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The company operates under the brand name Fidelis Wealth Management International, saying it is registered in Geneva and has its headquarters there. This information is confirmed only by the company’s location on the interactive map in the “Contacts” section of the website. In addition, the broker calls itself a “Swiss leader in trading” and says that it operates in accordance with Swiss law, “based on the security of FDW”. However, there is no confirmation of these facts, nor is there a license for the financial activity of the brokerage firm. As for the history of the project, the site owners tell about the founding of the company in 2012. Meanwhile, the domain name was registered only in August 2023. Finally, the broker reveals no information about the owners and managers of the platform.

Is it safe to cooperate with this service? How profitable is it to trade here? We will examine the legal documents and technical capabilities of the broker and make a conclusion about the reliability of the platform.

Trading Conditions

Fidelis Wealth Management provides users with an MT5 platform, which you need to download to your device before you start. The website offers the following trading instruments: stocks, ETFs, bonds, funds, derivatives, options, and futures. The broker positions its services as developed on the latest technologies and giving the client opportunities from the development of a trading strategy to its realization.

Tariff plans include 4 options, each of them has a minimum deposit and a certain set of services. Each subsequent level includes all the trading options available on the previous tariff. You can open the following account:

  1. CLASSIC, deposit from $5,000 – Monthly meetings with a personal analyst, Weekly financial research, and market reviews.
  2. SILVER, deposit from $25,000 – plus Smart Money Management Plan, Up to 3 protected RFT trades, Welcome Bonus up to 10%.
  3. GOLD, deposit from $50,000 – Direct line with your analyst, Daily financial research and market reviews, Stacking, Up to 10 protected RFT trades, Welcome Bonus up to 20%.
  4. VIP, balance size to be negotiated with account manager – Access to a team of expert analysts, High Priority Betting, Welcome Bonus up to 20%, HAN Trading, Long-term financial plan from a senior account analyst, Managed account.

Spreads on financial instruments are set by the company and can change at any time depending on market conditions. The transaction volume is not less than 0.01 lot. Leverage varies from 1:1 to 1:400, depending on the account type you choose. Fidelis Wealth Management traders have access to bonuses and the “RFT” (Risk-Free Trading) promotion if the broker approves their accounts. The offer is valid only for the first trade of one lot size or less and the risk-free trading period is limited to 15 days from the account activation date.

The price level is determined by the broker, it has the right to close the position at a Margin level of less than 50%.

The client’s first withdrawal will be processed within the first 30 days from the date of account opening. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, credit card transactions are limited to $10,000, and no more than 10 transactions per card are possible. Approval time for withdrawal request and receipt of money on the card is on average 10 days.

The Fidelis Wealth Management website has a tracker from the TradingView platform with online analytics of asset values on world markets. The careers section contains job postings. Four job offers in Geneva, the capital of Switzerland were in this section at the time of our inspection. You can make complaints about the terminal operation only to the broker by phone or e-mail, it undertakes to consider your claims within 48 hours.


Would investing in Fidelis Wealth Management offer the best returns?

This project offers very risky CFD trading, where you are more likely to lose your investment than earn a profit. You need to study the documents of this broker very carefully, you will realize that cooperation with it is dangerous.

Does Fidelis Wealth Management carry out withdrawals?

You may have your account closed without warning, which you agree to at the moment of registration on the platform. Therefore, you are unlikely to be able to withdraw your money from the deposit. Former clients write about such situations in their comments. You can share your experience with us.

May I be scammed on

The risk of fraud on this site is high because no one does not regulate the broker, it does not have a license. This company will not be responsible for the losses incurred by the trader, even if it caused them.

What's the best way to share my experience with *Company Name*?

Fill out the form and we'll make sure your voice is heard.

How can I tell if is a fraudulent company?

Do your own research and never believe those who promise you easy money.


Jurisdiction: No
License: No license
Leverage: 1:400
Broker type: DD
Demo account: No
Affiliate program: Not indicated
Minimum deposit: 5000$
Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
Assets: Forex, CFD

14 reviews about Fidelis Wealth Management International

  1. Melanie
    February 5
    SCAM SCAM SCAM I stupidly believed what they said, specifically Owen Flanagan! I lost over £2,000.
    If I could give no stars, I would.
  2. Janette Gardner
    December 5
    Scammed me out of £250 deposit, lies and thieves who keep on phoning with "good news" they can secure a loan of 10k to invest which they will pay from profits!!! My bank is investigating why they wanted me to transfer 9k to a bank in Hungary. John Simon the (broker) is a master of manipulation and is very savy concerning using Anydesk to hack into the victims computer. Resolut refused to deal with JS scam and thankfully returned my loan money to me. However I am left with a repayment loan amount of 5k as the loan application form which JS filled in which I have requested a copy of from Zopa Bank is falsified details in my name. Its all a mess really and JS will be spending my deposit on Christmas 2023 whilst I
    am left in debt which he has caused by scamming, lying and manipulating in order to gain money from a person who can ill afford her Christmas this year. Be warned this company is fake and the "brokers" have superior knowledge of scamming and using the websites and banks to trick people in order to steal money. They are the lowest of the low and their criminal behaviour will one day - what goes round comes round. Nasty, unscrupulous selfish and thieves. Do not listen to their scripted rubbish and block them from your social media and report them to the appropriate authorities who deal with such lowlife.
  3. vts09
    November 5
    Another fake platform
    This is a scam that ruins customers through its fake service!!! I started working but my trading was not going smoothly, my deposit was draining before my eyes. I started delving into the legal aspects and realized that there was something wrong with the broker - the company doesn't have any regulators. I started looking for the company's registration on the stock exchanges - and I couldn't find it anywhere, it just doesn't exist. Fidelis wealth management either works through an intermediary or, more likely, does not enter the stock exchange at all, it is a banal B-book scheme. And that's when I understood everything, everything became clear to me - incomprehensible charts, and constant server disconnections from communication at the most important moments. I do not recommend this supposedly safe site to anyone, none of the regulators will help you get back the stolen money. This broker is a regular scammer, that's for sure!!!
  4. agalda
    October 26
    I feel like I was scammed
    It seems that trading conditions on this site are normal, but the broker works very unprofessionally. It does not honor their own promises. Managers can raise the spread or close a deal without too many questions, not reaching the take profit. And this is not the worst of all the problems on this terminal. For example, protective orders sometimes fail to trigger. Tips from the analyst help you literally drain your deposit. At one moment it even seemed to me that the broker was interested in my draining money. I know what I am talking about, I traded here for two months and left with nothing.
  5. Gentos
    October 23
    My experience is good
    I have been trading with this broker for about a month and I advise everyone to choose the MT5 platform, it works stably. The service also approves withdrawal requests quite quickly, there were no big problems with withdrawal, at most a couple times the transaction was long, but up to 24 hours. Good support and online office team. In general, my impression is good.
  6. sssmaker
    October 22
    No license
    The company has written on its website that it is registered in Geneva, but it does not show the certificate and documents of the regulator. Also, there are no licenses, which the broker must confirm, it did not place them on the site, and tech support did not answer me clearly on this question, the operator wrote that this information he does not possess it, and all information on the site is accurate. Yes, of course I "believe" you without documents, and why do you require so much confirmation of their identity from customers!!?
  7. monster
    October 19
    Did you try to withdraw your money?!
    IF YES, YOU DID NOT GET IT 😡 Just like I was unable to withdraw the rest of my deposit. I deposited more than 6 thousand dollars. Almost all the money I drained with the help of the broker, for sure. The admins won't give me the remaining small amount, they recommend me to deposit more to accumulate investment with stacking. No, I thank them for their advice 😠
  8. Surecoms
    October 17
    I don't want to trade here anymore!
    I worked on this platform for a month, and today my account was blocked without warning!!! The broker did not explain the reason to me. I contacted the support, the operator replied in a standard way that I need to do an extended verification, then I will be able to further trade and withdraw funds. I was surprised that they have such strict requirements with my small trading volumes and my withdrawal request is only $150, it's not like I withdraw millions!!! I have a small amount left on deposit but I feel that fidelis wealth management will not give it back to me. I have sent photos of a huge amount of documents, and I am waiting for a decision. I will put this company on my blacklist! It is definitely a scam!!!
  9. smeola
    October 12
    I do not want to recommend
    I traded a little bit on fidelis management. Your account is deposited here quickly, but it takes a long time to withdraw your funds to your bank card. I have many other remarks about the work of the broker.
  10. Igora
    October 3
    I have a negative review!
    The terribly weak company in terms of all possible services and technologies used. By my naivety and inexperience, I believed in the help of analysts on the website Attractive conditions and other nonsense contributed to my decision to open an account and deposit $27,000 in several transactions. Analysts kept making recommendations to top up the balance, followed by an account drain. I had a "SILVER" account open, but in reality, there was no advantage over the first tier. All the same requotes, huge commissions, and gradual draining of money as on the mini account.
  11. JusticeFatal
    September 18
    I am satisfied with the work of the terminal
    While I work with the broker on the minimum account I do not see significant minuses. I do have some minor observations. Although Fidelis Wealth Management works on an excellent MT5 platform, I periodically observe a lag in quotes by a couple of points from the real ones. It seems that the company's specialists did not pay proper attention to the integration of the terminal under their software. I do not scan the service constantly, I open trades on trend timeframes, so these inaccuracies are not important for my strategy. However, I advise other traders to pay attention to it. I applied for a withdrawal of 2.5 thousand dollars to test the quality of the work. If I have no problems with the withdrawal, I plan to move to a VIP account.
  12. Alex
    August 27
    Unreliable company
    I am not satisfied with both the service and technical capabilities of the site Technical support works properly, but in my opinion, this is the only advantage of the company, which needs no traders to complain about obvious terminal errors. For example, I have worked here with ETFs, and I will honestly say that I didn't see a single plus compared to other account types on other simpler platforms. I think I would get better service anywhere else that requires a $5,000 minimum deposit as high as Fidelis.
  13. vita
    August 22
    The broker has no obstacles to deception
    This company is not squeamish of any method when it comes to not giving the client their hard-earned money. The administration simply blocked my account with 3,687 dollars ... and that's it, goodbye!
    1. Michael Dennis
      November 30
      Did you get your money back

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