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The broker is operated by EOLabs LLC, a company based in St Vincent and the Grenadines registered in the offshore zone of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The company’s trading name is Techsmarty Ltd, registered in Gibraltar. The ExpertOption website runs trading programs for Windows and Mac and has a webtrader. Mobile applications are available on Google Play and the App Store. The company does not provide services to residents of Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, and many other countries, including the EU. Customer support is provided through online chat. Company has joined a private self-regulatory organization, the Financial Commission, to regulate disputes.

Trading Conditions

Expert Option trades binary options. The broker claims that it does not charge a commission on your transactions.

The website does not name the types of instruments: currencies, stocks, indices – the client does not know what is to be traded.

Peculiarities of trading with this broker:

  • Own platform ExpertOption
  • Offers 6 trading accounts
  • A demo account is available after registration;
  • No leverage is used.

The website offers educational materials. Market overviews and priority withdrawals are available for clients with a $500-5000 deposit.


Would investing in ExpertOption offer the best returns?

A broker who refuses to operate in developed countries will likely prevent you from making money. Many customers write about losing money in their reviews.

Does ExpertOption carry out withdrawals?

You run the risk of losing money due to technical failures and company will not be responsible for this. This is stated in its rules, which you agree to when you register.  

May I be scammed on

Expert Option does not have a single license. The company address on the website is used to register hundreds of fraudulent shell companies.

What's the best way to share my experience with ExpertOption?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if ExpertOption is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Date of foundation: 2014
License: No license
Demo account: Yes
Affiliate program: Referral
Assets: Shares
Minimum deposit: 10$
Deposit method: Сredit cards, Payment systems

20 reviews about ExpertOption

  1. Gendolf
    June 11
    Dangerous broker
    I didn't take the risk of opening an account with ExpertOption - not even the demo version. I found a few reasons for that. I will leave them here and it is up to you to decide whether to trust my review or not. Firstly, there is no adequate regulator. Secondly, there is no license information. Thirdly, the user agreement says that they can change your deposit amount at their discretion and refuse to pay you. This is the most dangerous company I have ever seen. It's up to you but I wouldn't invest a cent here.
  2. Katty
    June 2
    Who has withdrawn money?
    Can someone tell me in detail how ExpertOption withdraws money? Has anybody withdrawn money from this broker? I do not understand
  3. Jonny
    May 27
    I do not understand the option
    What is the purpose of this social radar? I tried to copy the trades of others several times, but I have not earned anything.
  4. Axcel
    May 23
    There is no license and there was no license
    This kind of deception is as old as the world, as fake brokerage companies have never had a license. In this case, ExpertOption is lying so blatantly that I doubt that the broker is not some kind of hidden joke who just wants to mock the customers. But no, the trading platform is real, except that they don't have authorization documentation from the regulator. And other important documents are missing. What should we do then? Can we invest in ExpertOption just like that? No, because they are scammers; open your eyes and you will quickly realize this truth. You will not get any money from them.
  5. lvschap
    April 27
    Strange schedule
    I don't understand what's wrong with the chart? Some huge candles on the screen at ExpertOption.
  6. andylmqs
    April 7
    Unstable operation
    The platform is really crashing all the time, it's impossible to work normally on the website.
  7. vik
    April 5
    I do not trust the company
    I do not know who I should be to fall for fraud from ExpertOption. I don't know what kind of license they have, but the broker definitely can't operate in the United States. The interface and sections of the site are just awful. ‌I haven't seen such a cheap and uncomfortable website for a long time. ‌And the cherry on the cake is the "privacy policy" where everything is written in defense of the broker. The firm is not serious, you can't invest here, it is another scam!!!!!
  8. Lupin
    March 27
    Bad website, glitches
    The design of the ExpertOption platform, to be honest, I don't like it. I don't know who and when it was voted the best. For me it is very good to use only minutes, for some other timeframes this broker is not so adapted.
  9. asp
    March 10
    They don't give me the money back
    Hi there, I will tell you my situation. I traded with ExpertOption in 2022. Even in 2023, I managed to trade a little bit. But at the last withdrawal, my account was canceled. My broker explained that according to the rules, they have no right to provide services to my country's citizens. Considering that I was able to fund the account, I was outraged. I tried to withdraw money from ExpertOption in different ways - but they just would not give it to me. I don't know if this is done deliberately or if they just really can't - but I wouldn't recommend a broker that won't withdraw money to anyone under the guise of legislation.
  10. SJodo
    March 10
    I want to share my story
    Hello, I was trading normally while I deposited the minimum amount. And then they debited a huge amount from my account and blocked my account without explanation. The broker deleted my account without explanation, right after the last deposit. I added another $1,000 there to get VIP status - and got zero on my account. No comment. ExpertOption support is silent. There is a general suspicion that the site is no longer working.
  11. Monliza
    March 7
    I decided to give it a try
    I have been having doubts for a long time and was wondering whether I should trust this site or not. I invested the least 10 dollars here for now. I managed to make 23. I put 10 for withdrawal, I am waiting for the request to be processed. I will write to you if I do not forget.
  12. Sharps
    March 7
    Excellent trading
    I am really happy that my friends advised me to work with this company. In spite of the small problems with the ExpertOption platform, the overall impression of the broker is quite positive.
  13. Odiss
    February 28
    I found a fake company
    I used to think there was huge money to be made on binary options. After all, the reward per trade was up to 92% in some cases. But only when I decided to try it and invested a certain amount of money here, I soon started to be cheated. My order was not executed in time and then it was closed at a different price or the order was thrown out of the trading platform and then the money disappeared from my balance. In other words, ExpertOption is not a company that one can trust and work with. It's been tested by me personally and not just speculation.
  14. Termalteck
    February 17
    I don't recommend the broker
    Couldn't find any information on the regulator's website about this broker's license. In addition to this, I have had the indiscretion to cooperate with ExpertOption. I have to say that they are very shady guys. They easily forget about their commitments in terms of fulfilling the contract. You will be asked to account for every step aside or missing document. I do not advise you to get involved in this venture.
  15. fiwofibal
    February 4
    You can't make any money
    The training is so bad. I have tested all the strategies on ExpertOption and I have not earned normally with any of them.
  16. goldenman
    February 1
    The broker pays
    After only a couple of days, I received my payment of $1,500 and since I’ve been receiving a stable income from ExpertOption.
  17. Azmodan
    January 29
    A primitive fake
    Companies like ExpertOption cannot be trusted, they are created to lure money out. Gentlemen brokers don't even take trades to the market, they just play within the system. They mislead users so we get nervous and start lowering the amount on our deposits. At ExpertOption, they are tweaking the chart on purpose. That is, the broker raises where the assets should fall and then lowers where the assets should rise. They have cheated many people that way. The date of the site update is the most important thing, it's not a few years old at all. The hustlers bought the old domain this year and are now gambling with customers.
  18. bvw
    January 25
    Blatant liars and scammers all over the place
    Don't even try to make money with ExpertOption. Look at my so-called "successes" and you will see for yourself, even without any further explanation. Because you are being cheekily tried to cheat, just like me. I came here and invested $6,000 to make a fortune in the global financial market. But only my joy didn't last too long. At the beginning of the option in USD/CAD pair my order didn't work. Then they took away the money for EUR/USD orders, although I guessed the price direction at 5 minutes. But ExpertOption decided it was time to take my money, so they stole my deposit. What can I do with them?
  19. Vega
    January 22
    Unstable mobile trading app
    Hi all, tried trading from my smartphone on ExpertOption platform. What can I say - I don't understand how they set up the software there. But when the option on my phone is working in plus, on my PC it shows sustained minus. I have lost a lot of money while I have understood ExpertOption. And the administration is silent as a dead.
  20. Shfa
    January 6
    Offshore Scam
    Depositing money with a company which is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has always been dangerous. Such organizations make fake licenses, thereby attracting a large audience. Even the most successful brokers cannot promise you a 95% payback, but ExpertOption guarantees this. All their claims are aimed at inexperienced traders because they do not yet understand the companies

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