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Exton Global provides clients with its physical address in London but does not mention the company that operates the site. Besides, the broker does not disclose any information about the history of the project and the date of its creation. As for the domain, it was registered only in May 2023 in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the brokerage service is not licensed by any financial authority. In accordance with the MSI certificate, this private fund can provide the broker with enforcement of judgments in the amount of up to 20,000 euros. However, the broker has not indicated which court of jurisdiction is authorized to consider traders’ claims. Finally, the website interface supports 4 languages – English, German, French, and Dutch.

Is it safe to trade on this terminal? Is it really a reliable broker? We will scrutinize the most important technical and legal aspects of the broker’s work and share our conclusions.

Trading Conditions

Exton Global offers clients trading on the company’s proprietary platform. You need to register an account to get started. For this, you should provide your full name, email address, and phone number in the registration form.

The cloud-based hosting of the software allows the user to:

  • Work without downloading the web terminal to the device.
  • Trade on cell phones and from a desktop computer.
  • Avoid the risk of viruses infecting their software.
  • Not to be afraid of losing the account data due to a broken or lost device.

The broker gives a lot of information on elementary concepts in the sphere of trading. However, it is not clear to us what tools are actually available on the platform. For example, the information on the website that traders can explore other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple besides Bitcoins does not answer the question – is there a real opportunity to trade these assets here?

Exton Global may change the amount of commissions and fees without prior notice to the client. By opening a profile, you agree to be responsible for any damage and any actual losses incurred in your account for any reason. 

The company has not provided a variety of account types for customers. Or this information is simply not made publicly available. In addition, commissions, spreads, and swaps remain secret to users, and Exton Global does not have a demo account.

The broker claims that client funds are kept in a separate account. You can conduct transactions via bank transfer, credit/debit card, Neteller, or Skrill. On the website, you will find an economic calendar, e-books, news, and videos on Forex and CFD trading. After registration, you will get access to webinars. It is possible to communicate with technical support via online chat.


Would investing in Exton Global offer the best returns?

Cooperation with this anonymous broker is more likely to result in a loss of funds rather than a gain. In risky CFD trading and on an unstable platform, you have little chance of making a profit.

Does Exton Global carry out withdrawals?

Having analyzed trading conditions and user reviews, we came to the conclusion that the broker may unreasonably refuse to withdraw your funds. Please share your experience.

May I be scammed on extonglobal.com?

The company operates without a license, its owners are not bound by any laws. The site has a fresh domain, no useful information, and a very bad design. In all probability, this means that the broker intends to cheat its clients. 

What's the best way to share my experience with Exton Global?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if extonglobal.com is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: Onshore
License: No license
Leverage: Not indicated
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 250$
Trading platform: WebTrader
Assets: Forex, CFD

21 reviews about Exton Global

  1. Saskia
    March 28
    This company is an absolute nightmare. Once they have your name and number they keep calling (for months now) with strange numbers, that are impossible to redial. There is no legit website or address. Stay away.
  2. Jane
    March 19
    I have been using Exton global for six monts via a broker. Since I have no specialised knowledge in trading they take out 2-3 trades per week for me in a varriety of cryptos or shares of well-knowm companies. . I am very pleased with their service and with the results and I get a regular pay out.
  3. Ronni Pedersen
    February 1
    Var det ikke der reklamere for denne her A i platform hvor er på dobbelt hvis jeg husker ret så er det jo ham der skal betale for det som vi andre har lagt ud Var det ikke Elon Musk der reklamere for den her Ai platform hvor man kunne investere og få det dobbelt hvis jeg husker ret så er det jo ham der skal betale for det som vi andre har lagt ud i dag eller er jeg helt gal på den
  4. Lars gunnar Strand
    January 21
    Varför har ni försvunnit med mina pengar,går ej att få tag i er och pengarna låst./Lars Gunnar Strand
  5. Jacques
    November 20
    This is undoubtedly a scam
    At first you are hammered with messages and calls, when you try to withdraw money or close your account, all sorts of excuses are given in order not to consent to your demands. I have notified authorities in order that they intervene to block their website. I have asked to close my account on Oct 25th, since then trading has continued without my consent and against my wishes. It seems impossible to close the account and withdraw even part of the money. This is a true scam!! BEWARE
    1. Gg
      December 14
      Betrug, dem kann ich nur zustimmen. Ich habe zwei Auszahlungen beantragt, einmal 350 und einmal 1100. Beide Auszahlungen wurden gekillt, den Kontostand haben sie aber um die 1450 reduziert, ohne dass ich Geld gesehen habe. Höchste Vorsicht ist geboten bei diesen Brüdern und Schwestern!!!!
  6. Twan
    November 6
    These people keep calling and harassing me over and over again, every day.
    They won't delete my phone number, they won't delete my account.
    They don't respond to my emails.

    Terrible terrible people
  7. Daniel
    October 6
    Scammers embezzle traders' money!!!
    For more than a month I have been trying to get my money back from this broker. Last time I deposited 2,000 dollars in my trading account, but the operator told me in chat that the payment was made with an error. And I can not get a refund or crediting. What to do, I don't know...
  8. Bravotc
    October 2
    I feel a big difference when depositing and withdrawing funds
    I tried to withdraw money from my account, but the Skrill payment system rejected the transaction for some reasons of its own. Therefore, the exton global consultant suggested me to use an alternative withdrawal method. But when I started to try to use another way, I got an automatic response "Please note that withdrawal of funds is made by the same payment method and in the same currency in which the trading account was funded". Thus, the circle closed. After I managed to convince the administrator to execute the request for a bank card, the payment was again rejected under the pretext that the scan of the front side of the card is not readable. The most outrageous thing is that the scan of the card is made with excellent quality. Support responds to my appeals very slowly. The history of my relations with this client service was completely different after opening an account - then managers called me almost every day, persuading me to invest money. But now, when I started to contact my personal manager about withdrawing money, at first he explained to me for a long time why it would not be possible to withdraw money exactly now, and then he just started to ignore me. As soon as he realized that it was a call from me, he suddenly "stopped hearing me". That's how exton global employees have selective communication problems. Conclusion: Although the broker has normal conditions for trading if the client cannot withdraw his money quickly, the work of the service is evaluated negatively.
    1. Rach
      November 17
      bli lurad av exton global
      Med största sannolikhet betyder det att mäklaren har för avsikt att lura my ,det skulle inte gå att ta ut pengar,de bara ignorera mig,och sluta svara på telephon-
    2. Violaine Gasarasi
      January 24
      I had exactly the same experience.
      After opening the account they were calling me every day. When I asked a withdrawal then I got excuses that the site has issue, and now since 3 weeks the site is no more available...
      And now I can not get a refund or crediting. What to do, I don't know...
  9. lex
    September 20
    The terminal hangs all the time
    Due to the broker's fault, large sums of money are lost during trading. There is no compensation for this. The support answers one-syllable, they can not say anything specific. That is why my review is very negative.
  10. Pazernj
    September 14
    I have no special comments
    It is possible to trade on exton global with profit. The broker withdraws money just like all other brokers - from 1 to 5 days. To speed up the process I strongly recommend traders to remind about themselves to the support. It really works :) I have no complaints about trading with Exton Global
  11. Max Moreiro
    September 13
    Disgusting service
    I opened the account and started trading. The service worked perfectly for three months, the withdrawal of funds was fast, and there were no complaints about the terminal. And then the hang-ups started, unexpected changes in commissions, it became unprofitable to trade and I wanted to withdraw the remaining deposit of 856 euros, but the broker does not approve my application. Tech support says: "wait, the payment is in the queue", but how long should I wait? My thoughts are the worst.
  12. oba
    September 2
    I have big problems with withdrawal here
    After I had already registered an account here and traded for some time, I lost my bank card, which I had specified in my profile. I will say at once that the fact that the card was lost somehow fell out of my mind, because I very quickly solved everything with its recovery, and a lot of time passed before the beginning of my attempt to withdraw $6,000. That's why I didn't understand how my deposit details didn't match the withdrawal details. I contacted technical support, and the consultant explained everything to me well and asked me to provide a certificate from the bank that the lost card was replaced by another one with a new number. I live in a village and the employees in my village bank hardly understood what I wanted from them, they tried to convince me that such certificates do not exist! But I turned to their manager, he turned out to be a competent person, and the necessary certificate was issued to me! I promptly sent its scan to Exton Global and began to wait for the withdrawal of money with hope! The application was considered for 5 days! And then I again received a rejection with the familiar message "input and output details do not match". As a result, after my appeal - again consideration of 5 days, again refusal, this time WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION OF CAUSE!!!! Their phone and chat stopped responding.....
  13. Ievgenus
    September 1
    Overall, I am happy with the trading
    This platform gives you the opportunity to earn even if you want to trade on the train or wait for a plane at the airport. I am often on long journeys and I find it very convenient to work in this mode with the cloud terminal. Of course, it is silly to say that this company is absolutely without flaws, they are... However, the support service always promptly answers questions, and the company pleases its clients with various pleasant bonuses and analytics. The interface is convenient and the site contains a lot of useful information. I live in Germany and I especially like the German language of the terminal.
  14. Wendell.McLoud
    September 1
    My opinion is emotionally neutral
    This broker provides quite a wide range of trading instruments, which is pleasing. However, I noticed that sometimes I can't find some exotic currency pairs that I managed to make money on elsewhere. In the last 4 months my profit amounted to $1,200, but I don't consider it high. Exton Global has its pros and cons, but in general everything works at an average level, the broker needs to improve its functionality...
  15. jzorg
    August 28
    Inappropriate offers
    I decided to start trading here for the first time, although I have no experience, I believed that the broker is good at teaching beginners. In fact, I opened an account with 500 dollars, only because the manager told me that this was the most acceptable amount I could make money with. In the end, I lost all these funds, but recently I received an offer from exton global on my email. I can continue trading on this platform, and 20% of my money lost earlier will be returned to me, i.e. 100 dollars, provided I deposit 500 dollars again. I am speechless!
  16. Manza
    August 25
    The platform is not particularly convenient for comfortable work
    The company does not work on the minuses: the spread changes sharply, especially with news, but even without news there are unexpected extensions. Requotes are also annoying :( Now many companies try to minimize such discomfort for clients. I'm waiting to see what exton global will do...
  17. byuk
    August 24
    It is obvious that the trader is being hindered from trading here
    Orders have started to be executed poorly, with delays. This happened more and more often after I withdrew a small part of my profit from the deposit. Now the broker's interference in the work of the terminal has become noticeable.
  18. Zahary
    August 23
    Convenient platform, and the conditions suit me
    I have been trading with Exton Global for a while, and I haven't even withdrawn my first money yet, because I'm putting everything into circulation. I can't say that it's absolutely wonderful to work here, there are nuances and problems, but tell me who doesn't have them?!! Everyone and everywhere has shortcomings. So I am not surprised by anything here. With this company, my business has gone up. I won't say anything about the withdrawal of funds, but the general impression of the broker is positive, although I have seen bad reviews about it on different sites. My communication with the support operators has been pleasant and businesslike. So far most of my transactions are in order, so I think I will continue to work with this platform in the future. For a person who has an analytical mind, trading on any forex service will be easier than someone who believes only in luck and does not improve their skills. If you still have a desire to learn how to trade on forex, you can definitely consider this terminal Exton Global for work. The minimum deposit here is acceptable and you can choose a suitable account type with different spread and leverage.

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