Conditions

Exorays claims that the company is the leading crypto and forex broker in the global market and has developed the “best cryptocurrency” trading platform. Traders can work online on the terminal without downloading the software on any device. The company provides its clients with open access to the most popular assets, namely stocks, currency pairs, metals, and other instruments. The main base currency of Exorays is the digital coin USDT. However, you can fund your account using any fiat currency.

The tariff plans are presented in 4 variants, which are structured by the minimum deposit amount. However, the broker does not specify important features such as leverage or commissions. You can choose for yourself one of the following accounts:

  • Standard, from $5,000 – a simple and straightforward account for beginners or traders with little experience.
  • Advanced, starting from $25,000 – suitable for most traders.
  • Professional, from $50,000 – premium services for experienced traders.
  • Premium from $100,000 – advanced trading opportunities for professional traders, direct market access (DMA).

Exorays provides all users with access to CFD products. The accounts that are located in the last two tariffs have lower commission rates compared to the basic accounts. You can deposit and withdraw via bank transfers, crypto wallets, credit/debit cards, and popular e-wallets. Withdrawals can take up to 5 working days.

Exorays has a list of bonus deposits, but does not specify the conditions for withdrawing prize money. In fact, the broker does not give any guarantees that it will withdraw clients’ money, and the company has also completely disclaimed responsibility for failure to fulfill its obligations.

Exorays provides specialized market analysis tools to those clients who have the highest deposit size. You can consult with the company’s employees via the feedback form available without registering an account.


Would investing in Exorays offer the best returns?

You should be extremely cautious of the company's promises of incredible profits. In fact, you are more likely to lose money rather than gain it. This is risky CFD trading on an unknown terminal and with non-transparent trading conditions.

Does Exorays carry out withdrawals?

Our analysis of the site showed that there is a high probability that the company will delay the withdrawal process or simply will not pay you the money without explaining the reasons. This is confirmed by the comments of the clients of the broker. You can also write a review about your experience of trading on this site.

May I be scammed on exorays.com?

We have not found any official evidence that the broker is engaged in illegal activities. However, the company does not have the necessary licenses and registrations, and this indicates that we are dealing with an unscrupulous organization. The fresh domain at the "world's leading platform" and a very cheap website that does not correspond to the status of "the best forex broker" claimed by the website owner are alarming signals of fraud.

What's the best way to share my experience with Exorays?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if exorays.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

19 reviews about Exorays

  1. Kelly Nascimento
    January 11
    Exorays.com is a scam! They will rinse your account dry without a second thought and when you try to withdrawal your money, they will block you and there is no way of contacting them or getting your money back. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR!!
  2. Bram
    December 28
    Exorays is a huge scam
    Exorays have been ignoring me for more than 2 months now. My money just vanished and they blocked me on Telegram. I have send 10ths of mails with no response. No way you can contact them. Clearly a bunch of scammers. Keep away!
  3. Bram
    December 28
    Exorays is a huge scam
    Exorays have been ignoring me for more than a month now. I realise that exorays is a scam and I probably will never see my money. However, it is important to warn others who might also fall for their seemingly professional approach and support (which I foolishly believed). They have been ignoring my request for a withdrawal of my money for weeks. On top of this, the amount I invested (my balance, not equity (which is also not correct)) suddenly decreased by 73% without any withdrawals made?? Just another sign how corrupt they are. Please be warned and keep away from Exorays
  4. Bram
    December 14
    My money invested with Exorays just vanished?
    All went seemingly well the first 48 hours after I made an investment. Since I requested a withdrawal a minth ago, they just ignore me. No way to contact them. I realise that exorays is a scam and I probably will never see my money. However, it is important to warn others who might also fall for their seemingly professional approach and support (which I foolishly believed). Now suddenly the amount I invested (my balance, not equity (which is also not correct)) decreased by 73% without any withdrawals made?? Just another sign how corrupt they are. Please be warned and keep away from Exorays
  5. BArBAr
    December 6
    Do not believe in advertising
    There are professional scammers working here who only want your money. Managers tell a lot of interesting things and lure out your money beautifully, assertively, promising you at least a million dollars. But after I refused to deposit another amount, I was blocked without explanation. Of course, I also now have no access to my account, and there is $12 thousand left on it!
  6. 2009legeon
    December 2
    I didn't feel comfortable here
    At first glance, this company seems honest. But personally I was uncomfortable trading at exorays Spreads are low, no more than 1.5, especially on the Premium account, but the platform froze periodically, and the whole advantage of the broker was reduced to zero, and this is at best. Money came to my crypto wallet at first within a day, then my wait stretched to three or four days, for me it is uncomfortable. In general, when I went into a minus on a clearly profitable transaction due to another system crash, I decided to part with this broker. Maybe it has other tools that work stably, but I had no desire to look for them.
  7. Roman Kryukov
    November 17
    I have not seen such brazenness as Exorays, you need to look for such an irresponsible broker for a long time!!! I transferred 8 thousand euros into my account and lost contact with this site. They just blocked my account immediately and stopped contacting me. How can they do that?! At least they tried to give the appearance of trading... I was just furious!!!
  8. mas-mas
    November 16
    I am satisfied with the trading conditions
    I had a few negative points. I can mention that there were problems with the initial account verification. At first I couldn't contact technical support by phone, then I couldn't pass the verification due to insufficient data about myself, the operator kept asking for new documents for confirmation, for some reason he needed my medical policy and confirmation of my registration address. The employees explained to me that they keep personal information in full and after the cancellation of the contract they will dispose of this information. I don't know how true this is, but I have heard a couple of times from other traders that this procedure at exorays.com works clearly. I decided to cooperate with the broker, and I can say that it will not suit everyone, if only because the minimum deposit starts from $5,000. The broker can't be praised for the spread either, it starts at 0.7 points, quite a high value. However, I have been trading for six months with this broker, and I can say that the conditions here will still be favorable for large investors with large capital, there are a lot of instruments here, and the team should be praised for that. You will be able to keep in touch with managers only by email, there is no online chat on the site. Exorays has its own platform, they don't give you access to traditional mt4 or mt5 here. In general, it is a good broker with its pros and cons, I can recommend the platform for forex professionals.
  9. RST55
    November 8
    Reliable company
    In my opinion, it is possible to cooperate with this broker. A good platform where the team has an honest relationship with their clients. I have been trading here for a long time and all the time the terminal works like a Swiss watch. I have not noticed any significant disadvantages. I have withdrawn profit many times👌 and the process has always been within the regulations, although I can not say that they withdraw promptly. Several times I have made very good money on the signals given by the analyst, with whom we are constantly in touch, and I like the way the administration treats traders. The terminal has never deviated from the program, the execution of orders is always timely, so far our cooperation is productive👍As for assets and instruments, there are enough cryptocurrencies to work effectively. In general, I would consider exorays.com a reliable broker to deal with.
  10. greek
    November 4
    I am very comfortable on this platform
    I have been doing forex for 5 years now, I have seen a lot of scams. However, this company provides training and follow up support. I periodically withdraw money and I have not had any problems in all the time I have been working with this company. I advise everyone to deal with Exorays company, it is very reliable and it is one of the best.
  11. Sovgav
    October 26
    Be careful!!!
    Don't trust these scammers. They have not withdrawn almost £20k!!!
  12. Ivory
    October 22
    There are no pluses
    I have been working with the broker for about two months and realized that there are no pros to praise them for at all. Now I come to the many minuses, which I clearly felt on my trading. There is a terrible interface, simply disgusting, as well as technical support, incompetent, unorganized group of people who cannot solve even the minimum requests of traders. Withdrawal of money there is very long, and you will still be lucky if you can withdraw money with such a company😂 In my opinion, exorays has only one goal - for you to just lost your deposit, and I was lucky to get my money back. I don't recommend it in any way.
  13. Hope
    September 5
    No regulator
    Exorays broker provides traders with unique offers in the forex market. Among its advantages is the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in stablecoins, which is especially relevant for those who face payment system blockages. Another significant plus is its advanced analytical base, which includes advice from experts, up-to-date trading signals and in-depth analysis of market sentiment. As for the spread, it remains stable even during the publication of important news, which excludes unexpected expansions. However, like any service, exorays has its weaknesses. The main one is the lack of strict regulation. Despite the fact that the User Agreement provides for the consideration of disputes, many examples on the Internet show that the decisions, unfortunately, are not always made in favor of the trader. And even when a decision is made in favor of the client, it is difficult to enforce it due to the lack of a regulator, which means that there is no effective complaint. In my opinion, if you work with such a broker, it is important for you to be extremely careful. Personally, I have not had any problems or conflict situations with exorays, however, I would recommend everyone to withdraw their funds regularly to ensure the safety of their investment.
  14. elis134
    September 3
    Fraudulent organization
    Scammers helped me to say goodbye to my $14,000. Their algorithm of work: you start to have incomprehensible problems when withdrawing money in the form of errors, and then the account is simply blocked :( I, like other customers, was only happy with a significant increase in earnings, and I did not think that this is done for the purpose of future deception :(
  15. kaakor
    August 29
    I don't see any fair treatment of customers
    Managers lure everyone with digital forex, but in fact - it's the usual B-book scheme. I will note only the terminal from the pluses. It is convenient, does not glitch, but the platform makes me doubt the honest work. It is not clear whether the funds are withdrawn to the exchange or quietly walking within the company! Deposit and withdrawal of funds is stable, only sometimes delayed for a day. But since I have constant money losses, I plan to close my account here and move to another brokerage company.
  16. biz
    August 19
    I lost all my capital
    When I started working with this "broker" I was sure that it would help me to increase my investments, but in practice exorays.com turned out to be a real scam :(
  17. Vielle
    August 2
    The staff clearly lacks competence
    I had everything calculated and analyzed to the smallest detail. Losses were simply impossible, based on the strategy and calculations I provided, But what I see on the terminal: obvious errors in order execution, incorrect application of limits and stop-losses. They made such gross mistakes that I am still puzzled. It is unacceptable for the broker's team to make such mistakes!
  18. Webe_S
    July 27
    The broker is not oriented on cooperation with traders
    I traded for a short time and decided to withdraw the rest of my deposit as the terminal did not suit me. But the broker did not fulfill my request to withdraw £2,564. I wrote to support, but they asked me to deposit another 300 USDT. At exorays.com the employees are trained only to swindle money from clients. The proof of the company's dishonesty (apart from my experience) is the lack of a license and the large (huge) threshold for entering trades. I hired a lawyer, but he does not guarantee me anything.
  19. lll211
    July 15
    There are almost no minuses
    I have been working with this company for less than a year, but the only downside I found is the lack of any special promotions, although personally for me it is not so important. In my opinion, this company is decent, there is clear training, and the support service is fine too. I withdraw money a couple of times a month, although not very large amounts, but nevertheless, everything goes clearly. My acquaintances have been working at Exorays for quite a long time and understand trading better than me, without their recommendations I probably wouldn't have come here. Experienced traders say that having a proprietary platform is a good indicator of the company's seriousness.

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